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XIII. And it shall and may be lawful for every such searcher Tfa ma ^ and searchers, from time to time, as occasion shall require^ more ter into houses^ especially when directed and required by any such justice or ju- Sec. to search stices of the peace for the said riding, or any corporation within f°r frauds, on the fame, in writing under his or their hands so to do, in the Pam of IoJ* day-time to enter into any house or houses, shop or shops, outhouse or out-houses, tenter-grounds or the warehouse of any

merchant or merchants, seller or sellers, or any other dealer in cloth, or the mills of any such, or any out-house or out-houses belonging thereto, within the said riding, to search for any woollen broad cloth, which shall be stretched and strained beyond the lengths or breadths aforesaid, or any alteration in the seal or seals, contrary to the direction, true intent and meaning of this present act; and, for the better discovering of such abuse, to measure or cause to be measured, any such cloth which he shall suspect to be so overstretched or strained in length or breadth as aforesaid; and in case of resistance or refusal by any person, to permit and suffer such searcher or searchers to enter the said places, or any of them, for the purposes aforesaid, the person so resisting or refusing shall forfeit the sum of ten pounds on conviction thereof before any such justice; and if such searcher or On discovery searchers shall at any time find any woollen broad cloth (after it of frauds ownhath been tentered) without the seal or seals hereby directed to er to forfeit 5U be put, or such seal or seals defaced, counterfeited, altered or pulled off, except it shall appear that such seal or seals was or were accidentally lost or maliciously taken off, and that it (hall appear the said cloth hath not been unduly stretched or strained when put into water, or that any of such cloths appears by the mark or stamp, or such seals, to be overstretched or strained^ either in breadth or length, beyond the dimensions allowed of and provided for by this present act, or that the name and place of abode of the maker of such cloth shall be cut out or altered* in such case the owner of such cloth (hall, for every such offence* forfeit the sum of five pounds.

XIV. Provided, and be it enacted, That if any such search- Penalty oil cr or searchers, appointed as aforesaid, do or shall act therein a- searchers act> gainst his or their said oath or oaths, he or they, being convict- TM|^|^t^ ed thereof in manner aforesaid, (hall forfeit and lose the sum of zo\m * twenty pounds.

XV. Provided also, That nothing herein contained {hall ex- Searchers jiot tend or be construed to extend to give any power or authority to to exannne such searcher or searchers (to be appointed pursuant to this act) f°*^x Portato search and examine such broad cloths as (hall be pressed and tioru packed up for exportation, unless such searcher or searchers stiall

be first authorized and impowered by warrant, under the hand and seal of one or more of such justice or justices of the peace as aforesaid, made upon information upon oath of one or more credible person or persons, that he or they have good reason to so-* spect, and verily believe, that some fraud hath been committed in the cloth so pressed and packed up, contrary to the direction, true intent and meaning of this act; and if, upon the searching

R 2 and

and examining such packed up cloth, no such Fraud as aforesaid shall be found, then and in such cafe such informer or informers are hereby directed to pay unto such merchant or dealer irt cloth, whose cloth shall be so opened and searched, after it hath been so pressed and packed up, five shillings for every cloth which shall be so unpacked, towards the damage that such merchant or dealer shall sustain by such causeless or malicious unpacking; and in default of payment thereof, the fame to be levied in such man-» ner as any other penalties are hereby directed to be levied. XVI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid.* ft-e^hfn^he ^at if any cloth-dresser or cloth-worker, to whom any cloth tfifirchants ^ or c^otns ma^ ke committed or delivered by any merchant or cloths, or al- merchants, or any other buyer of cloths, to be dressed, shall, teringtheseals, after the said twenty fourth day of June, be guilty of stretching to repay the arlcj straining the said cloths further than by this act is prescribed,

penaltks! or stla11 aIter> deface> counterseit °r take off such seal or seals, whereby the merchant, buyer or owner of such cloth may be subject to any of the penalties contained in this act, that then and as often as the said merchant, buyer or owner of cloth shall pay and undergo such penalties, upon account of the said clothdressers or cloth-workers committing such abuses as aforesaid., the said merchant, buyer or owner of cloth, shall be repaid by such cloth-dresser or cloth-worker, who ihall have committed or cause to be committed the said offence, all such sum or sums of money as he or they shall so pay as aforesaid. None to make XVII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid^ doThsbuHuch That, from arid after the twenty fourth day of June one thou* wno have sand seven hundred and twenty live, no person or persons who served their shall not have served for the space of seven years as an apprentice apprentice- tQ ,or -m t^e ^^e of a broad clothier, or has not been in the tradV&c/ exercise and use of such trade for the space of two years before the commencement of this act (eXce'pt the widows of clothiers* and persons marrying such widows) shall make or cause to be Penalty 10I. made any broad cloth in the said west-riding, under the penalty per-month. of forfeiting ten pounds for every month that such person or persons shall continue to use or exercise the said trade of a broad clothier, to be recovered and levied in such manner as the other penalties and forfeitures in this act are to be recovered and le* vied. EX P.

