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a son.

house of George Boyd, Esq., the lady of Extract of a letter from Bombay, dated

Win. Greaves, Esq., of adaughter. the 6th of April 1823, on board the Sultan. At Kurnaul, the lady of Dr. Ur.

“ I have much pleasure to inform you quhart, 22d regt. N. I., of a daughter. of our safe arrival here, after a passage of

9. At Nusseerabad, the lady of Capt. sixteen days, from Bushire. You will be

Arthur Ward, 3d regt. Light Cavalry, of astonished to hear of the total loss of the

a daughter. ship Travancore, at Muscat: she drove

At Bellaspoor, the lady of George with four anchors, and twelve men were

Evans, Esq., of a daughter. lost, besides several wounded. I arrived 10. At sea, on board the H. C. S. Farthree days after her loss. They have saved

quharson, the lady of Major John Taylor, about 100 bales of piece goods, but all

12. Mrs. Rigordy, jun., of a son. stained with Indigo. The markets at the

13. At Lucknow, the lady of Lieut. Galph are very dull; no prices for any

J. C. C. Gray, of a son. thing."-(Col. Jour. April 24.

16. The lady of Capt. George Wise, of The cargo of the Travancore was in

the ship James Drummond, of a son.

Mrs. M. Ronald, of a son. sured, we are given to understand, to the enormous amount of sixieen lakhs!

17. The lady of Capt. H. Humphreys,

of a son. This must fall very heavily upon the underwriters in Calcutta.- [Ibid., April 25.

The lady of Colin Campbell, Esq.,

Surgeon to the Horse Artillery, Meerut, of ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES.

21. The lady of C. B.Crommelin, Esq., Arrivals.

of Goruckpore, of a son. June 27. Stentor, Harris, from London. 22. At Agra, the lady of Lieut. Henry - July 4. Windsur, Heaviside, from ditto. James, lst bat. 5th N.I., of a daughter. -7. Vellish, Cole, from ditto.-13. Brig 29. In Motte's Lane, Durruintollah, Bridget, Leslie, from Liverpool.-20. King Mrs. Joseph Harwood, of a son. George the Fourth, Beyts, from Bombay.

At Berhampore, the lady of Capt. 29. Norfolk, Greig, from Madras, and Edward Carncross Sneyd, of a son. Ernest, Mackay, from the Mauritius.-31. 28. On board the Windsor, the lady of Pilot, Gardner, and H. M. ship Jupiter, Capt. Chas. King, 16th Lancers, of a son. Westphal, from London.--Aug. 20. So. The lady of Lieut. Col. Aitchison, phia, Sutton, from London.

Military Auditor General, of a son.

The lady of Capt. Heatly, of His July 6. Westmoreland, Coulter, for Li

Majesty's 47th regt., of a daughter. verpool.-12. Royal George, Biden; Kent,

June 2. Mrs. Hooper, of the Town Cobb; and General Kyd, Nairne, for

Hall, of twin sons.

6. At Syaldah, Mrs. Ingles, of a son. China; and Timandra, Wray, for London. -15. David Clark, Falconer, for Isle of

7. At Saugur, the lady of Brevet Capt. France.-16. Marquess of Hastings, Carter,

Williamson, 2d bat. 21st regt. N.I., of for Madras. - 29. Oyle Caslle, Pearson, for London - Aug. 12. Bencoolen, Kirkwood,

8. At Mhow, the lady of Lieut. Bell,

Executive Officer, of a daughter. and Seaforth, M.Dowall, for Liverpool.

15. At Chowringhee, the lady of D.

Dale, Esq., of the Civil Service, of a The brig Hastings was destroyed at

daughter. Padang on the night of the 17th of April of the 10th regt. N.I., of a daughter, by fire.-[Cal. John Bull, June 20.

18. At Muttra, the lady of Capt. James

Steel, of the Muttra Levy, of a daughter, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND 19. At Jubbulpore, the lady of Lieut, DEATHS.

Col. J. N. Smith, of a son.

The wife of Mr. Conductor J.

Medlicott, of a son. March 28. At Mymutising, the lady of 21. Mrs. E. D'Silva, of a daughter. C. Smith, Esq., C. S., of a daughter.

