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The Bethel Society, lately established in Le Messurier, and Cleland appear to have Calcutta for the religious and moral in. been dissatisfied with certain rules observ. struction of British and Foreign Seamen, is ed by the Court, and accordingly stated enlarging its plan. The only houses at their objections in a joint memorial. This present existing for the reception of this act was regarded by the Recorder as an class of society are of the most wretch- insult to the Court, and an assumption on ed description, where every kind of the part of the bar of a privilege to which vice prevails, in a degree which would it had no title. His lordship also proscarcely be credited in England. The nounced the memorial itself to be libel. consequences are most deplorable. To lous. By the sentence of the Court, the remedy this evil, it is proposed by the five barristers above-named were suspendSociety to establish a boarding-house for ed from their situations for six months ; seamen, in which every thing shall be and, in the interim, the attornies are to done to promote comfort and economy, practise as barristers as well as in their as well as sobriety and order,

more appropriate branch of the profession.

The Government have subscribed 500 We are sorry in being obliged to record rupees per mensem towards the Bengal the dismissal of Lieut. Thos. Say, 2d hat. Mariners' and General Widows' Fund, 5th regt. N.I., from the service of the and the Right Hon. the Governor-General Hon. Company, for insubordination. has been pleased to become its Patron.

PENANG AND SINGAPORE. We have The accounts we have already given of received various intelligence relating to the extensive devastation produced by inun- agriculture, commerce, and other meadations, both in the upper and lower dis sures of general improvement, the par. tricts of Bengal, are far from having been ticulars of which we are unable to insert. overcharged. We are sorry to observe The prospectus of the Literary Society that every newspaper we receive from Cal lately established at Singapore, shall be cutta brings fresh intelligence of this dis- given in our next number. tressing nature.

China. It appears by the late arrivals It is reported by some of the native from China, that the affair of the Topaze Ukbars, that an attempt has been made to is not considered by the Viceroy as finally assassinate Scindea. The villain failed in adjusted, two men being still demanded his object, and was instantly cut to pieces for execution. The trade, however, is by Scindea's officers,

allowed to proceed for the present on the

payment of certain douceurs. How long We have before us a great variety of this system shall continue depends proba. other miscellaneous intelligence from the bly upon the wisdom and firmness of our chief Presidency, but we are obliged to authorities at Canton. defer its insertion to a future number.

Dr. Morrison, the celebrated Chinese

lexicographer, has arrived in England on Madras.-Our readers will perceive

board the Waterloo. from foregoing pages, that we have received intelligence from this Presidency to

CAPE OF Good Hope. - The Caffrees the middle of October.

have again been committing depredations Sir Thos. Munro has requested perinis. in our new settlements. They were alsion to return to England.

tacked, however, in the beginning of The papers coutain nothing else in the December, by a body of 200 mounted way of incident or anecdote that is suffi burghers, under the command of Major ciently important to demand insertion in Somerset, and received a severe chastiseour present number.

ment. A great portion of the stolen pro

perty was recovered. It may reasonably BOMBAY.-An affair of some conse. be hoped, that the lesson which has been quence occurred in the Recorder's Court given to these depredators will ensure in the beginning of October last. Messrs. tranquillity for some time to come. Norton ( Advocate-General), Irwin, Parry,

Wome Intelligence.


Wellington is President, and upwards of

forty individuals of rank and talent conFeb. 25. A Court of Directors was held, when Capt. Haviside was sworn into nected with our Eastern empire are ap. the command of the ship Thames.

pointed a committee. The following is the 28. A Court of Directors was held,

prospectus. when the ship Thames, taken up för China

Prospectus. direct, was thus timed, viz. to be afloat The Oriental club will be established at the 28th Feb., sail to Gravesend 14th a house in a convenient situation. March, stay there thirty days, and be in The utmost economy will be observed in Downs 18th April. The Astell was con the whole establishment, and the subscrip-. signed to Bengal direct.

