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Ens. Sturt removed from 2d to 1st bat. Dixon, 22d regt, and ist bat., Kurnaul; 7th regt. N.I.

Ens. J. M. Farnworth, 22d regt. and 2d Lieut. Brace to act as Adj. to wing of bat., Benares ; Ens. W. B. Gould, 22d 1st bat. 24th regt. detached from Muttra regt. and 1st bat., Kurnaul; Ens. C. to Allygurh.

Boulton, 24th regt. and 1st. bat., Muttra; Lieut. M'Kenily to act as Interp. and Ens. E. C. Macpherson, 24th regt. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 30th regt.

2d bat., Saugor; Ens. J. H. Hampton, Assist. Surg. W. E. Carte directed to 25th regt. and 1st bat., Nusserabad ; Ens. proceed to Dinapore and place himself C. Graham, 26th regt. and 1st bat. Nagunder orders of Superintend. Surg. pore ; Ens. H. Vetch, 27th regt. and 2d

The appointment of Lieut. Smith to bat., Allahabad ; Ens. C. Baseley, 28th act as Garrison Engineer at Allahabad sus regt. and 1st bat., Mhow; Ens. E. Dar. pended.

vall, 29th regt. and 1st bat., Benares ; Ens. W. S. Menteah remover from 29th Ens. A. Tweedale, 29th regt. and 2d bat., to 9th regt., and posted to 1st bat. Nusserabad; Ens. W. Anderson, 30th

Ens. Wm. Brownlow removed from regt. and 2d bat., Bhopalpore; Ens. W. 17th to 13th regt., and posted to Ist bat. Riddell, 30th regt. and 1st bat., Bandah ;

Ens. A. Jackson removed from 18th to Ens. G. Urquhart, 33d regt. and 2d hat., 15th regt., and posted to 1st bat.

Cawnpore ; Ensign Alexander Barclay to Ens. J. Tierney removed from 30th to the 34th regt. N.I. and 1st bat., Benares. 20ch regt., and posted to 1st bat. at Capt. T. C. Watson directed to conPrince of Wales's Island.

tinue in charge of 2d bat. 31st regt. until Ens. T. H. Scott removed from 12th to its arrival at Berhampore. 19th regt., and posted to Ist bat.

Lieut. C. Marshall to do duty with 2d Ens. R. Riddell removed from 11th to bat. 31st regt. until its arrival at Benares. 16th regt., and appointed to 2d bat.

Lieut. Campbell to act as Adj. to deOct. 20.-Dep. Superintend. Surg. J. tached wing of 1st bat. 14th regt. during Johnstone posted to Cawnpore division of its separation from head-quarters. army.

Lieut. Wake, Rungpore Light Inf., to Superintend. Surg. J. Browne posted to do duty with 1st bat. 23d regt. Berhampore.

Lieut. T. E. Soady, to officiate as Adj. Assist. Surg. C. Mackinnon, jun., di.

to 1st bat. 6th regt. rected to remain at Futtyghur, and per 0&l. 21.-6th Regt. N.I. Lieut. J. Marform medical duties at that post.

tin to be Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d Lieut. F. V. M.Grath, 30th N.I., post bat., vice Conway, deceased. ed to 1st bat. of regt.

