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mony they performed with every little bosom covered. She was a fine stout wothing given them. He took a shell from mon, with a fine figure, her teeth perfectly his neck and gave it me. I then made even, and very clean ; all the women and signs if there was any water to be had, they men had their little fingers cut off at the said Houlow, and pointed amongst the second joint on the left hand, and the hills. I showed them a small cask, the women had their cheek bones perforated, King immediately gave orders to two of and the blood smeared round about an the natives to go and fill it. I expressed inch; I suppose the mark of beauty. a wish to go and see the watering-place; Some of the women were tattooed, with the King got up and desired me to follow a red colour instead of black, espewith our friend the native-I took the cially in their arms, mostly in circles, carpenter and four men armed, in case of about an inch round; they were uncoman accident—the King had gone by a monly civil, and did not seem at all shorter route over the hill; however, I bashful, some of them very pretty girls, soon found it was not the watering-place The signal being made from the ship for they were taking us to, as we found our us, I expressed a wish to go on board; selves on the beach not far from the boat, but the King wished me much to stop in a kind of cove, with a smooth beach, until the things came down from the when we saw bis Majesty seated with all country; but thinking the Captain was his attendants, and I was requested to sit wishing to make sail, and finding no water, down opposite him on the ground, which at least not in sufficient quantity to disI accordingly did. The beach was marked patch it quickly, I thought it best to go off. out in apartments by rows of stones, the The King expressed a wish to go, but upper part of this spot having a little I wished him to take canoes off to bring grove of cocoa-nut trees, and a great quan- him, which he would not do as he was tity of large calavances. I tasted some, ashore; however, it getting late, and the they were very good : they seemed to be ship a good distance off, I got into the on their guard, as all round the place were boat, after leaving a ram and a yew for the bundles of spears of a great length, but King, by Capt. Hunter's orders, for the tied together, as indicating their peaceable benefit of future navigators : having made intentions. The women were ordered on signs as well as I could for them not to one side, but only for a short time, when kill them, I pulled some grass and gave they all crowded round us: they were par- to them, to shew how they lived. The ticular in looking at our shoes and buttons, native we brought from the ship and the but were very civil. After sitting some two others came in the boat. We shoved off

, time, I presented the King a sheet, tying and meeting several canoes returning from it round his body; in return, he presented the ship, one of them informed us that the me with his covering from the same place, native we had left on board, had gone likewise with another bog, and some yams, ashore; the native in our boat seemed very &c., as before. I then gave him a small sorry, and immediately embraced and kiss penknife, he seemed highly pleased, and ed me, as he likewise did the carpenter, is sent immediately away for more hogs and a friendly manner, and seemed very serry fruit, desiring us to wait until they brought at parting. He then jumped overboard and them; at the same time, as far as I could swam to a canoe. He seemed a very good understand, he wished to go on board the man, and interested himself very much ship, and to take the present for the Cap. about us on shore. We brought a number of tain : at this time the small cask came their arms, which we got for trifles. The down, carried by two men ; we found, that King could not go out in a canoe: they instead of water, it was milk from the co- did not seem to have seen any fire-arms coa-nuts, which made me think they had before; one of the natives that came or not a great plenty of water; the water shore with us had a sword made a present the natives drank was very good. Shortly to him by Capt. Hunter. Iron hoops, knives

, after, the King's mother came down, an or iron of any kind were the best articles elderly woman, about 50 years of age; of trade. There was only one man that the King himself seemed about 30, his was different from the others; his body Queen about 20, stout, and good looking, was smeared with some yellow substance, and was the only one that had part of her he was one of the King's train. The


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ladies were all naked, only a small cover see numbers of the natives all along the ing round their body, and that not par- island. On the beach, the most numerous ticularly well fitted. The men mostly were the women, they were mostly ornawore a kind of mat round their body, mented with shells, their hair cut short, with leaves of trees wove into them, made some with some kind of substance relike a Highlander's kilt. The island was sembling flour paste, on the tops of the entirely composed of lava, in some places, hair; it had a curious appearance with almost a metal. Being so short a time on their dark faces. The island lies in lat. of shore, could not get up into the country to 15° 31' S. and long. 176° 11' E. by O look for any thing the island produced : and brought up by chronometer for four but by the appearance of it, it must be days previous.-[Ind. Gaz., Oct. 27. fruitful and very populous, as we could