tion for its foundation and support shall Murch 1. The despatches for St. Helena, not exceed tifteen pounds entrance, and Bombay, and China, by the ship London, six pounds per annum. were closed, and delivered to the Purser of There will be a commodious reading that ship.

room, with newspapers and periodical pub2. The despatches were closed, and de- lications, and it will be a particular object livered to the Pursers of the following to have those from every quarter of the ships, vis. Marquess Camden, Larkins, East up to the latest dates. A library will for Bumbay and China; and Lady Mel be gradually formed, chiefly of works on ville, Clifford, for Madras and China. Oriental subjects.

17. The despatches for Madras and The coffee-room of the club will be China, by the ship William Fairlie, Capt. established on the most economical princiKennard Smith, were closed, and delivered ples, similar to those of the United Serto the Purser of that ship.

vice and Union. 23. A ballot was taken for the election There will be occasional house dinners. of a Director, in the room of Sir Thomas The qualifications for members of this Reid, Bart., deceased. At six o'clock the club are, having been resident or employed glasses were closed and delivered to the in the public service of His Majesty, or scrutineers, who reported the election to the East India Company, in any part of have fallen on John Petty Muspratt, Esq. the East-belonging to the Royal Asiatic The numbers were :

Society-being officially connected with For Mr. Muspratt. 752

the administration of our Eastern Go. Mr. Tucker.


vernments abroad or at home. Sir R. T. Farquhar.. 398

The objects of the establishment are24. A Court of Directors was held, l'irst : to give to persons who have been when Mr. Muspratt took the usual oath, long resident abroad, the means of enterand his seat as a Director.

ing, on their return, into a society where

they will not only associate daily with those APPOINTMENTS.

they have before known, but have an opMaj.-Gen. Sir G. Murray, G.C. B., to

portunity of forming acquaintance and

connexions in their own country. be Lieut.-General of the Ordnance.

SeH. Newman, Esq. to be His Majesty's

condly : to give to those who have resided Consul for the States of North and South

or served abroad, the easy means of meeting Carolina ; to reside at Charleston.

old friends, and of keeping up their knowThe Rev. Hobbs Scott to be Archdea

ledge of the actual state of our Eastern Emcon of Australasia.

pire, by personal intercourse and friendRobert Fullarton, Esq. to be Governor ship with those recently returned from of Prince of Wales' Island.

scenes in which they have once acted. Maj.-Gen. Sir Patrick Ross is appointed Thirdly: giving to all persons who are soto the Staff of the Ionian States, in the

licitous of information, regarding the past room of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Fred. Adam, now

and present condition of the East, to those Lord High Commissioner

who are officially connected with our GoCapt. W. Forrest, of the Hon. East

vernments abroad, and to all persons who India Company's Service (Inspector of

are desirous of improving their knowledge Military Stores), to be Major, by Brevet,

and strengthening their personal ties with in the East-Indies only.

that quarter, additional means of accomAdmiral Sir James Saumarez to be

complishing these ends. Commander-in-Chief at Plymouth, in the

The British empire in the East is now room of the Hon. Sir Alex. Cochrane.

so extensive, and the persons connected with it so numerous, that the establishment

of an institution where they may meet on MISCELLANEOUS.

a footing of social intercourse, seems parAn Oriental Club has just been esta ticularly desirable.

It is the chief object blished in London, of which the Duke of of the Oriental club to promote that in

.2 8

19. litd.

tercourse, and to maintain and improve the nufactured, however, the pieces must be principle so happily established by the for uncut. mation of the Royal Asiatic Society, of associating as much as possible those who

INDIAN SECURITIES AND have resided or served in the East, with persons who, from any cause, take an in

EXCHANGES. terest in that quarter of the globe.

Calcutta, Oct. 11, 1823. That the members of the Royal Asiatic

Government Securities. Society, the Bengal, Madras, Bombay, Remintable

.35 0 to $5 6 per cent. prem. India, and China clubs, be invited to join Non Remittable ....U 8 to 120 ditto, the Oriental club as original members.

