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from a house of no character. There records of this house, which regard the adwould be no end to work of this kind, if ministration of the Marquess of Hastings, they were to be called upon to take up as Governor-General of India, and which every lying paragraph in every lying may enable that Court to judge of the newspaper. Let them consider the disa propriety of entertaining the question of a grace which such proceedings would bring farther pecuniary reward to the late Goupon themselves. (Hear!)

vernor-General."-(Hear, hear!) Mr. Trant said that, having had the ho The Hon. D. Kinnaird said, in reply, nour of some communication with the Hon. that he wished to be set right on any subProprietor (Mr. J. Smith), and having ject, which on explanation might appear said something upon the condition of their to have been inisunderstood. He had heard India affairs, and also upon this very loan no valid objection, either on one side or which had been mentioned, he would the other, against the adoption of the undertake positively to say, if he were one original resolution which he had felt it to of the individuals alluded to as having be his duty to submit to the Court, and been conversed with, that the Hon. Pro which was nothing more nor less than to prietor had not informed himself fully ask the Executive Body to do what he upon the subject. As he was up, he apprehended was their duty; nay, more, would crave their patience for a few mo. what for aught he knew they might bave ments while he said a word or two on the already done, namely, proposed a further question in debate. He was in India long grant to the Marquess of Hastings, to be before the administration of the Marquess hereafter submitted to the Court of Proof Hastings. When he (Mr. Trant) first prietors. Was it not new, after their last arrived there, an Hon. and Gallant Friend recorded vote of 1822, to see such an alwhom he was proud to see near him (Sirternative proposed for such a motion as David Baird) was engaged in that gallant he had the honour of submitting; and exploit, in which he had set so distinguish this, too, when no objection was stated, ed an example, the storming of Seringa- either within or without the bar ? The patam. Long before the military cam whole case was this: does this Court paigns of Lord Hastings, they had had not think the time has arrived, when the the highest martial achievements in India. Marquess of Hastings ought to be reHe hoped, then, that in agreeing to this warded in like manner with all former proposition, he was not to be understood Governors General, or when the Court of as subscribing to any notion, that all who Directors should say he ought not? had gone before the Marquess of Hastings (Hear!) They simply asked the Court in the administration of their Indian Go. of Directors, not for the production of vernment were unequal to him, or that voluminous and indefinite papers, but for all Europe were to look up to him as the a specific report upon the facts, from those greatest of their governors. With the who must have had tbem all before them; most unfeigned admiration for the No- and if that report, when made, proved disble Marquess's talents, he could not agree satisfactory, tben they could call for furto any motion which did not comprehend ther explanatory papers. That was his the production of all the papers necessary plain and intelligible proposition. It was for the elucidation of the general question said that the motion assumed that a decibefore them. (Hear!). Of course, he sion had been made against Lord Hastings could not say what papers were or were in the Court of Directors; he meant no not necessary; but if no other person such assumption. All he desired was, to should do so, he would feel it his duty to know whether the Directors could recommove for the production of all the papers mend a further grant to the Noble Mar. which could throw a light upon the sub- quess; or to know, by a report from them, ject. (Hear!)

why they could not? It was a novel way Mr. Poyndler explained, that when he of meeting such a proposition, to offer to seconded the original amendment, it cast before thern an enormous mass of was for a general production of papers. papers, through which they could but im

The Hon. Mover had since altered the perfectiy examine. Why not the Court of words of the amendment; perhaps some Directors, who must have had, from time time and trouble would be saved, in com to time, the whole information before ing to a general understanding upon the them, and have maturely weighed it, why terms of the motion.

should they shrink from their duty of The Chairman requested leave to sug. making a specific report, on which the gest a form of motion which would pro Court of Proprietors could act ? He bad, bably reconcile the difference at present not heard any grounds stated why his pervading the Court. Suppose the other motion should not be adopted. Notwithinotions were withdrawn, and one of this standing the secresy of the proceeding nature substituted by the Hon. Mover : among the Directors, whispers always “ That there be laid before this Court, went forth; and upon the subject of Cocopies of all correspondence, and other lonel Doyle's letter, it was said, they didocuments, to be found upon the public vided ten and ten. They might, or they

