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“It will flourish, if naturalists, chemists, antiquaries, philologers, and men of science in different parts of Asia, will commit their observations to writing, and send them to the Asiatic Society at Calcutta. It will languish if such communications shall be long intermitted: and it will die away, if they shall

entirely cease.” Sm WM. -Toms.

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Asses (wild) and alleged wild horses, a further note on,
Bactro-Buddhist Relies from Réwal Pindi, Bhamini Vilasa (notices of works connected with Sanskrit Li-
terature,) Charvaka System of Philosophy,

Correspondence and Literary Intelligence, Extracts from a; letter from Sir Robert H.

Schomburgh, British Consul at Bankok to Mr. Blyth,
Elephants and Rhinoceroses, a further note on,

Gwalior, Vestiges of the Kings of, Inscriptions, (three Sanskrit,) Copies of the Originals and Prefa-


tory Observations,
Java, Notes of a Brief Visit to some of the Indian remains in,

Kanchunjingah Group in the Sikkim Himalaya, Journal of a
trip undertaken to explore the Glaciers,
Kénouj or Kanyakubja, Vestiges of three Royal

Indications of its Literature, Kuméra Sambhava, 8th Canto (notices of books connected with

Sanskrit Literature,)
Literary Intelligence,

lines of, with

51, 201,
and Correspondence, 282,
Malaeology, Indian, No. 3, contribution to, being descriptions
of new opereulated land-shells from Pegu, Arakan and the
Khasi Hills, Meteorological Observations (Abstract of the Results of the
Hourly) taken at the Surveyor General’s Office, Calcutta, for
the months of April and May, 186],

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