20th Regt. Lieut. S. Corbett to be InCorn and Ensigns permanently posted terp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat., vice to Corps. Cornet J. Christie to 3d regt. Hoare, deceased. L.C., Nusserabad; Cornet E. Watt, 6th 23d Regt. Lieut. D. Williams to be ditto, Keitah; Ens. G. Salter, Ist regt. Adj. to 2d bat., vice Stirling, promoted. N.I., and 2d bat., Neemuch; Ens. R. 28th Regt. Brev.Capt. Simonds to be Woodward, Ist regt. and 1st bat., Sultan. Interp. and Quart. Mast. to lst bat., vice pore; Ens. G. Halhed, 2d regt. and 1st Davies, removed to sad regt.-Lieut. J. bat., Moradabad; Ens. C. G. Ross, 3d Scott to be Adj. to 1st bat., vice Mackenregt. and 2d bat., Agra; Ens. W. L. zie, removed to ditto. Hall, 4th regt. and 1st bat., Jubbulpore ; Orissa Prov. Bat. Lieut. B. J. FlemEns. W. Little, 6th regt. and ist bat., ing, 5th N.I., to be Adj. Nagpore; Ens. J. C. C. Gray, 6th regt. Lieut. G. Burney to act as Interp. and and 2d bat., Goorgaon ; Ens. C. Jordon, and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 19th regt. 7th regt. and 2d bat., Seetapore; Ens. G. Lieut. and Act. Adj. Thoresby to offiB. Michell, 8th regt. and 1st bat., Ba ciate as Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d relly; Ens. J. G. Sharpe, 9th regt. and bat. 34th regt. 2d bat., Lucknow; Ens. J. V. Forbes, The undermentioned officers directed 11th regt. and ist bat., Mhow; Ens. J. to continue doing duty with 1st bat. 25th H. Wakefield, 11th regt. and 2d bat. Bar. regt. until their services can be dispensed rack pore; Ens. A. Barclay, 12th regt. with : Capt. H. T. Smith, 1st bat. 34th and 1st bat., Meerut; Ens. J. S. Gifford, regt. ; Lieut. W. Whitaker, 2d bat. Ist 12th regt. and 2d bat., Gurrawarrah ; regt.; Lieut. K. F. Mackenzie, 1st bat. Ens. W. Saurin, 15th regt. and 2d bat., 32d regt. ; Lieut. B. Boswell, 2d bat. Juanpore ; Ens. S. A. Lyons, 17th regt. 1st regt. ; Ens. J. H. Sankey, Europ. and ist bat., Loodeanah; Ens. T. Box, Regt; and Ens, J. Chesney, 2d bat, 14th 18th regt. and 2d bat., Nagpore; Ens. G. regt. E. Westmacott, 18th regt. and 1st bat., Lieut. T. Smith, 34th regt., doing duty Nusserabad; Ens. W. D. Kennedy, 19th with 2d bat. 15th regt., to act as Adj. 10 regt. and 2d bat., Midnapore; Ens. C. left wing of latter corps. E. Reinagle, 20th regt. and 2d bat., Bar Lieut. May to act as Interp. and Quart. rackpore ; Ens. J. W. V. Stephen, 21st Mast. to 2d bat. 14th regt. regt. and 20 bat., Saugor ; Ens. T. Lieut. Alston to act as Adj. to five

comps. of 2d bat. 20th regt. during their relieved from duty, and posted to Arsenal absence from head-quarters.

of Fort William. Lieut. W. Forbes to act as Interp. and Capt. F. M. Chambers, 6th N.I., to be Quart. Mast. to 1st bat. 31st regt. until ar second in command of Rungpore Light rival of Brev. Capt. Stewart.

Inf., vice Armstrong, appointed 2d AsLieut. Spens to act as Adj. to left wing sist. Mil. Aud. General. of 1st bat. 2d regt. during its separation Ensign Freeth removed from 1st to 2d from head-quarters.

bat. 28th regt. Lieut, James Woodburn to act as In Assist. Surg. W. E. Carte posted to 2d terp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 8th regt. 2d bat. 31st regt.

Lieut. Prole to act as Interp. and Quart. Assist. Surg. Henderson to do duty Mast. to 2d bat. 18th regt.

with 2d bat. 31st until its arrival at DinaCapt. J. Steel, 21st N.I., to act as pore, when he will return to Cawopore Major of Brigade to troops on Agra and and join 2d bat. 33d regt. Muttra frontier during absence of Brig. Assist. Surg. Halkerston to proceed from Maj. Frye.

Presidency to Meerut, and place himself

under orders of Superintend. Surg. Fort William, Oct. 31. Assist. Surg. Oct. 23. --Capt. F. Walker removed R. Shaw to officiate as 2d Assist. Garrison from 2d to 1st bat. 33d regt., and Capt. Surg. during absence of Assist. Surg. W. Skene from latter to former bat. Innes.

