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the authority aforesaid, That this act, or any thing therein contained, slaall not extend or be construed to extend to prohibit the importation of wines of the growth of the dominions of the great duke of Tuscany in open flasks, or wines of the growth of Turkey, or any other parts of the Levant seas, in the fame manner as they have heretofore usually been imported.

IX. And whereas by an aft passed in the eighth year of the reign of his % Geo.i. c.i 5, late majesty King George the First, For encouraging of the silk manu- for preventing factures of this kingdom, and for other purposes therein mention- frau(?s msi|e^~ ed, several allowances are to be made to the exporters of sundry manu- ^anutactures. failures ofsilk, and silk mixed with gold or silver, and with grdgraffl% yarn, incle or ivorsted, to parts beyond the seas, upon a debenture verified by the searcher, and oath being made and security given by the exporter, Hot to reland the same in Great Britain ; and such securities are to be discharged* {except in cases otherwise provided for) upon proper certificates^ testifying the landing the said goods in parts beyond the seas; which certificates in cafe of any entry for, or landing the said goods in Ireland ^ or in-any other foreign port or place\ where any officer cr officers of his Majesty s customs /tall be resident,-are to be signed by the proper officer or officers of his Majesty s customs there> and in cafe of entry for any other foreign ports or places, such certificates*are to he under the common seal of the chief magistrate in such port or place, or under the hands and seals of two known British merchants, then being At such port or place: and whereas it is found impracUmble td bring any such certificates of landing, in cafes where any cf: the said goods are fold on the coast of Africa, and some -other-foreign places, where fio such certificates -as the law dire els can be obtained ', And in casts of transhipping at Jamaica* and any other of the Britiffi plantations in America, without being landed there, into ships or vessels bound to Africa, and other foreign parts: be it therefore enacted and declared by the authority afore said, That in any of the said cases, when certisiwhere such certificates could not or cannot be had or. obtained cate of landas aforesaid, the bonds or securities already given oh exportation inggoodscanpf the said goods, (ball be discharged and vacated, upon proof ^ ^bonds' inade on the oath of the master, mate, purser, or other person, tobedischargjhaving the charge of the ship during the voyage, and also the ed on the oath •oath of the merchant exporter, if living* that to the best of his of the master, pr their knowledge and beliefs the said goods have been disposed &c> of at the places to be mentioned in the respective oaths or affidavits, and that they have not been relanded or brought on (hore again in any port or part of Great Britain, provided such proof be made on or before the first day of May one thousand seven hundred and twenty nine, otherwise the said bonds may be put in suit as if this act had not been made; and for the future such bonds or securities are to be discharged and vacated, oh the like proof being made within eighteen months from the date of the bond, that the said goods were so disposed of in foreign parts as aforesaid, the examination and proof being left to the judgment of the commissioners of the customs in England pr Scotland respectively for the time being.'

X. And whereas m and by an aft of parliament nrnd$ in the eighth gGeo l .. 'year '' '' year of his late majesty King George the First, For encouragement of the silk manufactures of this kingdom, and for other purpo^ -ses therein mentioned, certain allowances or sums of money are U be paid to the exporters of silk fluffs made in Great Britain, or silk mixed with gold or silver, grogram, yarn, incle, cotton or worsteds as in the said aft is expressed 1 and provision was made in the said acl* that no allowance Jl^oidd be demanded or made for such of the said manufactures, when they are only mixed with silk at the edge or ends of the piece, which not being sufficient to prevent frauds and abuses in making those manufactures, a further provision was made for thai sGeo.i.c.S. purpose by another acl made in the ninth year of the reign of his said late Majesty, which by experience has still been found ineffeclual, several ill disposed persons having only put a small thread of filk scarce discoverable in the warp (by which is meant the length of the piece) ■not zyith intent to benefit the sale of the goods, but with a design to obtain the bounty or allowance on the exportation, contrary to the true intent and meaning of the said acls: for remedy whereof, be it enacted and declared by the authority aforesaid, That the said acts, or either of them, shall not extend or be construed to extend to the making any allowance on the exportation of any of the manufactures of stuffs aforesaid, mixt with silk, except the silk that shall be mixt in the.wasp, shall be obvious and apparent to the view of the proper officers of the customs, and that the silk therein used shall be double the value of the bounty intended to be, paid on the exportation of the said manufactures respectively; any law or custom to the contrary notwithstanding, XL And for the relief of any person .or persons, who through neglecl or inadvertency have omitted to pay the several rates and duties, or any part thereof, upon monies given, paid, contrasted or agreed for, with or in relation to any clerk, apprentice or servant, which hath been put or placed to or with any master or mistress^ to learn any profession, trade or employment, and to have such indentures, or other writings, which shall contain the covenants, articles^ contrails or agreements relating to the service os such clerk, apprentice or servants stampt within the times by the several acls of parliament for those purposes refpeclivelylimit ed,\ or who have also in like manner omitted to insert, and write in words at length, in such indentures or other writings as aforesaid, the full sum or sums of money, or any part thereof received, or in anywise direclly or indirectly given, paidy agreed or contracted for, with or in relation to every such clerk, apprentice or servant as aforesaid: be it enacted by the authority Clause for giv-aforesaid, That upon payment of the rates and duties upon ing further monies, or such part of such monies so neglected or omitted to time to clerks. ^e paid as aforesaid, on or before the twenty fourth day of June ce^^one tnousand seven hundred and twenty eight, to such person or ces^ opay u- persons to wh0rri the fame ought to be paid, and tendring the said indentures or other writings, to be stamped at the fame time, or at any time on or before the twenty ninth day of September one thousand seven hundred and twenty eight (of which timely notice is to be given in the London Gazette) the fame indentures or other writings, shall be good and available in law

