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ing brought intelligence that about 80 tons 27. The wife of Mr. D. Kenderdine, of the cargo have been saved, and hopes H. C's. Marine, of a son. are entertained that much more will be The lady of C. Mackenzie, Ese}, ultimately recovered. The vessel still re Civil Service, of a son. tains her original position across the creek, 29. The lady of R. Alexander, Esq., and, in consequence of the furry thus of a daughter. occasioned, boats cannot approach her At Fendall Baugh, the lady of F. without some dificulty and even danger. Magniac, Esq., C. s., of a daughter. Her hull yet remains uninjured, notwith The lady of G. Richardson, Esq., standing the perilous situation in which C. S., of a son. she is placedl. --Bang. Hurk, Sept. 27. 30. Mrs.J.W.E. Taylor, of a daughter.

Brig Ann Laura. - On the 24th of In Purneah, the lady of H. BuchAug, the brig Ann Laura, Capt. P. Tar- land, Esq., of a son. ket, inward-bound, foundered in six fa At Cawnpore, the lady of Capt. G. thoms, in the South Channel ; five natives Mathews, H.M. 591h regt., of a daughter, of the crew, the captain's wife and infant Sept. 1. At Culna, Factory, Mrs. J. child lost. The captain, the pilot (Mr. Russell, of a daughter. Hand), and four seamen, were fortunately At Benares, the lady of Dr. Watson, saved on a raft, and landed on the 27th at of a daughter. Bercool (near Hidgelee), where the pilot In Chowringhee, the lady of C. left them, and arrived at Kedgerce on the Paton, Esq., Magistrate, Calcutta, of a Ist instant, from whence he forwarded the daughter. foregoing account. The above vessel took Mrs. G. Rowland, of a son. the pilot on board on the 22d ultimo, being Mrs. Burges, of a son. then in distress for provisions, water, and 2. At Chowringhee, the lady of F. T. sails, with which she was supplied by the Hall, Esq., of a daughter. Henry Meriton, pilot vessel. - Bankshall The lady of W. H. Abbot, Esq., of Circular, Sept. 2.

a daughter. Ship Stentor. The Stentor, Harris, The lady of G. P. Thompson, Esq. from Bengal, ran on shore, Oct. 3d, on of a daughter. the Long Sand, near Sanger Point, but 3. At Gbazeepore, Mrs. E. George, was got off, and put into Diamond Har of a daughter. bour, and intended to return to Calcutta to At Nusserabad, the lady of Capt. be docked.

Sandys, D.A., Quarter Master-Gen, of a daughter.

4. At Goomalty, near Malda, the lady BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND

of John Andrews, Esq., of a daughter. DEATHS.

At Bhaugulpore, the lady of Ea

sign D. L. Richardson, of twins (two July 25. At Meerut, the lady of Lieut. sons). Mulkern, H.M. 11th Drags., of a son.

Mrs. J. Miller, of a son. Aur. 6. At Delhi, Mrs. W. E. Chick,

At Benares, the wife of Mr. I. of a son.

Healey, of a son. 10. At Sangor, Mrs. C. Sulton, of a 6. At Meerut, the lady of Capt. J. son and heir.

Jenkins, H.M.'s 11th Lt. Drag, of a At Fultah Ghaut, the lady of S. S. daughter. Frost, Esq., of a son and heir.

The lady of J. B. Dorrett, Esq, of 13. At Kamptee, the lady of Capt. H. C. Barnard, ist bat. 15th N.I., of twins, The lady of M. Arom, Esq., of a a boy and a girl.

son and heir. 16. At Lucknow, the lady of J. M. 7. Mrs. G. Brown, of a daughter. Sinclair, Esq., Engineer to his H. M. the Mrs. G. R. Gardener, of a son. King of Oude, of a son.

At Meerut, the lady of Capt. T. 17. At Tytalia, the lady of Maj. Waters, Lumsden, Horse Art, Brig., of a son. commanding Dinagepore Local Bat., of a 8. At Monghyr, the lady of John Tylstill-born daughter.

ler, Esq., of a daughter. At Bhaugulpore, the lady of J. At Bisben Ghur (Futtyghur), Mrs. Petty Ward, Esq., Civil Service, of a son. T. Kerrod, of a daughter.