At Dinapore, the lady of Lieut. Col. April 12. At Serampore, Mrs. Lawrence M. Boyd, of a daughter. D'Souza, of a son.

22. At Benares, the lady of W. T. 24. At Kamptee, the lady of Capt.

Robertson, Esq., Civil Service, of a son. Pereira, of the Artillery, of a daughter. 29. At Kurnal, the lady of Capt. Hen.

23. At Bolaram, the lady of Capt. OliHawtrey, 4th regt. Light Cav., of a son.

phant, Nizam's Engineers, of a son. May 7. The wife of Mr. William Sou 26. In Chowringhee, the lady of E. bise, an Assistant in the Sudder Dewanny

Coulon, Esq., of a daughter. Adawlut, of a son.

27. At Garstin's Place, the lady of Ben- At Buxar, the lady of Capt. J. jamin Fergusson, Esq., of a son. Mackenzie, S. A.H.C.Stud, of a daughter. 29. At Goruckpore, the lady of Capta 8. At Pubna, near Commercolly, at the Swayne, of a daughter. Asiatic Jour-No. 97.

Vol. XVII. 0

a son.



30. The widow of the late Captain W. G. Stephen, of the Engineers, of a daughter. April 19. At Neemutch, Capt. H. F.

July 1. At Kamptee, the lady of Lieut. Caley, Adjutant 2d bat. Ist regt. N.I., to J. S. H. Weston, Deputy Judge Advo Miss Margaret Catharine Baillie. vate General, Nagpore Subsidiary Force, 30. At Moradabad, A. Davidson, Esq., of a daughter.

M.D., Assistant Surgeon, to Miss M. A. At Cossypore, Mrs. William Bason, Blundell. Jun., of a son.

May 24. At Benares, by the Rev. Wm. Mrs. Thomas Brae, Jun., of Kis Fraser, Cornet J. A. Scott, 1st Cavalry, to senaghur, of a son.

Miss Julia Frances Ouseley, eldest daugh2. At Meerut, Mrs. M. E. Robinson, ter of Sir William Ouseley, author of seof a daughter.

veral celebrated works on Oriental subjects. 3. At Moorzaferpoor (Tirhoot), the 27. At Mazagon, at the house of Wil. lady of William Loch, Esq., of the H. C. liam Cunningham Bruce, Esq., Poyntz Civil Service, of a daughter.

Ricketts, of the Civil Service of that esAt Benares, the lady of C. D. Rus- tablishment, to Miss Margaret Maria sell, Esq., of a son.

Clark. 4. At the house of Mrs. Davis, the lady At the Cathedral, Mr. Rob. Hands, of P. H. Newman, Esq., of a son.

of the Bengal Marine, to Miss Charlotte 5. At Chowringhee, the lady of John Pignand. Mackenzie, Esq., of a son.

28. At the Cathedral, by the Rev. Mr. The lady of Lieut. P. L. Dore, Eales, J. W. Baldwin, Esq., to Miss Anne H. M. 24th regt., of a daughter.

Jones. 6. At Lucknow, the lady of Capt. June 6. At Bandel, Mr. W. H. Tydd, Richard Home, of a son.

to Miss Jessy Cordelia Anderson, 8. At Nusseerabad, the lady of w. 10. At Banda, Emily Jane, youngest Welchman, Esq., M. D. of a still-born son. daughter of the late Robert Bathurst, Esq.,

- At Patna, Mrs.Burnel, of a daughter. Senior Merchant on this establishment, to 9. The lady of Longueville Clarke, Ensign Albert Corrie, of the 1st bat. 2d Esq., Barrister at Law, of a son, who died regt. N.I. a short time after the birth.

14. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. Thos. The lady of Capt. Thomas Newton, Wood, to Miss Rosa Maria, youngest of a son.

daughter of Mr. Thomas Young, of the 10. The lady of Capt. P. Turnbull, of a Hon. Company's Bengal Marines.

19. At Paulghautcherry, Lieut. Bar13. Mrs. J. W. Ricketts, of a son. nett, of the 2d bat. 7th regt. N.I., to Miss

14. At Secundrabad, Harriett, the wife Mary Frances Sayer. of Mr. Charles M.Carthy, Conductor of 24. At the Roman Catholic Church, Ordnance at that station, of a son.

