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Prosecutions authority aforesaid, That any prosecution for any offence against menced °with~ ^ statute, shall or may be commenced within three years In three years ^rom tn^ time of the offence committed, but not after, after offence XIV. And for the better and more impartial trial of any incommitted, dictment or information, which shall be found commenced or

prosecuted for any of the offences committed against this act^ Such offences be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That every offence may be tried that shall be done or committed contrary to this act, mall and in any county. may be enquired of, examined, tried and determined in any Attainder notCount^ Wlt&m ^lat Part °^ kingdom of Great Britain called to work cor- England, in such manner and form, as if the fact had been ruption of therein committed; provided, That no attainder for any of the blood, &c. offences made felony by virtue of this act, shall make or work

any corruption of blood, loss of dower, or forfeiture of lands

or tenements, goods or chattels. This act, XV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,

where to be That this act mall be openly read at every quarter-sessions, and jead. at every leet or law-day.

XVI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That this act shall continue in force from the first day of "June

^nutdb V°Geo 0ne t^ou^anc^ ^even- hundred and twenty-three, for the space of a^c. 57^4 'three years, and from thence to the end of the then next session

of parliaments and no longer. Continued for five years by iz

Geo. 1. c. 30. •

XVII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if any venison, or skin of any deer, shall be found in the custody of any person or persons, and it shall appear that such person or persons bought such venison or skin of any one, who might be justly suspected to have unlawfully come by the same, and does not produce the party of whom he bought it> or prove upon oath the name and place of abode of such party, that then the person or persons who bought the fame, mall be convicted of such offence, by any one or more justice or justices of the peace, and (hall be subject to the penalties inflicted for killing, a deer, in and by the statute made in the third and fourth year of the reign of their late majesties King TVMiam

3 & 4- W. & and Queen Mary, intituled, An aft for the more effectual disco* M. c. 10. very anj punishment os deer-sealers.


An all for the further enlarging the times for entring^ hear* ing, and determining claims on the estates vested in the trustees of the South-Sea company, and for obliging persons to claim stock by the time therein mentioned for money subscriptions, and for other the purposes therein mentioned.

7GecVi.Scat. I. TX7"HEREAS by an ail of , parliament made in the seventhit c. 28. W year of his Majesty s reign, intituled, An act for raising

money upon the estates of the late sub-governor, deputy-governor, directors, cashier, deputy-cashier, and accountant of the South-Sea cpmpany, and of John Astabie, Esquire,, and likewise of James Craggs sen. esquire, deceased, towards making good the great loss and damage sustained by the said company; and for disabling such os the said persons as are living to hold any office or place of trust under the crown, or to sit or vote in parliament for the future; and for other purposes in the said act expressed; it is enacled (among/I other things) That all anc^ farther proevery the real estate and estates whatsoever; and of what nature or cuiswmjor these kind soever? and all rights of aclion, uses, trusts, powers and au- Matters, 13 thorities whatsoever', and all and every the Jhare and /hares in the Geo. *• c« capital stock or stocks of any corporation, company or society, and all rnonies due upon any account or accounts balanced or to be balanced, and all other debts and securities for debts, and all ready monies goods and merchandizes, personal estate and effefts whatsoever, of what nature cr kind soever, which Sir John Fellows, baronet, late sub-gcvernory Charles Joye, esquire, late deputy-governor, and William Astell, esquire, Sir Lambert Black well, baronet, Sir John Blunt, baronet, Sir Robert Chaplain, baronet, Sir William Chapman, knight and baronet, Robert Chester, esquire, Stephen Child, esquire, Peter Delaport, esquire, Francis Eyles, esquire, James Edmondson, esquire, Edward Gibbon, esquire, John Gore, esquire, Sir William Hammond, knight, Francis Hawes, esquire, Richard Horsey, esquire, Richard Houlditch, esquire, Sir Theodore Janssen, knight and baronet, Sir Jacob Jacobson, knight, Arthur Ingram, esquire, Sir John Lambert, baronet, Sir Harcourt Master, knights William Morley, esquire, Ambrose Page, esquire, colonel Hugh* Raymond, Samuel Read junior, esquire, Thomas Reynolds, esquire, Jacob Sawbridge, esquire, William Tillard, esquire, and John Turner, esquire, late directors of the corporation of the governor and company of merchants of Great Britain trading to the South-Seas, and other parts of America, and for encouraging the ffiery, commonly called the South-Sea company\ and also Robert Knight late treasurer or cajhier, Roberr Surman late deputy-cajhier, John Grisby late accountant to the said corporation, and John Aislabie, esquire, every or any of themy upm the first day of June anno Domini one thousand seven hundred* and twenty», or at any time or times afterwards, or which James, Craggs the elder, esquire, deceased, or a?iy person or persons in trufir for him at the time of his death, was or were seised or possessed of or interested in, or entitled unto, in law or equity in their or any of their own rights, or to his or their own use or uses, or in partnership zvith any others (except as in the fid acl is excepted) were, by force and virtue of the said a 51, vested and settled in Sir John Eyles baronet, Sir Thomas Crosse baronet, John Rudge, Matthew Lant, Roger Hudson, esquires,r now Sir Roger Hudson knight y Edmund Halsey, John Lade, Gabriel Roberts, and Richard Hopkins, esquires, now Sir Richard Hopkins knight, thereby no. minated and appointed trustees for the uses and purposes in the said 4tl expressed of and concerning the same, and the heirs, executors^ administrators and assigns of the fame trustees, from the refpeclive times in the said ad named, ^to the intent the fame might be fold and disposed ofx or otberivise applied to and for tin uses and purposes in