Bank of Bengal Rates.

Discount on Private Bills... That all persons who have served the

.30 per cent. Do. on Govt. Bills of Exchange

ditto. King, or Company in the East, who have Interest on Loans, open date ......40 ditto. resided or travelled, or whose official si

Do. 2 months certain

.38 ditto.

Bank Shares. tuations connect them with that quarter of

Premium 56 to 58 per cent. nominal. the globe, be considered eligible to become

Exchange, members.

On London, 6 months' sight, per Sic. Rupee-10 That the committee have the power of Buy, 1s. 10$d. 10 is, 11d.-to Sell, Is. 11d. to electing any candidate as an original member, who may be eligible as above, until

On Bombay, so days' sight, Sa. ks. 92 per 100

Bum. Rupees. the number of four hundred shall be com On Madras, ditto, Sa. Rs. 91 to 98 per 1co Madras pleted, such candidate being recommended Rupees. by three of the present committee, one on personal knowledge.

Madras, Oct. 17, 1823. That as soon as the names of four hun.

Exchange. dred members shall have been enrolled, a On England, at 6 months' sight, is. ed. per MA

dras Rupee. general meeting be called to arrange the

On Bengal, at 30 days' sight, 95 to 98 Sicca Rijpermanent establishment of the club.

pets, per ico Madras Riipees. It is at present intended that the number

Company's Paper, of members shall not exceed six hundred. Remittable... ..............55 per cent. premium.

Unremillable, uominal...12...... ..duo. A general meeting of this club is called for the 5th April, in consequence of the number of names already enrolled. Our

Bombay, Nov. 1, 1823. Indian readers will be glad to learn, that a


On London, at 3 months' sight, is. Ed. per Ropre Resolution has passed the Committee al. Do. ........ at 6 monibs'sight, 15, 84d. ditto. lowing them eighteen months to give in their

Company's Paper.

Remittable ......140 Bom. ks., per 100 Sicca Rs. names as original members, subject to no Non Remittable.. 118 ..dillo...... per ditto. other expense (besides the payment of their entrance of fifteen pounds), until their

INDIA SHIPPING. arrival in England.

Arrivals. A Treaty is in progress with the Nether

March 3. At Liverpool, London, Brown, lands' Government by which, among other

from Bengal 25th Oct.

10. At ditto, Bridget, Leslie, from do. arrangements, the Settlement of Bencoolen

14. At Gravesend, Regalia, Collins, is to be ceded in perpetuity by us, in re from N. S. Wales and V. D. Land. turn for a relinquishment of all claims 16. At ditto, Lusitania, Langdon, from upon the Island of Singapore, and the

ditto. cession of the town of Malacca, and all

17. At ditto, Norfolk, Greig, from Benthe Dutch possessions on the Continent of

gal 11th Oct.

18. At ditto, Morley, Halliday, from India.

Bengal 15th Sept.; and Ann and Amelia, It is stated in a Bombay Courier of Short, from Bengal 3d Oct., and Madras Nov. 1, that Sir T. S. Raffles is on his 19th Oct. voyage home, on account of ill health.

23. At ditto, Bombay, Hine, from China 221 Nov.; and Waterloo, Alsager,

from ditto 3d Dec. Certain equitable modifications bave

24. At ditto, Kent, Cobb, and General been made in the Chancellor of the Ex

Kyd, Nairne, from China 2d Dec. chequer's plan respecting the silk trade. Off Dover, Royal George, Biden, Foreign silk manufactures are not to be

from China 3d Dec. introduced for two years, and then at a

Off Plymouth, Kuins, Cunningham, duty of thirty per cent.

from Madras 27th Sept. Drawbacks also

25. Off Brighton, Ogle Castle, Brown, are allowed upon all raw silks introduced

from Bengal 4th Nor. since a specified period, whether now in a At Plymouth, Layton, Miller, from manufactured state or otherwise. If ma Bombay 30th Oct.