22. At Moisgunge, the lady of J. H. At Malda, the lady of J. W. BateSavi, Esq., of a son.

man, Esq., of Jungypore, of a son. 29. At Mhow in Malwa, the lady of 9. At Chilneah Factory, Purneah, Mrs. Lieut.-Col. Fagan, of a son.

C. Jadawine, of a son. 24. At Jubulpore, the lady of Lieut. At Chowringhee, the lady of T. M. M. Nicholson, of a son.

Seppings, Esq., of a son. 26. At Patna, the lady of Dr. Thom 12. Mrs. W. de Monte Sinaes, of a son, Surgeon to the Board of Revenue, daughter. Central Provinces, of a daughter.

The lady of J. W. Grant, Esq., of · Mrs. Capt. Denham, of a son. Malda, of a stiu-born male child.


a son.

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of a son.

12. At Noacolly, the lady of C. Care eldest daughter of the late Maj. Scott dew, Esq., C. S., of a son and heir, same regt. · 13. Ai Dum Dum, the lady of Capt. 28. Mr. J. Perkins, Dancing and Music P. G. Mathison, of Artillery, and Com Master, to Miss Ann Brietzeke, of Kid. missary of Ordnance, of a daughter. derpore School.

14. At Dinapore, the lady of Capt. F. Sept. 1. At St. John's Cathedral, Licut. Walker, Europ. Regt., of a son.

J. Liptrap, 2d bat. 21st regt. N.I., to 15. Mrs. Twentyman, of a son. Miss Maria Perigoe.

18. At Kidderpore, Mrs. J. D. Ridge 4. Capt. Gardener, of the Free Trader way, of a still-born son.

Pilot, to Miss L. E. Hitchcock. 19. At Bancoora Jungle Mehals, the 9. Mr. J. Elias, to Miss Jebb, eldest lady of G. N. Cheek, Esq., Civil Sur daughter of the late N Jebb), Esq. geon, of a daughter.

At St. Andrew's Church, Mr. M. 20. At the H. C's. Botanical Gardens, Portner, to Miss Cecilia Cazabon. Mrs. D. Churcher, of a daughter.

12. At St. John's Cathedral, G. Jes. 21. At Berhampore, the lady of J. sop, Esq., Civil Engineer, to Miss Mary M'Dowell, Esq., of a daughter.

Thomas Poynton. 22. Mrs. A. G. Balfour, of a son.

13. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. R. 23. Mrs. C. Crichton, of a daughter. Martindell, to Miss M. Duncan Eaton,

The wife of Mr. E. D. Fabian, late of Miss Thornton's Seminary. H C. Marine, of a son.

15. At Mhow, Mr. S. Nelson, officiatAt Futtyghur, the lady of J. Clark, ing Sub-Conductor, to Amelia, eldest Esq., merchant, of a daughter.

daughter of the late Mr. A. Robertson, At Patna, the lady of Capt. M. S. Conductor of Ordnance. Hogg, of a daughter.

16. At the Cathedral, Mr. W. Fawcett 25. In Chowringhee, Mrs. F. D. Kell- Pennington, to Miss C. Cunningham. ner, of a daughter.

17. At the Cathedral, G. Proctor, Esq., Mrs. Caspers, the wife of Mr. H. P.

Surgeon on the Military Estab., to Eliza, Caspers, H. C.'s Marine, of a son. eldest daughter of the late Col. S. Dyer. The wife of Mr. T. N. Flashman, At Secrole, Lieut. F. S. Hawkins,

Adj. Ist bat. 19th N.I., to Mary, eldest At Barrackpore, the lady of J. Dick, daughter of Maj. Gen. Loveday, comEsq., C. S., of a still-horn son.

manding Benares Division of the Army. At Digah, near Dinapore, Mrs. A. 18. At St. John's Cathedral, T. R. Willson, of a daughter.

Wiltshire, Esq., to Miss Elvira, eldest 26. The lady of J. P. Larkins, Esq., daughter of the late Capt. J. W. Palmer, C. S., of a daughter.

