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Pitman ; Capts. H. L. White (dg. dy. Ist gomerie; Lieuts. C. Campbell and w. Bn. 20th) and C. Goodby; Lieuts. w. F. Beatson; Ensigns F. Hunter and L. Beveridge, W. C. Carleton, and B. Scott C. Brown.--2d Bat. Lieuts. A. A. L. (leave to Cape); Ensigns A. E. Camp- Corri and O. W. Span (furlough); En. bell and A. Jackson.—21 Bat. Maj. P. signs R. L. Burnett, H. A. Boscawen, and Le Fevre; Capt. J, Herring; Lieuts. T. B. Stewart (furlough). L. Kennedy (Chumpaurun Lt. Inf.) and

28th Regt.

1st Bat. Lieuts. Hon. W. H. B. Smith; Ensigns F. Thomas and Stapleton, E. Squibb, and A. J. Fraser ; F. C. Milner.

Ensigns W. Freeth and D. Bamfield.19th Regt. Ist Bat. Lieuts. T. C. Wil. 2d Bat. Capt. G. Young; Lieuts. D. L. ton and J. Blencowe; Ensigns W. Clif Richardson (Hill Rangers), and A. Clarke ford and W. J. B. Knyvett. -2d Bat. (furlough); Ensigns W. Peel and R. Lieuts. J. Roxburgh (furlough), and W. Nelson. Palmer ; Ensigns H. F. Broderip and 29th Regt. 1st Bat. Maj. J. Swinton; W. E. Hav.

Capt. J. Vyse ; Lieuts. H. V. Cary, A.T. 20th Regt.

1st Bat. Maj. T. Murray; Davies, and W. G. J. Robe ; Ens. G. Capt. H. Burney; Lieuts. S. F. Hannah M. Sherer and W. S. Menteath.-2d Bat. and S. Long; Ensigns C. B. Hall and Capts. J. Frushard, and W. Martin; R. Chitty.-- 2d Bat. Lieut.-Col. R. Hamp Lieuts. E. A. Cumberlege, W. McD. ton; Major W. Nott; Lieuts. A. A. Wil. Hooper, and W. A. Smith ; Ensigns G. liamson, R. R. Margrave, and J. H. Van A. Mee and J. Lumsdaine. renen (20 Nusseree Bn.); Ensigns G. D.

30th Regt.

1st Bat. Lieut.-Col. J. W. Johnstone and S. R. Bagshawe.

Fast ; Maj. J. Pester ; Capts. H. Norton 21st Regt. 1st Bat. Maj. C. Peach ; and C. Moore; Lieuts. J. R. Talbot, P. Capt. B. B. Wilkins; Lieuts. J. Gibbs Grant, and C. H. Cobbe; Ensigns F.V. and R. Stewart; Ensigns T. Dalyell and McGrath, G. Cox, and J. Tierney.-2 K. B. Hamilton.--2d Bat. Capt. D. Wil Bat. Capt. E. Fitzgerald; Lieuts. W. liamson ; Lieuts. (B.C.) J. O. Clarkson, Whittaker and T. E. A. Napleton; EnJ. Cumberlege, and F. W. Birch ; Ensigns signs E. J. Watson and F. Winter. W. Tritton and M. T. West.

31st Regt. Col. (Maj.-Gen.) E. S. 22d Regt. 1st Bat. Lieuts. J. Bartle. Broughton.- 1st Bat. Maj. J. S. Harriot; man, and J. Woodburn; Ensign H. Capts. B. Roope, E. B. Higgins, G. P. Fowle.-- 24 Bat. Lieuts. R. Campbell Wymer, and W. Gregory; Lieuts. (Bt. and H. Mackintosh ; Ensigns A. Webster, Capt.) R. Becher, (B.C.) R. Stewart, H. Lyell, and J. Burnett.

(B.C.) J. C. Wotherspoon, (B.C.) B. 23d Regt.

