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Australia. - Special Missionary Ser.

vices on occasion of the late visit of
India. -Opening of a New Chapel at

the John Williams



. 502
Missionary Itinerancy in
Death of the Rev, J. Read


Arrivals in England

China.—Destructive Fire at Victoria, Missionary Contributions .

Hong Kong

Miss Aldersey's Female

School at Ningpo

Polynesia.—Rarotonga : The Back.

South Africa.-Graaf Reinet

sliders Reclaimed 231 India.-Madras

. 551
Mauritius.—Opening of a New Chapel


. 553
at Moka


. 556
Arrivals and Departure

Polynesia. — New Hebrides.

· 557
Rev. W. Harbutt's Intended Depar-

Idolatrous Worship of Capt. Cook by
ture for the South Seas

the Sandwich Islanders

Sacramental Offering to Missionaries' Individual and Family Life in Samoa 563
Widows and Orphans

235 Jamaica.- A Lamb of Christ's Fold
Special Subscriptions for affir War

made perfect through Sufferings 565

Death of Mrs. Scott

Missionary Contributions.
. 237 Missionary Contributions .

. 567


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JANUARY, Rev. J. Harris, D.D., London.
FEBRUARY, Rev. W. N. Medhurst, D.D., China.
MARCH, Rev. A. M. Brown, LL.D., Cheltenham.
APRIL, Rev. J. Gwyther, Manchester.
MAY, Rev. W. Griffiths, Holyhead.
JUNE, Rev. E. T. Prust, Northampton.
JULY, Rev. J. Macfarlane, LL.D., Glasgow.
August, Rev. J. Flower, Beccles.
SEPTEMBER, Rev. H. Addiscott, Taunton.
OCTOBER, Rev. W. Judson (late), High Wycombe.
NOVEMBER, Rev. W. Harbutt, Samoa.
DECEMBER, Rev. T. W. Aveling, London.

London : Reed and Pardon, Printers, Paternoster Row.

back to observe and lament the multi- , widely diffused — infidelity must be plied deficiencies, irregularities, and de- more vigorously met — error in all its fections, before God, with which we forms must be more decisively counterhave been chargeable, and to admire acted—Romanism, whatever its seducand adore his forbearing mercy in tions or appliances, must be more wisely “healing our backslidings," "pitying and powerfully resisted.-What can I do, our infirmities," and forgiving our sins. or what do I intend doing, in this great,

To begin the year well, we must com- this gigantic undertaking ? These are mence it,

fitting and significant questions to proSecondly, With large and enlightened pose and urge at the commencement of inquiries. The mind must be drawn another year; and it is incumbent on out; the soul must be awakened; great each right-minded, each sound-hearted thoughts must be elicited and en person, to submit them to his under kindled. No little, paltry sentiments standing, his judgment, his conscience, must be entertained-no mean, insig. as in the sight of God, and in the nificant questions must be proposed. prospect of his awful account at the As the years are rolling over us, their last day. significance and grandeur are continu To begin the year well, we must comally increasing, and hence it devolves mence it, on us to endeavour to meet their claims, Thirdly, Under the influence of a and to act worthily of their character devotional spirit. This is indispensable and importance.

on the part of every individual, whatIn entering, then, on the year 1852, ever his position in society, to its right let us take large and comprehensive beginning.

There must be no mistake views—let us propose intelligent and here—no reluctance here—no neglect great inquiries, that we may unfold a here. While we want the mind to be character befitting us at the present ad aroused, the best efforts to be put forth, vancing period in our ecclesiastical and we are pre-eminently anxious that the national history, and do something beart should be moulded and sanctified worthily in this age of progress. by the Spirit of God. We want the

Let each reader seriously ask, affections to be raised to Heaven, and to “ What am I purposing to do, if life be be enkindled with fire from the celestial prolonged, during the present year? altar. We want God to be emphatiWhat as a minister?

What as a cally sought-his aid to be imploredparent ? What as a teacher of the his presence and blessing to be enjoyed young? What as a master or mistress? in all things. We therefore need, at What as a brother or sister? What as the present crisis in our history, a genea child? What in any capacity—as a ral and fine development of the spirit of scripture-reader-a tract distributor-a prayer. AU, at the beginning of the visitor of the poor and sick ? What year, must pray, and we must all pray fresh plans can I form to benefit my more. Our supplications must be more family more effectually? What addi. frequent, more direct, more fervid, tional arrangements can I make to sub- more agonising: we must wrestle, and serve the best interests of the Church continue to wrestle, in prayer, until we and congregation with which I am have the blessing. What light can be identified? What enlargement and im- scattered without prayer? What error petus can I give to any efforts which can be checked without prayer? What are making for the intellectual and prejudices against the truth can be submoral elevation of my country- the dued without prayer? What enemies evangelization of Europe and the can be discomfited, and put to shame, world? Knowledge must be more without prayer? How can individuals

be blest without prayer? How can the end will fully justify the Divine sinners be awakened and brought to arrangements and procedure.” Begin God without prayer? How can the the year, then, dear readers, animated peace, the holiness, and the enlarge and imbued with this fine temper, and ment of the church of Christ be secured you will realize, while it advances, its without prayer, and much prayer? Let blessed, its glorious results, results us, in entering on the year 1852, prefer which will exert the happiest influence, more simple, fervent, and concentrated not only on your own minds and chaprayers than we have ever yet done.racter, but prove of the utmost importMay the true “Spirit of grace and sup- ance to your families, and to the church plication" rest upon us, in all our cha- of God. racters, all the relations of life, and for To begin the year well, we must com. the general good; then, a special bene- mence it, diction from Heaven will rest upon us, Fifthly, With a determination, if life upon all our plans, efforts, and instru- should be prolonged, for the advancement mentality. The prayer of a whole peo- of the glory of Christ. Wo must take ple, at the commencement of the year, no lower aim. We must propose no inmust issue in copious and signal bless-ferior object. We must be prompted by ings during its continuance, and through- no other motive. We must be impelled out succeeding years.

