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An intelligent and respectable minister And we are extremely anxious to observed to us the other day, “My con- inculcate these sentiments on young gregation is becoming quite thin, by Christians. They cannot be too cauthe rage for emigration which is now tious—too wary—they cannot advise prevailing. It is far worse," he added, with judicious and enlightened friends * than any epidemic."

too seriously, before they resolve to go We heard lately of several respectable out to Australia. If the way be clear members of Congregational churches, -if Providence is marking out the living in their own houses, having ex- path-if the course of events lead you cellent businesses, selling their property, there, then go; but go not withu. iregiving up their respective trades, and flection—go not without prayer-go not moving off to Australia. No expostu- without a warrant! Think what a lation from their ministers was of any country you leave, when you

abandon avail.

England ! consider what home comWe were travelling lately through a forts you must relinquish when you populous manufacturing district, and a leave your native land! dwell on the young man entered into oonversation sacrifices you must make — the hardwith us, of prepossessing appearance, ships you must undergo-the privations but of delicate health. The inquiry you must endure, for years, perhaps, was proposed, “Do you reside in this before you can accomplish anything of neighbourhood ?" "Yes; I am a clerk importance in Australia. in one of the most important banks in Contemplate. the moral advantages this district; but I am going to Austra- you give up, the religious privileges lia." “To the Diggings ?" “Yes; to which you abandon, and the loss of Geelong." “ Have you a good situa- which will be sensibly felt at “the Digtion?" · Yes; and with the prospect gings." Briug before you the society of promotion." “What may you gain from all parts of the world, and, in inat present ?” The young man was not numerable instances, such society, as nineteen. “A hundred a year, and next you will meet with at the “Gold Fields," year, if I remained, I should receive a all hunting after the precious metal, hundred and twenty.“But with this and prepared, in thousands of cases, to salary, and these prospects, had you do anything to gaiu it. Think of the not better remain at home? Is it wise Sabbaths you will spend there, in conto give up such a certainty for au un trast with those you spend here. Think certainty?" Oh, yes! I am deter- of the affectionate parents and friends, mined to go, and try my fortune.Now, of the Christian members, of the valuthis young man, we learned, would able and devoted ministers and pastors, leave behind him a widowed and pious so anxious to do you good, who will be mother, and a Christiau sister, who relinquished by you. Ask the question, were doing every thing to make him Why are we going? Is it to dig for happy. We ask, Is this safe? Is it gold?" And then ask another, Should right? will the issue be good ? We Christians be under the influence of think, we believe, not. But multitudes such an absorbing passion as the love of young men have been, still are, and of money, of gold ? Should not their will be, acting in this manner; and, pursuit be higher ? Should not their therefore, we would admonish them, object, their aim, be far holier? These and say, Pause, long and seriously, be considerations we leave with professing fore you take a final step-beware that Christians, and especially young memyou do not decide rashly, and most in-bers of churches throughout the land, juriously to yourselves, in every, but and we would earnestly say to them, especially in a moral respect !

Do nothing rashly! Before you decide

on emigrating to Australia, go and con rents should inculcate them; experisult your ministers. State your case, enced members of our churches should lay it fully before them, solicit their state and enforce them; wise pastors counsel, their sound advice; and, if you should publicly dilate on them. Next can, be governed by it. These are our year, perhaps, the mania for emigration deliberate opinions; and we honestly to Australia from this country will be state, that we would much rather remain greater than it has been during the in highly-favoured Christian England, present. Let, then, valuable suggeswith all its trials and difficulties at the tions be offered ; let prudent and timely present period, and have a small cer admonitions be expressed ; let the warntainty within it, than go out to Aus- ing voice be uttered distinctly and tralia, and mainly to seek after gold, powerfully, that numbers of young proand make all those sacrifices, abandon fessors may not be injured seriously and all those comforts, relinquish all those irretrievably. Be assured of this, Chrisprivileges, which inust be the case, if tians, if, in going to a remote country, we emigrate to so remote a colony, espe- we simply emigrate to gain gold, and to cially under existing circumstances. secure it as rapidly and as abundantly as

These thoughts we have freely, but possible, we shall inherit a curse, instead sincerely and earnestly, expressed. We of a blessing. deem them of the last importanoe. Pa


A GLIMPSE OF IRELAND. It was beautiful morning, the sun | Egyptian gloom and tribulation seems rose gloriously on the eastern portion almost visibly to rest. of the Emerald Isle, the magnificent Mournfully interesting are the disbay of Dublin opened with enchanting | pensations of an all-wise Providence, aspect to our view; the diversities of the with which the entire country during coast on either side were sufficiently the last few years has been visited, such, revealed, and the mountains of Wick- probably, as within a similar period low, enclosing some of the most roman- have never fallen to the lot of any other tic vales in creation, which we had seen land, or will be found recorded in the a few days before, bordered the scene annals of time. The famine, with all from which we were about to retire, and its horrors; the pestilence, that walketh to which, by her Majesty's steam-boat | in darkness, and spreads its destruction that day, we were to say farewell. at noon-day; an emigration unparalleled