1st Bat. Lieut.-Col. C. W. · Malthy, J. Tomlinson, J. R. Stock, R. R. Povoleri ; Maj. G. Birch; Capts. J. A. McNaghten, W. Forbes, W. Glasgow, N. Jackson and W. Stirling; Lieuts. C. J. C. Sage, and R. C. Jenkins ; Ensigns Bracken, C. Guthrie, and J. Russell ; En G. Cumine, W. R. Mitfort, and H. Beaty. signs K. Campbell and F. Bennett. -2d 2d Bat. Maj. C. Martin; Capts. J. A. Bat. Capt. A. Horsburgh; Lieuts. (Bt. Ilodgson, A. Dick, and J. Watkins; Capt.) T. Warıllaw, H. E. Pigot, D. Wil Lieuls. (Brev. Capt.) T. Hepworth, (Bt. liams, J. C. Tudor, and H. Baseley; En Capt.) F. Crossley, (Bt. Capt.) B. Ashe, signs W. T. Savary and R. W. Frazer H. G. Nash, E. Marshall, F. J. Bellew, (Gorruck pore Lt. Inf.)

G. E. Britten, R. R. Hughes, G. H. 24th Regt. 1st Bat. Capt. F.W. Frith; Cox, J. H. Smith, and J. 0. Oldham; Lieuts. N. J. Cumberlege, and C. H. S. Ensigns W. M. Ramsay, J. B. Robinson, Freeman; Ensigns A. T. Lloyd and T. and P. P. Turner. J. Rocke.-2d Bat. Capt. J. Craigie; 32d Regt. Col. J. W. Adams, C.B.Lieuts. C. Troup, and A. Charlton; En. 1st Bat. Maj. G. Sargent; Capts. N.Buck, signs J. Macdonald, G. Byron, and G. I. Maling, P. Brewer, and T. Reynolds; C. Armstrong

Lieuts, (Bt. Capt.) C. Andrews, (Bt. 25th Regt. 1st Bat. Lieut.-Col. T. Gar- Capt.) J. Davies, (Bt. Capt.) W. Jover, ner; Capts. J. Todd, and R. Blackall; (Bt. Capt.) F. Mackenzie, J. R. Aire, Lieuts. J. F. Douglas, J. Saunders, and P. C. Anderson, W. Bignell, F. Candy, J. Wyllie (Adljt. Rampoora Bat.); En. N. Lowis, A. Wilson, and K. F. Macsigns R. Codrington and C. H. Boisra kenzie; Ensigns A. Knyvett, F. Knyvett, gon.-2d Bat. Capt. J. R. Knight ; Lieut, and C. B. Kennett.- 2d Bat. Maj. S. H. D. Balderston; Ens. F. Trimmer and J. Tod; Capts. A. Lockett, J. Anderson, J. W. Michell.

Harris, and T. Robinson ; Lieuts. (Bt. 26th Regt. 1st Bat. Capt. T. Frobisher ; Capt.) G. Jenkins, (Bt. Capt.) R. B. Lieut. R. Somerville (leave to Sea); En Ferguson, (Bt. Capt.) J. B. Smith, J. H. signs C. Griffin and D. Ross (with Scin Mackinlay, E. E. Isaac, R. McC. Poldia's Contingent).—2 Bat. Lieuts. H. lock, R. Wroughton, Hon. W. Hamilton, Lock (Nizamis service), J. Pollard (fur W. Hoggan, R. Houghton, and E. Carte; lough), and T. P. Ellis; Ensigns F. Ensigns W. C. Ormsby and W. Biddulph, Moore and S. Stapleton.

33d Regt. Lieut.-Col-Com. G. Car27th Regt.

1st Bat. Capt. H. A. Mont. penter. - 1st Bat. Maj. R. C. Garnham;