by no other desire. The hours of the To begin the year well, we must com- year, the days of the year, the weeks mence it,

of the year, and the months of the Fourthly, with unlimited submission year, as they successively glide away, to the will of God. There must be are all to be consecrated to the Reno distrust of his care, his fidelity, deemer, that his name may be magnihis goodness. There must be no want fied—that his honour may be subserved of confidence in his wise and paternal --that his grace may be exalted—that administration. There must be no his purposes of infinite love and mercy dissatisfaction with his allotments or may be accomplished. arrangements. There must be no mur This is the right use of life; this is its muring against his procedure. We true and sublime improvement. The cannot commence the year wisely and question should be with each reader, at well, unless this spirit be felt and dis- the beginning of the year, " What can played. God must be submitted to, I do for the Saviour, while it continues? from the first day of the year to the last, How may I diffuse his gospel, extend and our submission must be enlight- his kingdom, and be the instrument of ened, unqualified, and devotional. It still more widely disseminating the must be the submission of disciples to blessings of his freo salvation?” This their Teacher-of subjects to their is to be my grand business-myuniform, Sovereign-of children to their wise and my one aim. benignant Father in heaven. We know When the year is thus begun, with a not what clouds may encircle us—what fixed and enlightened resolve to glorify difficulties may perplex us—what dan Christ Jesus, it becomes a year of prayer gers may environ us—what enemies -8 year of effort-- a year of usefulness may assail us—what changes may de _à year of sublime and holy ends. press us, during the year 1852; but this Much is anticipated-much is done we know, that, if submission to God be much is enjoyed. How is it with you, exercised, and if our submission be dear readers, in these respects ? Are enlightened, child-like, and uncomplain you all disposed--all qualified-all deing, we shall be able to exclaim—"All termined to glorify the Son of God-the is right! All is well, and all must be well | Redeemer of the world, at the com

mencement of another year? and are you / year. Whether those perils may be intensely anxious to spend the year in seen or unseen - whether they arise such a manner, as that “ He who in from enemies without or withinall things is to have the pre-eminence," whether they spring from the world or may be supremely honoured ? Happy the devil-whether they may be conthe person who can at once respond-nected with our position in the family, “ This is my sincere, my high, my only or society generally-we shall be peraspiration !"

petually shielded by the providence of Now, if we begin the year 1852 well, God, and fortified by the grace of God in the manner, and governed by the that providence will succour us inspirit and principles, to which we have variably--that grace will preserve us referred, we shall realize great and pre- effectually. cious advantages. For example, And be it remembered, that if com

. We shall have the testimony of a good mencing the year under the influence conscience during the year, and this is of the spirit inculcated and recomno ordinary comfort-no insignificant mended, we should be removed by blessing. The testimony of an approve death before the year terminate, we ing conscience, as the months revolve, shall only be translated to that world will be clear, direct, full, and most satis- where factory; and, as Matthew Henry, observes, “It is a good thing to have the

"Life's unbroken joy begins,

And life's unending Sabbath reigns, bird in the bosom singing sweetly."

The peace and rest of heaven.” If we thus begin the year, we shall be prepared for all the duties and events of

The journey of mortality will only the year. The duties to which we may

come to a close. The stream of the be called this year may be more diver- present shadowy existence will be sified and arduous than ever-some crossed, and the wide and unbounded times extraordinary; still, there will be ocean of immortality will be entered, seasonable and requisite qualifications where we shall realize a fulness of bliss bestowed, as they successively recur; which will never be interrupted, and the events of the year may, in many re

never cloy. spects, be new, be stirring, and most

When the above considerations are important; still, we shall be fitted for regarded, how important does human their approach, and for their daily and life, in all its phases, all its aspects, continual realization, while we see the all its duties, all its temptations, all hand of God in all.

its difficulties, all its discipline, appear! If we thus begin the year, we shall How solemn its begiuning-its conbe divinely supported amidst all its tinuance—its close! How pregnant trials, and this will be to us no trifling with great issues--how inevitably reboon-no ordinary blessing; to have sulting in a tremendous and changeless the mind kept in a tranquil and happy doom! How necessary to be seriously state, when experiencing one affliction contemplated - to be soberly anticiand another, and to find, as one circum- pated, as its years approach-to be dilistance of distress and sorrow, and another, gently prepared for;-and for the end may be occurring, that there is a foun the awful end-to be weighed ! tain of living consolation to which we “Life begun is solemn,— can repair, and the pellucid and celes. But what awe surrounds it, when its close tial waters of which we can continually | Draws nigh! Then, all shadows flee away, drink.

And everything is real—is awful!” If we thus begin the year, we shall How true is the remark, that be secured amidst all the perils of the life is full of mysteries, though its events


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