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jeebs, with the Bheel Corps in Malwa, be- Committee by the 31st March, where they ing entirely for police duties, are not includ- will be regularly examined, and such as ed in the class of Provincial Troops, or pass this examination will be noted accordsubject to the operation of these orders. ingly “ Unfit," and the rest, who under

these regulations are not entitled to the

pension, and still capable of local duty, will Fort William, May 2, 1823.-In or- be returned, fit for ditto ; the local troops der to consolidate and simplify the rules not being eligible to the invalid battalions under which the Native officers and men

on the regular establishment, or to the inof all Local, Provincial, or Irregular Corps termediate performance of “garrison duty," of Horse or Foot are in future to be con

unless they shall have been received froin sidered eligible or entitled to the benefits the line, when they will be held entitled to of the Invalid Pension Establishment, the same privileges, excepting in regard to former orders are hereby rescinded, and the length of service, which must be reguthe following are to have effect from this lated by this order. date.

4. Two copies of the roll will be forLocal Infantry.

warded to the Adjutant-General at head1. No Native commissioned, non-com

quarters in the usual manner, and the trimissioned officer, drummer, sepoy, bbisty plicate forwarded to the corps by the public or lascar of the several corps of Local In

staff officer; when the certificates directed fantry, shall be entitled to the benefits of in sec. 124, chap. xlii, last code, will be the Invalid Pension, who shall have serv

forwarded to such staff officer by the Aded less than twenty years, including any jutants of corps, for the men recommendportion of time they may have served in ed for the pension, and the requisite means the line, excepting such as have been wound. taken to pay them up, those who are coned or contracted incurable disorders on

sidered fit for duty being directed to rejoin service.- Disorders which men may have their corps forth with. brought on themselves within the prescrib- their certificates, the officers and men so re

5. On being paid up and supplied with ed period of 20 years, or which may not have arisen from wounds received on duty, commended shall, under the orders of his shall give them no claim to the benefit of Exc. the Commander-in-Chief, be directed this establishment, which is only intended like the men of the line to proceed to for those who are worn out, or who may Monghyr, Allahabad, or Meerut, as herehave suffered from actual service.

No after specified, for final examination, at the officer or soldier, &c. is to be recommended

same time with the Invalids of the line; for the Invalid Pension even subsequent such as pass the general committees, will to his 20 years' service, unless he shall in receive from the proper officer the usual every respect be unfit for local service, from half-printed out-pension-roll, correctly fillwounds, age, or infirmity.

ed up, as directed in general orders, 22 2. No native officer, non-commissioned April 1820, to enable them to receive their officer, drum, fife, or bugle major of Local stipend in such districts as they may select Infantry, who has not been disabled on ac

for their residence, from the district Paytual service, shall in future be entitled to Masters, or Pay-Masters of Invalids, as the the pension of the rank he may hold at the case may be. time of being invalided, unless he shall have actually served in that rank for three years; if he has served a shorter period he shall receive the subsistence only of the

Rates of Pension on the In-Cases of next inferior rank, unless disabled by valid Establishment, to the ordinary

Limb or wounds, or other injury received on service. Natives of Corps of Local In. Wounds

Eyes on 3. The Commandant, Adjutant, and

fantry. Medical officers of each Local Battalion,

Decrepi. shall, early in March of each year, prepare the usual descriptive roll of officers and

Soubah or Commandant*

45 0 men recommended as entitled, and proper

Subadar... objects to appear before the Invaliding


10 0 15 O Committee, ordered to be assembled at the

Havildar, Drum, or Fife head-quarters of the district in which the

Major, &c. ...........

60 corps may be serving, or other proximate

Naick and Native Doctor, 5 0 80 station, where a full committee may be Drummer.....

5 0 assembled ; and the necessary rolls being filled up and signed by the surgeon in


Gun or Tent Tindal 4 0 60 charge of the corps, and countersigned by Gun or Tent Lascar .... 30 the Commandant and Adjutant, according Hand Bheestie to the forms laid down for the corps of the line, will be sent with the men recom. mended to the station directed in division

*N. B. These ranks, as well as Subadar Major, or district orders, so as to appear before the are prospectively abolished in Local Corps.

Lower or

rate in

Lors of


long ser
vice or



28 O
18 0

30 O

10 0


5 0

4 8 4 8

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Tate for

for loss common or Limb!


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6. All Corps below Patna and the Gun. 10. The rules applied in Articles 4, 5, 6, duck river will send their Jnvalids to and 7, to Local Infantry, will also prevail Monghyr; all Local Corps thence west- in every respect with regard to the forms ward and northward to Allahabad or and accounts of the men pensioned from Meerut, as most convenient, in consequence the Local Cavalry. of which, Meerut will become a third re.