might not have negatived the further grant Directors are equal, the question under to Lord Hastings in a similar manner. discussion is lost. (Hear!) The course He strongly urged the Court of Direc. pointed out by the Hon. Proprietor, in torts to make a report in the first instance, reference to the original motion, would in preference to laying before them a large lead to much practical inconvenience. mass of papers, which, when produced, He was satisfied that the best way would they must have a committee to arrange be to agree to the production and printing and elucidate. He had no parental fond- of all the papers, and then the Court of ness for his motion; all he desired to study Proprietors, having the whole of the newas, the convenience and justice of all cessary information before them, would be parties; and he entreated them to con able to take their own view of the quessider whether the course he pointed out tion. (Hear !) was not the more convenient one. Sup Mr. Weeding suggested whether it would pose the Court of Proprietors should ulti not save time and trouble, to limit the mately differ from the Court of Directors, motion to the production of such papers then it was not impossible that the Board as came to hand after their grant of of Controul might not object to a grant of £60,000 to the Noble Marquess. He money being applied, contrary to the opi was far from wishing to narrow the nion of the Executive Body. On the grounds of their consideration : he only whole, he, upon the most mature reflection, wished to prevent their being encumbered conjured the Court of Directors to take with voluminous papers, on which no dif. the matter into their own hands, and make ference of opinion prevailed. a report upon it. As they had both but

The Chairman said, that the Hon. Prothe same subject in view, the full elucida- prietor's restriction would limit the scope tion of the subject, he hoped they would which the friends of the Noble Marquess meet it in the spirit best calculated to ar were desirous of taking, for they meant, rive at a mutual understanding; otherwise he considered, to bring into view his potheir proceeding would be an extraordi Jitical services from the commencement. nary one.

He thought it better that the motion The Chairman said, that he agreed in should be a general one, both as to time the opinion of this being an extraordinary and matter. The Noble Marquess had proceeding. If the Hon. Proprietor wish- friends behind, as well as before the bar, ed for any information respecting any and every one would be anxious that such specific proceeding which he supposed to a selection should be made as would do have taken place in the Executive Body, justice to the subject.

(Hear, hear!) then he should shape his motion for the It being now near six o'clock, Mr. Pattiproduction of the same. But the Hon.

son moved an adjournment of the debate, Proprietor contends, that the Marquess of until Friday, the 5th of March. The Hastings has a right to call upon the motion was agreed to, and the Court-ad. Court of Directors, to say why they have journed. come to any specific resolution : that he could not admit for a moment ; for if they were bound to meet the Noble Marqueșs's wishes, they would be equally

The extraordinary length of the foregoing bound to meet similar calls from others,

debates obliges us, however unwillingly, to who might suppose themselves affected by any statements out of doors. (Hear!) postpone our report of the proceedings in the With respect to the Court's letter to Colo

General Courts of the 5th and 24th March nel Doyle, the Hon. Proprietor was misinformed, and appeared not to be aware to our next number, that we may avoid that by Act of Parliament, when the

the necessity of abridging them. numbers upon a division in the Court of

Asiatic Intelligence.


Territorial Department.
July 17. Mr. T. Richardson, Assist. to
Salt Agent, 24 Pergunnahs.

Commercial Department.
Aug. 28. Sir H.V. Darell, Bart., Com.
Resident; Etawa and Calpee.

Asiatic Journ.-No, 100.

Mr. Edw. Barnett, Sub-Export Warehouse-keeper.

Mr. C. Cary, Com. Resident, Hurripaul.

Mr. G. Richardson, Com. Resident, Rungpore.

Oct. 9. Mr. G. Chester, Com. Resident,

Judicial Department.
Aug. 28. Mr. G. C. Cheap, Register of
City Court, Moorshedabad.


Two pay


Mr. J. Shaw, Register of Zillah Court, ters, stationery and all charges incidental Nuddea.

to the command, St. Rs. 150. Political Department.

Sircars, at 15 Rs. each, St. Rs. 30. Total Sept. 19. Mr. T. H. Maddock, Politi St. Rs. 240. cal Agent at Bhopaul.

Fort William, Sept. 5.- Mr. W. D. KenGeneral Department.

nedy admitted a Cadet, and promoted Sept. 11. Mr. E. Hale, Priv. Sec. to

to Ensign. Governor-Gen.

Mr. C. Abel, M.D., admitted Assist. Surg.

Head-Quarters, on the River, Aug. 19.MILITARY APPOINTMENTS,

Superintend. Surg. J. M.Dowell removed PROMOTIONS, &c.

from Berhampore to Kurnaul. Fort William, Aug. 22, 1823.- Artillery. Brev.Capt. A. Stewart, 14th N.I., to be 1st-Lieut. G. Blake, to be Capt., and 2d- Interp. and Quart.-mast. to 2d bat., vice Lieut. C. Dallas to be Ist-Lieut., from Anderson, appointed Fort Adj. of Delhi. 16 July 1823, in succession to Jenkins, Aug. 21.- Ens. M. West, 1st bat. 4th dec.