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from Macao; and Mr. James Buttivant, Feb. 26. From Deal, Earl Balcarras,

from China. Cameron, and Canning, Head, for Ben

Per Kains, from Madras : Mrs. Boham, gal and China; and Dunira, Hamilton,

Mrs. F. Hall; Mr. W. Boham, surgeon ; for Bombay and China.

Capt. F. Hibgame; Lieuts. T. P. Lang, March 1. From Gravesend, Marquess H. M. 13th Dragoons, E. Dobbin, W. Camden, Larkins, for Bombay and China.

Bremmer, G. Williams, H. J. Kennye; 6. From ditto, Joseph, Christorphine,

Ens. J. C. Hawes ; Mr. S. Core; two for Batavia and Singapore.

Misses and Master Stratton, and two Mas9. From ditto, William Fairlie, Smith,

ters Atkinson. for Madras and China.

Passengers to India. 10. From Deal, London, Sotheby, for Per Thames, lately sailed for Ceylon : St. Helena, Bombay, and China.

Major and Mrs. Smith, and six children ; From Portsmouth, General Palmer, Mr. Matthew Boyd, jun.; Mr. Shipton; Truscott, for Madras.

Mr. Bailey; two Missionaries from the 11. From Gravesend, Eliza, Faith, for Wesleyan Society; ten Officers of H. M. Bombay.

16th and 45th regts., and 70 men. 13. From Deal, Lady Melville, Clif Per Marquis Camden, for Bombay and ford, for Madras and China.

China : Capts. Ruddock and De Shamp; 14. From Portsmouth, William Money, Mr. Taylor. Jackson, for Madras and Bengal; and Per William Fairlie, for Madras and Lang, Lusk, for Van Dieman's Land. China: Hon. Mrs. and two Misses Mur

19. From Gravesend, Countess of Har. ray; Mrs. Chamier ; Lieut., Mrs., and court, Bunn, for V. D. Land and N. S. Miss Gardner ; Capt. and Mrs. Jourdon ; Wales.

Lieut. and Mrs. Dyer; 13 Officers ; three 21. From ditto, Phænir, White, for do. Cadets; one Assist. Surg. ; 327 rank and

23. From Portsmouth, Larkins, Wil file ; 40 women, and 60 children. kinson, for Madras and Bengal.

Per Eliza, for Bombay: Messrs. GraFrom Deal, Catherine, M'Intosh, for ham and Jones, cadets. Madras and Bengal.

Per Lady Melville, for Madras and

China : James Taylor, Esq. sen., merPassengers from India, &c.

chant; Lieut.-Col. Boardman, H. C. S.; Per Regalia, from New South Wales :

Miss Boardınan; Lieut.-Col. Wahall, Messrs. John Raine, John Rickards, and

H.C.S., and Mrs. Wahall; Capt. Coyle, Henry Danvers.

H.C.S. ; Capt. Symes, H.C.S., and Mrs. Per Lusitania, from ditto; Mr. Bunstall

Symes; Lieut. Kingston, H.C.S.; J. and family, and Capt. Purcell.

Priosep, Esq.; Lieut. Bennett, 1 st Royals ; Per Ann and Ameliu, from Madras :

Lieut. MacLeod, H.M. 89th regt. ; EnMrs. Reid; Mr. R. C Cole, surgeon ;

signs Fraser and Taylor, H.M. 46th regt.; Capt. Fenwick; Mr. Reid; Capt. W. H.

Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Allen; Rev. Mr. Goddard; Master $. Steward, and two

Holliwell; Misses Eliza and Mary Thompnative servants.

son; Misses Compton, and Chaters; Mr. Per Morley, from Bengal: Capt. Cort

Birle, surgeon; Mr. Hewitt, surgeon, land and Lieut. Stewart, 16th Lancers; Lieut. Butcher, 11th Drags. ; and Lieut. Crawford, writers; Messrs. Ashton, Beau,

H.M. 46th regt. ; Messrs. Dumerque and M'Dougall, 59th Foot.

