It may be true, Volume 2

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Page 70 - They sin who tell us Love can die, With life all other passions fly, All others are but vanity. In Heaven Ambition cannot dwell, Nor Avarice in the vaults of Hell ; Earthly these passions of the Earth, They perish where they have their birth ; But Love is indestructible. Its holy flame for ever burneth, From Heaven it came, to Heaven returneth...
Page 133 - Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Prithee, why so pale? Will, when looking well can't move her, Looking ill prevail? Prithee, why so pale?
Page 1 - The smith, a mighty man is he, With large and sinewy hands ; And the muscles of his brawny arms Are strong as iron bands. His hair is crisp, and black, and long, His face is like the tan ; His brow is wet with honest sweat, He earns whate'er he can, And looks the whole world in the face, For he owes not any man.
Page 201 - Of fancied beings bound her soul in awe. The moon was risen, and she sometimes shone Through thick white clouds, that flew tumultuous on, Passing beneath her with an eagle's speed, That her soft light imprison'd and then freed ; The fitful glimmering through the hedge-row green Gave a strange beauty to the changing scene j And roaring winds and rushing waters lent Their mingled voice that to the spirit went.
Page 31 - ... As old time makes these decay, So his flames must waste away. But a smooth and steadfast mind, Gentle thoughts and calm desires; Hearts with equal love combined ; Kindle never-dying fires. Where these are not, I despise Lovely cheeks, or lips, or eyes ! No tears, Celia, now shall win My resolved heart to return ; I have searched thy soul within, And find nought but pride and scorn ; I have learned thy arts, and now Can disdain as much as thou. Some power, in my revenge, convey That love to her...
Page 303 - Illustrative of the Advantages of the various localities resorted to by Invalids, for the cure or alleviation of chronic diseases, especially consumption. With Observations on Climate, and its Influences on Health and Disease, the result of extensive personal experience of many Southern Climes.
Page 258 - Thou tyrant of the mind! False in thy glass all objects are, Some set too near, and some too far; Thou art the fire of endless night, The fire that burns, and gives no light. All torments of the damn'd we find In only thee, O Jealousy! Thou tyrant, tyrant Jealousy, Thou tyrant of the mind!
Page 258 - Thou tyrant of the mind! All other ills, though sharp they prove, Serve to refine, and perfect love: In absence, or unkind disdain, Sweet hope relieves the lover's pain.
Page 100 - Of the gray morn before the rising sun, That pass away and perish. Earthly things Are but the transient pageants of an hour ; And earthly pride is like the passing flower, That springs to fall, and blossoms but to die.
Page 307 - Furniture, as well as of 100 Bedsteads, and Prices of every description of Bedding Sent Free by Post. HEAL & SON, BEDSTEAD, BEDDING-, AND BED ROOM FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS, 196, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, LONDON.

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