- .. L -, XVHL And whereas the using of cards, made with wire or wire^renofto be ieeth in 'dressing of cloth, hath by experience been found to be vers uTedsn dressing prejudicial to the said woollen manufacture: now to the end the said cloth, on pain woollen manufacture may be improved as much as possible,, be °f 5o1* it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if any person or per

sons within the said west-riding of the said county of York (hall* from and after the said twenty fourth day of June, use or cause to be used in dressing of cloth any card or cards made with wire., or with teeth of iron, or any other metal whatsoever, every such person or persons so using the same, shall, for every such offence* forfeit fifty pounds: provided that information upon oath shall be given of the offences mentioned in this act, within the space

of of twenty days next after such- offence shall be discovered; and Qffence3 how all and every the offences in this act mentioned (except such for t0 be enquired which any other remedy is hereby provided) (hall be inquired of of, &c. and determined, and convictions thereon made, upon oath of one or more credible witness or witnesses, by any one or more justice or justices of the peace, not being a dealer in woollen cloth as aforesaid, notice being first given of the charge to the person or persons therewith charged, and that all such penalties and forfeitures as (hall or may happen by reason of this act, except such as are otherwise expresty disposed of, shall go and be disposed of, one half to such person or persons as shall give information of the offence, on which the conviction shall be made, and the other half to the poor of the parish where such offence shall be committed; and if any offender or offenders shall, by the space of ten days next after he or they shall be conyicted of any the offences aforesaid, and have notice thereof to him, her or them given at his, her or their dwelling-house, or last place of abode, refuse or neglect to pay any forfeiture by him, her or them incurred, by reason of this act, or shall not appeal, as is herein after provided, to the quarter-sessions, then, and not before, it (hall and may be lawful for the justice or justices of the peace, before whom such conviction shall be made, or any other justice or justices of the peace for the said riding, or any corporation within the same, not being a dealer in woollen cloth, upon at certificate of such conviction sent to them from the justice or justices before whom such conviction was made, who is and are hereby authorized and required to issue out one or more warrant or warrants, under his or their hands and seals, to the constable of the town or place, or bailiff or bailiffs of the liberties, wapentakes or limits where such offender or offenders doth or shall inhabit, thereby commanding him or them to levy the fame by distress and sale of the offender's goods and chattels returning the overplus, if any be, after paying likewise the charges of such distress and sale, to the offender or offenders demandingthe fame, and where no sufficient distress can be found, to commit the offender or offenders to the house of correction within the said west-riding, there to be kept to hard labour for the space of six months.

XIX. Provided always, and it is hereby further enacted by the Person agauthority aforesaid, That, if any person or persons (hall find him Sneved may

u r \c J 1 j j i • appeal to the

or herieJr aggrieved by any order or warrant made by any ju- quarter-sesstice or justices, upon any conviction before him or them, in {ions, pursuance of this act, such person or persons may appeal to the -next general quarter-sessions to be held for the said riding of the said county of Yorl^ giving ten days notice of such appeal to the person or persons discovering the offence on which the conviction was made; and if, the justices at their said quarter-sessions shall think fit either to confirm or disannul the orders or proceedings of the said justice or justices, they shall allow such costs and charges to the party aggrieved thereby as they shall think reasonable, to be levied and paid in such manner as is usual in cases

of appeals from any order of the justices of the peace to the sessions whose order herein shall be final. AU actions on XX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, laid hfcom^ Tnat> if anY -action or suit, after the commencement of this £bor\ a(^> De brought, commenced, sued or prosecuted against

any person or persons, by this act authorized to put the fame or any part thereof in execution, in every such cafe the action shall be laid in the said county of Torky and not elsewhere j and every such person and persons so sued or prosecuted, may to such acGeneral issue. t]on p]ead the general issue, and give this act and the special matter in evidence at any trial to be had thereupon, and that'the same was done in pursuance and by authority of this act; and if it shall appear so to be done, or that such action or actions shall be brought in any other county, that then the jury (hall find for the defendant or defendants 3 and that upon such verdict, or if the plaintiff shall be nonsuited or discontinue his action, after the defendant or defendants shall have appeared, or upon demurrer judgment (hall be given against the plaintiff, the defendant or defendants (hall and may recover treble costs, for which he and they shall have the like remedy, as in cafes wherein costs are by law given to defendants ; and that this act shall be taken and alPubhck act. lowed as a publick act in all courts within this kingdom; and amended b — Juc*ges> ju^ices anc^ otner persons are hereby required to take 7Geo. 7. notice thereof as such, without special pleading the same; and and 14. Geo. 2. that this present act shall continue in force for the term of seven c. 35.0 years, and from thence to the end of the then ne^ct session of

parliament, and no longer.