N. 1., to do duty with 2d bat. 10th regte, 6th Lt. Cav. Lieut. R. L. Anstruther to

at Berhampore until 15th Sept. be Capt., and Cornet R. Aitken to be Brev. Capt. Bryant, to officiate as InLieut., from 15 Aug. 1823, in succession terp. and Quart.-mast. to 2d bat. 28th to Cock, tranferred to Inv. Estab.

N. I., during absence of Brev. Capt. Head-Quarters, on the river, July 25. Pemberton. The undermentioned Ensigns (lately ad Fort-William, Sept. 11.—The Rt. Hon. mitted) are to do duty with Lieut.- Col. the Governor General in Council, in pur. Boyd's division of Europ. regt, at Dina suance of the orders of Government under pore :-G. Halhed, G. Baseley, W. L. date 11th July, directing four regiments Hall, G. Salter, J. G. Sharpe, A. Barclayof Native Infantry to be added to the C. Jorden, J. S. Gifford, A. Tweedale, J. establishment, is pleased to make the M. Farnworth, G. Urquhart, E. C. following promotions, transfers, and postMacpherson, C. Graham, and G. B.

ings of European officers. The officers Mitchell.

now promoted are to rank from 11th July 26.- Lieut. Croudace to act July 1823. Adjut. to 2d bat. 5th N. I., during ab Infantry. Sen. Lieut. Cols. G. Carpensence of Lieut. Smith, on med. certificate. ter, J. Burnet, C. B., J. L. Richardson,

July 28.- Assist. Surg. Paxton to have and H. Imlach, to be Lieut.. Cols. Commed. charge of the H. C.'s Europ. regt. mandant of Regiments for the augmen. at Dinapore.

tation. Aug. 11.- Cornet W. Alexander to be Majors H. Bowen, J. W. Taylor, C. Adj. to 5th L. C., vice Hawkes, resigned. Poole, J. Vaughan, C. W. R. Povoleri,

Fort William, Aug. 29.- Capt. the Hon. J. W. Fast, W. P. Price, W. Collyer, J. J. Amherst, Aid-de-Camp to the Gover L. Stuart, J. Durant, R. Hampton, L. nor-Gen., to be Mil. Sec. to his Lordship, Wiggins, to be Lieut. Cols. vice Major Streatfield, proceeded to Europe. Europ. Regt. Capt. J. Bryant to be Ma

Capt. w. Wilson, 29th N. I., to have jor, vice Stuart, promoted; and Brev. temporary command of the Benares Pro- Capts. and Lieuts. W. Burroughs and M. vincial Bat., from date of Lieut.- Col. S. Hogg to be Capts. of companies, vice Keble's dec.

Bryant, promoted, and Walker, removed Messrs. J. W. V. Stephen, W. B. Gould, to 33d regt. J. H. Wakefield, J. C. C. Grey, and G. E. 1st Regt. N.I. Brev. Capt. and Lieut, Westmacott admitted Cadets of Inf., and S. Speck to be Capt. of a Comp. vice Gabb, promoted to Ensign.

removed to 34th regt. Lieut. E. Watt, 16th N. I., transferred

2d Regt.

Capt. F. A. Weston to be to the Cavalry.

Major, vice Harriott, removed to 31st Head-Quarters, on the River, Aug. 15. regt.; and Brev. Capts. and Lieuts. T. -Officers appointed to raise recruits (500 Robinson and T. J. Baldwin to be Capts. each) for general service, to complete the of Comp., vice Weston, promoted, and 383 and 34th, and to fill up vacancies Harris, removed to 32d regt.-Brev. Capt. in regts. of the line : Capt. Gordon, and Lieut. J. Donaldson to be Capt. of a 17th N. I., at Buxar ;'Capt. Webber, Patna comp., vice Robinson, removed to 32d Prov. bat. at Bankipore ; Capt. Axford, regt. ; and Brev. Capt. and Lieut. T. 13th N. I. (now at Benares) at Sultan Reynolds to be Capt. of a comp., and repore Oude; Capt. W. Wilson, 29th N. I., moved to 32d regt. at Benares ; Capt. T. Watson (Levy) at 3d Regt. Brev. Capts, and Lieuts. W. Cawnpore; Capt. P. C. Gilman (Levy) P. Cooke and John Taylor to be Capts. when relieved from present charge, at of Comps., vice Wymer and Gregory, reFutteh-Gurh. The following allowances moved to 31st regt. to be drawn monthly by the above officers : 5th Regt. Brev. Maj. and Capt. W. Personal allowance, St. Rs. 60. For wri- G. Patrickson to be Major, vice Price,