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Capts. J. A. Shadwell, W. Skene, P. M. Ens. J. C. C. Gray (lately prom.) to
Hay, and W. James; Lieuts. (Bt. Capt.) do duty with 1st bat. 29th regt. at Benares.
P. Grant, (Bt. Capt.) R. Forster, (B. Lieut. Roxburgh to do duty with 2d
C.) J. Grant, (B.C.) W. Bacon, R. W. L. C. at Keitah, until arrival of 6th regt.
Wilson, F. T. Boyd, R, Taylor, G. D. at that station.
Roebuck, G. Fleming, A. B. S. Kent, Lieut. C. A. Wrotteslee, H. M.'s 16th
and H. Troup; Ensigns J. Knyvett, J. Lancers, to be an extra Aide-de-camp to
Hindson, and W. Souter.—2d Bat. Maj. his Exc. the Commander-in-Chief in India.
J. Delamain; Capts. F. Walker, T. Wol Oct. 1. — The Commander-in-Chief is
locombe, J. Pearson, and G. W. A. pleased to make the following appoint-
Lloyd; Lieuts. (B.C.) A. Hervey, (B. ments, those to the situation of Interp.
C.) G. J. B. Johnston, (B. C.) T. Go. and Quart. Mast. being subject to the con-
ding, H. A. Newton, R. Delamain, H. dition prescribed in G. o. of 17th Feb.
Paul, M. G. White, R. D. White, C. last.
Fowle, and J. T. Lowe; Ensigns J. 2d Regt. N.I. Brev. Capt. R. Chal-
Whiteford, and D'Arcy Preston.

mers to be Adj. of 1st bat., vice Rey341h Regt. Lieut.-Col.-Com. H. Im- nolds, prom. ; Lieut. G. L. Vanzetti to lach.--Ist Bat. Lieut.-Col. W. Collyer; be Interp. and Quart. Mast, of 1st. bat., Maj. H. Huthwaite; Capts. J. H. Cave, vice Baldwin, prom. T. Barron, W. A.Yates, and H. T. Smith; 3d Regt. Lieut. J. W. Ingram to be Lieuts. (B. C.) W. Grant, (B. C.; J. Interp. and Quart. Mast. of 2d bat., vice Smith, (B. C.) A. McMahon, (B. C.) R. Newton, removed to 33d regt. $. Phillipps, H. Lawrence, C. Marshall, 5th Regt. Brev. Capt. W. C. Denby to R. P. Fulcher, A. G. Ward, G. H. be Adj. of 1st bat., vice Scott, prom. ; White, G. H. Dalby, and S. Twemlow; Lieut. J. Croudace to be Adj. of 2d bat., Ensigns W. F. A. Seymour, and E. Jack vice Smith, removed to 34th regt. son.—2d Bat. Maj. A. Stoneham; Capts. 6th Regt. Brev. Capt. R. Pringle to be J. Gabb, F. Young, G. B. Bell, and G. Adj. of 1st bat., vice Chambers, prom. Young; Lieuts. (B.C.) H. Wilson, (B.C.) 8th Regt. Lieut. C. Field to be Interp. N. Penny, (B.C.) J. Thompson, C. and Quart. Mast. of 1st bat., vice BigThoresby, T. Moodie, L. Vansandau, J. nell, removed to 32d regt. B. Fenton, G. Iliff, J. Frederick, T. 10th Regt. Lieut. F. E. Manning to Smith, and A. M. L. Maclean ; Ensigns be Interp. and Quart. Mast. of 1st bat., F. Macrae and J. Ross.

vice Scott, removed to 18th regt.; Lieut. Sept. 26.- Ens. Woodward to do duty R. Thorpe to be Interp. and Quart. Mast. with 2d bat. 20th regt.

of 2d bat., vice Bacon, removed to 33d Lieut. C. B. M.Kenly removed from regt. 2d to 1st bat. 30th regt. and Lieut. J. E. 18th Regt. Lieut. J. R. Troup to be Watson from 1st to 2d bat, ditto.

Adj. of ist bat., vice Godby, prom.; Assist. Surg. C. Mackinnon, jun. to Lieut. C. R. Bellew to be Interp. and do duty with right wing of 1st bat. 6th Quart. Mast. of Ist bat., vice F. J. Bel. regt. at Futtyghur.

lew, removed to 31st regt. Sept. 27.- Lieut. Col. M‘Leod, C. B., 19th Regt. Lieut. P. Craigie to be InCommanding Field Artillery, directed to terp. and Quart. Mast. of 2d bat., vice proceed on duty to Presidency.

Lawrence, removed to 34th regt. Assist. Surg. R. N. Burnard to do duty 21st Regt. Brev. Capt. J. Steel to be with Ist L.C.

