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has been my happiness to admit to church | advanced in life when I entered upon the fellowship, but by the very many besides, pastoral ofhce; his useful course was drawing who, while living, or when dying, have grate- to a close; but all he said or did was calcufully acknowledged the essential benefit they lated to win the confidence and encourage have, through the Divine blessing, received the heart of the youthful pastor. The mefrom my ministry. Whatever success has mory of the last will ever be embalmed in attended it must be entirely ascribed to the my most grateful recollection-so uniformly grace of God, who has so mercifully borne kind, so anxious to assist me-such a peacewith my infirmities, and made it manifest maker, that he was always sent to compose that the excellence of the power is of Him- differences, if any arose, amongst the memself and not of man. The solemn responsi-bers of the church or congregation. I must, bilities of my office, especially in the situa- however, be permitted to say, nothing has tion in which Providence has placed me, far afforded me greater gratification in my pas. from diminishing, only increase in my view, torate than the unanimous, spontaneous elecas revolving years, and particularly the ar- tion of my son to that honourable office, rival of this day, remind me how few, if any, being confident that in using the office of must be those of my future ministry. It has deacon well, he will purchase to himself a been, and is my earnest wish, that I may not good degree, and great boldness in the faith. survive my ability to do good; but that, if Should God spare his life, from his knowledge it should so please the Disposer of all events, of the anxioty of a minister's life, in addition my life and labours in the service of my Divine to the ever generous promptings of his own Master may terminate at the same time. kind heart, he will be prepared to do all he Fully convinced that in the Bible we have a can, when his father is no more, to promote Divine revelation of truth and duty, it has the comfort, as one essential means of probeen my conscientious, anxious care, to in- | moting the usefulness, of his successor. No culcate its doctrines in their harmony, rela- minister ever had a greater treasure in a wife, tive proportion, and practical bearings, mak- who has been so uniforinly devoted to the ing Scripture its own interpreter, under the welfare of the flock, and has, for forty-five guidance of the Holy Spirit; leaving it to years, with unabated zeal and readiness to speak for itself, without adding aught to it, every good work, spent so large a portion of or taking aught from it. It has been my her daily time amongst the poor and the constant study to present the statements of afilicted. Her children have risen up and Holy Writ in a style as plain and palpable as called her blessed, her own works praise ber possible, persuaded that if God honoured my in the gates.' [Mr. Craig was here overcome ministry, it would be by blessing his own with emotion and almost unable to proceed.] truth, preached in simplicity and godly sin- You must excuse my feelings. The way of cerity. This has been my aim, although which I knew it was in the heart of many in deeply conscious of many deficiencies. • You my friends to celebrate this day, could not are going to a place where ministers die,' said but have been very acceptable to me, as the my venerable pastor, the late Rev. John Clay. | well-known circumstances in which I was so ton, on my coming to Bocking. Often have unexpectedly and painfully placed, sixteen I been stimulated by what I have heard of years ago, have remained entirely unchanged, the great and good men who preceded me without the least prospect of their ever being in the pastoral charge of this church. Here altered; but everything should be subordiais the advantage of having their ashes repos- ated to the glory of God, and it behoves ing with us. When standing near their every Christian, and especially the Christian graves, I have often wished to resemble them. minister, when important occasions arise, Never can I be sufficiently thankful for hav- calling for a review of the Lord's mercies, to ing been permitted to cccupy a pastorate of consider how they may be turned to the most such long duration, throughout so peaceful, useful account. The girls' school-room was so harmonious, and attended with so many much too small either for the Sunday or proofs of the Lord's blessing. Greatly in- daily scholars; additional rooms had, theredebted have I been to the judicious conduct fore, to be hired. Situate on the opposite and advice of those who formerly sus- side of the road, where another foot of ground tained, as well as of those who now fill, the was not to be obtained, it could not be enoffice of deacons amongst us. I will not larged a second time. In the recent deoffend the modesty of the kind, affectionate pressed state of agriculture there seemed no friends now present, who sustain that ofiice, hope of erecting one corresponding with the by speaking of them; but I may make ho- number of applications for admission; it benourable mention of the dead. Of these I came, therefore, an object of great desire to

