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tioned, for payment of the debts of Charles William late earl of Suffolk and Bindon, deceased.

21. An act for making more effectual a deed of appointment executed by Frederick Tylney, esq; late deceased, with respect to twenty thousand pounds, and for settling the same for the purposes herein mentioned.

22. An a6t for vesting the real estates of William Scour field the elder, esq; Katharine his wife, William Scourfield the younger, esq; arud Anne his wife, in the counties of Pembrooke and Brecon, in trustees, to certain uses therein mentioned,

23. An act for relief of Hyacinthus Richard Nugent.

24. An act for discharging an.jncumbfance on the lands of Donoghmore, part of the bifhoprick of Cloyne in Ireland.

25. An act for vesting part of the glebe lands belonging to the rectory of Over/lone in the county of Northampton, in Henry Stratford esq; and his heirs, to enable the making of inclosures, and for other purposes herein mentioned.

$6. An act for confirming the inclosure and division of the common fields, and common grounds within the manors and parishes of Qyerton,

tfbe End of

Longville and BotolpVs Bridge, in the county of Huntingdon.

27. An act for sale of part of the estate of Francis Sheldon esq; a lunatick, for discharging the debts ajid incumbrances affecting the fame.

28. An act for vesting an undivided fifth part of a lease-hold estate in Croniall, in the county of Southampton, in trustees, to be fold, and with the money arising by the sale thereof, to purchase one or more estate or estates in possession, to be settled to the same uses.

29. An act to enable James Fox esq; and others, to make leases of the estate in the county of Surreyy devised to him by Frances late viscountess Lanesborough; and for sale of Bridge House farm, part of the said estate, and investing the money in the purchase of other lands in the fame county, to be settled to the like uses, and for other purposes herein men^ tioned.

30. An act for sale of part of the estate of John Nicholls esq; deceased, in the county of Cornwall, for payment of his debts and legacies, and for other purposes therein mentioned.

31. An act for naturalizing James Delerme*

the TABLE.


STATUTES at Large, <£fo


Anno Regni GEORGII I. Regis Magnœ
Britannia^ Francice elf Hiberniæ^ no?io.

T the parliament begun and holden at Weftminster the ninth day of October, Anna Domini one thousand seven hundred and twenty two, in the ninth year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, &c. being the firsl session of this present parliament*


An act to impower his Majesty to secure and detain such persons as his
Majesty (hall,suspect*are conspiring againlt his person and government.


An act for granting an aid to his Majesty by 3 land-tax to be raised in Great-Britain, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred arid twenty three* E X P. is. in the pound.


An aft for continuing the duties on malt, rniim, cyder and perry, "to raise money by way of a lottery, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty three*

XXXV. A ND whereas by an aft of parliament, made in the Rec;taj 0f par*

Jl \ twelfth year of the reign of her late maje/Jy Queen of u Ann. Anne, for granting to her M"-jeJly duties upon malt, mum, cyder stat. i, c. a. and perry, and for other purposes therein contained, several provi- !* *+• c°ncern± sons were made for allowance for damages sustain ed by the proprietors lolo^d^na^ vf ma/t, sank or cast away in any vefffl or lighter, eti transportations ed, fcc. from one part of this kingdom to another, or burnt or damaged by fire\ which provisions have not proved sufficient to a v fiver the intentions of the fnd aft; be it therefore further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That from and after the twenty fifth day of March one thousand (even hundred and twenty three, and atter pother r°lief the duties by the said recited act imposed on malt, and hereby for propnetors continued, are paid by the mahter or maker of malt, if any of malt, Sec. quantity of malt Avail unfortunately happen to be destroyed or ^ burnt or damaged by fire, or (hall perish, or Hull be damaged by the s^nsp^tatioa Vol, XV4 £ casting from onspart of the kingdom to another, &c.

