Reports, Volume 14

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Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, 1882 - India

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Page 131 - Brahmans, with the honours and rank of the second order of Hinduism, got the patronymic titles of the first order; and hence the key to the anomalous nomenclature of so many stirpes of the military tribes of Nepal is to be sought in the nomenclature of the sacred order.
Page 131 - Hindus. The Khas language became a corrupt dialect of Hindi, retaining not many palpable traces (except to curious eyes) of primitive barbarism.
Page 37 - ! broke their ranks, and rubbed their noses 'upon the ground of disgrace.' The Sultan himself, like a stallion, went on dealing hard blows around him on the right hand and on the left, and cut those who were clothed in mail right in twain, making the thirsty infidels drink the cup of death. In this single charge he took several elephants, which Biji Rai regarded as the chief support of his centre. At last God granted victory to the standards of Islam, and the infidels retreated behind the walls...
Page 107 - mother ' how can I receive her as a wife ? " She was sent to the palace, where she afterwards became a Muhammadan, and the Rajwir Kadal, or Rajaori Bridge, was built by her.
Page 131 - Brahmans had sensual passions to gratify, as well as ambition. They found the native females — even the most distinguished — nothing loath ; but still of a temper, like that of the males, prompt to repel indignities. These females would, indeed, welcome the polished Brahmans to their embraces : but their offspring must not be stigmatised as the infamous progeny of a Brahman and a Mlechha — must, on the contrary, be raised to eminence in the new order of things introduced by their fathers.
Page 62 - Fatehpur Sikri quarries. The whole front is divided into panels ornamented with sculpture ; but the relief is low and the workmanship coarse. There are angels and fairies, elephants and rhinoceroses, camels and horses, monkeys and peacocks, with men on horseback and archers on elephants. The sides of the gateway are in much better taste, the ornament being limited to foliated scroll-work with birds sitting on the branches. But even in this the design is much better than the execution, as there is...
Page 131 - Brahmans, in still greater defiance of their creed, communicated the rank of the second order of Hinduism ; and from these two roots, mainly, sprung the now numerous, predominant, and extensively ramified, tribe of the Khus — originally the name of a small clan of creedless barbarians, now the proud title' of the Kshatriya, or military order of the kingdom of Nepal.
Page 96 - You side with the infidels. I will first put an end to you, and then massacre the infidels at Kurkhet ! " Mian 'Abdu-lla said, " Every one's life is in the hand of God — no one can die without His command : whoever enters the presence of a tyrant must beforehand prepare himself for death, let what may happen ! When you asked me, I gave you an answer in conformity with the precepts of the Prophet ; if you have no reverence for them, what is the use of inquiring...
Page 84 - Bachal was angry, and in her haste she bade her son go to the place to which he had sent her sister's sons. So Guga departed, and putting his face to the ground besought the earth to receive him into her bosom. But the goddess refused, and told him that the earth would not open to receive him until he had become a Muhammadan. Then Guga went to Mekka and became a disciple of Ratan Haji, and on his return the earth opened and received him into her bosom sitting on his black mare Javadia. After this...
Page 88 - Niazis who had crossed the Ghaghar near Ambala before the battle were drowned in great numbers in attempting to ford the stream, which had suddenly become a swollen torrent. In January 1840, when marching between Sunam and Hansi, I saw the Ghaghar not less than 17 feet deep and running with a strong current. I know also that the stratum of sand in the Ambala district is not deep, and that it overlies a deposit of boulder stones. In early times it seems probable that the beds of all these streams...

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