Ens. T. Dalyell, 1st bat. 21st regt., to Mr. A. M. Skinner admitted Cadet of proceed to Mynpooree, and do duty with Infantry, and promoted to Ensign.

1st bat. 32d regt. The undermentioned officers have re Lieut. G. R. Talbot removed from Ist turned to duty, viz. Lieut. Col. A. Wat to 2d bat. 9th regt., and Lieut. (Brev. son, 7th Light Cav., and Brev. Capt. Capt.) J. Graham from latter to former E. B. Pryce, 20th regt. N.I.

bat. Capt. J. A. Hodgson, 31st N I., ap Oct. 24.-Brev. Capt. Steel to continue pointed to new oflice constituted under to officiate as Interp. and Quart. Mast. to designation of Revenue Surveyor Ge 2d bat. 32d regt. until arrival of officer neral, for control and direction of various appointed to that situation. village surveys now in progress, or which Lieut. R. Steuart to do duty with 1st may hereafter be instituted for revenue or bat. 12th regt. until arrival at Etawah of judicial purposes.

1st bat. 21st, to which he is appointed. Nov. 7.- Mr. J. S. Browne admitted a Lieut. Oliphant to act as Adj. to deCadet of Inf., and promoted to Ensign. tached wing of 2d bat. 2d regt. during

The undermentioned officers have re time it may continue separate from beadturned to duty: Lieut.Col. G. Mac Mo quarters. rine, 21st N.I. ; Capt. J. Garner, 15th Lieut. Jones to act as Adj. during ab N. I. ; and Lieut. E. Marshall, 31st N.I. sence of Brev.Capt. and Ad. Lawrence.

The promotion of Mr. J. Lamb in Lieut. and Adj. Whinfield to officiate as G.O. of 17th ult., to rank of Surg. Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 15th cancelled at that gentleman's request, regt. and Mr. L. permitted to continue in Brev.Capt. E. Lawrence, 2d bat. 2d charge of medical duties of civil station regt. permitted to resign Adjutancy of of Malda, in his original rank of Assist. Corps. Surg.

Capt. H. Wrottesley, 2d bat. 28th regt, Capt. A. Stewart, 14th N.I., to com permitted to continue doing duty with 1st mand 1st Nerbudda Nujeeb Corps during bat. 23d regt. absence of Capt. Dudgeon.

Oct. 25.- Assist. Surg. G. Smith to Surg. John Savage to officiate as Civil continue with Major Parker's detachment Surgeon to station of Moorshedabad dur- during absence of Assist. Surg. Jeffreys ing absence of Surg. Smith.

from sickness.

Lieut. W. H. Phibbs removed from 2d Head- Quarters, Cawnpore, Oct. 22. to 1st bat. 9th regt., and Lieut. N. Camp

Lieut. Col. McInnes directed to await at bell from latter to former bat. Barrackpore the arrival of 1st bat. 31st Lieut. E. Wakefield, 1st bat. 3d regt.; regt.

Lieut. W. H. Phibbs, 1st bat. 9th regt. ; Ens. G. Cox to proceed to Cawnpore and Ens. G. Byron, 2d bat. 24th regt., and do duty with 2d bat. 33d regt. until to do duty with 2d bat. Ist regt, unul arrival of 1st bat. 30th regt., to which he their services can be dispensed with. is posted, at Banda.

Lieut. W. A. Ludlow, Ist bat. 12th Lieut. Huthwaite to do duty with 2d regt., to do duty with 2d bat. 29th regt. bat. 18th regt. until its arrival at Nagpore, Oct. 27.-- Artillery Regt. Capt. C. C. when he will proceed to join Ist bat. 19th Chesney, removed from 6th comp. 2d bat. regt. in Cuttack.

to 12th comp. 4th bat. Sub. Cond. Gilbert directed to proceed Capt. C. Everest removed from 12th to Singapore in room of Sub-Cond. Nixon comp. 4th bat. to 6th comp. 2d bat.

Assist. Surg. Inglis, 2d bat. 16th regt., Cornet Lawrence to act as Adj. to right to have medical charge of companies of wing of 2d L.C. during its separation 20th regt. at Barrackpore during absence from head-quarters. of Surg. Thomas.