the j aid act expressed concerning the same, and that the clear monies arising thereby, sioould he appropriated to and for the use of the South-Sea company, in such manner as is therein mentioned: and it is thereby further enacted, That the entries of such claims, as by the said acl are directed, by or for any persons or corporations in Great Britain, should or might be made at any time before the twenty-fifth day of December one thousand seven hundred and tiventy one, and by or for any person or persons residing or being beyond the seas, or out of Great Britain, J}?ould and might be made qt any time before the twenty fifth day of March one thousand seven hundred and tiventy tzvo: and by the said acl it is further enacted, That the said trusiees, or any three or more of them, should and might inquire and inform themselves, by or upon the testimony of witnesses upon oath, or by the examination of the persons making such claims upon oath {all which oaths they, or any o?ie or more of them, had thereby power to administer) or by the inspection of any mortgages, bonds, bills\ ?iotes, or other securities, or any accounts relating to the said debt, or any of them so claimed, or by inspection of any grants, gifts, settlements, conveyances, transfers, or assurances relating to the said estates j interests, or incumbrances so claimed, or any of them, or by all or any of the said ivays and means, or otherwise, according to their discretions, as soon as conveniently might be, touching all or any of the debts, estates, interests, or incumbrances so claimed, andfimdd make a report or reports in ivriting of their proceedings therein, with their opinions thereon, from time to time, to the court of directors of the said South-Sea company for the time being; and if the said court of directors for the time being should be satisfied in the justice of such claim or claims, or that any debt or sum of money ought to be paid thereupon, or that the estate, interest, or incumbrance so chimed, or any part thereof, ought to be alloived, and should declare their satisfaction therein, by any resolution or resolutions of that courts and if the party or parties, by or for whom such claim sloould be made, should .likewise,, in a book or books to be kept in the said trustees publick office for that purpose, declare in ivriting under his, her or their hands, his, her or their acquiescence in such resolution or resolutions of the said court of directors for the time being, touching his, her or their debt, estate, interest, or incumbrance so claimed, at any time or times before the first day of August one thousand seven hun

dr ed and twenty two, then in all arid every such case aisd cases the said trustees, or any three or more of them, fimdd give zvarrant for the payment and discharge of every such debt or sum of money so liquidated or adjusted, out of such monies as should come to the hands of the cashier of the said South-Sea company for the time being, for the purposes in the said act expressed: and it was by the said act further enacled, That 'the justices of the courts of King's bench and common

pleas, and the barons of the coif of the exchequer for the time beings or any three or more o f them, fitting at the fame time and place, and not othertvife, fimdd', and they were thereby authorized, from time

-to time, to hear and determine all differences, disputes and controversies touching or concerning any debts, estates, interests, or incumbrances, which fiiould be claimed'/within the respective tunes therein