could name several with great pleasure; but me, that the present period of my ministry 'I will content myself in adverting to two- should be marked by such a building as we John Tabor and Gabriel Stammers, amiable, have now the pleasure of seeing finished. In humble, and pious men. The first was far that wish, early expressed, and repeated as

often as the jubilee was referred to in my earnest desire and hope that the period of presence, I have never faltered, having the your faithful labours may yet be greatly great satisfaction of knowing that my beloved lengthened, and your joy in the work of the wife and family fully participated in my feel. Lord continually abound.' ings. It will stand a public and enduring “I cannot find words to express my gratimonument of the harmony which has pre- tude to these ladies, either for the gift bevailed amongst us, through the Lord's bless- stowed, or, for what is more precious still, the ing, for fifty years; and is the dearer to my sentiments that accompany it; but they will, heart, because it reflects as much honour I am sure, believe that the feelings of my upon yourselves as on your minister. It is heart could not be adequately conveyed to doing what we can to bind our successors, them by any language I can command. This

I when our heads are laid in the grave, to pur- morning I have received a kind present, with sue what they will see to have been, in our the following note :-—' The Young Women's estimation, one of the most important means Bible Class request the Rev. Thomas Craig's of doing good. The propriety of that saying, acceptance of the accompanying Jubilee token

Let posterity take care of itself,' depends of their affection and esteem, and earnestly entirely on the measures to which reference desire that he may receive every blessing from is made. Every Christian must wish his use- on high.' (This present was a morocco case, fulness to survive him by the influence of his containing a paper knife, a penholder and example, and the continued operation of the seal, all of silver and mother of pearl.) They, principles he has inculcated or supported. also, will accept my best thanks. Now, my The way in which you celebrate the present beloved flock, who have supported me by your jubilee will also teach other congregations, prayers, encouraged me by the proofs of your similarly favoured, that the best mode of friendship, and cheered me on by your condoing it is to connect therewith some useful sistent stedfastness, accept this day, in return object. To all the contributors I offer my for all your kindness, the warmest feelings of heartfelt thanks, not forgetting the most will- a grateful heart. May God abundantly reing offerings of the young people, the Sunday- ward you; may he who can command showers school teachers and scholars, and the poorer of heavenly influences continually to descend, members of the congregation, who have ex- bless my future ministry, to the confirmation pressed their regard for their minister, by of your faith and hope, to the increase of rendering what assistance they could to pro- your piety, - to the augmentation of your mote the object of his desire. I feel under zeal in the service of Christ. May the Holy very great obligations, also, to those very Spirit bless it also to the awakening of those kind friends who, though not connected im- who are yet indifferent to their eternal inmediately with us, have accompanied their terest, that brought to a cordial and entire subliberal donations with such warm expressions mission to Christ, and in everything enriched of their affectionate esteem. Having thus, by him, they may go on their way rejoicing, with the greatest sincerity, surrendered all until, dying in the Lord, they shall join the expectation of any other expression of at- glorious company of the redeemed in heaven. tachment than that connected with the erec- Now we live if ye stand fast in the Lord.' tion of the schools, I was the more agreeably For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of surprised, and my feelings the more gratified, rejoicing ? Are not even ye in the presence by receiving last evening the sum of one of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming ? For hundred and five sovereigns, new from the mint, ye are our glory and joy.' The Lord make as brilliant as if no finger had ever touched you to increase and abound in love one tothem, enclosed in a purse and a box of ex- wards another, and towards all men, even as quisite beauty, accompanied by the following we do towards you; to the end he may esta

blish your hearts unblameable in holiness be*** To the Rev. Thomas CRAIG, on the Cele- fore God, even our Father, at the coming of bration of his Jubilee, 1852.