Major N. Bucke, ist bat. 32d regt., to Assist. Surg. Maysmor to accompany continue in command of Ist bat. 30th wing of 20th regt. detached to Chitta- regt. until its arrival at Banda. gong.

Lieut. A. T. Davies, 1st bat. 29th regt., Brev. Capt. and Adj. Pringle, Ist bat. to continue to do duty with 2d bat. 22d 6th regt., to do duty with troops proceed. regt. until its arrival at Beuares. ing on service to Chittagong district. Lieut. T. Cooke, 2d bat. 11th regt., to

Lieut. T. Cooke removed from Ist to continue doing duty with 1st bat. 26th 2d bat. 11th regt., and Lieut. A. Durie regt. until arrival of his own corps at Nagfrom latter to former bat.

pore. Lieut. D. Thompson to act as Interp. Brev. Capt. Interp. and Quart. Mast. and Quart. Mast. to Ist bat 28th regt. Benson to act as Adj. to Ist bat. 5th regt.

2d Regt. N.I. Lieut. J. Jervis to be during absence on sick leave of Brev. Adj. to 2d bat., vice Lawrence, resigned. Capt.

and Adj. Denby. 24th Regt. Lieut. N. J. Cumberlege to Nov. 7.- Ens. Hay to do duty with 1st be Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 1st bat, bat. 13th regt. at Midnapore, until arrival vice M-Mahon, removed to 34th regt. of 2d bat. 19th at that station.

Dinagepore Loc. Bat. Lieut. G. Chap Assist. Surgs. Laurie and Bell to proman, 18th N.I., to be Adj., vice Flem. ceed to Cawnpore, and to place themselves ing, removed to Orissa bat.

under orders of Superintend. Surgeon at Oct. 28. Lieut. Sanders, of Artillery, that station. to proceed from Agra to Barelly and as Cornet Christie permitted to do duty sume command of artillery at latter sta with 5th regt. Light Cavalry until Ist tion.

March next. Cond. Thomas O'Brien removed from 6th Regt. L.C. Lieut. H. Garstin to be Cawnpore, and posted to magazine at Interp, and Quart. Mast. Agra.

Ens. E. Meade, lately admitted, ap

pointed to do duty with 1st bat. 12th regt. Fort William, Nov. 14. - Assist. Surg.

at Meerut. J. M. Todd to perform medical duties of Lieut. J. Macan removed from 1st to Civil Station of Purneah, vice Assist. 2d bat. 26th regt., and Lieut. A. Grant Surg. A. Napier, promoted.

from latter to former bat. The undermentioned officers have re Lieut. Cautley to act as Adj. and Quart. turned to duty: Capt. T. Dundas, 24th Mast. to Ist bat. Artillery until arrival of regt., and Capt. G. Hawes, 26th regi. Lieut. D'Oyly.

8th Regt. N.I. Ens. H. Charlton to be Nov. 11.-Lieut. Spencer, 2d bat. 16th Lieut. from 2d Nov. 1823, vice Oliphant, regt., to do duty withi 2d bat. 32d regt. at deceased,

Muttra. Assist. Surg. John Smith to perform Nov. 12.--Mr. Twining, Surg. to Commedical duties of Civil Station of Sarun, mander-in-Chief, to afford medical assisvice E. Muston, promoted : Mr. Smith tence to officers of General Staff employed will continue, however, at Sylhet till re at head-quarters, to detachments of troops lieved.

forming his Excellency's escort,' and ge

nerally to public establishments in camp Head-Quarlers, Nov. 3. Lieut. C. entitled to medical aid. Troup, lately removed from Ist bat. 11th Lieut. W. R. L. Faithfull removed to 2d bat. 24th regt., to continue doing from 2d to 1st bat. 22d regt., and Lieut. duty at Mhow with former bat. until 1st Alex. Webster posted to former bat. January

Brig. Maj. Watson posted to Presidency Capt. Houlton, 2d bat. 5th regt., to Division of the army. continue doing duty with detachment of Assist. Surg. J. Hutchinson, doing duty Europ. Regt. at Dinapore until 1st Jan. with Ist bat. 4th regt., posted to that Lieut. T. Roberts appointed Adj. to 2d

corps, vice Woodburn. bat. 26th N.I., vice Phillips, removed to Surg. E. Macdonald posted to 24th

regt , and to continue with 2d bat. Nov. 5.-Lieut. H. Templer to act as Surg. J. Eckford posted to 12th regt., Adj. to left wing of 2d bat. 4th regt, du vice Carnegie, removed to 7th regt. : ring its separation from head-quarters, Surg. E. will continue with Ist bat.