Provincial Infantry. gular invaliding station in future, both for 11. The 8th and 9th articles of this reregular and irregular troops, under orders gulation are strictly applicable to the Prowhich will be issued hereafter, and subject vincial Infantry of this establishment (inin every respect to the same rules and forms, cluding the Agra and Delhi Nujeebs), as prevail at Allahabad and Monghyr. who shall in no case be held entitled to the

7. The same rules are applicable to the Invalid Pension, except actually wounded payment, accounts, check and controul of

or disabled on service or duty, as therein the Invalid Pensioners from the Local In- indicated; or unless they were received fantry, as to those of the line now in exist- originally from corps of the line, in which ence, and no claims shall be received in

event they are to be considered as entitled any case where the descriptive or out-pen to the same advantages as those corps, exsion rolls, certificates, or other documents, cept with respect to length of service, wbich are either informal or deficient.

shall be extended to 20 years, as in Article Loeal Horse.

1, relative to the Local Infantry. 8. The Local or Irregular Horse shall, in no case, be entitled to the invalid pen

Inferior Superior sion, unless actually wounded or disabled

Provincial Infantry. on service, when it will be the duty of the

wounds, or both officer commanding the corps to call for

Eyes. a special medical committee, at the head quarters of the district in which he may be Native Adjutant (pro

22 S60 serving, before whom such claimants shall spectively abolished,) S appear with the rolls, &c. filled up, and Subadar,

18 0 signed by the Commanding Officer, Adju Jemadar,

7 0 12 0 tant, and Medical Officer in charge of the Havildars,

3 0 60 corps, in all respects as complete and for Naicks and Tindal, 2 12 5 8 mal as those of Corps of the Line or Local


50 Infantry, and forwarded in the same man Sepoys,

4 8 Native Doctors,

0 80 9. Such men as have bona fide been Lascars and Bheesties .. 2 40 wounded or disabled on service, shall on passing the Special Committee, and receiv. 12. The same rules and forms shall ing the final orders of the Commander-in- prevail in the assemblage of Special MediChief, be entitled to the following pensions cal Committees, recommendation and deon the Hauper establishment,--the second scriptive rolls, papers and certificates, as for or higher scale being solely set apart for the class of Local Cavalry, and the Medical men who have lost a limb or both eyes on and Commanding Officers will be held service; the first or lower rate for wounds strictly responsible for any neglect of these or accidents of lesser consequence and de- rules. gree, but which disable or cripple the sol 13. The general order by his Exc. the dier for service.

Commander-in-chief, of 8th March 1816, (of

which Extract, see margin*), being equally Interior Superior applicable to the Local and Provincial

Troops as to those of the Line, the GoverLocal or Iriegular Horse.

wounds, or both

nor-General in Council calls upon all offeyes. . cers in command of corps, with their medi

cal officers and staff, whether of the line or Rissaldar..

25 0 40 0

irregulars, for a conscientious and zealous Rissaldar.

18 0

regard to the obvious spirit of those orders, Naib Rissaldar.


and to prevent equally the service from beWoordie Major.

40 O

ing burthened with men unfit for their reJemadar.

70 12 0

spective duties, or the Invalid and Pension Duffadar Major or

establishments being improperly diverted Kote Duffadar

to purposes, foreign to their institution, Duffadar, Native Doctor or Trumpet Ma 50 80

* A power heing vested in Commanding Officers jor....

of corps, to discharge any Sepoy whom the Me

dical Officer shall certity to be physically unfit to Nishanchees, Nagar

carry arms, and who, from the period of his service, chees or Trumpe 40 60

and the nature and cause of such unbtness, may have no claim to a provision on the Invalid in

stitution,-The Commander in Chief expects that Suwars,


on the present, and on all future occasions, no Hand-Bhisty or Lascar,

man of the above description will be brought be. fore the luvaliding Committees.

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and real utility,-the officers commanding Commandants of Subsidiary or Field Local and Provincial corps of Horse and Forces, Districts, or Garrisons ;-on proFoot, are enjoined to be particular in the motion to rank of Major General. execution of this order, though it is not to Chief Commands in the Armies of prevent them from bringing any peculiar Native Allied Powers ; Town and Fort instances of very long and meritorious ser Major, Fort William ; Dep. Secretary to vices to the notice of Government, as spe

Government Mil. Depart. ; Dep. Adjucial cases, in the Local Cavalry or Provin tant Gen.; Dep. Quart. Mast. Gen. ; Dep. cial Infantry, who are not strictly entitled Commissary Gen. ; Dep. Auditor Gen. ; by the regulations to the indulgence of a Secretary to Military Board; Principal pension.