31st regt.

promoted; and Capt. G. Cooper to be Peach, promoted, and Cave, removed to Major, vice Huthwaite, removed to 34th 34th regt. regt.-- Brev. Capts. and Lieuts. D. G. 23d Regt. Capt. G. Birch to be MaScott and W. Price to be Capts. of comps., jor, vice Povoleri, promoted ; and Brev. vice Patrickson and Cooper, promoted. Capts. and Lieuts. W. Stirling and A.

61h Regt. N. I. Capts. C. Martin and Horsburgh to be Capts. of comps., vice S. P. Bishop to be Majors, vice Poole, pro- Birch, promoted, and Roope, removed to moted, and for the augmentation.- Brev, Capts. and Lieuts. R. Blissett and F. M. 24th Regt. Brev. Capt, and Lieut. F. Chambers to be Capts. of comps., vice W. Frith to be Capt, of a comp., vice Martin, promoted and removed to 31st Brewer, removed to 32d regt. - Brev. regt., and Bishop, promoted.

Capt. and Lieut. Geo. Young to be Capt. 7th Regt. Capts. P. T. Coinyn and J. of a comp. for the augmentation, and reDelamain to be Majors, vice Sargent, re

moved to 34th regt. moved to 32d regt., and for the augmen 25th Regt. Brev. Capts. and Lieuts, tation. - Brev, Capts. and Lieuts. Edw. J. R. Knight and R. Blackall to be Capts, Gwatkin and A. Macdonald to be Capts. of comps., vice Higgins and Smith, reof comps., vice Comyn, promoted, and moved to 31st and 34th regts. Delamain, removed to 33d regt.

26th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. T. 9th Regt. Brev. Capt, and Lieut. W. Frobisher to be Capt. of a comp., vice Guise to be Capt. of a comp., vice Maling, Shadwell, removed to 33d regt. removed to 32d regt.

27th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. H. 10th Regt. Capt. T. Newton to be A. Montgomerie to be Capt of a comp, Major, vice Bowen, promoted; and Brev. vice Anderson, removed to 32d regt. Capts. and Lieuts. P. Dudgeon, H. E. 28th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. G. Peach, and E. Fell to be Capts. of comps., Young to be Capt. of a comp., vice Hay, vice Newton, promoted, and Hodgson and removed to 35d regt. ; and Brev. Capt. Barron, removed to 31st and 34th regts. and Lieut. G. W. A. Lloyd to be Capt. of

13th Regt. Brev. Capts. and Lieuts. R. a comp., and removed to 33d regt. Seymour and C. Savage to be Capts. of 291h Regt. Capt. J. Swinton to be Macomps., vice Young and James, removed jor, vice Garnham, removed to 33d regt.; to 34th and 33d regts.

and A. Stoneham to be Major, for the 14th Regt. Capt. J. Simpson to be augmentation, and removed to 94th regt. Major, vice Taylor, promoted ; and Brev. -- Brev. Capts. and Lieuts. J. Vyse, J. Capts. and Lieuts. R. Hornby, A. Stewart, Frushard, and W. Martin, to be Capts. of and J. Watkins to be Capts. of mps., comp., vice Swinton and Stoneham, provice Simpson, promoted, and Lockett and moted, and Skene, removed to 33d regt. Wollocombe, removed to 32d and 33d 30th Regt. Capts. John Pester to be regts.— Brev. Capt. and Lieut. D.D. An Major, vice Wiggens, promoted, and S. derson to be Capt. of a comp., vice Wat H. Tod to be Major, for the augmentakins, removed to Sist regt.

tion, and removed to 32d regt.— Brev. 16th Regt. Capt. P. Starling to be Capts, and Lieuts. E. Fitzgerald, G. B. Major, vice Durant, promoted; and Brev. Bell, and H. Norton, to be Capts. of Capt. and Lieut. J. H. Lester, to be comps., vice Pester and Todd, promoted, Capt. of a comp., vice Starling.

and Bucke, removed to 32d regt.-Brev. 17th Regt. Capt. E. F. Waters to be Capt. and Lieut. G. Moore to be Capt. Major, vice Fast, promoted ; and Brev. of a comp., vice Bell, removed to 34th Capts. and Lieuts. S. Mercer and w. regt. Mathew, to be Capts. of comps., vice Med. Depart. Assist. Surgs. D. Lewis, Waters, promoted, and Dick, removed to J. Grierson, R. Heaslop, and A. Cocke, 31 st regt.

