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The Annual General Meeting of the Asiatic Society was held on the 15th instant.

A. Grote, Esq., President, in the chair.

The following resolution proposed by Sir Bartle Frere and seconded by Captain W. N. Lees, was carried unanimously.

That this meeting not having been called in strict accordance with Rule 46, the meeting resolves that the presefit shall be held to be the Annual Meeting. »

The following gentlemen duly proposed at the last meeting were balloted for, and elected ordinary members.

Major D. Briggs (re-elected), G. E. Ward, Esq., C. S.', and W. King, Junior, Esq.

The following gentlemen were named for ballot at the next meeting.

Colonel H. Torrens, proposed by the President, seconded by Sir B. Frere.

Captain E. Srnyth, proposed by the President, seconded by Mr. Atkinson.

Baboo Gour Doss Bysack, proposed by the President, seconded by Baboo Rajendralal Mitra.

Colonel C. S. Guthrie, Bengal Engineers, proposed by Mr. Atkinson, seconded by the President. _

The Secretary read the following Report for 1861.

ANNUAL Rsronr.

In submitting their annual report on the state of the Society’s affairs during the past year, the Council have again the satisfaction of adverting to its generally promising character. I

The number of elections during 1861, has been fifty-one, being less by eighteen than that of the preceding year, but considerably exceeding the general average (16) of the previous ten years.

At the same time, two members have been lost to the Society by death, and nine by retirement. Deducting these, the number of ordinary members on the rolls at the end of the year was 281 against 242 in 1860.

Of the ordinary members now on the rolls, 55, or about one-fifth are absent from India, leaving 226 on the paying list.

The table in the margin shows the fluctuation in the number of

Ordinary Paying Absent members during the last ten years.

1851 130 124 6 The only corresponding member elected during the year is Dr. R. :2 Gosche of Berlin.

1856 167 131 36 Among those who have been lost

to the Society by death, the Council

1859 180 135 45 have to record with much regret, 6 42 195 47 . . 126(1) 381 226,, 55 the name of Col. R. Baird Smith, * Of this number one is a1ife- C. B. The unceasing interest which member‘ Col. Baird Smith, evinced in all

scientific questions connected with India, naturally led him to take an active part in the affairs of the Society, and to forward its objects whenever opportunity offered. In him the Society has to deplore the loss of a, scientific scholar of high attainments, and a.

frequent contributor to its Journal. Mr. Freeling, who also died within the year, was an able numismatist

and a zealous member. ‘ FINANCE.

The financial position of the Society may, on the \vl1ole, be regard

ed as satisfactory.

The total amount of subscriptions realizable from the 226 paying


g0nt,ibutions_ members now on the rolls—107

-% 3 Residents and 119 non-reside11ts— 1353 7773 9 3 at the rates of Rs. 48 and Rs. 24 3322 8 8 respectively, is Rupees 7,992. The 1856 8096 0 0 subscriptions actually realized includ(8) 8 ing arrears of previous years have, 1859 6750 0 0 however, only amounted to Rupees 1860 fsfi 0 0 6,812. This sum though in excess 72.250 6 11 of the collections of 1860, falls short

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Rs_ of the average collections of the last The average of which is 7,226-2-3

by about Rs. 400. The assets of the Society amount to Rs. 7,431-9-8 exclusive of the

ten years (as shewn in the margin)

* Arrears due from Re_ amount of outstanding claims Rupees

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’ T0181. -- Rs- 5,041 14' 3 chiefly on account of printing. The estimate of the probable income and expenditure of the Society for the ensuing year is as follows :


INCOME. Contributions, 6,660 O 0 Admission fees,... 1,470 O 0 Journal, 660 0 0 Library, ,_ _ _ _. 450 _0 0 Museum, 3,615 0 0 Secretary’s Office, 12 0 0 Vested Fund, 245 0 0 General Establishment, 12 0 0 Coin Fund, ... 40 0 0 ‘ —-— 13,164 0 0 Exrnnsns. Journal, 2,100 O 0 Library, ... 1,905 0 0

Museum, .. 5,920 0 O

Secreta.ry’s Office, 1,767 0 0
Building, . . . . . . 396 O 0
Vested Fund, 10 0 0
Coin Fund, ' 166 O 0
Income Tax, .. . 120 O 0
Miscellaneous, 541 0 0
-——— 12,925 0 O

The Library has received an addition of about 450 volumes, during the past year, the greater part of which are presentations from various learned and scientific institutions and individuals with whom the Society is in correspondence. Some Oriental works have been purchased and a few scientific periodicals and Reviews.


The numismatic collection has received no addition of moment during the period under review, some duplicate copper and silver coins of the later Mahomedan kings of India, have been sold, and other coins principally Bactrian, have been purchased.

Exchanges which will fill several gaps in this interesting series of medals, are now being made with Colonel Cunningham, and the Coin Committee are taking advantage of Mr. E. C. Bayley’s presence in Calcutta, to introduce some order into their Cabinet.

Museum. The accessions to the Museum during the last year have been

varied and interesting. The most important of these additions is an extensive collection

of casts chiefly facial, illustrative of the various races of India and Central Asia, prepared by the enterprising travellers Messrs. de Schlagintweit. This valuable collection has been transferred to the Society’s Museum from the Medical College by order of Government. For the better arrangement and display of these casts, several new stands and frames have been prepared. A small selection of twenty, casts from the series had previously been presented to the Society by Herr R. de Schlagintweit.

In the Mineralogical department has been added several magnificent aerolites which fell on the 12th of May last in the district of Goruckpore. Five fragments of this fall have been received, speci

mens of which are about to be sent to the British Museum in exchange for specimens of other aerolites.

Mr. Blanford has completed a descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the Society’s collection of fossil remains, chiefly consisting of Cephalopoda, from the beds of the Spiti valley.

The catalogue of mammalia, the Council are again sorry to report, has not been completed. This is chiefly to be ascribed to the serious illness and consequent prostration of strength of the Curator, Mr. Blyth, which has obliged him on two occasions to seek a change of climate. He obtained on this account five months’ leave of absence during the year.

The Council regret that the condition of the museum remains unimproved. Relying on the known disposition of Government both here and at home, to aid the Society in the preservation of their valuable collection at all events till the question of the establishment of an Imperial museum should be finally disposed of, the Council addressed the Home Secretary on the 20th April last to press on the reconsideration of Government, their previous application for an

additional grant of Rs. 200 per month, but up to the close of the year no reply was received.*

The Council are glad to observe that the museum continues to be

Nflrvlm an object of considerable public in

ifeieses’ terest and attraction. The annexed Em;Q1>1m¢g_ memo. will show that the average

£1325’ N o. of visitors exceeds 250 per diem

—- Having learnt that her Majesty's Tom’ " " 9%? Government had issued orders to T11“ *“'°"S° being 251 P°155)“ stop the publication of the catalogues of the Zoological collections in the late India House Museum which were in course of preparation, the Council have addressed a letter to the Right Hon’ble the Secretary of State for India, soliciting that the question may be further considered, and that this useful series of publications may be proceeded with and completed. N 0 answer to this application has yet been received. J oumun. Three Nos. of the Journal have been published during the year, and a fourth is in the press. They contain papers of considerable

' The additional grant solicited has since been given.

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