Nov. 6.--Lieut, and Adj. Polwhele to Capt. J. Garner removed from Ist to act as Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 2d bat. 15th regt., and Capt. A. Shuld21st regt.

ham from latter to former bat. Assist. Surg. C. Mackinnon, Jun., posted to 1st bat. 32d regt., and to join on Fort William, Nov. 21.- Capt. R. B. being relieved from medical duties at Fulton, regt. of Artil., Superintendent Futtehgurh by Assist. Surg. Taylor. of Cossipore Half Wrought Yard. ap Asiatic Journ.-No. 101.


34th regt.

pointed Assist. to Agent for gun carriages, vice Parker, permitted to resiga appoint&c. &c. at Cossipore,

ment. Nov. 27. — The Governor General in Surg. J. H. Mackenzie removed from Council is pleased, with reference to prin- 29th to 34th regt. ciple laid down in G.O. of 24th April 1822, Surg. W. Mansell posted to 29th regte to make the following promotions in the and Ist bat, at Benares. Commissariat Department, in succession Brev. Capt. and Adj. J. Campbell re. to Capt. Lumsdaine, advanced to office of moved to 1st bat., and Brev.Capt. and Deputy Commissary General; vis. Adj. B. Woolley to 2d bat. 30th rege

Brev.Capt. D. Bruce, from 2d to Ist Brev. Capt, and Adj. F. Mackenzie re class of Assists. Com. Gen.

inoved to 2d bat., and Lieut. and Adj Capt. C. W. Brooke, Sub-Assist., to Mackinlay to 1st bat. 32d regt. be an Assist. Com. Gen. in 2d class.

Nov, 14.--Lieut. F. J. Simpson, a Brev.Capt. J. D. Parsons, Supernum., bat. 28th regt., to do duty with Rung. brought on effective strength of depart pore L. I.. ment as a Sub-Assist.Com. Gen.

Surg. A. Hall, 6th regt. L.C., to de The Governor General in Council is duty with 2d L.C. on its arrival at Mhow also pleased to create the intermediate until Surg. Tweedie shall join. Assist

. rank of Deputy Assist. Commissary Ge. Surg. Duff, attached to 2d L. C., will join neral, and to promote to that rank the left wing of 6th L.C. on bis arrival a eight Senior Sub- Assistants, viz.

Mhow. To be Dep. Assistants Com. General, 1st Lieut. E. Marshall removed to Ist, and Class : Capt. J. Taylor, 3d regt. N.I.; Lieut. J. Tomlinson to 2d bat. 31st regt Brev.Capt. A. Hervey, 33d ditto; Lieut. Lieut. A. C. Ward to act as Adj. to Is W. W. Rees, 25th ditto; Lieut. J. G. bat. 34th regt. Burns, 6th ditto.—2d Class : Brev. Capt. Lieut. M. G. White, 2d bat. Sed E. C. Sneyd, 3d regt. N.I. ; Capt. J. H. regt., to do duty with Ist bat. 23d regi. Littler, 10th ditto ; Capt. W. A. Yates, until 15th Feb. next. 34th ditto ; Brev.Capt. S. P. C. Hum Ens. H. Todd, Ist bat. 9th regt., to de frays, 18th ditto.

duty with 2d bat. 1lth regt. The number of Sub-Assistants to re. main at ten.