to be Surgs. for the augmentation. 18th Regt. Capt. P. Lefevre to be Removal of Lieuts. The promotions and Major, vice Collyer, promoted; and Brev. transfers to the new regiments leaving the Capts. and Lieuts. J. Pearson, H. L. Lieutenants very unequally distributed in White, and J. Herring, to be Capts, of the old corps, the following removals are comps., vice Lefevre, promoted, and Shaw made in consequence, to equalize the regiand Yates, removed to 31st and 34th regts. ments in that rank: viz. - Brev. Capt. and Lieut. C. Godby to be A. B. Armstrong from 27th to 10th Capt. of a comp., vice Pearson, removed N.I., next below C. Douglas. W. Whitto 33d regt.

taker from 27th to 30th N.I., next below 20th Regt. Capt. T. Murray to be G. Kinloch. M. Dormer from 11th to Major, vice Hampton, promoted; and 10th N.I., next below A. B. Armstrong. Brevet Capt. and Lieut. H. Burney to R. W. Beatson from 11th to 7th N. I., next be Capt. of a comp., vice Murray.

below W. M. N. Sturt. C. Farmer from 21st Regt. Capt. C. Peach to be Ma 22d to 9th N.I., next below G. Gordon. jor, vice Vaughan, promoted; and Brev. W. Hickey from 16th to 1st N.I., next Capts. and Lieuts. D. Williamson and R. below H. Doveton. Hon. W. Stapleton B. Wilkins to be Capts. of comps., vice from 8th to 28th N. I., next below J.

Dade. R. W. Halhed from 16th to 14th Fowle, 33d do. T. Smith, 34th do. W. N. I., next below D. Simpson.. J. K. - C. Carleton, 18th do. G. N. Irvine, 14th McCausland from 16th to 4th N. I., next do. T. Lysaght, Europ. Regt. R. Chetbelow J. Holmes. C. Bracken from 19th wode, 10th regt. N. I. R. Ř. Margrave, to 230 N.I., next below J. Jones. W. 20th do. A. Lewis, 16th do. R. Angelo, Mackintosh from 19th to 20 N.I., next 17th do. R. C. Jenkins, 31st do. T. H. below G. Templer. J. R. Talbot from Newhouse, 3d do. K. F. Mackenzie, 92d 25th to 30th N.I., next below W. Whit do. J. Corfield, 12th do. J. Cooper, Ist taker. C. Guthrie from 26th to 23d N.I., do. R. E. Battley, 2d do. C. H. Naylor, next below C. Bracken. A. T. Davies 9th do. W. F. Beatson, 27th do. H. from 22d to 29th N.I., next below E. M. Troup, 33d do. P. Grant, 30th do. A. J. Orr. B. W. Ebhart from 27th to 7th Frazer, 28th do. S. Twerlow, 34th do. N.I., next below R. W. Beatson. W. W. G. Cooper, 4th do. W. G. J. Robe, Beveridge from 17th to 18th N.I., next 29th do. J. L. Farrer, 12th do. C. Troup, below V. Shortland. A. Hodges from R. Somerville, 26th do. Jas. Burney, 10th 21st to 14th N.I., next below R. W. Hal do. J. Burney, 7th do. F. C. Reeves, Sth hed. W. Shortreed from 22d to Eur, do. Owen Lomer, 9th do. J. Blencowe, Reg., next below G. A. C. Stewart. C. 19th do. W. Y. Torckler, Ist do. H. V. Wylde from 17th to 10th N. I, next Mackintosh, 22d do. A.K. Agnew, 3d do. below J. M. Doriner. E. F. Spencer J.G. Gordon, 15th do. J.Wyllie, 25th do. from 3d to 16th N. I., next below J. W.J. R. J. H. Birch, 11th do. F. W. Birch, Robertson. H. H. Arnaud from 12th to 21st do. J. Woodburn, 22d do. J. Butler, 17th N.I., next below J. Hay.