Mr. H. Genive, to Miss F. La Valette. 14. Mrs. Charlotte Lord, of a daughter. 26. At Futtyghur, Robert Stewart, Esq, 15. Mrs. Grieff, of a son.

to Miss Anna Lumsden. 16. At Dum Dum, the lady of Major George Johnson, Esq., to Miss HarGeorge Pollock, Assist. Adj. Gen. of Ar riet Eede. tillery, of a daughter.

28. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. F. A. 17. The lady of W. H. Oakes, Esq., of Cornale, of the Harbour Master's Dethe Civil Service, of a son.

partment, to Mrs. C. McPherson. 19. Mrs. C. D'Souza, of a son.

July 1. At Dacca, at the house of Geo. 28. At Chittagong, the lady of Lieut. Alexander, Esq., Emanuel Paniotty, Esq., Col. J. Shapland, C.B., of a son.

of Calcutta, to Miss Erin Jordan. 24. In Chowringhee, Mrs. J.J. Fitz 2. At the Cathedral, Mr. John Green, patrick, of a son.

musician, of Calcutta, to Agnes Bristow. 28. At Fort William, the lady of W. 9. At St. John's Cathedral, F. B. Smith, Graham, Esq., M.D., of a son.

E q., to Mrs. C. Stuart, youngest daughter Mrs. John Groser, of a daughter.

of the late John Addison, Esq., Senior 31. At Ballygunge, the lady of Capt.

Merchant on this establishment, R. H. Sneyd, commanding the Governor

14. At St. John's Cathedral, John General's Body Guard, of a son,

Fleming Martin Reid, Esq., to Miss Jaue

Elizabeth Stewart.
At Titalya, the lady of Lient. G.

18. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. Chapman, of a son.

Robert Manley to Miss Sarah Smith, Aug. 2. Mrs. Meyers, of a son.

youngest daughter of the late T. Smith, Esq. 5. The lady of F. Nepean, Esq., of the At Nagpore, Mr. P. W. Simons, 3 Civil Service, of a daughter.

Clerk in His Highness the Rajah's pay 7. The lady of Capt. Irwin Maling, office, to Miss Caroline Rhodes a daughter.

At Muttra, Cornet Alexander, of the 8. The lady of Capt. Debnam, of H. M. 5th Light Cavalry, to Miss Ann Kennedy, 13th Lt. Inf., of a daughter.

eldest daughter of Major Kennedy, 9. Mrs. Joseph Elly, of a son.

manding that regiment.

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21. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. John 27. The lady of Archibald Duff, Esq., Statham, of the Hon. Company's Marine, Attorney at Law, aged 45. to Miss Chaplin.

Mr. R. Carter, of the H.C.Marine 24. At the Cathedral, the Rev. J. R. Service, aged 21. Henderson, one of the chaplains on this Mary Jane Swayne, daughter of Establishment, to Mrs. A. Smith.

Lieut. Thomas Swayne, of the 44th regt., 25. At the Cathedral, Mr. John Mur- aged three months. ray to Miss Elizabeth Rebeiro.

At Chitagong, Lieut. Col. Achison 26. Mr. Charles Harry Johnson, As Maxwell, Regulating Officer of the Invalid sistant, General Treasury, to Miss Mary Tannahs at that place. Le Clerc, daughter of the late Lieut. 28. At Agra, Capt. Charles D'Acre, Samuel Le Clerc.

12th regt. N.I., and Fort Adjutant at the Mr. William Cornelius, Assistant above station. in the Board of Trade Office, to Miss 30. Thomas Quailey Stritch, Esq., Elizabeth Lydia Le Clerc, the third aged 31. daughter of the late John Le Clerc, Esq. After a lingering illness, Mrs. Jessy

29. Mr. H. F. Churcher, of the H. C. Welsh, widow of the late Joseph Welsh, Marine, to Miss Eleanor Nighland. Esq., aged 46.

At the Cathedral, H. Clark, Esq., 31. Master Henry White, aged seven Surgeon, of Calcutta, to Mrs. Anna Maria years and four months. Swinden.

