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between two departments of knowledge | ducts man to the threshold of religion, in which it has been trained, as painful and when from this point we bid him as if one were to hear it reported of a look abroad on the wide territories of revered friend, a parent or brother, that nature. We would aid at the same he had committed a dishonourable or time both religion and science, by recriminal action. Thousands have felt moving those prejudices against sacred in this way, and thousands are at this truth which nature has been employed present time so feeling, as they turn to foster; and we would accomplish this, from secular books of science to the not by casting aside and discarding Bible, and when they enter our upper nature, but by rightly interpreting it. schools, our mechanics' institutions, Let not religion and science be and colleges.

The heart of many a reckoned as opposing citadels, frowning youth of promise has been wrung, until defiance upon each other, and their feelings more bitter than tears have troops brandishing their armour in hos. burst from it, as he stood by the chasm tile attitude. They have two common over which no bridge seemed to be foes, if they would but think of it, in thrown. Others, abandoning religion, ignorance and prejudice, in passion and as laying restraints upon them to which vice, under all their forms, to admit of they were not willing to yield, have be- their lawfully wasting their strength in taken themselves to the splendid, but a useless warfare with each other. uninhabited halls of science, and wan Science has a foundation, and so has der through them in wonder and ad- religion ; let them unite their foundamiration, but without ever finding, or tions, and the basis will be broader, so much as looking for a governor to and they will be two compartments of rule or a teacher to instruct, a friend to one great fabric reared to the glory of comfort or a Mediator to intercede for God. Let the one be the outer and the them. It is no profane work that is other the inner court. In the one, let engaged in by those who, in all humi- all look, and admire and adore, and in lity, would endeavour to remove jea- the other, let those who have faith lousies between parties whom God has kneel, and pray, and praise. Let the joined together, and whom man is not one be the sanctuary where human at liberty to put asunder. We are not learning may present its richest inlowering the dignity of science when cense as an offering to God; and the we command it to do, what all the other, the holiest of all, separated from objects which it looks at and admires it by a veil, now rent in twain, and do,—when we command it to worship in which, on a blood-sprinkled mercyGod. Nor are we detracting from the seat, we pour out the love of a reconhonour which is due to religion, when ciled heart, and hear the oracles of the we press it to take science into its ser- living God.-Extract from M.Cosh's vice, and accept the homage which it is “Method of Divine Government Phy, able to pay. We are seeking to exalt sical and Moral." both, when we show how nature con

CHARACTER OF GOD AS REVEALED IN SCRIPTURE. “ HEAR, O Israel: the Lord our God | ther identity, in the representation given is one Lord." We quote this as ex of the Divine character in the Scrippressive of the important truth, that tures. “ The God of Israel is one there is a wonderful consistency, or ra

Lord." It is the same Lord exhibited

under the Patriarchal, the Jewish, and closes to us, near its commencement, a the Christian dispensations. Except worshipper offering a lamb in sacrifice; in the degree of development, there is and the last shows a Lamb as it had no difference between God as revealed | been slain in the midst of the throne of in Eden, on Sinai, and on Calvary; God. To Moses He discloses Himself between God as exhibited in the books as Jehovah, the Lord God, “ merciful of Moses, and God as exhibited so and gracious, long-suffering and abunmany centuries later in the writings of dant in goodness and truth,” and that Paul and John. In the garden, we “ will by no means clear the guilty." have the Lawgiver, and we have indi- Paul speaks of him as “just, and yet cations, too, of the Saviour. On Mount the justifier of the ungodly;" and John, Sinai there is the same combination of as “ faithful and just to forgive us our awful justice and condescending mercy. sins.” Whence this harmony, or rather In the mysterious transactions on Cal- unity in the Divine character? Whence vary, there is an awful forsaking, and this wonderful correspondence in the a fearful darkness, emblematic of the portraits drawn by so many different righteousness and indignation of God, hands? We can account for it only by as there is also a melting tenderness in believing that they all drew from one the words of our Lord, breathing for great original, inspired by the One Holy giveness and love, and telling of an Spirit.—M'Cosl's Method of Divine opened paradise. The first book dis- | Government Physical and Moral.


THE TEMPLE. “What? know yo not that your body | than to behold iniquity, should stop to is the temple of the Holy Ghost which manifest his love so marvellously to the is in you, which yo have of God, and ye children of fallen Adam. And yet such are not your own?"1 Corinth. vi. 19. is the fact, great and glorious as it apIn these words we have the revelation pears on the sacred page. What an of the mind of God. Will God in very instructive lesson is here afforded of deed condescend to take up his dwell. the distinction conferred on all who are ing in the hearts of his chosen people, called according to His purpose! They that he may sanctify them by his pre- are made partakers of his grace, that sence, and meeten them for the purer he, the Infinite and Eternal One, may joys above?