Persons sustaining loss, &c. to leave notice with collector, &c. six days at least: before quarter-sessions, &c.

and apply for relief within a month after loss, &c.

casting away of, or by any inevitable accident happening to any barge or vessel, in which the said malt shall be transporting or transported from any part of this kingdom to another, or put on board for that purpose, it shall and may be lawful to and for the respective proprietors of such malt to make proof thereof on oath of one or more credible witnesses, of the respective malsters, makers or owners thereof, having paid the said duty, either before the justices of the peace of the county, riding or division where such malt was loaded or put on board, or made or kept at the time of such loss or damage happening, or next adjoining to the place where such accident shall happen, at their quarter sessions, or before the commissioners of the duty of excise for the time being, or the major part of them, who are hereby severally and respectively impowered, in cases where proof shall be made that such malt was intirely lost, or totally destroyed, and that the duties thereof were paid, to grant a certificate thereof, and of the amount of the duty of such malt so lost or destroyed; upon producing of which certificate to the officer appointed to collect the said duty, he shall be obliged to repay or allow to the said proprietor or proprietors of the said malt, out of the duties arising by malt, so much money as the sum certified to have been paid for the duty of the malt so lost or destroyed (hall amount unto; and in cases where the malt shall not be totally lost or destroyed, but damaged only, they the said justices and commissioners, in such cafes, are hereby respectively impowered, upon proof of such damage and of payment of the duties, to determine and settle the quantum of such damage, and to give a certificate under their respective hands and seals of the sum allowed for and in respect of such damage; which allowance, where the malt is so damaged only, (hall bear the fame proportion to the whole duty of the malt so damaged, as the said damage shall appear to bear to the value of the said malt before it was so damaged; which certificate being produced to the officer appointed to collect the said duty, he (hall be obliged to repay or allow to the said proprietor or proprietors of, the said malt so damaged, out of the duties arising by malt, so much money as the sum certified as aforesaid, mall amount unto.

XXXVI. Provided always, That the person or persons who (hall have sustained such loss or damage, or their agent or agents, (hall give or leave notice thereof in writing with the collector of the excise of the division or collection next adjoining to the quarter sessions of the justices of the peace, to which such person or persons intend to apply for such allowance or certificate, or to the solicitor of and for the excise, of such loss and damage, and intentions to apply to such justices or commissioners, for an allowance in respect thereof, six days at least before the beginning of such quarter-sessions, or application to such commissioners; and shall apply for such relief in the premisses, withir) one month after loss or damage happening.


XXXVII. Provided also, That after any of the said justices Losses, &c. as-, or commissioners mall have once examined and ascertained such curtained by loss or damage, the fame stiail never after be examined into by jbue examined0 any other of the said justices or commissioners. by any other,

Monies due on unsatisfied certificates of malt act: 7 Geo, 1. flat. r. c. 20* to be made good, &c. EXP.


An act: for punishing mutiny and desertion, and for the better payment of the army and their quarters. EXP.


An aft for redeeming certain annuities•, now payable by the cashier of the bank of England, at the rate of five pounds per centum per annum.

AY it please your most excellent Majesty, Whereas in and by 1 Geo. 1. stat.«

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an aft of parliament, made and passed in the first year of your 1 Majesty s reign, intituled, An act for raising nine hundred and ten thousand pounds for publick services, by sale of annuities, after the rate of five pounds per centum per annum, redeemable by parliament, and to authorize a treaty concerning private rights claimed by the proprietors of the sugar-houses in Scotland, a certain yearly sum of forty five thousand five hundred pounds was efiablijhed to be a distinct and separate yearly fund, for anfivering and paying certain annuities, after the rate of five pounds per centum per annum, which ivere then to be purchased upon the fame acl, until the redemption thereof by parliament \ and the Jaid yearly fund was thereby directed to be issued at the exchequer, to the first and chief cashier of the governor and company of the bank of England for the time being, by way of imprest, and upon account, for payment of the said annuities, which were to be purchased upon that atl; and it was thereby enacted, That the monies which Jhoidd be contributed on the fame acl, for or towards the sum of nine hundred and ten thousand pounds therein mentioned, fi:ould be deemed to be a capital or joint stock, on which such annuities should be attending; and the same joint slock, and the proportional annuities attending the fame, were , thereby made transferr able and devise able in the manner thereby prescribed; and in the said ad is contained a proviso, That, at any time upon one year's notice, and repayment by parliament of the said sum of nim hundred and ten thousand pounds, or so much thereof as shall be advanced upon the said acl, unto the respective contributors of the fame> or to such person or persons as by, from or under them, fimild then be entitled to the said amiuities, after the rate of five pounds per centum per annum, in re sped of the money so advanced, according ta such 'mtcrests as they respectively should then have in the fame annuities; and also upon full payment and satisfaction of all arrears of the said annuities, after the rate of five pounds per centum per annum, (if any such Jhoidd be then due) then, and not till then, the Jaid annuities, after the rate of five pounds per centum per annum, ereqte..d by that act, should cease and determine. And whereas the contra

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c. 21.

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