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ed from bearing the said office of sheriff, unless such person shall have been first elected to such office, and have notice thereof as usual, between the twenty fourth day of June and the tenth day of August ensuing.

V. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That upon What to be every election to be made in time to come, of any mayor, she- done on elecriff, alderman or common council-man, in or for the said city tlon °^ & . of Norwich^ the mayor or other officer or officers presiding -at ^seTpoliVe1 such election, in case a poll be demanded by any of the candi- demanded* dates, or any three or more of the electors, shall cause a regular poll to be taken of the voters, and shall appoint a convenient number of clerks to take the fame, which clerks shall take the said poll in the presence of such mayor, or other presiding officer or officers, or such as he or they, according to the charters and usages of the said city, shall depute; and before they begin to take the said poll, every clerk so appointed, shall, by the said mayor or other presiding officer or officers, be sworn truly and indifferently to take the same poll, and to set down the name of each voter, with his addition and place of abode, and for whom he shall poll, and to poll no elector who is not sworn according to the direction of this act; and every person before he is admitted to poll at the fame election, shall first take-the oath*herein after mentioned, or, being a Quaker, shall solemnly affirm the effect thereof, viz.

YOU Jhall swear) or being a Quaker, you stall solemnly asfirm^ that you are a freeman os the city of Norwich; or in case of an election for an alderman or common council-man, That you are an inhabitant in the ward, for which such election rs fnadey and have not been polled at thh eleclion.

Which oath or affirmation the said mayor, or other presiding officer or officers, or his or their deputy or deputies, or such sworn clerks by him or them appointed to take the said poll as aforesaid, is and are hereby authorized to administer; and at every such election upon closing the poll, the number of voters in each" poll shall be publickly proclaimed; and if a scrutiny of any such poll mall, within four and twenty hours after closing the fame, or proclamation made thereof as aforesaid, be demanded by or on behalf of any candidate, or by any three or more of the electors voting at such election, such scrutiny shall be pro^ceeded in with effect; and in order thereto the mayor, or other officer or officers presiding at such election, shall, within seven days after demand thereof, deliver to the person or persons requiring such scrutiny, or some of them, a true copy of the poll taken at such election, paying only reasonably for writing the same,' not exceeding the rate of six pence for the names and additions of twenty voters; and such scrutiny shall begin within twelve days, and not in less than ten days next after closing or finishing the poll, and shall be publickly proceeded in at" the

P 4 placo

place of election, or as near as conveniently may be, without any unnecessary delay. Mayors, Sec. VI. And be it further enacted, That every mayor, or other retuhng tode- officer or officers presiding at any such election, refusing to depoTu,forfeit°r livcr'C0Fes P*"tne polls, being demanded as aforesaid, "or wilc0©l?. fully offending in the premisses, shall for every wilful offence

contrary to this act, forfeit the sum of five hundred pounds, to the party or parties aggrieved, together with costs of suit, to be recovered by action of debt, bill, plaint or information, in any of his Majesty's courts of record at Westminster, to be brought or commenced within fix months after the offence committed; and in any such action or suit, no essoin, protection, wager of law, privilege or imparlance (hall be admitted or allowed.

VII. And whereas it hath sometimes happened, that upon the death cf an aider man of the said city, the election of another in his place hath been deferred for a long time, to the great prejudice of the inhabitants of the said city; be it further enacted, That from and after the twenty fifth day of March one thousand seven hundred On death, &c. and twenty three, upon the death or removal of any alderman ot an'alderman 0f ^ne fa]d city; the mayor, or his deputy appointed by him, be chosen1810 witmn tne *Pace °f five ^aYs at tne longest, and not sooner within five than \\vo days after such death or removal shall happen (and the ddys. said mayor or his deputy have notice thereof) proceed to the

election of a new alderman, giving first to the freemen of the ward, for which the election is to be made, twenty four hours notice at least, before such election (hall begin : provided that nothing in this act contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to the limits of the palace of the bishop of Norwich, or the precincts of the cathedral church of Norwich. This a pub- VIII. And be it enacted, That this act shall in all courts and lick act. places be deemed and taken to be a publick act, and all judges,, justices and others, are to take notice thereof as such, without specially pleading the same.

C A P. X.

An act for clearing, depthning, repairing, extending^ main* tabling and improving the haven and piers of Great Yarmouth, and for depthning and making more navigable the several rivers emptying themselves at the said town •, and also for preserving ships wintering in the said haven, from accidents by fire.