Interp. and Quart. Mast. of 2d bat., vice Sept. 29. --Lieut. Chester, 2d bat. 4th

Williamson, prom. regt., to do duty with detachment of 20th 25th Regt. Lieut. H. Jervis White to regt. at Singapore.

be Adj. of 2d bat., vice Woodburn, reSub-Cond. Lockington appointed to

moved to 22d regt. Delhi Magazine.

30th Regt. Lieut. J. Gouldhawke to Assist. Surgs. W. Bell and H. Mays- be Interp. and Quart. Mast. of 2d bat., mor, doing duty with H.M.'s 13th foot, vice Fitzgerald, prom. directed to proceed, former to Cawnpore, 31st Regt. To be Adjs., Lieut. J. R. and latter to Benares, and to place them. Stock to ist, and Lieut. J. H. Smith to selves under orders of Superintend. Sur- 2d bat.-To be Interps. and Quart. Masts., geons.

Brev.Capt. Ri. Stewart to 1st, and Lieut. Sept. 30. - Lieut. Thoresby to act as F. J. Bellow to 2d bat. Adj. to 20 bat. 34th regt.

32d Regt. To be Adjs., Brev.Capt. F. Lieut. Jones to act as Adj. to 1st bat. Mackenzie to 1st, and Lieut. J. H. Mac29th regt., vice Thoresby.

kinlay to 2d bat. - To be Interps. and Lieut. Jas. Oliver to act as Adj, to Ist Quart. Masts., Brev. Capt. J. Davies to bat. Ist regt. during absence of Lieut. 2d, and Lieut. W. Bignell to Ist bat. Delamain.

33d Regt. To be Adjs., Lieut. R. W. Brev. Capt. Dickson to act as Adj. to Wilson to ist, and Lieut. R. Delamain Gorruckpore L. I. during Lieut. Dou to 2d bat.-To be Interps. and Quart. glas's absence.

Masts., Brev. Capt. G. J. B. Johnstone

to 2d, and Brev. Capt. J. Grant to 1st 2d hat. to Sd comp. 2d bat. ; Lieut. R. C. bat,

Dickson removed from Sd comp. ad bat. 34th Regt. To be Adjs., Brev.Capt. J. to 3d comp. 3d bat. Smith to Ist, and Brev. Capt. R. S. Phil. Assist. Surg. B. W. Macleod removed lips to 2d bat. — To be Interps. and Quart. from 2d bat. 20th regt. to 3d bat. Artillery. Masts., Brev. Capt. A. M.Mahon to Ist, Ens. J. Thornson appointed Field Enand Lieut. L. Vansandau to 2d bat. gineer to Malwa Force, vice Lieut. Walter

2d Nusseree Bat. Lieut. H. Lawrence, Oficers Posted. Lieut.-Col.-Com. J. 34th regt., to be Adj., vice Speck, prom. N. Smith to 5th regt. N.I. Lieul-Cola

Burdwan Prov. Bat. Lieut. J. S. Mos Com. T. M. Weguelin to 10th do. Liet tyn, 2d regt., to be Adj., vice Manson, Col. C. S. Fagan to Europ. regt. Lieut

. appointed to Surveying Depart.

Col. J. Durant to 2d bat. Ist NL Lieut. Oct. 2.--Lieut. Farquharson to officiate Col. J. Vaughan to Ist bat. 4th do. Liest as Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat, 3d Col. L. Wiggins to ist bat. 13th do. regt. N.I., vice Newton, struck off. Lieut. Col. W. B. Walker to 1st bat. 41

Capt. Snodgrass to join Ist bat. 4th do. Lieut. Col. J. W. Taylor to ed lat. regt. to which he belongs.

31st do. Lieut.Col. G. Sargent to le bat. Capt. Houlton to join 2d bat. 5th regt. 32d do. Lieut. Col. J. S. Harriot to 2 to which he belongs.

bat. 32d do. Lieut. Col. J. L. Stuart to Capt. Riley and Lieut. Lane to do duty 2d bat. 34th do. Maj. J. Nesbitt and with detachment of Europ. regt. at Dina- Capt. J. Eckford to 2d, and Lieut. W. D. pore.