Peculiar were the reflections awaken- in modern times, have all visited that ed in our mind. Deep'was the interest unhappy soil, and left the marks of desowe felt, deeper than ever in Ireland's lation wherever you travel in the land. weal or woe. Her lofty hills, her ver- It is impossible to view the results of dant glens, her beauteous lakes, her vast this threefold visitation from the hand champaigns, combined with the desola- | of the Eternal, without the tenderest tions of the West, and the busy hum of emotions of sympathy, compassion, and the North, all united to excite the ten- regard. “If one member suffer, all the derest sympathies on her behalf; joy in members feel.” It is so with the human her prosperity, affliction in her adver. family at large. So is it with the body sity. The one part of the land, where politic. So is it with the triple alliance Protestant truth prevails, resembles which forms the United Kingdom. And Goshen; on the other, the dark pall of there is not a patriot in England or

Scotland but has felt deeply for Ire- present year. And an era in their hisland's woes. Never was there a nobler tory it has proved ; a season long to be deed than when Britain sent, in private remembered; "a time of refreshment and public donations, her millions ster- from the preseuce of the Lord;" as all ling, to mitigate her calamities, and who were privileged to attend these halsupply her children's necessities. lowed meetings can testify.

The remembrance of these things had As the appointed hour approached, scarcely subsided. It still lived in the and we neared the shores of Ireland, public mind, and left a general and we went "from strength to strength," grateful impression on the Irish people, till we met in that appropriate centre, except where priestly malevolence and and commodious structure for such a folly had embittered that otherwise sa- purpose, the Rotunda of Dublin. A lubrious stream. Numerous other causes goodly number of the friends of Zion, also conspired with these to produce and ministers of the sanctuary from favourable thoughts and feelings to the different parts of evangelical Chriswards England, not the least of which tendom, were convened. There were was the vast influx of British visitors members of the Episcopal churches, the to survey the beauties of the sister is-Congregational, and the Presbyterian, land, of whom, it was said, not less than from England, Scotland, the various thirty thousand have been rambling parts of Ireland, the Continent; and among the lakes of Killarney, or in- America. One transatlantic brother specting the wonders of the Giant's was there, with a heart good and true, Causeway this year; an intercourse of who told us he was under a five hun. which nature there cannot be too much, dred pound bond not to open his lips providing honesty and kindness distin on this side the ocean, that is his conguish it. Already the good effects are gregation had generously presruted him manifest in a thousand different ways.

with that amount to defray his expenses It was at this period, in the antumn in the pursuit of health, but on such an of 1852, that the British Organization occasion he could not be restrained. of the Evangelical Alliance resolved to We had two, representatives of the hold its Sixth Annual Conference at French churches, one of the Prussian, Dublin, and to let the Irish metropolis a converted priest from Italy, and Me see that, notwithstanding all the alleged thodists of the two great divisions which divisions of the Protestant churches, Ireland contains. But all our views they were substantially and vitally one. were amalgamated, or rather, on minor This is well known to all that study the points, held in abeyance, whilst our philosophy or the theology of evan

hearts were one: gelical Protestantismı; but it was never

“Distinct as the billows, yet one as the sea." so thoroughly understood, or happily ex. emplified, as since the formation of that Looking to the cross alone for salvanoble " Alliance” which was constituted tion; and, gathered around it, we felt six years ago in the pure atmosphere of that one was our Saviour, “one our devotion at Liverpool; and has con Master, even Christ, and all we were tinued to develop and manifest itself, brethren.” and gather accessions from various parts The morning meetings were success.. of the Protestant world until now. Longively opened with united prayer and had the Christian brethren and churches praise; after which came the business of Dublin desired its exemplification of the Conference; and then followed among them. From various circum- the noble statements and addresses stances it had been postponed, and their which had been prepared for the occawishes could not be gratified till the sion. The first was from an excellent