HEREAS the ancient borough of Great Yarmouth in the county of Norfolk, bordering upon the sea, hath by long experience been found to be of great importance, for advancing his Majests s service and revenue, trade in general, mere especially the fishery, and for breeding and employing many thousands of skilful mariners and seamen: and zuhereas the haven and piers belonging to the said borough, have been, and still continue obstructed by sands thrown up by the sea in such fort, as the benefit a cere wing thereby must be; wholly lost) if not timely prevented and preserved by clearing, repairing ing and maintaining the same, the great and unavoidable charge whereof being insupportable by the inhabitants of the said boroughs they the said inhabitants from time to time, have been aided and relieved by several successive ads of parliament: and whereas the powers and authorities of the last acl, made and ordained for and concerning the said haven and piers in the tenth and eleventh years of the reign of the late King William the Third (of glorious memory) are determined and I0 & u w«3 expired^ and, unless renezvcd and continued, the great sums of mo- c. 5. ncy already expe?ided and laid out in and about the said kaven and piers, pursuant to the said several acls of parliament, will prove useless and ineffectual, and the said haven and piers ?nust inevitably fall soon into irreparable decay, and the harbour, so beneficial, become inaccessible, to the great detriment of his Majesty and his kingdoms, trade in gene^ ral, utter ruin and ifnpoveristment of the said inhabitants and adjacent counties: for preventing whereof and to the end the said haven and piers, and the jettees on the North fide thereof may be cleared, depthned, repaired, extended, maintained and improved, and the channel of that part of the river Yare, leading from Great Yarmouth to Norwich aforesaid, called Braydon, and so much of the said river Yare as lies between the new mills in Norwich and HardJy-Cross in Hardley, in the county ^Norfolk; and also the rivers Waveney and Bure, commonly called the North river, zuhich empty themselves at the said town ^Yarmouth, be depthned and made more navigable for boats and keels usually pasting the same, and timber and other materials for that purpose provided and furnished, from time to time, as occasion shall require 5 be it enacted, &c.

'From the 15th of March 1723, for twenty three years, and to the end of Revived for % the next session of parliament, there (hall be paid by every master of any years by zo ship unlading within the haven of Great Yarmouth or in Yarmouth-Road, Geo.2. c.40. from the South part of Scratby in Norfolk to the North part of Corton in Suffolk, for every chalder of coals, Winchester measure, last of wheat, rye, barley, malt or other grain, and for every weigh of salt, and for every tun of other goods, (rim excepted) such sums of money, not exceeding twelve pence, as the mayor, aldermen, burgesses and commonalty of the borough of Great Yarmouth in common council shall appoint, viz. 6 d. for clearing and improving the haven, piers and jetees; one penny halfpenny to the chamberlain of Norwich for clearing and depthning the channel of the river Yare, between the new mills in Norwich and Hardly-Cross; ©ne halfpenny to persons yearly named by the quarter-sessions at the castle at Norwich, for clearing and depthning the North-River; one halfpenny to persons yearly named at the quarter-sessions at Beccles, for clearing and depthning the river Waveney ; one halfpenny unto such as the mayor, &c. of Yarmouth, in common council lhall appoint, for repairing the bridge and the keys; and three pence for clearing and depthning the channel of the river Yare, called Braydon. Twelve commissioners appointed to inspect accounts, &c. Fissi oil, &c. exempt from payment of duty. EX P. J


An act for repairing and widening the road leading from the black bull in Dunstable in the county of Bedford, to the way turning out of the said road up to Shafford-houfe in the county of Hertford.

The toll granted by this act is to have continuance from 1 June 1723, for 8 Geo.2. c.o.

21 years. Farther continued by 24. Geo,c. to. PR. ioGeo.2.c.»L



An ail for the more easy assigning or transferring Certain redeemable annuities, payable at the exchequer, by endorsements on the standing orders for the fame.

6Geo. Kc.ii, \X J HE RE AS in and by an aft of parliament of the sixth year VV of 'his present Majesty's reign, (for laying a duty on zvrought

plate, and other purposes therein mentioned) amongst other things it was enafted, That the contributors for the purchase of the annuities thereby