Stewart to Ist bat. Sd do. Lieut. A. MarEns. M.Murdo, recently appointed to donald to 1st bat. 10th do. Lieut. A. Gal Europ. regt., to join same detachment. die to Ist, and Lieut. J. Macdonald to

Oct. 3. -Surg. W. L. Grant appointed bat. 24th do. Capt. G. A. Vetch and to 31st regl. and 2d bat., which he will Lieut. R. L. Burnet to 2d bat. 97th do. join at Berhampore.

Maj. C. Bowyer to lst, and Maj. J. PasSurg. Limond removed from 2d to Ist ter, Capt. H. P. Dewaal, and Lieut. E. bat. 15th regt.

J. Watson to 2d bat, soch do. Maj

. B. Surg. Moscrop appointed to 33d regt. Roope, Capt. R. Beeber, and Lieut. G. and ist bat. at Dinapore.

Cumine to Ist, and Capt. T. Hepworth Assist. Surg. Drever removed from 1st and Lieut. W. M. Ramsay to 2d bai. Sie to 2d bat. 15th regt.

do. Maj. N. Bucke, Capt. E. Andre Assist. Surg. Alex. Davidson to do duty and Lieut. A. Knyvett to lst bat. 32d de. with 1st bat. Ist regt. ; Assist. Surg. For Lieut. (B.C.) P. Grant to 2d, and Lieut. syth directed to proceed to Mundlaisir. J. Knyvett to 1st bat. 33d do.

Assist. Surg. W. S. Charters, removed Oct. 6.-Lieut. Kent to act as Adj. to from 1st bat. 25th, and posted to Ist bat. left wing of Ist bat. 6th regt., vice Can1st regt.

dy, removed to 32d regt. Assist. Surg. A. K. Lindesay appointed Ens. Bartleman to officiate as Interp. to Ist bat. 25th regt.

and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 19th regte Assist. Surg. D. Pullar posted to 2d vice Lawrence, removed to 34th regt. bat. 5th regt.

Assist. Surg. Johnstone, 2d Nusseret Assist. Surg. G. Smith to do duty with Bat., to remain with Gardner's Horse detachment at Lohargong.

until 10th Nov. Assist.Surg. Jeffreys to proceed to Me. Oct. 7.- Ens. Campbell, Ist bat. 16th rut in medical charge of recruits for that regt., to do duty with 2d bat. 33d regt. station, after which he will join Artillery until arrival of his bat. at Cawnpore. at Kurnaul, to which he stands posted. Assist. Surg. A. Pringle posted to ad

Assist. Surg. A. Wyatt appointed Assist. bat. 25th regt., vice Burnet, appointed te Garrison Surg. at Chunar.

Civil Station at Agra. Assist. Surg. John Turner posted to Ist Lieut. R. White to act as Interp. and bat. 3 ist regt.

Quart. Mast. to 3d bat. 33d regt. Lieut. and Adj. Bird to officiate as Interp. and Quart. Mast, to 1st bat. 8th Fort William, Oct. 17.- The under. regt., vice Bignell, removed to 32d regt. mentioned Cornet, Ensigns, and Assist

. Lieut. M‘Sherry to act as Adj. to left Surgs. to rank from date expressed oppe. wing of 1st bat. 15th regt. upon depar site to their names respectively. ture of Lieut. Isaac.

Cavalry. Cornet John Christie, 4th Lieut. Monke to act as Adj. to 2d regt. Jan. 1823. Local Cavalry during absence of Lieut. Infantry. Ensigns T. Dickson, Isth and Adj. Maclean.