Commissary of Ordnance; SuperintenTroops of the Line.

dents of Public Buildings, when Engineer 14. These orders are not in any respect Officers ; Superintendents of the Foundry, to cancel or effect those now in force, re

ditto ditto; Personal Staff of Governor specting the invalids from native corps of the

Gen. and Commander-in-Chief; Political line, as enumerated in the margin.* The Agents at inferior Native Courts; Comrules

, rates, and period of service prescrib- mandant of Sappers and Miners ; Sued for them, remaining as heretofore, as

perintendent Trigonometrical Survey ;well as those relating to European trvops

on promotion to rank of Major General, of the line, and their several establishments.

Regimental Colonel, or Lieut. Colonel15. The several Regulations, relating

Commandant of a Brigade of Cavalry, a exclusively to the Invalid Jagheerdar es

Regiment of Infantry, or a Battalion of tablishment, an institution which has been Artillery ; or acting Chief Engineer or

Commandant of Artillery. prospectively abolished since 1811, and the

First Assist. to a Resident at a Native rules relating to which can no longer be useful to the army at large, are directed to

Court, or high diplomatic Mission ; Prinbe struck out of the order books accord

cipal Assistants in Civil charge of districts;

Assist. Secretary to Government Mil. ingly, as obsolete, and having reference

Department; first ditto Quarter Master only to the actual Jagheerdar Invalids, and the Revenue Collectors and Officers who

Gen. ; first ditto Commissary Gen.; first

ditto Auditor Gen. ; Agents for Gun superintend them.

Carriages ; ditto Gunpowder; ditto Army WM. CASEMENT, Lieut. Col.

Clothing; Principal Dep. Commissary of Sec. to Govt. Mil. Dept. Ordoance; Model-master, and Tangent

Scale Department; Joint Secretary Mili

tary Board ;-on promotion to Lieut. Fort William, May 23, 1823.-It being Colonel regimentally. desirable to fix by one general rule the Superintendents of Public Buildings, limits under which officers holding staff if not Engineers ; ditto Foundry, if an appointments, or other public employ Artillery Officer; ditto of the Stud; ments under this presidency, may retain Presidency Paymaster ; Commandant them, or otherwise, on promotions to su Body Guard of the Governor Gen.; Comperior rank, and to provide, generally, for mandant Golandauz Battalion; ditto Local all doubts or contingencies so far as they Battalions; ditto Local Horse; ditto can be forseen, by establishing one equal New Levies ; ditto Pioneer Corps ;-on and uniform principle, the following limi promotion to Lieut. Colonel regimentally. tations are to have prospective effect from All Assistants, Deputy Assistants, or

Sub-Assistants in Staff Offices, or PubPublic Offices and Staff Departments to be

lic Departments, not included above; Devacated on promotion.

puty Judge Advocates Gen. ; BarrackResidents at Native Courts or high di

Masters; Deputy Paymasters ; Brigade plomatic Missions ; Command of Divi

Majors; Surveyors, land or river, if not sions ;-no limitation.

Engineer Officers ;-on promotion to MaSecretary to Government Mil. Depart. ;

jor regimentally. Adjutant Gen.; Quarter Master Gen.;

Secretaries or Persian Interpreters to Commissary Gen.; Mil. Auditor Gen. ;

General Officers or Brigadiers in ComSurveyor Gen. ; Judge Advocate Gen.;

mand, &c. ; Aides-de-Camp to General

Officers; Secretary Clothing Board; ditto • Native Horse and Foot Artillery.

Board of Superintendence, Stud DepartBody Guard of the Governor-General.

ment; Superintendent Field Transport; The Regis. of Light Cavalry.

ditto Half Wrought Materials; ditto FaThe Reziments of Native Infantry, The Balls. of New Levier.

mily Money ; ditto Cadets ; ditto Roads or The Corps of Sappers and Miners.

Bunds; ditto Timber Agencies;-on proThe Balialions of Pionecers. Tile Bencoolen Regular Local Battalion.

motion to Major regimentally. Store Lascar Companies (such only as were re.