In part continued to September 1740. 6 Geo. a. c. 37./ 3. See 11 Geo. 2, c.zS.


An act for enlarging ,the term granted by an act passed in the sixth year of the reign of her late Majeity Queen Anne, intituled, An att for repairing the high<wayskvom old Stratf ord in the copnty of Northampton, to Dunchurch in the'county of Warwick, and for making the same more effectual.

Act 6 Anne, c. 15. for rnendjng Old Stradford road continued for twenty-one years, and from thence to the end of the next session of parliament. Amended 10 Geo. 1. c. Ji. i3Geo. 2. c. 5.


An aft for more effectual disarming the highlands in that part of Great Britain called Scotland ; and for the better securing the peace and quiet of that part of the kingdom*

Reciting thej TT7 H E R E A S by an aft made in the first year of his Majesty's act 1 Geo. 1. y y reign, intituled, An act for the more effectual securing .tat. 2. c. 54. t^e peace 0f highlands in Scotland, it ivas enacled, "That from and after the first day 0/November which was in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixteen, it fijould not be lawful See 26 Geo. i-for any person or persons (except only such persons as are therein >j mentioned and described) within the Jhires of Dunbartain on the

North-fide of the water ofLeven, Sterling on the North-fide of she river */Torth, Perth, Kincairdin, Aberdeen, Inverness, Nairn,

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Cromarty, Argyle, Forfar, Barns, Sutherland, Caithness, Elgin and Ross, to have in his, her or their custody, use or bear, broad sword or target', poynard, whingar or durk, side-pijiol or fide-pistols,or gun, or any other warlike weapons, in the fields, or in the way coming or going to, from or at any church, market, fair, burials, huntings, meetings or any other occasion whatsoever, within the bounds aforesaid, or to come into the low countries armed as aforesaid: and hi case any of the said person or persons above described should have in his cujlody, use or bear arms, otherwise than in the said ad was direeled, every such person or persons so offending, being thereof lawfully convicted before one or more justices of the peace, or before any other judge competent of the place summarily, Jhould, for the first offence, forfeit all such arms, and be liable to a fine not exceeding for* ty pounds sterling, and not under five pounds sterling, and to be imprisoned till payment of the said fine, which, if not instantly paid as- ter commitment, the said fine might and should be levied out of the offender's goods and estate, by warrant of the judge, who fliould pronounce any such sentence, to be applied in such manner as by the said act was directed, and the offender should be further liable to a month's imprisonment; and, being convicted for a second offence, before the court of justiciary, or before the judges at their circuits, Jhould forfeit such arms, and be liable to a fine not exceeding eighty pounds sterling, nor under ten pounds' sterling andfor every subsequent offence, to a fine the double of the former, to be levied and applied, as by the said acl is directed \ and that, for the want of payment of any such fine, er a sufficient distress to satisfy the payment of it, the offender should be liable to be transported to any of his Majesty's plantations beyond the seas, there to remain for the spare of seven years, as by the said act, relation being thereunto had, may at large appear. And tvhereas, notwithstanding the said recited act, many persons within the said several shires and bounds still continue possessed of great quantities of arms and warlike weapons, which they uje and bear as formerly, and therewith, in contempt and defiance of the laws of the kingdom, commit many robberies and depredations, oppose the due execution of justice against robbers, outlaws and persons attainted of high treason for the late unnatural rebellion, and collect, for their own use, the rents of estates forfeited by such attainted perjc/;s, and belonging to the publick, to the dishonour of the government, and the terror and great loss of his Majesty's faithful subjects inhabiting in that part of the kingdom: now, for putting a stop to the said present mischiefs, and for preventing the like in time to come, be it enacted by the King's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That from time to time, and at all times hereafter, it (hall and may be lawful to and for the lord lieutenant of every one of the said Lords Heuteshires, or to and for any such other person or persons as his Ma- n?nts m tne iesty, his heirs or successors, mall, by his or their u>n manual, n'ghland%or *f J . . , • , c- 1' 1 • » 9 others cleput

from time to time, think: ht to authorize and appoint in that ed under the

behalf, to cause letters or summons to be issued in his Majesty's sign manual, name, aud under his Qs their respect hands and seals> directly 4 ed

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