April 1829; J. V. Forbes, 18th do.; W. Artil. Regt. Capt. G. Blake appointed Anderson, 21st do.; Edw. Darvall, is to 4th comp. 4th bat. ; Ist-Lieut. C. Dal May 1823; W. Little, 10th do.; T. las appointed to Ist comp. 3d bat. ; 2d Box, 10th do. ; C. E. Reinagle, 16ta de.; Lieut. H. B. Dalzell removed from 3d S. A. Lyons, 17th do. ; F. Sysonby (decomp. 2d bat, to 1st comp. 2d ban ; 2d ceased) 19th do. ; C. Boulton, 29. do.; Lieut. T. Ackers removed from Ist comp. W. Ríddell, 28th do.; A. Barclay, sth

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June 1823; H. Veteli, 15th do.; G. perform Medical Duties of Civil Station Halhed, 20th do.; G. Urquhart, 29th of Chittagong, vice Mc Rae, deceased. do. ; C. Baseley, 10th July 1823; A. Assist. Surg. H. Cavel, 2d Assist. GarBarclay, 10th do. ; W. L. Hall, 11th rison Surg. of Fort William, to be Ist July 1823; A. Tweedale, do.; J. S. Gif Assist., vice Graham; and Assist. Surg. ford, do.; C. Graham, do.; E. C. Mac- J. Innes, to be 2d Assist. Garrison Surg., pherson, do.; C. Jordon, do.; G. B. vice Cavell. Michell, do. ; J. G. Sharpe, do. ; R. Lieut. Crole, H. M. 11th L. Drags., Woodward, do.; J. M. Farnworth, do.; and Cornet Archbold, 8th regt. L.C., to C. G. Ross, do. ; W. Saurin, do.; J. be Aides-de-Camp on establishment of H. Hampton, do.; J. H. Wakefield, do.; Governor General's Staff. J. W. V. Stephen, do.; W. B. Gould, Assist. Surg. Whitney Taylor 'appointdo. ; J. C. C. Gray, do.; G. E. Westma ed to Civil Station of Furruckabad, vice cott, do. ; W. D. Kennedy, do.

Surg. Johnston promoted. Medical Department. Assist. Surgs. A. Oct. 24. -Mr. F. B. Boileau admitted Wyatt, 6th Dec. 1822; G. Paxton, 5th Cadet of Artillery, and promoted to 2d Jan. 1823 ; J. Colvin (not admitted) 17th Lieut. do.; J. Halkerston, 21st do. ; J. P. Rey Messrs. R. M. Hunter, H. Alpe, W. nolds, 18th Feb. 1823; W. Stevenson W. Blyth, and H. O. Frederick admitted (not admitted) 18th do.; D. Thomson, Cadets of Inf., and promoted to Ensigns. 19th do.; W. Bell, 19th do. ; J. Adair Messrs. J. W. Grant, and R. Mc Isaac Lawrie, 12th March 1823; H. Harris, admitted Assist. Surgs. 14th do. ; C. Abel, M.D., 15th do.

The undermentioned officers have reMr. E. Watt, Cadet of Cavalry, to have turned to their duty : Lieut. Col. G. Penrank of Coronet, from 3d Jan. 1823. nington, of Artillery; Capt. E. Hall,

6th Regt. N.I. Ens. J. Hannay to be ditto ; Capt. J. Cragie, 24th N.I.; Lieut. Lieut. from 11th Sept. 1823, vice Con J. Macan, 26th ditto; Lieut. O. Phillips, way, deceased.

28th ditto. Medical Department. Assist. Surg. W. Capt. J. Craigie, 24th N. I., to assume S. Stiven to be Surg., vice Johnston, pro duties of Secretary to Military Board. moted, with rank from 19th Aug. 1823, Temporary appointments in that departvice Gibson, deceased ; Surg. G. Lambe ment of Capts. T. Maddock, Rich, and to rank from 25th July 1823, vice John. Nichelson, to cease from 24th Oct. ston, promoted; Surg. Stiven to retain Capt. W. B. Salmon, 18th N. I., to charge of Medical duties of Civil Station have temporary command of Escort of of Cuttack; Mr. R. Shaw admitted an Resident at Lucknow, during absence of Assist. Surg.

Capt. R. Home, on sick leave. Lieut. Gen. Sir Robert Blair, K.C.B., Major V. Blacker, C.B., Madras Cav., transferred to Senior List, vice Hussey, lately nominated to Office of Surveyor deceased.

General of India, directed to receive Infantry. Lieut. Col. Udny Yule, C.B., charge of department from Capt. Hodgson. to be Lieut. Col.- Commandant of a regt., vice Blair; Maj. H. Hodgson to be Lieut. Head-Quarters, Cawnpore, Oct. 8. Col., vice Yule.

