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Andamanese Vocabulary and Phraseology, 2 copies.—BY THE SAME.

Act of Incorporation and Bye-Laws of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia-BY THE ACADEMY.

Catalogue of Human Crania. in the Collection of the Academy of Natural'

Sciences of Philadelphia. By J. A. Meigm-BY THE SAME.

Om Krodo, en sachsisk Afgud. Af C. A. Holmboe, Christiania, 1861.BY THE AUTHon.

Om Helleristninger. Af C. A. Ho1mboe.—BY THE SAME.

Om Hedenske Korsmonumenter af C. A. H0lmb0e.—BY THE SAME. _

Beretning om Bodsfoengslets virksomhed i Aaret 1860.—B,Y THE CHRISTIANIA UNIVERSITY. i

Beretning om det kongelige selskab for Norges vel i Aaret 1860.—-BY THE sAHE.

Om od og eg, Metal og steen som Amulet. Af C. A. Holmboe.—BY THE AUTHOR.

Nyt Magazin for Naturvidenskaberne. llte Binds 3die and 4de Hefte.-—-BY THE CHRISTIANIA UNIVERSITY.

Det Kongelige Norske Frederiks Universitets. Aarsberetning for 1859.BY THE SAME. '

Om Nordmændenes Landhusholdning i Oldtiden. Af Fr. Chr. SchübelenBY THE sum.

Oversigt af Norges Echinodermer ved Dr. Michael Sars.-BY THE SAME.

Karlamagnus Saga Ok Kappa Hans. Udgivet Af C. R. Unger, Part 2.BY THE SAME.

Forhandlinger i Videnskabs-Selskabet i Christiania, Aar 1860.—BY THE SAME.

Chronica Regvm Manniæ et Insvlarvm. The Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys edited from the Manuscript Codex in the British Museum and with Historical notes, By P. A. Munch-BY THE SAME.

General Beretning for Aaret 1860. Ved Ole Sandberg, DirektÖL-BY THE SAME.

Universitets-Program for 1861, Af C. AM. Guldbergn-BY THE sum.

Ditto ditto, Af H. lV[0l1n.—BY THE SAME.

Aarsberetning for 1859.—-BY THE SAME.

Statistiske Tabeller for Kongeriget Norge i Aaret 1859.——BY THE sAME.

Om Siphonodentaliilm Vitreum, Af Dr. Michael Sara-BY THE SAME.

Meteorologische Beobachtungen. Aufgeziechnet auf Christianias Observatorium, Erste Lieferung 1837—18411.—-BY THE sAmE.

Medicinal Beretning for l858.—BY THE SAME.

Recueil de Lois, Resolutions, Cireulaires, &c. coneernant le Commerce et la. Navigation du Royaume de N orvège, Christiania, 1861.—BY THE SAME.

Index Scholarum in Universitate Regia Fredericiana, Anno 1861, ab Au

gusto Mense ineunte Habendarum and a XVII. Kâlendas Februarias Habendamm.—BY THE sum. Proceedings of the Numismatic Society for 1836-37.-—-BY THE REV. J. Lone. : Essai sur la Statistique Générale de la Belgique, par Ph. Vandermaelen, 2nd Edition, 1841.—BY TIIE SAME.

Sudhäkara ‘gsflîï a. bi-monthly periodical published at Agra from Febru

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The Calcutta Review for September, 1861.

The Athenæum for October, November and December, 1861. _

The Philosophical Magazine, Nos. 148 and 149 for November and December.


Deutsches Worterbuch, Vol. 3, Part 6.

The Literary Gazette, Nos. 173 and 175 to 181, Vol. 7, New Series.

Ueber die Zusammensetzung der nomina. in den indogermanischen sprachen, Von F. J usti, Gottingen, 1861.

Compendium der Vergleichenden Grammatik der Indogermanischen Sprachen, Vol. I. Von August Schleicher.

Joannis Augusti Vullers Lexicon Persico-Latinum Etymologicum, Fasc. 6, Part 3.

Die Marchen des Siddhi-kur, Von B. J ulg.

Revue des Deux Mondes for October 15th, November 1st and 15th, December 1st and 15th and January 1st.

Comptes Rendus, Tome LIII. Nos. 13 to 20. r Journal Des Savants for September, October and November last.

The American Journal of Science and Arts, Vol. XIX. No. 96.

Annales des Sciences Naturelles,—Botanique, Tonne XIV. No. 5.

Revue et Magasin De Zoologie Nos. 9, 10 and 11 of 1861.

The Annals and Magazine of Natural History, including Zoology, Botany and Geology, Vol. VIII. Nos. 47 and 48.

Conchologia Iconica, By Lovell Reeve, F. L.‘ S., F. G. S., Parts 212, 213, oontaining Figures and Descriptions of Cyclostoma and Trochus.

Notice Sur Mahomet, Par M. Reinaud.

Collection D’Ouvrages Orientaux——Ma<;oudi., texte et traduction par C. Barbier De Meynard et Pavet de Courteille, Tome Premier.

Das Leben und Die Lehre des Mohammad, von A. Sprenger. Erster Band.

v Morgenlandische Bibliothek-Die Chroniken der Stadt Mekka, von F. Wustenfeld, Vierter Baud: '

Histoire des Musulmans D’Espagne, Par R. Dozy, Vols. 3 and 41.

Haléyudha’s Abhidhânaratnamâlâ ; edited with a Sanskrit-English Glossary, By Th. Aufrecht.

Cabool: being a personal narrative of a. journey to and residence in that city in 1836, 1837 and 1838, with illustrations. By Lieut.-C01. Sir Alexander Burnes, C. B., &c.

Travels in Kashmir, Ladak, Iskardo, &c. By G. T. Vigne, Esq., F. G. S. Complete in 2 Vols. (map wanting).

The Class Pisces, arranged by the Baron Cuvier, with supplementary "additions. By Edward Griffith, F. R. S., &c., London, 18344.

- LALGOPAL DUTT. 5th March, 1862.

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