and and equity, and may be given in evidence in any court whatsoever, and the clerk, apprentice or servant therein named, (hall be capable of following and exercising their respective intended trades or imployments, as fully as if the rates and duties so omitted had been duly paid, and the full sum or sums received or agreed for as aforesaid, had been inserted; and the persons who have incurred any penalties by the omissions aforesaid, jfhall be acquited and discharged from the said penalties; any thing in any of the said former acts to the contrary in any wife notwithstanding.


An act to explain and amend an act made in the twelfth year of the reign of his late majesty King George the First, for building a bridge cross the river of Thames, from the town of Fuiham in the county of Middle-? sex, to the town of Putney in the county of Surrey, and for making the said act more effectual.

Commissioners for building the bridge at Fuiham, may contract with any persons, as well commissioners as others, for erecting the bridge. May assign over in perpetuity the tolls to contractors for building the bridge. Commissioners not to build till satisfaction be given to the proprietors of the horse ferries.


An aft for punishing such persons as shall wilfully and ma* liciously pull down or destroy turnpikes for repairing highways; or locks or other works, er eft ed by authority of parliaments for making rivers navigable.

WHEREAS several ill designing and disorderly persons have in several parts of this kingdom associated themselves together both by day and night, and cut down, pulled down, burnt, and otherwise destroyed several turnpike gates and houses, zvhich have been erecled by the authority of several acls of parliament, made for repairing divers roads within this kingdom, by tolls taken or to be taken at such turnpikes, and thereby prevented the toll from being received^ which has lessened the security of divers of his Majesty's good subjects* for considerable sums of money, which they have advanced or lent on the credit of the said acls, and deterred others from lending any money 6n the fame, and thereby the said acls are become ineffectual, the lazvs now in force not insticling any punijhment on such offenders suitable to their offences; and tubereas other evil disposed persons have threatnei the pulling down and destroying of locks, sluices arid floodgates, erecled to preserve and secure the navigation of rivers made navigable pursuant to acls of parliament for that purpose; for preventing such wicked and unlawful practices for the future, and for rendring the said acts more effectual: be it enacted by the King's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That if Jf any person, any person or persons whatsoever, from and after the twenty ^^a^ fourth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven turnpike%e hundred and twenty eight, shall either by day or night wilfully shall be sent to and maliciously break downa cut down, pluck up, throw down,the commou ; . . , ipvp| gaol or house

icvei> of correction, for 3 months. level, or otherwise destroy any turnpike gate or turnpike gates,

Breaking down or any post os post y Qr j,^ .„ Qr y Q } f

turnpikes made ^ r u 1 • . r i M ..

./Wbay £>• r tences5 belonging to any such turnpike gate or turnpike gates,

Sgqo'.x, c.33. erected or to be erected, to prevent passengers from passing by without paying the toll directed to be paid by any act or acts of parliament made or to be made for that purpose, every and all such person or persons so offending, being lawfully convicted thereof, upon the oath or oaths of one or more credible witness or witnesses, before any two or more justices of the peace of the county, riding, division, city, town, borough or corporation,, wherein any such offence or offences shall be~committed, or before the justices of the peace in open sessions (who are hereby authorized and impowered summarily and finally to hear and determine the same) (hall be sent to the common gaol, or else to the house of correction, there to continue and be kept to hard labour for the space of three months, without bail or mainprize; and the laid justices shall also order and adjudge, that such ofsnd be whipt fender and offenders shall be, by the master or keeper of such at the market gaol or house of correction as aforesaid, on the first convenient cross. market day, once publickly and openly whipt in such city,

town, borough or corporation, wherein or near which such offence shall be committed, at die market cross or market place there, between the hours of eleven and two of the clock.

II. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That Convicted a a ^ ^ perfon or perfons so convicted mall, from and after second time, , /. , r 1 • 1 1 r T • r 1 r or demolish- the said four and twentieth day or June, commit any or the oring locks, to fences aforesaid a second time, or if any person or persons (hall* be transported either by day or night, wilfully and maliciously pull down or for 7 years. demolish any house or houses, erected or to be erected for the

use and service of any turnpike gate or turnpike gates, or shall wilfully and maliciously break down or demolish any lock, sluice or floodgate, erected or to be erected by authority of parliament upon any navigable river, for preserving or securing the navigation thereof, and shall be lawfully convicted of the same respectively, upon indictment before any of his Majesty's justices of assize, Oyer and Terminer^ or general gaol delivery for the county, city, town, borough or corporation, where such offence, or offences respectively {hall be committed, every such person and persons so offending, and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall be adjudged guilty of felony, and every such felon and felons (hall be subject and liable to the like pains and penalties, as in cafes of felony; arid the courts by and before whpm such person or perfons (hall be tried, shall and hereby have power and authority to transport such felons for the space of seven years, in like manner as other felons are directed to be transported by the laws and statutes of this realm.

III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid* That if any action or suit shall be commenced against any person or persons for any thing done in pursuance of this present act, that in every such case the action or suit (hall be commenced within six months next after the fact committed,- and



tiot afterwards, and (hall be laid and brought in such county or counties, place or places, where the cause* of action sliaril arise? and not elsewhere; and the defendant and defendants in such action or suit to be brought, (hall and may plead the general General issue, issue not guilty, and give this act and the special matter in evidence at any trial to be had thereupon, and that the fame was done in pursuance and by the authority of the said act; and if it (hall appear so to be done, or that such action or suit shall be brought after the time before limited for bringing the fame as aforesaid, or (hall be brought in any other county or counties, place or places, that then the jury shall find for the defendant or defendants; and upon such verdict, or if the plaintiff or plaintiffs (hall be nonsuited, or discontinue his, her or their action or actions, after the defendant or defendants shall have appeared, or if upon demurrer judgment (hall be given against the plaintiff or plaintiffs, the defendant or defendants shall and may recover treble costs, and have the like remedy for the fame as any defendant or defendants hath or have ia other cafes by Jaw.

IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, To be ^ That this act shall be publickly read at every quarter sessions, &° e rea' and at every leet or law day, during the continuance thereof, The aa 5 Geo. and that this act, and every part thereof, shall continue in force *• c-. zyfor for the term of five years, and from thence to the end of the maklngJh*s a& then next session of parliament, and no longer. l?7onUmedby

20 Geo. z. c.

CAP. XX. 47.

An aft for erecting a workhouse in the city of Canterbury for imploying and maintaining the poor there, and for better enlightning the streets of the said city.

After 1 May 1718, corporation to be erected at Canterbury. To be chosen by inhabitants rated to the poor, on the last Tuesday in June 1728. Inhabitants to meet in the several parish churches between nine and twelve in the forenoon to elect. May purchase lands, Sec. not exceeding 400L per ann. Pari/hes refusing to choose guardians, two justices, quorum unus, or any three, may choose them. None compelled to serve two years together. Guardians to meet on the fir It Tuesday in July 1728, to choose a president and receiver, to be chosen yearly. And a schoolmaster, clerk and other officers. Guardians to hold a court monthly. President may hold a court oftner, on three days notice. Any seven guardians may cause an extraordinary court to be holden. The hospital of poor priests in the city of Canterbury, with its revenues, vested in the guardians of the poor of that city. In trust to imploy the profits for the maintenance of the poor of the corporation. Guardians at any court may assess the inhabitants for the use of the hospital. Persons grieved may appeal to the quarter-sessions. Corporation to maintain all the poor in the 14. parishes, Sec. Guardians may order the constables, Sec. to compel vagrants and beggars, §cc. to work in the workhouses. May bind out apprentices, and inflict corporal punishment. Committee may fend poor persons to the workhouse, or otherwise relieve them. Corporation may agree with any parilh in Kent, for setting to work their poor 5 but not thereby to create a settlement. Receiver before the determination of his office to account for alt monies, &c. in his hands. Elections of president, &c. to be by ballot. No president or other officer liable to the penalties of %5 Car. z. c. ^. Poor persons refusing to be placed in the workhouse to receive no relief. Guardians to allow relief to poor persons who (hall fail sick, &c. Lamps to be

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