Bengal Military Estab. 27. At Calcutta, Mrs. C. D. Pinto, of

At St. Nazareth's Church, Lazar

Agabeg, Esq., to Miss Regina Gentloom 28. At Delhi, Mrs. E. P. Staines, of a Aviet. daughter.

27. Mr. C. Serraon, to Mrs. C. Harri30. The wife of Mr. T. B. Bennett, son, widow of the late Capt. E. Harrison, H. C's. Marine, of a daughter.

Oct. 4. Mr.J. E. Roch, to Miss A. M. Oct. 1. At Burdwan, the lady of Capt. D'Cruz. ). Aubert, of a daughter.

10. At St. John's Cathedral, S. G. 2. Mrs. H. Martindell, of a son. Palmer, Esq., C.S., to Miss Fanny Udny

5. At Allipore, the lady of H. Oakeley, Law. Esq., of a child, still-born.

At Barrackpore, the lady of Capt. J. Read, of a son. 6. At the Botanical Garden, the lady

June 25. At Meerut, William, the inof N. Wallich, Esq., of a son.

fant son of Lieut. M. Mulkern, H. M's. At Midnapore, the lady of Col. J. L. 11th Light Drag., aged 11 months. Richardson, of a still-born daughter.

July 17. At Furruckabad, Monohur 8. The lady of M. C. Radcliff, Esq.,

Doss, a well-known and eminent banker.

Aug. 9. At Allahabad, T. Jonas, aged 10. The lady of C. Omen, Esq., In

six months, son of Capt. J. C. Watson, digo Planter, of Modendorry Factory, commending Cawnpore Levy, Zillah Jessore, of a son and heir.

16. At Lucknow, Miss S. C. Saunders, 11. Mrs. C. Cornelius, jun., of a son.

of the cholera, aged one year. 14. Mrs. J. Mackintosh, of a son.

17. At Lucknow, of the cholera, Miss 15. The lady of G. Money, Esq., Bar

M. A. Arson, daughter of the late F. Arrister at Law, of a son.

son, Armourer, aged seven years.

At Nusserabad, F. A. Cornwallis, son of Capt. A. Warde, 3d regt. Lt. Ca

valry, aged two years. Aug. 26. At Dum-Dum, J. W. In 18. At Culpee, Lieut. Col. N. Cum. gram, Esq., 3d N.I., to Maria Isabella, berlege, 1st. regt. N.t:

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3 son.


of a son.


19. At Lucknow, of cholera morbus, Service, aged 25 (eldest son of Major Dr. Gibson, Surgeon to the King of Oude; Gen. T. Clarke). and only a few hours afterwards, of the 17. Capt. Ed. Doveton, Madras Estab., same complaint, Mrs. Gibson, wife of the and Aide-de-Camp to General Sir J. above.

Doveton, aged 23. 20. At Lucknow, of cholera morbus, - At the Botanical Gardens, Mr. J. Capt. Fortune, Aid-de-Camp to the king Roxburgh, aged 46. of Oude.

19. At Kishnagbur, T. George, the in22. At Berhampore, Louisa Villers Wil. fant son of Mr. T. Brae, Jun. son, lady of Capt. C. Wilson, H. M. 38th 21. Mr. W. Bailey, successor to Mr. Foot, aged 25.

J. Tiver, aged 28. 25. The youngest son of Mr. D. Ken At Buxar, Capt. Alex. Cock, Invalid derdine, H. C.'s Marine, aged two years. Estab., and late of the 6th reg. Lt. Car.

At Chinsurah, Capt. W. Smith, late 22. Mrs. Lousia Thornhill, aged 50. of the Rohilla Corps.

Off Fultah, Capt. J. Rodger, 9th 26. At Sehore, Major Henley, 24th, N. Madras N. I. I., and Political Agent in Bhopal.

At Barrackpore, Lieut. J. Hoare, 27. Capt. Delap, 24th N. I.

Interpreter and Quarter Master, 2d batt. At Serampore, Mrs. Elizabeth Von 20th B. N. I., aged 23 years. Stubenvoll, relict of the late Capt. Lieut. 29. Mr. S. Fallon, H. C. Marine, J. Von Stubenvoll, Pension Estab.

aged 28. 28. Miss Jane Harvey.