How awful are these dwell in them and abide with them, as a truths, specially when we consider the family whom he delights to honour. atmosphere in which we live, and the Such honour have all his saints. He first innate corruption of our nature ! When calls them, then justifies them, and then we contemplate the natural forgetful- adopts them, that he may manifest himness of God within, the selfish idolatry, self to them as he does not unto the the proneness to forsake the paths of world. He forms his temple out of holiness, the cleaving to the dust, the rude materials, puts the stones into the vanity of thought, worldly desires, dis- | building, each in its proper place, inclination to self-denial, the grasping polishes them according to his own of fleeting shadows, and secret evils too fashion, fits them all in their order, so many to enumerate, we may well lie as to form one beautiful design of grace, prostrate before his footstool, and won complete in Christ, as the key-stone to der at the declaration so graciously the entire structure. How astonishing made, that He who is of purer eyes that God should look on a rude and

rough stone, and determine to make it | which is his body, we find shades of a glorious part of his living temple, the difference existing in non-essentials; church, to shine on earth by the lustre the stones presenting diverse forms and of his grace, to shine in heaven the colours, but all beautified by the Divine perfection of his glory! This is God's Architect, to present a sight wonderful work, beyond the conception of an arch. as it is glorions. The design is union; angel's mind, and unfathomable as the and whatever may be the distinctive mighty deep. The more we ponder on character of the living stones, size or a subject so mysterious, so incompre- dimension, in this universal temple, we hensible, the more we are lost in ad are taught that all are built on one miration that the ever - blessed God foundation, fashioned by the Divine should so exalt frail, sinful nature by hand, and moulded by his Spirit. What the manifestation of such a wonderful a beautiful sight to contemplate a buildwork. “For ye are the temple of the ing inade by God, erected by his allliving God; as God hath said, I will creating power, designed on earth to dwell in them, and walk in them; and manifest the attributes of his glorious I will be their God, and they shall be character, and hereafter stand as the my people,” 2 Corinth. vi. 16. The lan- monument of the vast plan of human guage is clear, decisive, forcible, that we redemption, eternal in the heavens! may fully comprehend the mind of the There is no spectacle more delightful Spirit. We cannot fail to be struck with to witness than the members of a the dignity and privilege conferred on church living in harmony and holy all who love God. They are precious fellowship, united and blended by the in his sight, chosen by him, appointed strong ties of love and brotherly affection. to form a living temple, to be dedicated The spiritual temple then stands forth as a perpetual offering to his glory and light unto the world,-like a city praise. So great is this distinguishing set on a hill, reflecting its brightness far mercy, that all the grandeur of the and wide. In proportion to the growth world, dazzling as it may appear, is like and development of spiritual principles, a meteor in comparison to the glory will be the union existing among the which pertains to them. When we re churches of Christ, and qualification flect on our high and holy vocation, as for great and increasing usefulness in the peculiar people of God, “what man sowing the seeds of Divine truth. It is ner of persons ought we to be in all when we shall behold the church, layholy conversation and godliness," seek | ing aside all party distinctions, putting ing to do the Divine will, and to accom on her glorious attire, having one complish the great design for which we mon object—to carry out the great dewere sent into the world. As the stones signs of the great Master Builder in the in a building are closely united, com conversion of the world—that times of pact, and firm, so as to give beauty and refreshing may be expected to renovate strength to the structure, so are Chris- the face of the earth with spiritual intians, as living stones of the spiritual crease. The prosperity of a church may temple, to form a bond of union, con be traced up to union and concord prestant, inseparable, even unto death. vailing among its members; and wherWe discover in the layers of stone in a ever the unity of this vital principle building various shades of colour, size, predominates in the spiritual body, we and shape, according to the skill or may rest assured that God will emitaste of the architect, but all combining nently and effectually bless the efforts to complete in just proportion one en that are made to raise the dead to life. tire plan of artistic workmanship. Thus, The temple is reared by the hand of in the spiritual temple, the church, God, according to bis own purpose, and




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is destined by him to form a glorious | light from their glorious Centre, in church, without spot or blemish, and whom is hid all the treasures of wisdom to fill the whole earth. Our Saviour's and knowledge. To reflect bis image, prayer was, that all his followers might to manifest his love, to dwell together in be one; and it is when this prayer shall the bond of charity, they must receive be fully answered, and union be the of his fulness grace for grace, and then rule in the universal church, that we shall they realise the blessing that they shall see the earth beautified with holi- are bought with a price, and be preness, and the fruits of righteousuess pared to carry out the gracious purposes abound. There is strength in union, of their Divine Master. Thus, "the beauty, order, symmetry; and when the building, fitly framed together, groweth living stones in the spiritual building unto a holy temple in the Lord,” the shall reflect the glory of the Lord, and pillar and groundwork of the truth, the shed their light on the moral darkness living witness, and depository of the which now blinds mankind, the king- inspired Word to dispel the shadows of doms of this world will turn unto the earth, and enlighten the moral darkness Lord. Christians are not their own: with its heavenly radiance. When the they are lively stones, a spiritual house, church, refined and purified, shall stand an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual forth as a lighthouse to the nations of sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus the earth in all her spiritual and moral Christ. Their individual aim must be beauty, without the touch of human unity-one spirit, one faith, one hope, systems to mar her glorious progress, one Master to glorify; their labour the then will the dews of heaven descend labour of love, not merely in its exhi- to water and refresh the earth, so that bition to each other in the graces of the the wilderness shall rejoice and blossom Spirit, but as examples of faith and love as the rose.