Lieut. Candy to act as Interp. and Quart. 12th Regt. N.I. Capt. Chas. Ryan to Mast. to 1st bat. 32d regt. from 1st inst. be Major; Lieut. and Brev. Capt. I. Lieut. R. Campbell posted to 1st, and Campbell to be Capt. of a Comp., and Lieut. J. Bartleman to 2d bat. 22d N.I. Ens. W. Innes to be Lieut., in succes Oct. 9.- Ens. C. J. F. Barnett remov. sion to Hodgson, promoted.

ed from 1st to 2d bat. 9th regt. Regt. of Artil. 2d-Lieut. R. Horsford Ens. J. Craigie removed from 1st to to be 1st-Lieut., from 27th Sept. 1823, in 2d bat., and Ens. Hardwick from 2d to succession to Carr, deceased.

1st bat. 7th regt. Medical Establishment. Assist. Surgs. H. Ens. Tierney, 1st bat. 30th, to do duty H. Wilson, R. D. Knight, J. Ranken, with 2d bat. 33d regt. at Cawnpore until M.D., A. Napier, E. Macdonald, B. his bat. arrives at Banda. Hardtman, J. Lamb, P. Halket, G. Go Oct. 10.-Lieut. E. J. Smith, Engi. van, M.D., E. Phillips, J. Eckford, R. neers, directed to relieve Lieut. Irvine Paterson, M.D., and E. Muston, to be from duties of Garrision Engineer at Surgeons, from 27th Sept. 1823, to com Allahabad, when latter will assume charge plete the establishment.

of Office of Barrack Mast. to 7th or Oct. 18.– Assist. Surg. H. Harris to per Cawnpore Division. form Medical duties of Civil Station of Maj. Becher to be President, and Capt. Backergunge, vice Assist. Surg. Harrison, McKie to be Member of Arsenal Comappointed to Rajeshahye.

mittee, in room of Majors Higgins and Brev Capt. Snodgrass, 4th N.I., to offi. Newton. ciate for Capt. Oliver, as Deputy Pay Lieuts. A. C. Scott, T. Lysaght, and F. Master at Benares.

Beaty, lately removed to Europ. Regt., Assist. Surg. W. Graham, M.D., to directed to join detachment at Dinapore.

Lieut. G. Irvine, 1st bat. 16th regt., C. T. Metcalfe, Bart., Resident at HyLieut. J. Maclean, 2d bat. 5th regt., and

derabad. Ens. Bennett, Ist bat. 23d regt., directed to do duty with detachment of 2d bat. 2d

Head Quarters, Cawnpore, Oct. 16.regt., proceeding to Shabjehanpore.- En- Europ. Regt., Brev. Capt. J. Harrison to signs Corfield, 2d bat. 15th regt., and be Quart. Mast., vice Hogg, promoted. Keiller, lst bat. 3d regt., to remain and

1st Regt. N.I. Lieut. J. Oliver to be do duty with 1st bat. 14th regt. at Pertab Adj. of Ist bat., vice Delamain, removed gurb, until relieved.

to 33d regt. Oct. 13.-Lieut. B. Boswell, Ist N. I.,

5th Regt. Lieut. N. Steward to be Inposted to 2d bat.

terp. and Quart. Mast. of 2d bat., vice Lieut. C. B. Hall posted to 1st, and

Grant, removed to 33d regt. Lieut. G. D. Johnstone to 2d bat. 20th

7th Regt. Brev.Capt. Thornton to be regt.

Adj. of Ist bat., vice Mackinlay, removed Maj. W. C. Baddeley posted to 21,

to 32d regt. and Maj. G. D. Heathcote, Capt. W. 8th Regt. Lieut, Beckett to be Interp. Hough, and Lieut. A. T. Lloyd to Ist and Quart. Mast. of 2d bat., vice Vansan. bat. 24th regt.

dau, removed to 34th regt. Lieut. (Bt. Capt.) Bordieu to act as 91h Regt. Lieut. G. Farquharson to be Adj. to 1st bat. 22d regt., during absence Interp. and Quart. Mast. of Ist bat., vice of Lieut. Home.