24. In Chowringhee, Mr. D. Phillips, 31. At Cawnpore, Isabel, daughter of aged 87. G. Reddie, Superintending Surgeon, aged 25. Mrs. Anna Maria Smith, daughter one year.

of the late Mr. G. Phillips, aged 15. Sept. 1. At Nagpore, the Rev. Fre Jose - C. De Freycinet, Esq. aged 39. De Santo Rosa, Roman Catholic Chap - J. Weskin, infant son of Mr. T. lain to the H. C.'s Bengal Europ, reg. Weskin, aged two years.

Mrs. Mary Lefever, wife of Mr. 26. At Mirzapore, H. Mercer, Esq, Charles Lefever, aged 23.

successor to D. Turnbull, Esq. 2. B. L. Jenkins, Esq. late Assist. in 29. Mr. T. Reid, Purser of the ship Mi). Accountant General's Office, aged 41. Ogle Castle.

Mr. H. Langly, Chief Officer of the Oct. 1. The infant son of Mr. H. P. Woodford.

Caspers, H. C. Marine. 3. C. Busch, Esq., of the Firm of 3. At Dacca, at the house of Mr. Mas. Messrs. F. Bonnaffe and Co., aged 48. ter, Mrs. Harrison, wife of T. C. Har.

At Futtehghur, Mary, infant daugh- rison, Esq., Surgeon of Barrisol station. ter of Lieut. J. F. Paton, Bengal Engi. 5. At Dr. Marshman's, at Serampore,

in his 36th year, H. A. Williams, Esq., 4. At Seebpore, Capt. W. Brown,aged 49. Commercial Resident at Jungypore, el. - At Delhi, Lieut. Curgenven, 30th N.I. dest son of H. T. Williams, Esq., of At Berhampore, Lieut. Gen. J. Mor

Park Crescent, Portland Place. ris, of the Senior List of this Army.

- Mrs. Anna Keys, aged 29. 5. Mrs. Nelly Forbes, aged 72.

6. Mr. D. Crichton, aged 29. · Lieut. G. Walter, of Engineers, Mr. J. Livingston, late of the ship aged 22.

Ogle Castle, aged 18. 6. T. Heckford, Esq. aged 25.

8. At Serampore, Mr. John Cole. - Mr. C. Fernandes, aged 50.

12. The infant son of Mr. C. Cornelius, 7. Mr. F. Willoughby, son of Col. junior. Willoughby, of Patna, aged 28.

In Chinsura, Miss Thereza Ferro - At Bhaugulpore, Lieut. Shearer, daughter of F. Ferrao, Esq. of Penang, Ist N. I.

aged 19. Serjt. Major M. Middleditch, of the Pension List, aged 38. 8. At Bishen Ghur, the infant daugh

MADRAS. ter of Mr. T. Kerrod.

10. Mr. T. N. Gibson, H. C. Marine, CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. aged 24. 11. Mrs. E. C. Pinto, relict of the late

Oct. 2. Mr. E. Smalley, Collector and C. E. Pinto, Esq., aged 26

Magistrate of Nellore.
Mr. C. S. Powell, aged 37, of

Mr. J. Babington, Collector and Va-
Catchee Cottah, in the Zillah of Nuddea. gistrate, Chingleput.
He was drowned, while crossing from one

Mr. W. Hudleston, Sec. to Board of factory to another.

Superintendence for College, and Deputy 13. The lady of G. Gogerly, Esq.

Persian Translator to Government. aged 25.

15. At the house of J. Turner, Esq., Mr. Compton is about to proceed to Chowringhee, T. Clarke, Esq., of the Civil Calcutta, to assume the office of Advocate


General, pro tem., Mr. Fergusson who has

Sen. Ens. F. B. White to be Lieut., lately acted in that capacity being now on from 30 April 1822, vice Carnac, retired ; his way to England, overland.

--Lieut. M. Poole, to take rank from 20 June 1822, vice Luard, dec.; Lieut.

J. Richardson to take rank from 23 Nov. MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, &c.

1822, vice Milford, dec. ; Sen. Lieut.