JOURNAL OF A ROUTE FROM JYPOOR TO AGRA. The fourth day after leaving Jypoor I pore may be reckoned amongst the most encamped at the foot of a range of hills thriving provinces in India; certainly far close to a pass near the village of Bali- beyond any I have seen. Every descriptieree, distant from the capital sixty-six tion of grain peculiar to the upper promiles as near as I could ascertain. Scarce- vinces appeared to flourish; and great ly had I proceeded a coss on the following quantities of corn, which are grown in morning, when the evident improvement excess to the consumption of the country, in the appearance of the country con must be exported. The villages are nuvinced me of the proximity of the Bhurt merous, and in their appearance indicative pore country, the boundaries of which I of the wealth of the people, many of them soon passed. The territories of the Rajas being chiefly pucka, and almost all strongof Jypore and Bhurtpore are separated by ly fortified amongst those which have successive ranges of precisely the same the credit of being particularly impenetradescription of hills which I have already ble is Waree, a considerable town, all the had occasion so frequently to mention; on approaches to which are carefully guarded my prospect of getting rid of which, I to prevent a European even getting a sight assure you, I heartily congratulatled myself. of the fortifications, of which they are After crossing the pass in the last range, I very jealous. To my knowledge there is found myself in Bhurtpore; and the no place of any great celebrity, except the change was certainly most gratifying: in capital, and that I unfortunately did not stantaneously, as if by magic, the vast, see, although I passed within a very few uncultivated plains of Rajpootana vanish- miles of it; but I hear from an officer, ed, and gave place to numerous beautiful who remained there several days, that mangoe topes, and a most extensive and great additions had been made to the fortiluxuriant cultivation. Of the extent of fications, on European plans, and that the province of Bhurtpore I can by no there was nothing curious or entertaining means speak confidently, but its mean to attract the attention of a traveller. In breadth I take to be about sixty miles, person, the inhabitants of Bhurtpore are and its length, I should imagine, cannot tall and robust ; courage is a virtue highly be more; it is a level country, possessed regarded, and very generally possessed by of a fine soil, with abundance of water, them: but generosity and hospitality are and apparently every requisite to ensure little known, and less practised. In the prosperity of agriculture, which is every town or village through which I evidently the chief and favourite employ- passed I was subjected to taunts and ment of the inhabitants, no manufactures mortifications which I could ill brook; of any consequence existing or being de- and more than once was I obliged to turn sired. If the extent and luxuriance of a deaf ear and affect a comfortable ignothe cultivation may be considered as rance of insults, which had I appeared to signs of the prosperity and happiness of notice I must have punished. The most the people, which with any sort of justice exorbitant prices were demanded for every and liberty they certainly must be, Bhurt- necessary of life, and double, treble, and

quadrupled rates were universally insisted happy as those of any part of India. Futtion; these impositions they were not back- pore Sybia, about twenty-four miles from ward in supporting by force; and on one Agra, is the commencement of the Brioccasion, at a village called Goordah, when tish territories : this was formerly a city I expressed a determination of resisting holding a high place amongst the first class them, and only paying what they allowed of native towns, but now gone to decay, to be usual prices, a body of villagers, and nearly reduced to ruins. Agra, stil] headed by an insolent rascal calling him. a considerable Musselman city, was in self a sepoy of the Raja, coolly told me former times one of the most opulent and that my baggage was in their power; but magnificent places in Hindoostan, and that was ali bravado, for when I gave celebrated as the occasional residence of orders, and made preparations for resisting the emperors of this country. Its original the attack, they thought it most advisable extent must have been very great, the to reflect a little, as I convinced them ruins and remains of the ancient town they would meet with a pretty warm re covering many acres of ground; but the ception.