Superintendent of Telegraphs ; Garceived from the foriner Gnn Lascar Companies). rison Store Keeper; Commissaries of OrdGon Lascars and Gan Drivers, attached to the Artillery ; with the respective establishments at

nance; Deputy ditto; Fort or Canton. lached to corps, as heretofore laid duwn, ment Adjutants; Paymaster and Adju


this date.

tant of Invalids; all Officers attached to quitting the Barrasut Institutions, will not the College of Fort William, any Native exempt candidates from the operation of College or Institution; Political, or other the foregoing orders. Civil Situations inferior to first Assistant to a Resident or to a Civil Commissioner;

LEAVE OF ABSENCE TO KING'S OFFICERS. Appointments in the Mints, Command of

Head Quarters, Calcutta, June 3, 1823. Palace Guards, or Escorts with Native Princes ; Command of Residents’ Guards pecting leaves of absence to His Majesty's

-To prevent any misapprehension res. or Escorts ;-on promotion to Major regi- officers, who may be at Calcutta, or within mentally.

the Presidency command, the Major GeneNo appointment or public employ ral or officer commanding the division for whatever, not included in the above

the time being is authorized to grant leave, enumeration, to which a military officer is

without awaiting a communication from eligible, shall be retained in future on the head-quarters, in cases of certified illpromotion of the party to the rank of bealth, or in situations where officers may regimental Captain, excepting professional require, upon very urgent and pressingocoffices in the corps of Engineers, which

casions, leave of absence within the limits are not limited under the rank of Acting of the Presidency command. Chief Engineer.

On all ordinary occasions, applications

for leave of absence must be submitted as INTERPRETERS IN NATIVE CORPS. at present, to the Commander-in-chief, Head Quarters, Culcutta, May 27, 1823.

through the Adjutant Gen. - The Commander-in-Chief is pleased to notify to the subaltern of officers of the REMISSION OF SENTENCE ON NATIVE OFFICER. army, the scale of qualifications expected

Head Quarters, Calcutta, June 5, 1823. in the candidates for the office of Inter

-In consideration of the infirmities of preter in Native Corps, and the tests by Jemadar Mirza Bundley Beg, of the 2d which such qualifications are to be ascer bat. 13th regt., and that Native officer tained, viz.

being possessed of medals for services at 1. A well-grounded knowledge of the Seringapatim, in Egypt, and on the island general principles of grammar.

of Java, on which occasion he had volun2. The ability to read and write with teered his services, together with the cirfacility the modified Persian character of cumstance of his having been several times the Oordoo, and the Devi Nagree of the wounded, his Exc. the Commander-inKhurree Bolee.

Chief is pleased to remit the sentence of 3. A colloquial knowledge of the suspension passed upon the Jemadar, as Oordoo and Hindooee, sufficient to enable promulgated in G. O. of 5th ultimo, and him to explain with facility, and at the to transfer him to the Invalid Establishmoment, any orders in those dialects, or to ment as an out-pensioner upon the Invalid transpose reports, letters, &c. from them pay of his rank. into English. The tests by which these qualificatiuns

OFFICERS TO ATTEND COMMANDER-IN-CBILF, are to be tried-are, 1. By well selected questions, not of

Head Quarters, Calcu!la, July 5, 1829. the niceties, but of the general leading

-The undermentioned officers of the principles of grammar.

General Staff, and composing the guite of 2. By viva voce conversation with the

the Commander-in-Chief, are to attend examiners.

His Exc. in his tour to the Upper Pro3. By written translations into Hin- vinces, and are accordingly directed to doostanee, in both characters, of selected

hold themselves in readiness to proceed to orders, or rules and regulations.

Cawnpore. 4. By reading and translating the Bag

General Staff ho-Buhar in Hindoostanee; the Prem Col. Sir S. F. Whittingham, QuarterSagur in Khurree Bolee; and the Goolis

Master Gen.; Col. Sir T. McMahon, tan or Unwar-i Soheily in Persian.

Bart., Adjutant Gen. ; Major W. CroIt will be the duty of Committees of ker, Assist. Adjutant Gen. --of King's exainination to ascertain the attainments of Troops. candidates by the foregoing rules; and Lieut.-Col. R. Stevenson, Quartertheir reports are to specify the proficiency Master Gen. ; Lieut. Col. J. Nicol, Adof the party examined, under each of those jutant Gen. ; Major W. L. Watson, De. heads.

puty Adjutant Gen. ; Capt. W. S. BeatThe Commander-in-Chief desires it to

son, Assist. Adjutant Gen.-of the Army. be further understood, that previous examination in the College of Fort William, Suite of His Exc. the Com.-in-Chif. if successful, will be considered as suffi Lieut-Col. Geo. Marley, C.B., Milicient proof of qualification ; but that the tary Secretary. examinations which took place of officers Capt. Elliott, Assist. Secretary,


Capt. F. Champagne,

10th April, the Resident, Lieut.-Col. FarM. Semple,

Aides-de quhar, was suddenly attacked by an infuE. J. Honywcod, Camp. riated Malay, and that his life was saved H. Hay,

by the Havildar, who threw himself beK. Borrowes, G. Crole,

Extra ditto.

tween his commanding officer and the as

sassin, and warded off the blow aimed at Captain T. Macan, Persian Interpreter. the former, receiving himself a wound in Mr. W. Twining, Surgeon.

the struggle.

