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The expedition of Ursua and Aguirre, in search of El Dorado and Omagua, A. D. 1560-61, translated from the “Sexta Noticia historial" of Fray Pedro Simon, by W. Bollaert, Esq., with an Introduction by C. R. Markham, Esq., 1861.

The Annals and Magazine of Natural History for June.

The American Journal of Sciences and Arts for May.

Bleeker’s Atlas Ichthyologique des Indes Orientales Neerlandisch, parts 1 and 2.

Deutsches Worterbuch Vol. III. part 7.

Enault’s Histoire de la litterature des Hindous.

The Parthenon, Vol. I. Nos. 3 to 7.

The American Journal of Sciences and Arts, Vol. XXXIII. No. 99.

Revue des Deux Mondes for 15th May and 1st June.

R_eeve’s Conchologia. Iconica, parts 218, 219.

Vendidad Sadi, part 8.

Wilson's works, edited by Rost, Vol. I.

Comptes Rendus, Vol. LIV. Nos. 17 to 19.

Journal des Savants for May, with an Index of the Vol. for 1861.


6!]: August, 1862.

[graphic][merged small]

The Monthly General Meeting of the Asiatic Society of Bengal was held on the 3rd instant. ‘

A. Grote, Esq., President, in the chair.

Presentations were received—

1. From the I-Ion’ble G. F. Edmonstone, several statues and inscribed bases of columns of red sandstone from the remains of a monastery lately discovered in one of the ancient mounds outside the city of Muttra. One of these inscriptions records the name of I-Iuvishka, who has been identified with the Indo-Scythian King Hushka.

On the proposal of the President, the thanks of the Society were voted to Seth Luohmee Chand, and to Mr. Palmer, the East India Railway Agent, for having kindly undertaken to bring them down to Howrah on account of the Society.

2. From Mr_. E. B. Cowell, a copy of the Utta-ra Rama Charita,

edited by Pundit Premchand Tarkabégisa.

3. From Babu Rungolal Baneijea, through Babu Rajendralal Mitra, a copy of a poetical work entitled Karma Devi.

4-. From Mr. D. H. Macfarlane, a silver coin of Shere Shah found near a temple in the Tirhoot district. The inscription is in Arabic and Devanagari letters, dated A. H. 951.

The President exhibited two silver coins found in lot 211 belonging to Babu Siva Chandra Mullick in the Sunderbuns, forwarded for that purpose by the Commissioner, Sunderbuns, who writes, “I visited the lot in February last, and was agreeably surprised to observe several extensive tanks and heaps of bricks and mounds of earth, also the remains of a road, thereby clearly indicating that the place was once inhabited by men in opulent circumstances.”

The coins were those of G-hyasoodeen Bulbun, dated 673 A. H. apparently struck in Bengal, and of Nasiroodeen Mabamood. The President expressed a hope that he would be able to exhibit the whole trove consisting of 38 coins.

A circular vessel said to be of Jade enclosing a crystal duck and gold leaf inscription, received from Mr. C. Westropp, of Rawal Pindee, was also exhibited (vide supra, p. 167).

The nomination of Babu Rama Nauth Tagore to be a member of the Council, vice late Babu Ramapersaud Roy was confirmed.

The following gentlemen duly proposed at the last meeting were balloted for and elected ordinary members.

F. R. Mallet, Esq.

R. L. Martin, Esq.

The following gentlemen were named for ballot at the next meeting:

Raja Apurva Krishna, proposed by the President, seconded by Babu Rajendralal Mitra.

Babu Pulin Behary Sen, proposed by Babu Gourdoss Bysack, seconded by Babu Rajendralal Mitra.

The H0n’ble H. B. Harington, proposed by Capt. W. N. Lees, seconded by the President.

J. T. Wheeler, Esq., proposed by Mr. E. C. Bayley, seconded by the President.

C. C. Stevens, Esq., C. S., R. H. Wilson, Esq., C. S., and Valentine Irwin, Esq., C. S., were proposed by Capt. W. N. Lees, and seconded by Mr. Cowell.

C. S. Hogg, Esq., proposed by Colonel Thuillier, seconded by Mr. \Vyllie.

0. Bernard, Esq., C. S., proposed by Captain Hyde, seconded by Colonel Thuillier.

Communications were receivcd—

]. From Colonel A. P. Phayre, a note on a Burmese inscription from Pagan.

2. From the same, a note on some Tenasserim medals and coins.

3. From Babu Rajendralal Mitra, a paper on the Bhoja Raja of Dhérzi and his Homonyms.

41. From Babu Gopi Nauth Sen, Abstracts of the Meteorological Observations taken at the Surveyor General’s office in July last.

E. C. Bayley, Esq. read Colonel Phayre’s paper, on the Pagan inscription, and Babu Rajendralal Mitre. read his own paper on the‘ Bhoja Raja.