before tysore limited for making such claims, and could not or should not be liquidated or adjusted between the said court os direftors for the time being, and the respective claimants within the time before limited in that behalf and all incidents relating thereunto, in such manner, as by the said aft is dire ft ed: and by the said aft it is further enafted, 7Geo,i. stati, That the said juflices and barons, or any three or more of them, up- c-2^* on a complaint to be ?nade by or for any claimant of any such debt, estate, interef, or incumbrance, zuhofe claims should not be liquidated or adjusted as aforesaid, (so as such complaint be made on before the twenty fifth day of December one thousand seven bwadred and twenty two) should proceed in j'uch manner as by the said aft is directed j and the said jufices and barons, or any three, or more of them, in all cafes where they should find that any debt or sum of money ought to be paid to such claimant upon such claims, or that the estate^ interef, or incumbrance so claimed, or a?iy part thereof ought to be allowed, should and might, at any time or times before the twe?ity fifth day of March one thousand seven hundred and tiventy three^ transmit a certificate or certificates thereof to the said trustees in the said aft nominated: and by the said aft it is provided and enafted y That the powers given by the said aft to the said justices and baronsy for hearing and determining such dijferences, disputes and controversies relating to such claims as aforesaid, and issuing their certificates concerning the fame as aforesaid, should continue and be in force until the twenty fifth day of March one thousand seven hundred twenty and three, and no longer. And ivhereas by another aft of parlialiament made in the eighth year of his Majeffs reign, intituled, An 8Geo. 1. C.23J act for prolonging the times for hearing and determining claims before the trustees, in whom the estates of the late South-Sea directors, and of John Aifiabie esquire, and likewise of fames Craggs senior esquire, deceased, are vested, and for other purposes therein mentioned; several of the times in the former aft limited, have been enlarged to several further times therein expressed, which titnes by the said later aft limited are now expired, or near expiring: now forasmuch as the claims made pursuant to the direction of the first recited act, cannot be adjusted and determined within the times already limited for the fame; may it please your most excellent Majesty, that it may be enacted, &c*

. Time for the court of directors of the South-Sea company to declare their satisfaction in any claims, enlarged to 24 June 1724. For the party's declaring their acquiescence, enlarged to 29 Sept. 1724. For making complaints by claimants of any debt not adjusted, enlarged to 29 Sept. 1724. For the justices determining disputes, enlarged to 24 March 1744. For their transmitting certificates to the trusteees, enlarged to 24 June 1725. Discoverers of directors estates concealed to a baron, or the trustees, before 24 Dec. 1723. allowed 30/. per cent, if beyond sea, and 20 /. per cent, if within this kingdom. Persons in trust for the late directors, not discovering before 24 Dec. 172 3, to forfeit treble the valueof the estate, and be imprisoned for a year. E X P.

V. And -whereas the /^/J-South-Sea company did, in the year of cur Lord one thonjand seven hundred and twenty, take in two subVol, XV, li ' scrip tions

scriptions for sale os South-sea slock at one thousand pounds per
centum, which are commonly called their third and fourth subscrip-
tions, but never gave out any receipts for the monies paid in for the
fame, whereby to evidence the title to the said subscriptions \ and
whereas by reason of the errors and mismanagements of the late di-
rectors of the said company, their officers, agents or servants, the
accounts of the said subscriptions are so confused, that it is uncertain
how much the fame amount unto: and whereas in order to ascertain
the fame, the said company, or their court of directors, have^ from
time to time, by public} notice, appointed certain days, by which the
proprietors of the said subscriptions, should come and demand slock for
the same, but several of the said proprietors, upon account of con-
trails between them and others, for the purchase or sale os the said
subscriptions, or some of them, or on other accounts, have omitted to
make such demands of stock for their shares or interests in such sub-
scriptions, whereby the accounts between the said company and the ori-
ginal subscribers to or for the said subscriptions are still kept open and
undetermined, to the prejudice of the said company and of the pubtick
credit: to the end therefore that the accounts of the said com-
pany may be set upon a clear soot, and that it may be ascer-
tained what stock of the said company does really and justly be-
long to the said subscriptions, without prejudice to either buy-
ers or sellers, or any other parties concerned or interested in
. contracts for purchase or sale of the said subscriptions, or either
of them, be it enacted, &c.

Original subscribers to the third and fourth subscriptions to claim their
stocks, by 24 Dec. 1723. In default subscription void. Not to affect the
force of any contracts for purchase of those subscriptions. EX P.

VII. And whereas by an ad of parliament passed in the seventh jGeTi °stat I year tf kis Majesty s reign, intituled, An act for making sundry 'provisions to restore the publick credit, which surfers by the frauds and mismanagement of the late directors of the South-Sea company, and others, amongst 'other things it was enactedThat such persons (brokers, or such persons as have acled as brokers for brokerage, excepted) as, at any time or times since the twenty fifth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 'and twenty, had borrowed money from the said South-Sea company . upon any fiare or shares in the stock of the said company, afiually transferred and pledged (at the time of borrowing, or tvithin one and twenty days afer) to or for the use of the (aid company, or the respective heirs, executors or administrators of such persons, who should pay to the cashier of the said company for the time being, to and for the use of the said company, so much money as a rate of ten pounds per centum, to be computed on the respective sums so borrozued, should amount unto, to ivit', one moiety thereof on or before the twenty ffth day of December one thousand seven hundred and twenty one, and the other moiety theteof on or before the Uventy fifth day of June one thousand seven hundred and twenty two, should (upon smb payment madey or being lawfully tendred and resujed, and not otherwist)

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