June 9. Anne Fulton, infant daughter 30. At the Cathedral, Mr. Wm. Mon of the late Capt. Alex. Fraser, of the Bencrieffe to Mrs. Charlotte Jennings.

gal Artillery, aged 17 months. Aug. 1. At the Cathedral, Lieut. Abra 10. At the house of S. P. Stacy, ham Fuller to Miss Anna Amelia Esq., Conolly, the infant son of G. SkipHellner.

ton, Esq., of the Honourable Company's 2. At St. John's Cathedral, William Medical Service, aged ten months. Hay Macnaghten, Esq, of the Hon. 11. At Chittagong, Mr. R. B. NewnCompany's Civil Service, second son of bam, late Lieutenant of H.M. 14th Foot. the Hon. Sir Francis Workman Mac Eustace, the son of the Rev. E. naghten, to Frances, widow of the late Carey, of Doorgapoor, aged one year and Col. James C. M'Clintock.

eleven months.

14. Mrs. Cecilia Rodrigues, aged 49.

15. The infant son of Mr. James BadApril 5. At Dum Dum, Serjeant Major deley. O'Neil, of the 2d bat. Artillery.

16. At Intally, Joshua, the son of Thos. 20. At Bagwangollah, Henrietta Eliza, Clark, Esq., aged five years. the infant daughter of Mrs. Thos. Rose. - At Ishera, Capt. M. T. Weathrall,

21. Near Monghyr, Charlotte Wilmot, of the Country Service, aged 54. third daughter of Capt. J. C. Carne, of the 17. At Calcutta, Frederick, the infant Pension Establishment, aged three years. son of Captain E. F. Waters, command

27. At Purneah, Capt. T. R. Court, of ing the Dinagepore Battalion, Titalaya, the Country Sea Service.

aged seven months. May 4. Mr. A. Heugh, coachmaker, 18. At Cawnpore, Hugh Fisher, the Cossitollah, son of the late John Heugh, infant son of H. G. Christian, Esq., aged Esq., of Garseube, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, two months and twenty-eight days. aged 28.

19. At Cawnpore, Emma Elizabeth, the 10. At Pooree, Capt. W. G. Stephen, infant daughter of Lieut. G. J. Johnson, of the Corps of Engineers, aged 31. Acting Com. with Bajee Row.

Charles Robert Hartley, son of Mr. At Mrs. Bean's Seminary, suddenly, John Miller, aged 11 months.

of the lock-jaw, Mrs. Caroline Mackrill, 18. Mrs. Joseph Williams, daughter of aged thirty-seven years. the late Major B. L. Grenier, aged 22.

At Barrackpore, James Stuart El19. Mrs. Mary Helen Rigordy, wife of phinstone, the infant son of Lieut. CorMr. Francis Rigordy, aged 18.

bett, 20th regt. N.I., aged four months. 21. At the residence of Messrs. Macin. 23. Mrs. Catherine Hughes, wife of tyre and Co., Robert Ross Young, Esq., Conductor Thomas Hughes, of the Ordthird son of the late John Young, Esq., nance Commissariat, aged 25 years. of Belwood, Perthshire, aged 25.

26. At Chinsurah, Benjamin Bogaardtt, The infant daughter of Mr. F. Esq., aged eighteen years, after a lingerBoezalt, aged 10 days.

ing illness of fifteen months. 23. At the house of Brown Roberts, 28. At the house of Charles Paton, Esq., Major Nicholas Manly, of the 1st Esq., Magistrate, Calcutta, Miss Helen bat. 20th regt. N.I., aged 40.

Henderson, aged 18 years and eight days. 25. In Fort William, Capt. Philip At Futtyghur, Mr. Joseph Wevill, O'Reilly, of H. M. 44th regt. of foot. Conductor of Ordnance, aged 44 years and

Mrs. Mary Cudmore, aged 41. one month. 26. John Forsyth, Esq., aged 46.


At Barrackpore, Ensign George


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Downie Cullen, of the 11th regt. N.I., 3. Miss Helen Mary Ann Ingle, infant aged seventeen years.

daughter of Lieut. H. Ingle, of the 18th July 2. Master Leopold, son of Leo regt. N.I., aged six months. pold Dyce, Esq., of Tetteghur, aged fif. Benjamin Comberbach, Esq., Attor. teen years.

ney at Law, aged 53 years. 5. George, the fifth son of Major James 5. Capt. John Pearson, of the Ogle George, of the Bengal N.I., aged eleven Castle, aged 53 years. years.