The thanks of the meeting were voted for each communication. Both will appear in the Journal.

The Librarian submitted the usual monthly report.

The following are the accessions to the Library since the meeting held in

August. .

Annual Report of the Grant Medical College of Bombay for 1861-62.—BY THE PRINCIPAL on THE COLLEGE.

The Calcutta Christian Observer for Septemher.—BY THE EDITORS.

Catalogue of Economic products of the Bombay Presidency.—BY THE BENGAL GOVERNMENT. '

Catalogue Codicum Orientalium.—BY THE LUGDUNI Baravomm AcaDEMY.

Indian Annals of Medical Science, No. XIV.—BY THE EDITOR.

The Infant Treatment, 2nd Part.—BY THE AUTHOR.

Journal Asiatique, Vol. XIX. No. 7 41.—-BY THE PARIS SOCIETY.

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Vol. V_

Part 1.—BY THE Acnnnmv. _
Journal Royal Asiatic Society of London, Yol. XIX. Part 41.—BY THE


J ahrbuch, Vol. XII. No. 1.——BY THE Vmmn Acannmv.
Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record, No. 2, New St31'lcs.—

Karma Devi or the Rajput Wife.-BY THE AUTHOR.

The Madras Journal of Literature and Science, Vol. VI. No. 12.—BY THE Mansas SOCIETY.

N atuurkundig Tijdschrift voor Nederlandsch Indie, Deel. XXIV.—BY ran BATAVIAN Socrsrr.

The New Civil Guide, Part 2.—BY Bum Krssonr Cnmn MITRA.

The Oriental Baptist for J uly.—BY THE EDITOR.

The Oriental Christian Spectator for J une.—BY THE EDITOR.

The Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, pp. l45—556.—BY THE ACADEMY.

Schriften der Koniglischen Academy der Wissenschaften, Vol. II. Parts 1 and 2.—BY THE VIENNA Acanmuv.

Uttara Rama Charita, Edited by Pandita Prem Chandra Tarkabiigisa.— BY E. B. COWELL, EsQ.

Bhaminee Bihisa, Part 2.—BY THE suns.

The Athenaaum for June.
The Philosophical Magazine, No. 158.

The Annals and Magazine of Natural History for July.

Bohtlingk and Roth’s Sanskrit Worterbuch, Bogen 1-10.

Bleeker’s Atlas Ichthyologique des Indes Orientales Neerlandisch, Part 3, Goeje’s Memoires de Histoire et de Geographic Orientales, No. 1. Hewitson's Exotic Butterflies, Parts 19 to 43.

The Natural History Review for July.

The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society of

London, New Series, No. 6.

The Parthenon, Vol. I. Nos. 8 to ll.

Revue des Deux Mondes for 15th June.

Revue et Magasin de Zoologie, No. 5 of 1862.

Reeve's Conchologia Iconica, Parts 220 and 221.

The Westminster Review for July.

Westergaard's Indischen Geschichte.

Comptes Rendus, Vol. LIV. Nos. 20 to 25.

Journal des Savants for June.

LALGOPAL Dvrr. 3rd September, 1862.

For. Ooronnn, 1862.

The Monthly General Meeting of the Asiatic Society of Bengal was held on the 8th instant.

E. C. Bayley Esq., in the chair.

The proceedings of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

Presentations were received—

1. From the Count D’Escayrac De Lauture, a copy of his work on the telegraphic transmission of the Chinese characters.

2. From the Secretary, Batavian Academy, several numbers of the Verhandlingen and Tijdsohrift of the Academy.

3. From Lieut.-Col. R. C. Tytler, numerous skulls of the small wild pig of the Andaman Islands ; also of the edible and Hawk’s-bill Turtles, the lower jaw of an adult Dugong, and some bones of fishes.

A letter from Rev. F. F. Mazuchelli, intimating his desire to withdraw from the Society, was recorded.

The following gentlemen, duly proposed at the last meeting, were balloted for and elected ordinary members :-

Raja. Apurva Krishna Bahadoor.
Babu Poolin Behary Sein.

The Hon’ble H. B. Harington.
J. T. Wheeler, Esq., C. S.

C. C. Stevens, Esq., C. S.

R. H. Wilson, Esq., C. S.
Valentine Irwin, Esq.

C- S. Hogg, Esq, and

C. Bernard, Esq.

The Council recommended that the following report of the Philological Committee should be adopted.

The Philological Committee recommened that the Tabakdt-i-Ndsari of Abu Umar al Juzjani, should be published in the Persian series of the Bibliotheca Indica.

We have already published its continuation by Zia-i- Barni and the two works together will form a most valuable contribution to Indian history. Mr. Morley in his catalogue says, that the Tabalccit-iNdsari is exceedingly valuable in reference to the intricate history of the Gl1llI‘ld6S and of the Slave Kings of India and of their Viceroys and Governors ; so far as it extends, it is the best authority for the

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