His Exc. is pleased to mark his sense of the Havildar's prompt and courageous con

duct, by promoting him to the rank of JeFort William, June 6, 18:23. With re

madar from the 11th inst. ference to G. O. by Government of the 2d ult., announcing that Merut and Hauper

INVALIDS, KING'S TROOPS. would henceforth be made a third station for the Invalids from corps, regular and

Head-Quarters on the River, July 25, irregular, of this army, the Governor-Gen.

1823.-1. Adverting to the approaching in Council is pleased to abolish the desig

meetings of the Annual Station Invaliding

Committees, the Commander-in-Chief is nation of Superintending Officer of Invalids at Hauper, and to make the following

pleased to appoint Capt. Creighton, of the appointments :

11th Dragoons, to the general charge of the

invalided men of H. M. regiments staLieut. Col. G. Hickman, of Invalids, to be regulating Officer of the Invalid Jagbir

tioned in the Upper Provinces, and that dar establishment at Chittagong, vice Max

officer will accordingly proceed with them, well, deceased.

under the sanction of Government, from Brev. Capt. J. Hoggan, 27th N. I., to

Ghurmuckteser Ghaut to Fort William by be Adjutant of Native Invalids and Pay

water, calling for and taking charge of

such invalids and other soldiers at the inmaster of Native Pensioners at Meerut and Hauper, on the same scale of staff, office,

termediate stations as may be destined for

the Presidency. and other allowances, as obtain with the corresponding appointment in the Allaha

2. Licut. L'Estrange, of the 14th Foot, bad division.

will do duty with the troops under Capt. Brev. Capt. Hoggan will immediately the ilth Dragoons, will attend the same in

Creighton; and Assist.-Surg. Harcourt, of proceed to receive charge of the Hauper medical charge. Invalid Accounts from the Deputy Paymaster at Meerut, and such documents

3. The men to be discharged froin H.M. relating to Jaghirdars as may be in pos

regiments whose periods of service have session of Lieut. Col. Hickman, who will expired or may terminate within the curthen repair to Chittagong.

rent year, and such as may engage into Capt. P. M. Hay, 28th N. I, in charge formerly served, are to be placed under

other regi.nents than those in which they of Chittagong Provincial Battalion, is ap- Capt. Creighton's command, who will depointed to the charge of the Jaghirdar establishment in that district till Lieut. Col. liver those who have enlisted into corps

stationed between Meerut and Calcutta, His Exc. the Commander-in-Chief is together with all documents belonging to requested to give effect to the arrangement

them, to the Commanding-officers of each establishing Merut as a third regular Inva

corps respectively, liding Station, for the final examination of tioned at a distance from Calcutta, Madras,

4. Officers commanding regiments stathe troops annually recommended for the Invalid establishment, and to assign the pired men, who decline renewing their en

and Bombay, will explain to the time-exstation and posts in the northern and westem divisions of the army, which are in gagements, that they will on no account be future to send their Invalids to Merut in- permitted to reinlist after they shall have stead of Allahabad for final examination. actually left their corps, for the purpose of The rules of management and forms of eventually embarking for Europe. accounts are in every respect to be the same

5. The Major-Gen. or Officer comas prevail at Allahabad and Monghyr.

manding the Meerut division will be pleased to cause the invalids, &c. of the

11th Dragoons and 14th Foot to move NATIVE OFFICER PROMOTED FOR GOOD thence in progress to Fort William, on, or

as early as practicable after the ist Oct. Head- Quarters, Calcutta, June 25, 1823. next, directing Capt. Creighton to report to A repor: froin the officer commanding the officers commanding at Cawnpore, the ist bat. 20th regt. has brought under Ghazeepore, Dinapore and Berhampore, the Commander-in-Chief's notice the gal- the probable time of his arrival at these lant behaviour of Havildar Jeyserry Sing, stations respectively, that no delay may of that battalion, now serving at Singapore. It appears that, in a disturbance which oc 6. Commanding officers of regiments curred at that settlement on the night of the will transmit at the prescribed period to Asiatic Journ. ---No. 98.

Vol. XVII. 2 B

Hickman joins.



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