our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saints.' “ • The Ladies of your congregation have On this joyous day of praise to God, in which been greatly desirous of manifesting, by some you have given him of his own for the erecpersonal testimonial, their high estimation of tion of our schools, may you all give youryour affectionate and faithful ministrations selves to him in a perpetual covenant, conduring the last half-century, and while they strained by redeeming love to regard yoursolicit your acceptance of the accompanying selves as no longer your own, but his,bought tribute of affection to you, their beloved pas- with a price' of inexpressible value, that you tor, they know that you will not receive it as may glorify him in your body and in your in any way the measure of their gratitude spirit, which are God's.' I seek not yours, and love ; could they have made it ten times but you, to lead you to Christ, the • Shepherd the amount, it would still have been equally and Bishop of souls.' To receive the pledge imperfect, and totally inadequate as an ex- of your devotedness to him, by uniting yourpression of their affection for you, and of their selves to his people, and sitting down with



them at the Lord's table, would be my high-, workmanship, with an appropriate inscripest felicity, and the best solace of my declin- tion, was presented to the Rev. Thomas Craig, ing years. I want to see the young do this, by the working classes attending bis ministry, before they are exposed to the temptations as a token of their esteem and affection. which may, alas ! lead them away from the The proceedings teruninated on Thursday guide of their youth. I want to see parents evening, when the children of the day and do it as the best proof they can give of their Sunday-schools (upwards of six hundred) intention, through Divine mercy, to train their were regaled in the new school-rooms with children to follow the Lord fully. I want to tea, plum cake, &c. At this meeting, the see both the young, and those more advanced Rev. T. Craig was presented with a silk in life, do this ; not from persuasion, but from pocket handkerchief, as a token of esteem a conviction that it is your duty thus to ho- from the girls of the day-school. At halfnour Christ, and a powerful means, through past six the meeting was adjourned to the rich grace, of cherishing in your hearts all chapel, where appropriate and eloquent ad. that can adorn you and bless you, all that dresses were delivered. To the children, by can make you holy, happy, and useful in this Rev. Dr. A. Fletcher ; to the parents, by world, and prepare you for an abundant en- Rev. John Kaye ; and to their teachers, by trance into the kingdom of God. Finally, I the Rev. T. W. Davids. The large chapel would intreat the fervent prayers of all assem. was filled to overflowing, and the attentivn bled, that I may be faithful unto death, and was kept up with unabated interest till nearly

my course with joy, and the ministry ten o'clock. which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testity the gospel of the grace of God. May ORDINATION SERVICES, EMSWORTH. peace be within these walls, and prosperity The ordination of the Rev. E. Jeffery as within this sanctuary. For my brethren and pastor of the Congregational church worcompanions' sakes, I will now say, Peace be shipping in Nile-street Chapel, Emsworth, within this house of our God. Here may the Hants, was held on Wednesday, October 13, Lord command the blessing, even life for 1852. The Rev. T. Cousins, of Porties, evermore."

read the Scriptures and prayed. The intro. A hymn, suited for the occasion, was then ductory discourse was delivered by Rev. A. sung, commencing

Ewing, M.A., of Gosport, from Acts ïi. 47,

" And the Lord added to the church daily " A blessing on our pastor's head, Lord God! we fervently implore;

such as should be saved." The Rev. A. On him, this day, a blessing shed,

Jones, of Buckland, asked the usual ques. For life, for death, for evermore."

tions. The ordination prayer, accompanied The Rev. T. ARCHER, D.D., of London, with imposition of hands, was offered by Rev. then preached an eloquent sermon, of an W. Scamp, of Havant. The Rev. E. Price, hour's duration, from St. John X., part of of Sheerness, addressed the pastor from verse 10 :-“I am come that they might have 2 Tim. ii. 15, " A workman that needeth not life, and that they might have it more abund- to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of antly." After the discourse, another hymn truth." And the Rev. D. Evans, formerly was sung, and the service was concluded by pastor of the church, offered the concluding prayer, by the Rev. D. Rees, of Braintree. prayer. In the afternoon the ministers and