(Brev. Capt.) J. Anderson to be Capt. ; Fort St. George, Aug. 15, 1823.-Mr. and Sen. Ens. W. Maires to be Lieut., J. C. Boulderson admitted cadet, and from 25 Dec. 1822, vice Fair, dec. promoted to Ensign.

17th Regt. N. I. Sen. Ens. T. M'ClelLieut. J. D. Stokes, 4th N. I., to be lan to be Lieut. vice Jardine, cashiered ; Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 1st bat., date of com. 10 Sept. 1823. vice Van Heythuyson.

Ist-Lieut. W. G. Lewis, of Artillery, to Aug. 19.- Mr. G. A. C. Bright ad rank as Ist-Lieut. from 8th June 1821. mitted Assist. Surg.

Messrs. W. G. C. Dunbar and P. A. Aug. 22.- Assist. Surg. G, A. C. Walker admitted Cadets, and promoted to Bright, to do duty under Garrison Sur Cornets. geon, Poonamallee.

Messrs. D. Wynter, G. W. Moore, H. Aug. 26.- Capt. W. James, 2d N. I., C. Beevor, C. P. Moore, H. P. Clay, and to act as Paymaster in Dooab, during ab G. A. Barnard admitted Cadets, and prosence of Capt. Browne.

moted to Ensigns. Aug. 29.-Capt. T. Watson, 4th N. I., Messrs. T. Ward, M. D., and Robt. to be Paymaster at the Presidency, vice Power admitted Assist. Surgs. Marshall, resigned.

Assist. Surgs. T. Ward, M. D., and Sept. 2.- Mr. T. Key admitted Assist R. Power to do duty under Garrison Surg. Surg.

of Fort St. George. Sept. 5.-23d Regt. N. I. Sen. Ens. Assist. Surg. T. Keys to do duty under W.G. T. Lewis to be Lieut., vice Besley, Garrison Surg. of Poonamallee. dec.; date of com. 4th Sept. 1823.

Lieut. A. M'Farlane, 5th N. I., to be. Messrs. T. Coles and E. Clutterbuck Quart. Mast. and Interp. to 2d bat., vice almitted cadets, and promoted to Ensigns. Anderson.

Head Quarters, Choultry Plain, Aug. 29. Sept. 16.-Europ. Regt. Sen. Ens. P. - Lieut. T. H. Thoresby removed 2d to 3d Chambers to be Lieut., vice Ellaway, bat. ; and Capt. Derville, 3d to 2d bat. dec.; date of com. 230 April 1823. Artillery.

Brevet Rank. The undermentioned OfEns. H. Morland removed ist to 2d ficers (Cadets of season 1807) promoted to bat. 14th regt.

rank of Brev. Capt. from 16 Sept. 1823. Sept. 1. - Removals. Lieut. Col. (Brev. Lieut. J. T. Welbe, 7th N. I.; Lieut. Col.) H. Fraser, 12th to 22d regt., 2d E. E. Bruce, 18th ditto; Lieut. J. G. bat.; Lieut. Col. A. Andrews, 22d to Mitford, 5th ditto; Lieut. A. M‘Leod, 11th regt., 2d bat. ; Lieut. Col. W. 22d ditto; Lieut. F. W. Morgan, Ist ditto; Blackburne, 11th to 12th regt., 1st. bat ; Lieut, G. Willock, 5th Cavalry; Lieut. Lieut. Col. A. M Intosh, 15th to 23d D. A. Fenning, 5th ditto. regt., 1st bat. ; Lieut. Col. T. Stewart, Sept. 19. - Lieut. W. Campbell, Fort 23d to 15th regt., 2d bat. ; Lieut. Col. J. Adj. at Poonamallee, to act as Paymaster at D. Greenhill, 17th to 16th regt., 1st bat. ; that station during absence of Capt. BerLieut. Col. E. Boardman, 16th to 17th nard. regt., 2d bat. ; Lieut. Col. H. F. Smith, Sept. 23. - Major-Gen. Doveton, K.C.B., 22d to 18th regt., 2d bat. ; Lieut. Col. A. to command northern division of Army, Fair, 18th to 10th regt., 2d bat; Lieut. and Major-Gen.-Sir T. Pritzler, K.C. B., Col. (Brev. Col.) R. Scott, C. B., 10th to to command Southern Division of ditto. 22d regt., 1st bat. ; Capt. C. Newman, Head Quarters, Choultry Plain, Sept. 15. 2d to 1st bat., and Capt. W. Heude, Ist -5th Regt. Major G.Maunsell (late prom.) to 2d bat., 23d regt. ; Assist. Surg. J. posted to 2d bat. ; Capt. J. Anderson, Lawder, 6th to 1st regt., 1st bat. ; Assist. (late prom.) posted to 1st bat. ; and Lieut. Surg. J. Barton, 1st to 6th regt., 1 st bat. ; J. G, Mitford, removed from 2d to Ist Assist. Surg. N. A. Wood, H. M. 41st battalion. regt., to 1st bat. 4th N. I.

