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Meteorological Observations for June, July, August and Septem- 9

her, kvii

for October, November and December, xlix
-—— for January, February and March, 1862, lxxiii
for April, May and June, ditto, ' xcvii
Mountain Attraction, memorandum on the result of Archdeacon
Pratt’s calculations reg:-irding its effect upon the operations
of’ the G. T. Survey of lndia, ... 146

Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal for January,

February and March, 1862, 53

for April, 206

-——-—— for May and June, 300
—— for July, August, September and October, 429.
for November and December, 533

Puppa-doung, an extinct Volcano in upper Burmah, account of '

a visit to, ~ 215

Remarks on Babu Rajendra Lal Mitra’s paper on some Bactro-
Buddhist Relics from Réwal Pindee, 1841
Report on the Route from the mouth of the Pakchan to
Krau and thence across the Isthmus of Krau to the Gulf
of Siam, _ 347

Rhinoceros, a memoir on the living Asiatic species of, ... 151

and Elephants, a further note on, ... 196

Rig Veda, Ravanafs Commentary on the, 129
Sanskrit Literature, notices of works connected with, 203, 527

Spiti Valley and Chomoriri (Tshomoriri) Lake, Notes of a
Trip from Simla. (during July, August and September,

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Bayley, E. C., Esq., C. S., Remarks on_ Bébu R. L. Mitra’s
paper on Bactro-Buddhist Relics from Rawal Pindi, 184:
Blanford, W. T. Esq., Account of visit to Puppa-doung an
extinct volcano in upper Burmah, 215


Contributions to Indian Malacology, No. III. De-
scriptions of neW_operculated land-shells from Pegu, 800., 135

Blyth, E. Esq., A memoir on the living Asiatic species of

a further Note on Elephants and Rhinoceroses, 196
Cowell, E. B. Esq., M. A., The Charvaka system of Philosophy, 371
Notices of recent Sanskrit works,... 203, 527
For-long, Capt. J. G. and Capt. Alexander Fraser, Report on 21
Route from the mouth of the Pakch-an to Krau, and thence
across the Isthmus of Krau to the Gulf of Siam, 347

Fraser, Capt. A., ditto ditto, ... 2'6.

Hall, F. E., Esq., D. C. L., Vestiges of three Royal Lines of

Kanyakubja or Kanauj ; with Indications of its Literature,_,, 1

Three Sanskrit Inscriptions : Copies of the Originals



Theobald, W. Esq., Jim, Notes of a. trip from Simla. to the
Spiti Valley and Chomoriri (Tshomoriri) Lake during the

months of July, August and September, 1861., 480
Tickell, Major S. R., Note on a little described species of

Turtle (Sphargis Coria.cea.,) 367

Yule, Lieut.-Col. H., Notes of a brief visit to some of the

Indian remains in Java, 16

Fig. I. Temple of Mundot in Java,

,, II. Great Buddha. at Mundot, ,, III. and VII. Basements at Mundot and Kali-Baneng, ...
IV. V. XII. and XIII. Sections of Chandi Kali-Baneng

and of Chandi Sewu, ,, VI. Temple of Chandi Kali-Baneng, ,, VIII. Door of Chandi Sewu Great Temple, IX. Colossal warder at Chandi Sewn Great Temple,

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,, X. and XI. Sham Key-stones, _ ,, XIV. XV. and XVI. of weapons and other curious imple-
_ ments, Plates (I. to IV.) of skulls of Rhinoceros,
Plate of Gems and seals and other relics, ...
Sketch map illustrative of a visit to Puppa-doung, View of Puppé. Hill, ... ... ...
Map of Upper and Lower Suwat, &c.

Tower of Shankar Dar, Suwat,

Plates (I. and II.) of Celts from Bundelkhund,

Route Survey from Bay of Bengal to the Gulf of Siam via the
Isthmus of Krau,

Map to show the advantages obtainable by establishing com-

munication at Krau, Plate of a Turtle (Sphargis Coriacea,) _ ,, (I.) of Inscriptions in the fortress of Gwalior, ,,,
__(;‘9 ,, (II.) ditto ditto, ' ' < ~,, (IlI.) ditto ditto, ,, (IV.) of an Inscription on a Pillar at Narwar, Sketch map shewing the glaciers at the source of the Baton

River, .
Diagram exhibiting the origin of Lake Chomoriri,
Plate of an Inscription from Taxila,

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