At three o'clock, nearly four hundred ladies friends dined together at the Black Dog Inn. and gentlemen sat down to dinner, when In the evening the Rev. A. Jones read the many most interesting addresses were de- Scriptures and prayed, and the Rev. E. Price livered ; among which Mr. Craig's and Dr. preached an excellent sermon to the people, Archer's occupied a distinguished place. from Num. X. 29. The services were of a

On the following evening, about six hun- very interesting character; and it is hoped dred subscribers and friends took tea in the that the day may prove the beginning of a new school-rooms, and in the course of the long course of usefulness and peace to the proceedings a gold snuff-box, of very chaste beloved pastor and his flock.

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INDIA. JOURNEY TO THE SNOWY RANGES OF THE HIMALAYA. During the spring of the present year the Rev. J. H. Budden, of the Almoralı Mission, accompanied by Mr. Artopé, Assistant Missionary at Mirzapore, undertook a toilsome, and somewhat perilous journey among the Himalaya mountains, in order to visit the idolatrous shrines which pagan zeal has erected in those inhospitable regions, and to announce the message of mercy to the votaries of superstition by whom they are frequented.

Mr. Budden's journal, which we have reason to believe contains valuable information regarding the people who are in the habit of going on pilgrimage to these mountain temples, has not come to hand, but the following notices of the journey, communicated by Mr. Artopé, will be found interesting, as descriptive of some of the grandest scenes on the face of the globe, and which are comparatively unknown, excepting to the Hindoo devotee :

" Having been taken ill last year of an in- latter is a Brahman, on a platform, performflammation of the bronchial passages, which ing some devotions. On the ground before became chronic, I was obliged to relinquish him are a few brass vessels, filled with holy all native service for a time, and advised by water and flowers, over which he is ringing a the doctors to visit the colder climate of the little bell, uttering, at the same time, with hills; for which purpose I proceeded in March great rapidity, the names of various idols. this year to Almorah. At the time of my On the other side of the large temple is a arrival at that place, Mr. Budden was about large tank, which has a spring below, and in to go to Kidarnath and Budrinath, which which the pilgrims bathe; which ne, they places are in the snowy mountains of the make their devotions in the temple, and bow Himalaya. I resolved to accompany him, partly before the everlasting fire, and besmear their on account of my health, and partly to afford forehead, chest, and arms with the ashes. any assistance in my power to Mr. Budden on In the foreground of the temple, as well as the journey. I have tried to make a few above it, against the hill, are the sheds erected sketches of the more remarkable spots, and I for the pilgrims. Farther up the hill is the will, in addition, give you some description village Tree Jogee, consisting of between of them."

twenty and thirty houses. A little above TREE JOGEE NARAIN.

the village, we pitched our tent, on a lovely “This is a place two marches from Kidarnath, green level spot, which was surrounded with and situated about 8000 feet above the sea; it beautiful trees. The hills all around are well is a little off from the direct road to Kidar- wooded with toon, horse-chestnut, oak, and nath, but many of the pilgrims visit this place towards the summit with pine trees. The before they go up to Kidar. According to tops of these hills were still covered with mos. the Hindoos, the name of this place originated There are also some flourishing corn-fields thus: Three Jogees or Fakirs having come about the village,-the crop appeared in : at a very remote age, to this place, and lived most luxuriant condition. here for a time, and kindled a fire, which has “ In the afternoon we descended the long never since been extinguished; it has now flight of steps leading down to the temple, to been burning for three Jugs, or 24,000 years. visit the pilgrims, who collected in good numThe fire is kept up in a liousc built in front bers around us, and listened with great atten. of the temple, which stands in a paved yard, țion to the preaching of the word of God. To to which yoa have to descend ten or twelve a great many also we presented books. We steps. At one side of the principal temple were standing at the time opposite to the are four small ones. Under one of these temple, and saw the fire burning in the house

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