modern city is in comparison insignificant, Like their neighbours in Jypoor, the with narrow, dirty streets, and small, inBurtporeans are constantly armed, and elegant, and mean houses. The fort, seem to pay very little regard to the pre which was surrendered to us in 1803 or servation of human life, which is wanton 1804, is built of a red stone peculiar to ly sacrificed in their almost daily quarrels Agra, and is, with the improvements and and feuds on the slightest provocation. additions which have been made to it since From the observations which I have made, its capture, sufficiently strong to resist the I am firmly convinced that a European, in attack of any native or European power the least degree, even unwittingly inter- without a regular siege. It is situated on fering with their prejudices, entering into the banks of the Jumna, and is surround. or in any way laying himself open to a ed by a ditch capable of itself of putting quarrel, would run the greatest risk of an effectual stop to hostile approach. This being murdered. I should not forget, fort, from its strength and situation, is an while on this subject, to mention that they excellent dépôt for all the military stores, have the greatest veneration for the pea- guns, &c. &c. required for the troops cock, and that the wanton destruction of employed in that quarter. A description one would place the life of the offender in of the Taj would of itself require a Fo_ imminent peril. In addition to my other lume, and to give an adequate idea of it annoyances in marching through this in- would be far beyond my ability; suffice hospitable province, that of being half- it then to say, that however high an opistarved was added; it was not always that nion description may have given you of its I could procure a little wood and milk, elegance and really magical splendour, it which were all that I required for myself, would prove, on examination, far below at any prices, from the obstinacy and in- the reality. In Agra and its vicinity are solence of its inhabitants, who, you will other splendid buildings, in particular at easily guess, are no great favourites of Secundra, five miles distant, the mausomine. Like the Rajpoots, they are ex leum of the Emperor Acber; and the perienced horsemen, although I imagine fort the Motee Musjid is allowed by many somewhat inferior to them ; their manage. to exceed in beauty even the Taj itself. ment of their steeds, use of their swords So very general an account of such buildand spears, are well worthy of imitation. ings perhaps you will think a faridt; but I The sharpness of their bits enables them believe the majority of your readers who lo turn and manquvre the horses as they have not seen them, will have read desplease ; and their feats, when mounted, criptions of them much more interesting give them, single-handed, a decided supe- and correct than I can give; besides, I have riority over the troopers of our cavalry. already written more than I am justified The soil of Bhurtpore is rich and very in supposing you will be able to insert. At favourable to cultivation, and the climate the fort ghaut is the famous gun captured is temperate and healthy; so that under a with the fort ; its size and excessive weight mild and beneficent government, its inha- bave hitherto prevented its being transbitants ought to be as prosperous and ported to Calcutta, for the purpose of

being sent, as I understood, to England. your correspondents at the place will fura An unsuccessful attempt was once, I be- nish you with the measurements. The lieve, made to put it on board a boat, natives assert that there are considerable since when, it has remained in its present quantities of the precious metals in it, and position. The exact size of this mon- that its value is several lacs of rupees ; strous piece of artillery I regret that I did one lac has, it is said, been offered to not ascertain, but as far as I recollect, Government for it. it was about four feet in diameter ; but Barrackpore, Sept. 26. (India Gaz. doubtless, should you desire it, some of




Translated from the Batavia Guzelle, of the 24th May 1823. We, G. A. G. P. Baron van der Ca- princes, by a resolution of the 30th Octopellen, Grand Cross of the Order of the ber 1821, given strict orders to the ResiBelgian Lion, Secretary of State, Go- dents of the Courts of Surakarta and vernor - General of Netherlands' India, Djocjocarta to forbid and prevent in the &c. &c. &c. in Council, to all those who strongest manner all such further leases of shall see, or bear read unto them, these farms as above-mentioned, and has since, presents, send greeting and inform them : on the 14th January last, passed the

That it has appeared to the Supreme strictest orders, and taken the measures Government, that since the restoration of the necessary with respect to these illegal leases authority of the Netherlands in Java, and and farms. particularly in the latter years, a consi. Having seen the latter reports of the derable number of lands and dessas, si. Residents at these courts, as well as the tuated in the territories of the Javanese declarations made in their letters by H. H., (native) princes, have been taken, either in the Susuhunan of Surakarta, and the Rerent or farms, by Europeans and others, gency of H.H., the minor Sultan of not forming part of the Javanese popula. Djocjocarta, as also the Pangerang, Adition, some of which are for a period of patti, Ario, Mangko, Negoro, to the Goseveral years, and on which rents said vernor-General, and now seriously depersons have made considerable advances. siring that all such doubts and uncertain

Taking into consideration that these ties as seem still to exist with respect to proceedings are contrary to those regula- this matter, be removed at once; and at tions which have ever existed, and not the same time, that the contracts entered been repealed at any time, that they are, into contrary to the above-mentioned regutherefore, contrary to the conditions on lations, shall cease to be of any force, which permission of residence in Nether- excepting as shall be pointed out hereinland's India has been granted to all Eu. further; and more particularly that no ropeans and others, not being Javanese : such contracts be renewed hereafter :