Capt. T. Bennet removed from 2d to Fort St. George, Sept. 9.—Messrs. J. 1st bat., and Capt. H. Gregory from 1st to Thomson, D. Richardson, and J. G. Mal- 2d bat. of Artillery. colmson admitted Assist. Surgeons.

Sept. 26.-Lieut. J. Gordon, 6th regt., Assist. Surg. Malcolmson to do duty removed from 2d bat. 5th regt. to 1st under Surgeon 1st bat. Artillery, and bat. of that corps. -Ens. R. S. M. Sprye, Assist. Surgs. Richardson and Thompson, removed from 3d to 9th regt. N. I., and to under Surgeon of Madras Europ, regt. rank below Ens. D. Wynter.- Ens. Sprye,

Sept. 12.-5th Regt. N.I. Sen. Capt. G. posted to Ist bat. 9th regt., and Ens. J. N. Maunsell to be Major ; Sen. Lieut. (Brev. Macvitie, removed from 1st to 2d bat, same Capt.) P. Farquharson to be Capt. ; and regt.

N. I. ;

Sept. 18.- Cornets and Ensigns posted Capt.) D. C. Stewart, 12th N.I., on sick to regiments as follows:

certificate. - 30. Lieut. Col. J. Marshall, Cornet P. A. Walker, to 2d regt. L. C.; 14th N. I., ditto ; Cornet A. R. Taylor, Cornet S. F. Mackenzie, ditto, ditto; Cor 4th regt. L.C., ditto.-Oct. 3. Lieut.-Col. net C. B. Lindsay, 3d ditto ; Cornet W. P. J. Colebrooke, C.B., 2d regt. L.C., ditia ; Deas, 7th ditto, and Cornet W. Shairp, 8th Capt. P. Farquliarson, 5th N.I. ditto.- Ens. D. Strettell, 1st bat. 2d regt.

To Sca. Ens. R. S. M. Sprye, 2d bat. 3d Aug. 19. Lieut. J. C. Coffin, 8th N.I., ditto; Ens. H. C. Beevor, 1st bat. 3d on sick certificate.- Sept. 12. Capt. J. ditto ; Ens. W. E. Gibb, 2d bat, 6th ditto; Rodger, 9th N.I, ditto.-19. Maj. J. Ens. G. C. C. Rand, 2d. bat. 8th ditto; Hanson, Dep. Quart. Mast. Gen., ditto. Ens. D. Wynter, Ist bat. 9th ditto; Ens. Capt. Bernard, Paymast, at Poonamalle, J. Sinclair, 1 st bat, 10th ditto; Ens. E.W. ditto. Ravenscroft, ditto, ditto; Ens. J.W. Rick. ards, Ist bat. 11th ditto ; Ens. H. T. Yarde,

SHIPPING. 1st bat. 14th ditto; Ens. G. W. Moore, Ist bat. 16th ditto; Ens. J. Smith, 2d

Arrivals. bat. 16th ditto ; Ens. H. P. Clay, 2d bat.