White, Mackenzie, Hunter, Forbes, PritPer Waterloo, from China: the Rev.

cbard, Cross, Roberts, Atkinson, Prescott, Dr. Morrison, and his Chinese servant; and Pocock, cadets'; Messrs. Wren, SteDr. Gillman, of the Medical Board, Calc phenson, Macintosh, and Clements; 275 cutta, and servant; and several privates of

troops. the St. Helena Infantry.

Per William Money, for Madras and Per Bombay, from China : The Coun- Bengal : Miss Nairns ; Miss Becketts ; tess de Boccarmi and three children; Ro

Capt. and Mrs. Mallardaine ; Capt. and bert C. Morris, Esq. from Batavia; Mrs.

Mrs. Senior ; Rev. H. I. Fisher; Messrs. Morris and child; Mr. David Fraser, from

Beetson, Taylor, Reddill, Coats, Gaitskill, Batavia; Mr. Ellinckhuysen; four ser

O'Brian, Savage, Wilson, Maxwell, H.

Jackson, Lintsell, Harroll, G. Tylee, Per General Kyd, from China : . John Drought, Tutin, Robertson, Hunt, ManGordon Deedes, Esq., Bengal Civil Ser.

son, Harris, Powys, Wellbank, Nich slson, vice, and Mr. Richard W. Dickson, late

Pritchard, and Grove; Majors Bell and 3d mate of H. C. ship Prince Regent.

Hopkinson. Per Kent, from China : Brev.-Maj. El Per Larkins, for Madras and Bengal lard, H. M. 65th regt.

Mr. Pearson, Advocate-General; Mrs. Per Royal George, from China : Mr. Pearson; three young ladies, friends of Spankie, late Adv.-General, from Bengal; ditto; Mrs. Yeld; Miss Jeffries; Miss Mrs. Spankie and six children; Lieut. Caseneuf; Dr. O'Flaherty, H.M. 46th Williams, H. M. 44th regt. ; Mrs. Berry regt.; Mrs. and three Misses O'Flaherty; and child, and Rev. H. Harding, chaplain, Mr. Robertson C.S. ; Capt. Woodruff ;



Messrs. Abbott, Milner, Brady, Huish, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND
Matthews, and Kingston, cadets.

Ships spoken with.

BIRTHS. Cambrian, London i Bombay, 12th Feb. 29. At Wateringbury, Kent, the Oct.– Waterloo, Studd, London to Bom lady of Capt. Adamson, Hon. East-India bay, 1st Nov., lat. 4. 20. N.- Persever Company's service, of a daughter. ance, Genoa to Sumatra, 5th Jan.-Ganges, March 11. At Westbourne-Green, Mrs. Ford, London to Madras and Bengal, tih William Evans, of a stull-born child. Dec., lat. 2. 46. N., long. 25. 11. W. 22. At Norton Cottage, Teaby, the Hibernia, Gillies, London to Van Die lady of Lieut.-Col. Elliot Voyle, of the man's Land, 2d Jan., lat. 26. S. long. 29. Bengal Army, of a son. W.-Heroine, Ostler, London to New 29. At Farnham, Surrey, the lady of South Wales, 2d Jan,, lat. 18. 8. S., long. Capt. A. Brown, of the ship Bengal Mer. 26. W.-Barkworth, Cotgrave, London 10 chant, of a daughter. Bombay, 30 Jan., lat. 14. 20. S., long. 28. In Red-Lion Square, Mrs. J. L 28. W.-Bengal Merchant, Brown, Lon. Cox, of a daughter. don to Madras and Bengal, 3d Jan., lat. 23. 50. S., long. 30. W.-Albion, Swain. son, Liverpool to Bengal, 220 Oct., lat.