FURLOUGHS. The Rev. Walter Hovenden appointed Secretary of Military Orphan Institution, To Europe. -Oct. 10. Capt. S. Land, vice the Rev. J. Parson, who retires. 30th N. I., for health.-17. Capt. I

Lieut. Col. Alex. Macleod, C.B., to be Dunn, 11th N. 1.-24. Capt. J. Hay, Commandant of Artil. from date of dis 16th N.I., on private affairs.-31. Capt. patch of ship on which Major Gen. Hard- W. M*Kie, 301h N.I., ditto. Brev.Capt. wicke may embark for Europe. - Separate G. Jenkins, 32d N.I., for health. - Ner. command of Artillery in Field, with Bri- 7. Brev.Capt. C. A. Munro, 7th N.L, gade Majorship annexed thereto, abolished on private affairs. - Brev. Capt. J. Smith, from same date.

34th regt., ditto.—Lieut. and Brer.Capt. 21st Regt. N.I. Lieut. and Brev. Capt. F. Mackenzie, 32d N.I., ditto, via Bor G. Watson to be Capt. of a company, bay.- 14. Lieut. Col. Com. Udny Yuk, and Ens. W. Tritton to be Lieut., from c.B, 2d N.I., on private affairs.-7. 1st Nov. 1823, in succession to Casement, Lieut. Col. M. Fitzgerald, 3d L.C., for deceased.

health. - Lieut. J. W. E. Briscoe, 34 Mr. J. Colvin admitted Assist. Surg. N.I., ditto. - Lieut. W. D. Stewart, si

Capt. W. Price, an Examiner, appoint- N.I., ditto. - Lieut. D. L. Richardson, ed to situation of Professor of Hindoo 18th N.I., ditto.- Capt. Arch. Oliver, tuh stanee in College of Fort William, vice N.I., ou private affairs, Lieut. Col. Taylor, who vacates appoint To Madras.- Nov. 14. Lieut. M. G. ment consequent on his promotion. White, 33d N.I., on private affairs. Lieut. J. W. J. Ouseley, 14th regt. To Cape of Good Hope.- Oct. 10. Capt

. N.I., to be an Examiner in the College, H. W. Wilkinson, 9th N.1., Town and vice Price.

Fort Adj. of Fort William, for 12 months,

for health.-24. Surg. Thos. Smith, ditta, Head-Quarters, Nov. 13. — Lieut. and ditto.-31. Capt. Edw. Day, 26th N.l.

, Act. Adj. Croudace to officiate as Interp. ditto, ditto.-Lieut.Col. A. Cunnings, and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 5th regt. on 2d L. C., for health. departure of Lieut. and Brev. Capt. J. Cancelled Oct. 31. Capt. G. W. A. Grant, removed to 33d regt.

Lloyd, 33d N.I., to Europe. Capt. I. Gordon's employment on recruiting service to be considered as having terminated on 4th inst., and will pruceed

PROMOTIONS, &c. IN HIS to join his corps at Ludhiana.

MAJESTY'S FORCES. Lieut. J. D. Douglas, 27th regt., ap Head-Quarters, Cawnpore, Sept. sul pointed Adj. to 3d regt. Local Horse, 1823. - Lieut. C. A. Wrottesley, lote

87th regt.

Lancers, to be an extra Aide-de-Camp to Lieut. Hartford, 59th Foot, do.-20. Corhis Exc. the Com.-in-Chief in India. net St. John, 13th Drags., for health.

Oct. 2. Lieuts. R. Whittle and N. Cornet Collins, 16th Lancers, ditto.- Nov. Chadwick, 59th Foot (Subalterns of 15 3. Lieut. and Adj. Woolard, 44th regt., years' standing), to have rank of Capt. by ditto. - Ens. Jones, 52d regt., ditto.Brevet in the East-Indies.

Capt. Sheehy, 89th regt., ditto.-4. Lieut. Oct. 7.--Supernum. Assist. Surg. Camp- Mathias, Royal Regt., ditto.- 12. Ens. bell, attached to 59th regt., directed to Hutchinson, 46th regt., on private affairs. proceed to Ghazeépore and do duty with To Bombay.-Nov. 3. Lieut. G. W.