Aged nineteen years and four At Robert Barlow's, Esq., Ghazee- months, Mr. Charles Swaris. pore, Susannah Eliza, daughter of Fre 7. At Balasore, Eliza, the wife of Wm. derick Currie, Esq., of the Civil Service, Dent, Esq., of the Civil Service, aged 20 aged one year and seven months.

years. 7. At Edghur, Hoogly, H C. Broeager, At Calcutta, Mrs. Eliza McNeight, Esq., Proprietor of the Horticultural Es- aged 38 years. tablishment, aged forty years.

M. M. Mellicknauz, Esq., aged 31 8. At Entally, in the 23d year of her years. age, Miss Eliza Breton, daughter of the 8. At the Presidency General Hospital, late Mr. John Breton.

Sergeant Major James Scott, 1st Lt. Cav. 10. Barney Farrell, a Pensioner of the 13. Mrs. Elizabeth Sainuel, aged 35 years Hon. Company's Military Establishment. Fred. Ruddell, fourth son of Capt. Mr. Simpson Catt, late Chief Offi.

J. N. Jackson, aged two years and six. cer of the brig Helen, aged 24 years. months. At Dinapore, Assist. Surgeon J.

Lately, Thomas Hog, Esq., Surgeon of M'Gregor, M.D.

the H.C. S. Royal George, aged 36. 13. At Calcutta, Christopher H. Ri. chardson, son of Wm. Richardson, Esq.,

- Drowned near Muscat, in attempting aged nearly five years.

to rescue himself from the wreck of the On her passage to Calcutta, Mrs.

ship Travancore, Stephen P. Garrick, Esq. Wm. Henry Tydd, after a short illness.

At Dum Dum, Charles Mouat, the second son of Major J. A. Briggs, of

MADRAS. Artillery, aged fourteen months.

POST-OFFICE REGULATIONS. 14. Mary Ann, youngest daughter of Mr. Sylvester, Conductor of Ordnance,

1. The Mails leave Madras every evenaged three months and eighteen days.

At his brother's, in Chowringhee, ing in the following directions ; namely, Mr. Anthony Dolby, in the nineteenth northerly, southerly, westerly, and northyear of his age.

westerly. A Mail also proceeds south14. In Chowringhee, Captain Wm. westerly from Arcot on the western route. Harmsworth, aged 40 years.

2. The following revised rates of pos. 19. At Jubhulpore, the infant daughter tage will take effect with the other proviof Lieut. M. Nicholson, aged 14 months. sions of the regulations, from the 1st of

20. William, the infant son of Capt. July 1823. H. W. Wilkinson, Fort Adj. of Fort

A single letter to any place not exceeding William, aged nine months and 18 days.

the distance of 22. At Kalpie, the infant daughter of

Miles. R:. As. Miles. Rs. As. J. G. Bruce, Esq.

30 ..0 500 ..0 12 23. At Benares, Lieut. Col. Keble, of


600 ..0 13 the Invalid Establishment, and Comman

90 ..0

700..014 dant of the Benares Provincial Bat.


800..0 15 24. In Fort William, Calcutta, the


900..1 0 Jady of Lieut. T. O'Halloran, of H.M.

180 ..0 71,000 1

0 8 1,100..1 2 27. At Colingah, Mary Ann, the only

250 ..0 91,200..1 daughter of Mr. D. Burnett, aged eight

300..0 10 1,300 ..1 months and five days.

400.,0 11 1,400..1 5 29. At Nagpore, the Rev. Francis Thomasine Kirchhoffer, aged 37 years.

3. Letters not exceeding one rupee in At Bancorah, Louisa Martin, the weight to be considered single; from one youngest child of G. N. Cheek, Esq., aged

to two double; from two to three treble, one year and four months.

and so on in arithmetical progression, as 30. At Allipore, Lieut. A. C. Trever, far as thirty-six rupees; beyond which of the Invalid Establishment.

weight no packet will be received for 31. J. P. Barnett, Esq., Assist. Surg., transmission by Dawk, unless in the cases attached to the Hill Bildars.

specified in sections ten and eleven. Aug, 1. At Calcutta, Miss Anna Wil. 4. Postage shall be charged on all liamson, eldest daughter of J. Williamson, letters except those exclusively on the Esq., of Malacca.

public service, bearing the superscription


2 3 4 5 6

44th regt.