'direfted to be fold, Jl?ould upon payment of their whole pur chafe-money * have orders for the payment of their said annuities, until redemption 6Geo. i.c.17. thereof by parliament: and whereas by another aft ofparliament of the

said sixth year of his present Majesty's reign, intituled, An act for appointing commissioners to examine, state and determine the debts due to the army, and to examine and state the demands of several foreign princes and states, for subsidies during the late 7Geo.i.stat.i. war; and also in and by another aft of parliament of the seventh year 3°* of his said Majesty's reign, intituled. An act for appointing com

missioners to examine, state and determine the debts due to the army, amongst other things it ivas enafted, That the commissioners of his Majesty's treasury should be impowered to issue standing orders

for paying at the receipt of the exchequer, the annuities for theprin* cipal sums contained in the debentures by the said two last ?nentionei afts respectively dire ft ed to be made forth; and whereas by another aft SGeo.i. c.20. of parliament of the eighth year of his present Majesty's reign (for £ 4-3* paying off and cancelling one million of exchequer-bills, and other pur~

poses therein mentioned) amongst other things it was end ft ed, That the commissioners of his Majesty's treasury Jhould be impowered to issue

Jlanding orders for paying at the receipt of exchequer, the annuities

for the principal sums contained in the debentures therein recited t9 have been made forth for the sufferers at Nevis and Saint Christophers; and by the said several afts it was enafted, That the said

several annuities Jhould be deemed to be personal estates, and the re

fpeftive proprietors thereof Jhould have power to assign or devise his or their estate of and in any such annuity, or any part thereof, and si? toties quoties; and that no such assignment should be revocable, so as an entry or memorandum of such assignment or will should be made in booh kept for that purpose in the office of the auditor of the receipt cf exchequer, within three months after Jiich assignment or death of the devisor ; and that upon producing such assignment or will, or probate thereof, in the said office of receipt to be entred as aforefaidy the party Jo producing the fame, Jhould bring therewith an affidavits taken before one of his Majesty's justices of the peace, of the due execu* tion of the said alignment or will; which affidavits Jhould be severally filed in the said office, as by the said afts of parliament (re~ lation to them respectively being had) ?nore fully may appear: and whereas the method prescribed by the said afts for assigning the said annuities, and producing therewith affidavits taken before one of his Majesty's justices of the peace, of the due execution of such assignments, is found to be chargeable, troublesome and inconvenient to the proprietors ttors thereof; and 'tis doubted whether assignments by endorsements on such orders are good and available in law; which has occasioned large discounts thereon, to the prejudice of publics? credit; for remedy thereof, be it enacted by the King's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That the respective proprietors of the said standing orders, made forth or to be made forth, in pur- Assignment* suance of the said acts, or any or either of them, shall or may may be made from time to time, by proper words of assignment to be endors- ky indorseed on his, her or their order, assign or transfer his, her or their "^ton th* right, title, interest and benefit of such order or orders to any °r er* pther person or persons; which being notified in the office of auditor of receipt aforesaid, the officers there shall, without pro* ducing such affidavit as aforesaid, cause an entry or memorial thereof to be made in the book of registry for such orders, without fee or charge; and after such entry made, such assignment shall entitle such assignee, his, her or their executors, administrators, successors or assigns to the benefit thereof, and payment thereon, apd such assignee may in like manner assign again, and so toties quoties; and afterwards it shall not be in the power of such person or persons, who have or hath made such assignments, to make void, release or discharge the same, or any monies thereby due, or any part thereof; any thing in the said former $cts, or any or either of them to the contrary notwithstanding. II. And for as much as it may happen^ That several of the said or. ders, which at first were made out for small sums, may in time come into the hands of one and the fame person, who may be willing and desirous to have several of the said orders for small sums exchangedfor, and turned into one or more order or orders for larger sums, which may be an ease and convenience, not only to the owners of such orders forsmallfumsy but also to the officers of the exchequer, in the payment thereof; be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, That any three or more of the commissioners of the treasury now being, or the high treasurer, or any three or more of the commissioners of the orders for treasury for the time being, may (if he or they shall so think sit) small sums direct the turning several orders for small sums of five hundred pay be turned pounds principal money a-piece, or under, into one or more *nt0 orders order or orders for larger sums, and may cause to be ma<le forth or Sreater* and signed new standing orders accordingly, for and in lieu of fiich orders for small sums 5 in which cafe the said former orders for small sums, so to be turned into an order or orders for terger sums, (hall be delivered up and cancelled; and the said new order or orders, to be made out in lieu thereof, stiall be made payable to the person or persons, who shall appear to be the proprietor or proprietors of the said orders for small sums so delivered up and cancelled at the time of such delivery up as aforesaid; and the said auditor of the receipt aforesaid shall constantly take care, on the making out of such new orders, not to mix any order or orders made out in pursuance of any one of the said acts of parliament, with any order or orders made out in -pursuance of any other of the said acts of parliaments to prevent


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