Thompson, 30th regt., on private affairs, Oct. 14.-Until his Majesty's pleasure for four months. shall be known:

To China.-Lieut. Urmston, 38th Foot, 41s1 Foot. Capt. J. L. Hill to be Major for six months, on private affairs. without purchase, vice MacCoy, deceased; Lieut. B. N. Bluett to be Capt. of a Company without purchase, vice Hill,

COURT MARTIAL promoted ; and Ens. J. G. Bedingfeld to ON LIEUT.-COL. J.S. HARRIOT, 32D REGT. N.I. be Lieut. without purchase, vice Bluett, promoted,

Head-Quarters, Camp, Mahomedabad, 15th 44th Foot. Lieut. J. Paton, from 57th

Nov. 1823. regt., to be Lieut., without purchase, vice At a European General Court Martial Nixon, deceased.

assembled at Secrole, Benares, on Mon46th Foot. Ens. G. Varlo, from 59th day the 29th of September, 1823, of which regt., to be Ensign, vice Drew, promoted. Major General Thomas Brown, Com.

67th Foot. Ens. John C. Drew, from mandant of Buxar, is President, Major 46th regt., to be Lieut., without purchase, (now Lieut.-Colonel) J. S. Harriot, 320 vice Paton, removed to 44th regt.

Regiment Native Infantry was arraigned Oct. 15. The appointment of Lieut. upon the undermentioned charges, viz. E. Kenny, 89th Foot, to be Adj., to bear 1st. “ For oppression and cruelty to the date 26th June 1823.

invalids placed under his command, par. Oct. 20.—Until his Majesty's pleasure ticularly in the following instances, viz. shall be known :

in having on or about the month of De41st Foot. Lieut. G. L. Boultbee, from cember, 1822, used cruel and illegal mee 69th regt., to be Lieut., vice Sarjeant, who thods of punishment to European and exchanges, 13th Sept. 1823.

native soldiers, by chaining them to a log, 69th Foot. Lieut. J. J. Sargeant, from or holding out threats to do so; in having, 41st Foot, to be Lieut., vice Boultbee, on or about the month of April, 1823, who exchanges, 13th Sept. 1823.

persisted in compelling Gunga Deen Lieut. C. Wetherall, 11th Light Dra. Dhobie, sepoy 1st company 2d battalion goons, appointed Aide-de-Camp to Major native invalids (though incapacitated by the General Sir T. Pritzler, K.C. B.

loss of the use of his right hand), to perNov, 4, Lieut. Crole, 11th Light form military duty in the full dress of a Drags., to be an Aide-de-Camp on Staff regular soldier, and having by a harassing of Governor General,

and vexatious system, driven the said Until his Majesty's pleasureis known: Gunga Deen Dhobie, after a service of

38th Foot. Lieut. J. Mathews to be eighteen years, to take his discharge from Capt. of a comp., without purchase, vice the Invalid Establishment; also, in having Read, deceased, 23d Oct. 1823, and En on or about the same period, harassed and sign Grimes to be Lieut., vice Mathews, annoyed some of the pioneer corps and promoted, ditto.

old men from the gun lascars, by com20th Foot. Capt. R. Swinton, from 17th pelling them to attend drill with musquets, Foot, to be Capt. of a comp., vice G. arms which they never had been accustomRotton, who exchanges.

ed to. Nov. 12.-The undermentioned officers 2d. “ For disobedience of orders, in (subalterns of 15 years' standing) to have having on or about the month of April rank of Capt. by Brevet in the East 1823, interfered with the half mounting Indies :

of the invalids, and endeavoured to effect Lieut. G. T. Finucane, 14th Foot, a change, by directing that various articles from 220 Sept. 1829.

of dress should be made up according to Lieut. E. L'Estrange, 14th Foot, from particular

patterns shown on parade. 10th Nov. 1823.

3d. “ For having on or about the midLieut. J. H. Light, 30th Foot, from dle of December last, compelled helpless 27th Oct, 1829.

and maimed European invalids to do duty, although they presented certificates,

signed by the Garrison Surgeon, of their FURLOUGHS.

incapacity and inability to do so; also, To Europe.- Sept. 30. Capt. Fenton, for forcing the individuals of the Pension 87th Foot, on private affairs. - Oct. 4. Company to do military duty, although

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