“ On the Service," and having the name there may be no Banghy, parcels not conand designation of an officer authorized to taining letters, and not exceeding eighty frank official correspondence written on rupees in weight, at the Banghy rates of their envelopes, or such as may have en postage. dorsed upon them the signature of a per 11. Books printed at the Government son possessing the privilege of franking press for the benefit of the Male Asylum private letters.

sball be forwarded by Dawk, or if practi5. Gorernment Gazettes to be trans cable by Banghy, at the postage of a mitted post-free when forwarded directly single letter, payable at the stations to from the press,

which they are directed. 6. The postage shall be paid in advance 12. Ship postage shall not be charged for all letters and newspapers to be convey on letters for transmission by sea; but ed beyond the limits of the territories letters received by sea shall, besides the subordinate to this presidency ; but it may inland postage, be charged four annas, if be paid on delivery or receipt, at the not exceeding the weight of one rupee; option of the writer or editor (with the six annas, "if not exceeding that of one exception stated in section 7)' for all and a half rupees; and so on increasing two other letters and newspapers, “post paid" annas for every half rupee in weight; but or “ post not paid” being written on their if weighing more than twelve rupees, envelopes. Should any person refuse to they shall be considered a packet, and receive a letter addressed to him, it shall charged three and a half rupees. be liable to be opened for the examination 13. The Post-Master General shall be of the signature, in order that it may be authorized to pay to masters of vessels, or restored to the writer, or individual by other individuals bringing ship letters to whom it may have been sent to the post the Post-office, or delivering them to office, and that the direct and return posto persons deputed by him to receive them, age may be recovered. The postage of a premium of one anna for each letter. refused newspapers shall in like manner 14. The opening of mails between be recoverable from their editors or other stations is inhibited, except on urgent persons by whom they may have been public occasions, when they must be openforwarded.

ed and closed in the presence of the pub7. The postage shall be paid in advance lic officer deeming such measure necessary, for all letters, which individuals may and who shall immediately address an address on their private affairs to the official letter to the Post-Master General, public officers of Government; and this and likewise to the officer in charge of rule shall be understood to include the the nearest local Post-office in which the case of letters transmitting bills of ex mails are to be conveyed, stating his change, promissory notes, receipts or go motives for so doing. vernment securities, &c. &c. to the Ac. 15. Expresses are not to be employed countant General, the Treasurer to the except on the most urgent public occasions, Government Bank, or other public officer; when the despatches to be transmitted but the practice thus enjoined shall be re must bear on the face of them the words versed when public officers correspond on “ By Express.” such subjects with individuals.

16. No public despatch exceeding the 8. Newspapers received by sea, or from weight of three rupees shall be forwarded the editors at Madras, for transmission to by Dawk on a Banghy route, unless it be any station to which there is no Banghy, endorsed “ By Dawk. if not exceeding the weight of three ru 17. Letters not arriving by sea, and pees, shall be forwarded by Dawk at the parcels not exceeding the weight of 100 postage of a single letter ; but newspapers rupees, for persons residing at Madras, exceeding the weight of one rupee, shall will be received at the General Post.. in all practicable cases be forwarded by Office, and delivered at the rate of one Banghy.

anna for each letter, and two annas for 9. Packets of law papers, accounts, each parcel. certificates of houses, and vouchers, shall be transmitted at the postage of a single

BANGHY DEPARTMENT. letter, if not heavier than three rupees; at 1. Banghies are established on the that of a double letter if not heavier than routes from Madras to Calcutta, to Can. six rupees; and so on as far as fifteen ru nanore, and to Trichinopoly. The two pees; beyond which weight they shall be first are despatched on Tuesdays, Thursforwarded by Banghy at rates of post- days and Saturdays; the last, which proage. Such packets shall be indorsed law ceeds via Pondicherry, Portonovo, and papers, accounts, &c. as the case may Tanjore, is despatched every day of the require.

week except Sunday. 10. It shall be at the discretion of the 2. Parcels or bundles of newspapers Post-Master General, and of the Officers from England or other places, not ex. in charge of the subordinate Post-offices, ceeding the weight of 700 rupees, or the to forward by Dawk to stations to which cube of one foot, may be transmitted by

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