clergyman of the Church of England, / unity" and Giant Pope received such in vindication of the principles and nighty and continuous blows, that had constitution of the Alliance, and in an we not read John Bunyan's tale, we swer to all the objections which have should have supposed he could not long been alleged against them, whether from survive. These were dealt by many a the Archiepiscopal chair, or any inferior faithful hand. The trumpet that shall source, 50 beautiful, so logical, and so one day level the proud walls of Jericho, convincing, that he must be a bold man was sounded with many an effective who would venture an appeal from its blast of no uncertain sound, and especonclusions to any other authority what- cially by that prince of authors on ever. A Baptist brother followed, with “The Papacy," whose reverberations on a recommendation of motives and reso the last evening echoed round the Ro. lutions. After this, we were favoured tunda walls, and produced such thun with a magnificent address from an ders of applause, as sounded like the Ulster Presbyterian champion, on "Ire- knell of the departing, and the usherland as å field for united Missionary ing in of a more excellent way." enterprise," opening up its capabilities Verily the Irish have hearts to feel, and facilities in a way never to be for- and minds to perceive, and tongues to gotten, and with eloquence and power speak; and will, we hope, soon rise up, which none present could but feel. An as with the heart of one man, to shake other, équally interesting, followed, from off the degrading yoko of bondage by an Irish clergyman, on the present re- which they have so long been enlative position of Popery and Protest-thralled. antism in that country, whosë ardent The Committee in London, in concommunications delighted and cheered junction with that of Dublin,' had us with the indications of the hand of requested as many ministers aš conGod in favour of his cause. A charm- veniently could, to remain over the ing effusion of a devotional character Conference in the chief city, to visit the ensued, from the "brother beloved" of provinces, with a view to preach the Kelsall. A Methodist improviso, full of gospel whenover opportunity could be zeal and love, intervened. And then found, in connection with the " Alli. came, by way of conclusion, an affec- ance," and, if possible, to diffuse its tionate welcome and farewell from our spirit and promote its principles. It honoured Independent brother of the was a happy thought. Ireland afforded city, whose domestic loss at the very a fine sphere for such exertions; and time of the meetings gave pathos and as soon as the purpose became known, power to his own soul, and to the touch- letters were received from various parts ing effitsions of sanctified feeling which intreating a visit from the Alliance came from his lips as, on behalf of his brethren. Appropriate arrangements Dublin brethren and friends, he bade were made. Two and two, according us adieu in the name of the Lord. to the originál plan, we were deputed to

Such are the outlines. The fillings visit the country, and to repair to difup were ntlmerous; too numerous to be ferent towns in the north, south, and specified here. Prayer and praise, in west of the kingdom. The route of the termingled with Christian intercourse, writer, with his worthy colleague, was and projects for the advancement of towards the north-west; ånd Sligo, BaChristian truth and love, distinguished lina, Castlebar, Galway, and Athlone, each passing day. The Popish metro were the localities to be visited in this polis beheld, or might have seen, " how evangelistic tour. We accordingly progood and how pleasant" ít was for Proceeded thithet. A long journey, divertestant "brethreni to dwell together in /sified by various incidents, fiót the least

important of which was an encounter the former occasion a resolution was with a Roman Catholic gentleman in promptly adopted to form a Branch the railway, and with two priests on the Institution for the town. An excellent coach, whose jesuitical and unprinci- Episcopalian friend was present, who pled mode of reasoning not a little gave us a most gratifying account of surprised and grieved us, brought us the progress of the conversions from late on Saturday evening to the st Popery to Protestantism, by the labours mentioned place, and a welcome recep

of the Irish Church Missions, in the tion we enjoyed from our honoured benighted districts of Connemara, in friend and brother there. He had whose dawning light our hearts remade all duo preparations. Placards joiced, and on whose awakening people appeared on the walls announcing our we pray that the Holy Spirit may be arrival. The services were arranged.

poured down.

Much additional in. We preached thrice alternately in the formation was given. Truly fraternal different chapels on the Sabbath; and and honourable was the spirit of Chrison Monday evening held an Evange tian brotherhood that reigned : and lical Alliance meeting in the largest whilst memory retains its power, we one of the town. It was a truly fra- shall not forget the hallowed and hopeternal and delightful occasion. Metho ful scenes of Balina. dists, Presbyterians, and Independents, From Balina we pursued our way were there, and one beloved brother of through wild and romantic districts, the Irish Church, whose ardour and with some of Ireland's lake scenery on catholicity gratified us all. The two either side, to Castlebar; but here, in priests, we were informed, on learning consequence of some misunderstanding, who we were, had denounced us and occasioned by the miscarriage of letters, our meetings from their pulpits on the we could only hold a meeting in the sacred day. But this neither alarmed chapel, hastily convened, and give an nor hindered us. The meetings went address with prayer to the friends as

The cause was delightfully sus sembled. The next evening found us tained. And after a large fraternal at Galway. A most cordial welcome breakfast the next morning, and true from the Presbyterian minister of that Alliance intercourse during the day, we town also we received, and viewed with united in prayer at evening-tide, and deep interest the distinguishing feabade each other farewell.

tures, moral and ecclesiastical, of that The day following we proceeded to celebrated place; but were unable to Balina, a dark popish town, but hap- prolong our stay for any services, havpily illumined with rays of the true ing engaged to spend the approaching light from the devoted labours of Pres- Sabbath at Athlone. Thither we had byterian, Methodist, and Baptist pas been invited through the medium of a tors. Everything indicated the wretch pious merchant, who had heard of the edness of Popery around, and the meetings in Dublin, attended such “abomination that maketh desolate" elsewhere, and was anxious to have was manifest there. But the brethren them exemplified in his own native received us joyfully. Our meetings town. On our arrival he and others of were well attended, and their aspects the brethren received us. All needful noble. In the Presbyterian sanctuary preparations had been made for our in the evening, and at the Methodist proceedings. The Sabbath was fully “ Lodge,” at a public breakfast the occupied. The chapels of the different next morning, Alliance principles were denominations, in all of which we pleaded and responded to with most preached during the day, were well atgenerous and happy effects, and on tended; and on the evening following,

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