Feb. 23. At Forres, Capt. Falconer, 8. 20. N., long. 90. E.-Cadmus, Talbo“,

of the Bombay army, to Eliza, second Bengal to London, 20th Nov., lat. 12. S. daughter of Mr. John Macdonell, and

- Doris, Roberts, Liverpool to Singapore, grand-daughter of the Rev. Dr. Lexis 516 Nov., in Str: its of Banca.- Jamima,

Gordon, of Elgin, N. B. Wait, Singapore to Cowes, 14th Dec., in

Philip Pitt Nind, Esq., of the 3d Straits of Sunda.

Bengal Light Cavalry, to Caroline, fifth Miscellaneous Notices.

daughter of the late W. Davis, Esq., of The brig General de Kock, belonging

Winterbourne Abbey, Dorset. to Messrs. Thornton and West, on her March 1. R. Nelson, Esq., of the Mapassage from Batavia to Samarang, with a dras C. S., to Margaret, eldest daughter valuable cargo of English goods, &c., was of J. Harrison, Esq., of Gower-street, taken by Malay pirates ofi' Indramago Bedford-square. Point, on or about the 28th of October,

4. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, W. and the captain and mate, after receiving H. Sykes, Esq., Captain in the Bombay several severe wounds, jumped overboard; Army, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the captain was picked up the following

Wm. Hay, Esq., of Russel Square. day, clinging to a fish stake, by a coasting 20. At Mary-le-bone New Church, Sir vessel, which arrived at Batavia on the 2d C. R. Blunt, Bar., of Herthfield Park, of Nov. Mr. Thornton, supercargo, was

Sussex, 10 Mrs. A'bmuty, of Herefordkept on board by the piratical crew, who street, widow of R. A’hmuty, Esq., late demanded a ransom for bim of a few chests of the Hon. Company's Bengal Civ. Serv. of opium and 10,000 dollars. His friends had sent from Batavia, and hopes were entertained of saving him from those marau. Jan. 10. While employed in surveying ders,

the river Gambia, Mr. Bowdich, the At. The Straits of Java have been long in. rican traveller. fested by these pirates. The day before 28. At St. Helena, Mary Penelope, the General de Kock was taken, a Dutch wife of Capt. Torbett, aged 27 years and ship was attacked by twelve Malay prows, 7 months. who beat them off after three hours' hard Feb. 6. In the Colonial Gaol at De fighting:

marara, Mr. J. Smith, missionary. The H. C.'s ship Farquharson arrived 17. At Tours, aged 18, Arthur, eldest at the Cape on the 28th January from son of the late F. J. Jackson, Esq. China. On the 20th Jan. she fell in with 18. At Teignmouth, Devon, T. Warthe Thalia, Munro, from Batavia, in dis- ham, Esq., late of Bengal. tress for want of men ; took her in tow off 20. At Worcester, G. Woodyatt, M.D. Algoa Bay, but was obliged to cast her in his 60th year. off from stress of weather, with five men At Lucerne, C. E. Fortescue, Esq. belonging to the Farquharson on board. 21. At Belfast, the Rev. R. Acheson.

The Brailsford, Spring, from Bombay, At Edinburgh, Capt. E. Hibbert, 3 was to sail from the Cape of Good Hope Commander in the Nary, in bis 97th year. for London about the 15th Feb.

22. At Blakeney, the Rev. R. T. The Mary Ann, Capt. C. Cowes, was Gough, uncle of Lord Calthorpe, in his taken up by the Indian Government in Sept. last, to try the experiment of riding The infant daughter of D. Maclean, out the approaching N. E. Monsoon, at Esq., of Brunswick-square. Blackwood's Harbour, on the Coromandel 23. At Treleaven, Cornwall, aged $5, Coast, in the shore of the Armegau Shoal. the Rev. P. Lyne, D.D.


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73d year.

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