Johnston, removed to 33d regt. Assist. Surg. Forsyth, directed to pro.

15th Regt. Lieut. W. Payne to be Inceed to Banda and take medical charge

terp. and Quart. Mast, of 2d bat., vice of station.

Boyd, removed to S3d regt. Assist. Surg. Knight directed to conti

29th Regt. Brev. Capt. J. S. Marshall to nue in medical charge of 2d Nusseree bat.,

be Interp. and Quart. Mast. of Ist bat., until relieved by Assist. Surg. Johnstone.

vice Martin, promoted. — Brev.Capt. H. Capt. W. Wilson's separate duty of Re

C. Cox to be Adj. of 1st bat., vice Thores. cruiting Officer to cease on 1st proximo. by, removed to 94th regt:

Lieut. G. C. Smyth, 3d L. C., ap Barcilly Prov. Bat. Lieut. C. Griffiths, pointed Interp. and Quart. Mast. of regt.,

18th regt. N.I., to be Adj., vice Blackall, vice Bennett, deceased.

promoted. Surg. W. L. Grant posted to 2d bat. Lieut. W. H. Leacock, 15th N.I, postArtillery, vice Baillie permitted to ac ed to 1st bat. of regt. cept situation of Surg. to King of Oude.

Lieut. and Act. Adj. Jones, to officiate

as Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 1st bat. 19th Fort William, Oct. 24.-Mr. Jos. Tin.

regt. dal admitted Cadet of Engiueers, and

Lieut. (Brev.Capt.) Rutledge to act as promoted to Ensign. M. T. D. Colyear admitted Cadet of Interp. and Quart. Mast., and Lieut. Gar.

rett to act as Adj. to 1st bat, 19th regt. Cavalry, and promoted to Cornet.

Lieut. Candy to act as Adj. to right Messrs. H. Hunter, E. Meade, and E.

wing of 1st bat. 32d regt. J. Dickey admitted Cadets of Infantry, Lieut. T. Webster removed from Ist to and promoted to Ensigns.

2d bat, 30th N.I. Surg. G. Skipton to be Garrison Sur

Lieut. R. K. Erskine removed from geon at Allahabad, in room of Surg. 1st to 2d bat. 16th N.I., and Lieut. G. Mansell, removed.

Barker from latter to former bat. 3d Regt. L.C. Cornet J. W. E. Biscoe

Lieut. G. Gordon removed to 1st bat., to be Lieut., from 1st Oct. 1823, vice

and Lieut. C. Farmer to 2d bat. 9th regt. Bennett, deceased.

Lieut. M‘Nair, 2d bat. 11th regt., and Mr. W. F. Grant admitted Cadet of

Ens. Milner, 2d bat. 18th regt., to do Infantry, and promoted to Ensign.

duty with 1st bat. 26th regt. at Nagpore. Capt. F. Sackville, 28th N.I., return.

Capt. Stacy, 2d bat. 16th regt., to coned to duty.

tinue doing duty with 1st bat. 29th regt., Oct. 31.-22d Regt. N.I. Ens. Alex.

at Benares. Webster to be Lieut. from 9th Oct. 1813, Lieut. Haslam to officiate as Interp. vice Middleton, deceased.

and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 20th regt. Capt. Thos. Watson, Europ. Regt., to be Brigade Major, to supply, vacancy charge of Artillery at Cawnpore.

Surg. H. Hough appointed to Medical caused by promotion of Capt. Weston. The appointment of Lieut. A. Irvine,

Oct. 17.--Lieut. E. Carte, 2d bat. 32d of Engineers, to be a District Barrack regt., to do duty with 2d bat. 27th regt. Master, cancelled at his solicitation.

at Allahabad, until 1st Dec. Ens. M. West, 21st N,I., permitted to Capt. Wilkins, 1st bat. 21st regt., to resign service of Hon. Comp.

do duty with 2d bat. of regt. Assist. Surg. J. R. Martin to proceed Lieuts. Platt, 4th regt., and Reeves, Sth on Government Yacht to Masulipatam, regt., to do duty with 2d bat. 5th regt. and place himself under orders of Sir until their services can be dispensed with.

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