6th do. H. B. Smith, 18th do. A. Wati, Ensigns to 'be Lieutenants. The ap 13th do. W. Palmer, 19th do. A. Clarke, pointments to regiments of all Ensigns 28th do. T. P. Ellis, (26th do. H. C. not promoted to their respective corps, Boileau, 141h do. F. Beaty, Europ. Regt. previously to the date of the new regi D. Balderston, 25th regt. N.I. C. Chester, ments, is cancelled; and the undermen 4th do. J. B. D. Gahan, 13th do. O. W. tioned from the general list are promoted Span, 27th do. R. McNair, 11th do. to Lieutenants, and posted to the corps A. E. McMurdo, 16th do. J. Gresham, specified opposite their names, in order to 17th do. A. L. Durie, 15th do. A. complete them, viz.

Charlton, 24th do. H. Baseley 23d do. J. C. Sage, posted to 31st regt. N. I. G. Wilson, 8th do. S. Long 20th do. E. E. Wakefield, 3d do. A. Wilson, 32d do. E. Ludlow, 5th do. J. Maclean,' 5th do. T. Goldney, 12th do. J. A. Shearer, 1st B. Bygrave, 2d do. C. H. Cobbe, 30th do. do. W. Murray, 2d do. G. R. Talbot, R. Stewart, 21st do. J. Russell, 23d do. 9ih do. A. A. L. Corri, 27th do. A. B. S. J. 0. Oldham, Sist do. W. A. Smith, Kent, 33d do. T. E. A. Napleton, Soth 29th do. E. Carte, 32d do. E. J Betts, do. D. L. Richardson, 28th do. G. H. 6th do. J. Welchman, 7th do. J. T. Dalby, 34th do. J. Platt, 4th do. E. A. Lowe, 3d do. A. M. L. Maclean, Seth Cumberlege, 291h do. W. A. Ludlow, do. B. Scott, 18th do. W. Wise, 14th do. 12th do. N. J. Cumberlege, 24ih do. H. E. Rushworth, Europ. Regt. W. StruLock, 26th do. C. G. Macan, 10th do. thers, 10th regt. N.I. J. H. Vanrenen, J. P. Wade, 7th do. J. E. Landers, 8th 20th do, J. W. Colquhoun, 16th do. J. do. W. H. Phibbs, 9th do. T. C. Wil. Gibb, 17th do. ton, 19th do. C. J. Oldfield, Ist do. R. Ensigns. ' The remaining Ensigns in Campbell, 22d do. J. H. Clarkson, 3d do. the army are posted to regiments as folC. Manning, 15th do. J. T. Douglas, lows: the first nine being to fill up all 25th do. T. Cooke, 11th do. J. Cumber vacancies announced to the present date lege, 21st do. J. Bartleman, 22d do. M. inclusive, the rest in succession of Majors Richardson, 6th do. T. L. Kennedy, 18th and corps, viz. do. G. M. S. Robe, 13th do. J. Rox. G. Cumine, posted to sist regt. N.I. burgh, 19th do. E. Squibb, 28th do. J. W. M. Ramsay, 31st do. A. Macdonald, Pollard, 26th do. W. Rutherford, 14th 10th do. W. D. Stewart, 3d do. R. L. do. A C. Scott, Europ. Regt. J. Saun Burnet, 27th do. J. Macdonald, 24th do. ders, 25th regt. N.I. H. Hudleston, 4th J. Knyvett, 33d do. A. Knyvett, 320 do. do. C. J. Huthwaite, 13th do. C. Camp E. J. Watson, 30th do. W. Innes, 12th bell, 27th do. J. Evans, 11th do. G. Ir do. B. Boswell, Ist do. W. Stewart, 2d vine, 16th do. Justin Sheil, 17th do. J.W. do. S. Williams, 9th do. F. Hunter, 27th Rowe, 15th do. C. H. S. Freeman, 24th do. J. Whiteford, 33d do. W. Peel, 28th do. D. Williams, 23d do. R. Birch, 8th do. W.F. A. Seymour, 34th do. M. Smith, do. S. F. Hannah, 20th do. F. B. Cor 4th do. G. A. Mee, 29th do H. Miles, field, 5th do. F. B. Todd, 5th do. F. 12th do. A. T. Lloyd, 24th do. C. GrifWarwick, 2d do. J. F. Curgenven, 30th fin, 26th do. J. Buncombe, 10th do. C. do. J. Gibbs, 21st do. J. C. Tudor, 23d Commeline, 7th do. H. Charlton, Sth do. J. H. Smith, 31st do. W. McD. Hop do. H. Todd, 9th do. H. F. Broderip, per, 29th do. P. Houghton, 32d do. C. 19th do. P. Goldney, Ist do. A. WebGale, 6th do. W. Foley, 7th do. C. ster 22d do. W. Macgeorge, 3d do. W.

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