Lady Campbell, Betham, from L'Orient. 17th ditto; Ens. J. C. Boulderson, 1st

-Grenada, Anderson, from England. bat. 18th ditto; Ens. G. A. Barnard, 2d

Duke of Lancaster, Davis, from Lirer. bat. 191h ditto; Ens. C. P. Moor, 1st bat. pool.-- Marquess of Wellington, Blanshard, 22d ditto; Ens. C. Yates, 1st bat. 23d

from London. Ganges, Cumberlege, ditto; Ens. J. Thomas, ditto, ditto ; and

from Portsmouth - Kingston, Bowen, from Ens. W. Snow, Ist bat. 25th ditto.

England. -Ann and Amelia, Short, from Officers recently arrived, to do duty as

Calcutta. follows:

Departures. Cornet W. G. C. Dunbar, with 6th L.C.

Mary Anne, Webster ; Glenely, Wad. Ensigns T. Coles and E. Clutterbuck,

dell; Allas, Clifton, and Princess Charwith 2d bat. 10th regt. N. I.

lotte of Wales, Gribble, for Calcutta.Fort St. George, Sept. 26.- Capt. A.

Kains, Cunningham, for London. -- JAMES Cumming, 20 N. I., to resume his appoint- Scott, M'Kenzie, for Bombay.- Marquess ment of Assist. Commissary Gen. -Capt. of Wellington, Blanshard; Duke of LanJ. Crokatt to act as Paymaster in Ceded

caster, Davies; Lady Campbell, Betham; Districts during absence of Capt. Baker. – Grenada, Anderson; and Ganges, CumLieut. R. Codrington, 238 N. I, to be berlege, for Calcutta. Adj. to 1st bat. vice Bexley. Sept. 30.-Col. F. Pierce, Nat. Inf. to

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND command Field Force in Dooab.

DEATHS. Col. A. M ́Dowell, C. B., Nat. Inf. to command troops in Ceded Districts. Aug. 25. At Tanjore, the wife of the

Maj. J. Nixon, Ist N.I., to be Interp. Rev. G. Sperschneider, of a son. to Head-quarters of Army, vice Leith,

Sept. 1. At the Presidency, Mrs. Morresigned.

phett, of a daughter. Messrs. C. R. Flint and T. J. Taylor 3. The lady of E. Gordon, Esq., of admitted Cadets, and promoted Cornets. Myrtle Grove, of a daughter.

Mr. Æneas Macqueen admitted Cadet, At Chittledroog, the lady of Capt. and promoted Ensign.

N. H. Hatherly, of the 1st bat. 6th N. I., Assist. Surg. J. G. Coleman, to afford of a daughter. medical aid on Neelgherry Hills to Prin 5. At Courtallum, the lady of W. F. cipal Collector of zillah of Coimbatore. Newlyn, Esq., Med. Estab., of a son.

Oct. 3.-12th Regt. N.I. Sen. Ens. D. At Mysore, Mrs. Van Ingan, of a Kinlock to be Lieut., vice Stewart, dec.

Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) J. J. Webbe, 4th 7. At the Government House, Lady regt. N.I., re-admitted on estab.

Munro, of a son.

10. At Courtallam, the lady of W.O. FURLOUGHS.

Shakespear, Esq., H. C.'s Civil Service,

of a daughter. To Europe.

1:3. The lady of Lieut. W. C. Brunton, Aug. 15. Maj. Thos. Beckett, 23d 20 Lt. Cav., of a son. N. I., on sick certificate.-19. Lieut. Edw. 15. At Cochin, Mrs. A. Harrington, of Dyer, 230 N.I., ditto; Lieut. G. Wil her 5th son. liams, 22d N.I., ditto.-22. Major E. At Arcot, the lady of Lieut. Naylor, Hindley, 5th Lt. Cav.-26. Lieut F.

89th regt., Aid-de-Camp to Gen. Sewell, M'Kinnon, 7th N. I., on sick certificate.

of a son, who expired the following day. Lieut. H. E. Kenny, 10th N.I., ditto. 16. Mrs. Julia Taylor, wife of Mr. G. -29. Assist. Surg. Robt. Rolland, ditto. Taylor, of a still-born girl. -Sept. 16. Ens. O. F. Sturt, 5th N.I.,

17. The lady of E. H. Woodcock, Esq., ditto, via Bombay.--26. Lieut. (Prev. of a daughter.



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