F. S. G. to all. As precious stones of the living Tiverton, February 1st, 1852. Temple, they are to shine by a borrowed

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MR. EDITOR,— Last Sunday our sa- | united in commending the widow and cramental collection was given to the family to God in prayer. widows of our beloved missionaries. After the service, one of the new We realized over ten pounds; which is members came into the vestry, and said two pounds more than last year. We to me, “I wish to see

our widowed hope to go on improving at the rate of sister whose property has been burnt.” two pounds a year, until we reach fifty! If you will go with me, I will take you Why not? An increase of members, in my conveyance." When do you in. and an increase of piety, will do it. tend to go, sir?” “To-morrow morn

A very affecting case occurred just at ing at nine." One of the deacons then the time, which will introduce another interposed, and said, " If you could widow. It happened on Saturday that defer your visit until Tuesday, it would the farm of one of our widows was in be better, as the people will be much flames; and even while we were at the engaged to-morrow in removing the Lord's table, the fire was scarcely ex-half-burnt hay, &c. &c." "That is just tinguished. Particular mention of this the point,” said the sympathizing browas made to the congregation, and we ther; “I wish to know if she wants any


hay.” “Do you intend to give her | transaction, and I could not help say. some hay?" I inquired. He answered, ing, “ The Lord has rewarded him " Yes; I do.“Very well, sir; then we already, by giving him the disposition will go.”

and the ability to help you." Monday morning we there, Oh, dear Doctor, how wonderful are viewing the desolations made by the the movements of the Spirit of God! fire. We next went to see the widow. How easily can he make a widow's Her heart was full of troubles ; but, heart to sing for joy! How beautiful after a little, she turned to the bright it is to see the fruits of grace in young side. My life is spared, my children are converts ! As you devote so large a spared, my cattle are spared.” “And portion of your labours to aid the widows are your waggons burnt?" said my of ministers at home, I thought you friend. "No." "Are your horses in- would like to know how kindness, jured ?" "No."

Then, if you please, shown to widows of missionaries, reacts send your waggon and horses to my on the widows of farmers. farm, and I will send you a waggon

Please to give this a place in the load of hay.”

EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE. Who knows The widow was silent. She looked but God may bless it to some of your at her benefactor, the tears gathered in wealthy readers, to look out for, and her eyes, and her lips uttered this me- help some suffering widows in their own morable sentence, “The Lord reward locality ? you."

RICHARD KNILL. My heart filled with joy at the whole Chester, 1852.

DR. DAVIDSON HIMSELF ON THE APOCALYPSE. I PERCEIVE from the last two Numbers of has written in the pages of the MAGAZINE; the EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE, that one of and I should ask one of them to do so, were your writers has made animadversions on the it worth while to reply. part of my Introduction to the New Testa You are perlaps aware that I have exment which relates to the Apocalypse. His amined no fewer than nine arguments in zeal seems to be great; but his knowledge is favour of the year-day theory, the weightiest scarcely in proportion to that zeal. Had he I could find any where; that I have quoted not made incorrect statements respecting me, six direct arguments against it from Maitland, I should not have troubled you with a line; and then endeavoured to answer Elliott's for I hope my time can be better occupied supposed refutation of them; that I have than in replying to the anonymous effusions carefully separated the subject from every of a writer in the EvanGELICAL. But as, in 'theory of interpretation applied to the book, his haste, he has seen fit to deal in assertions so that all the arguments might stand or fall respecting me which are not founded in fact, independently of particular expositions. Now I purpose pointing out his errors as briefly a person wishing honestly to get at the truth, as I can. I refrain from a reply. Indeed, I and disposed to follow it honestly, would have should never think of replying to the writer stated these arguments in detail, as I have in question. He may nibble away at the given them, and examined them closely; corners of my arguments as long as he pleases, adopting or rejecting the result to which they misrepresenting my meaning, as I see he has lead, after such candid investigation. But done in various instances; but I shall not your correspondent bas not attempted anyreply. I am sincerely anxious for truth; and thing of this kind. He has not stated one I shall never willingly enter the lists with a

of them fully. He has given pieces and masked writer whose evident object is to up scraps here and there in the most arbitrary hold current opinions at all hazards, and to way. Hence, every one will see that the aim disparage every deviation from them. I have is not to get at the truth, if possible, but some half dozen students in my class who rather, with blind anti-papal zeal, to decry are quite competent to overturn all that he fair and free inquiry. A little spice o imis

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