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India – Madras Presidency Forest department. Prelimi

The same. iii. Een nieuw javaansch woudboomen-
nary list of vernacular names of trees shrubs and woody geslacht. Batavia. 1893.
climbers found in the forests of the Madras Presidency. See

The same.

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The same.

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Philippine Islands - Bureau of forestry. Tree species of

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Systematic list of the trees, shrubs, and woody-

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383-401.) [The forestry vegetations of Turkestan.) C.-Iletepóyprb.

1911. JAPAN

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his Nauwkeurige beschryving van de guinese Goud-, Tand

1878.] In Japanese.

en Slave-Kust, 1704, pp. 64-88.)

Also in 1718 edition.
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Notice sur la thuya de Barbarie (Callitris quadriJava. i. De familiën en geslachten der woudboomen van valvis) et sur quelques autres arbres de l'Afrique française. Java. (Batavia. 1891.]

Bulletin de l'Algérie, 1855, iii, 225-234.

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The same.
Brisbane. 1888.

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The same. (London. 1899.)

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district, North Queensland. (Brisbane. 1899.]

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Trees, shrubs & plants of St. Helena.

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and large shrubs.
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Nouvelle-Zélande. (Versailles. 189—?)

age to the southern Pacific Ocean, 1799, pp. 369-376.)

N. P.

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The same.


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etc. 1895.

the encouragement of domestic industry, and the Rhode

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