Considering also, that these proceedings We have thought proper to make known, can, at all events, not be considered valid unto whomsoever it may regard, by this without the particular sanction of the Su- our publication; preme Government, which alone and ex Ist. That all contracts entered into by clusively has the power to grant dispensa- Europeans, or other persons not being tions from existing regulations, in conse Javanese princes or their subjects, or with quence of particular and weighty reasons the Pangerang, Adipatti, Ario, Mangko, of which it alone can judge ; and in Negoro, for the rent or farm of lands or consequence of such dispensation, allow dessas, for a period not exceeding three of exceptions from such regulations. years, and with an advance of no more

Considering that the Supreme Govern- than six months, may be allowed to conment had, in order to prevent the prejudi- tinue in existence, provided that by the cial consequences which might arise out former registration of these contracts at of such proceedings, both to the interests the offices of Surakarta, or Djocjocarta, of Government and of the Javanese or any other legal form, it do satisfactorily

appear to these respective Residents that lands be intended and used merely as these contracts have already existed before pleasure or vegetable gardens, or for obthe 15th November 1822, and provided taining paddy, grass, Jabourers, or other these contracts be presented anew for re- necessaries for the use of a family; but on gistration to the Resident in whose district no account for the culture of coffee, pepthe rented or farmed lands or dessas are per, or other produce ; that therefore situated, within two months after the pub- these leases are to be granted merely for lication hereof; it being most expressly small parcels of ground situated in the declared, that all the lands and dessas neighbourhood of the principal towns. situated throughout the whole extent of D.—That the lessees are in no case to the territory of Surakarta and Djocjocarta be vested with the least public authority, are, without any exception wbatsoever, much less with any Javanese title or rank; comprehended in this regulation.

on the contrary, that the lessee shall take 2dly. Thal, on the other hand, all care to keep himself from any interfeabove-mentioned contracts that have been rence with matters relating to the public entered into for a longer period than three administration of police. successive years, and with a larger advance 5thly. That all Europeans, Chinese, or than six months, lease or farm-rent, by others not being Javanese, which shall be any Europeans, or other persons not be found after the 31st of January 1824 in ing Javanese, with the Java princes, or the possession or enjoyment of any lands other subjects, or with the Pangerang, in the residencies of Surakarta or DjocjoAdipatti, Ario, Mangko, Negoro, shall ter. carta, without the special consent of the minate and cease to be of any effect on or Government, or without those contracts before the 31st of January 1824 ; with by which they possess or enjoy such, bavthe exception only of such contracts as ing been registered agreeably to the first have been made with the express previous article of this publication, shall be ordered knowledge and consent of the Govern- immediately to quit those residencies; ment; the persons desiring such permis- while, at the same time, Government shall sion being obliged to petition the Presi- take such measures as it may, according dent in whose district the lands are to circumstances, think fit for the powersituated, who will present such petitions, ful execution of the laws against such with his considerations thereon, to Go- persons as are lease or shareholders in such vernment.

lands, or domiciliated elsewhere, annulling 4thly. That these petitions shall only be without delay, in both such cases, the agreed to under the following provisions, existing contracts, and confiscating in except in some extraordinary cases where favour of the lessors all the revenues such may be considered undoubtedly ad. and advantages which the said persons vantageous, either towards assisting the still have derived from the above-mentioned establishment of useful manufactories, or agreements. promoting the purposes of science and the To prevent any pretended ignorance of arts :

these presents, they shall be published and A.-That the lease shall not be allowed affixed wheresoever it is customary, in the for any longer period than three years, Netherlands, native, and Chinese languages. nor a larger advance than one half-year's

We further order and decree that every rent; this being understood not to allow constituted authority, judges, and public of any arrangements for, nor the liquida. officers, shall, in their different capacities, tion of any other debt or engagement.

look strictly to the execution of these preB.—That the agreement shall be passed sents, without any circumvention or regard by a notary, or any other public officer to persons. duly authorized, both in the Netherlands

Van Der CAPELLEN. and Javanese languages ; that in this act Given at Batavia, on the 6th of May 1823. the special Government shall be made mention of, and that it be registered by Council.

By order of the Governor-General in the President.

The Secretary-General, C.—That the petitioners be inhabitants

BOUSQUET. of Surakarta or Djocjocarta, and that these

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