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nagement of Missionary operations, be rable to associate in the diseussions of the transferred to this Society.

Committee. 3d. That all the landed or other pro 13th. That a report of the proceedings perty, now in charge of or under controul shall be annually read at the general meetof the Committee, be understood as be- ing on the above-named day, and afterlonging to, and agreed to be held subject wards published, with an abstract of reto the disposal of the Parent Society, in ceipts and disbursements during the year. whom it shall be vested, as well as any 14th. That the amount collected by asother property to be hereafter acquired by sociations be applied at their option, to the the Auxiliary.

purposes of the Society, within the range 4th. That the centre of the Society's of such associations, subject only to the operations shall be in Calcutta, and that it approval of proceedings, tracts, and schoolextend itself throughout the provinces sub- books, by the Committee of the Auxiliary ject to this Presidency, as opportunities Society, who will afford the use of their may offer, by associations to be denomic press at the Presidency, in printing what nated, Church Missionary Associatioos in may be thus approved. aid of the Calcutta Auxiliary Church i5th. That the thanks of this meeting Missionary Society, according to the pre be given to George Udny, Esq., the other cedent established by the Church Mis gentlemen and clergymen members of the sionary Association in Calcutta,

late Corresponding Committee. 5th. That all persons subscribing or On the 10th resolution being proposed collecting annually the sum of Sa.Rs. 32, by the Archdeacon, and seconded by J. H. or upwards, be deemed a member of this Harington, Esq., and unanimously and society.

cordially adopted by the meeting, the Lord 6th. That the business of this Society be Bishop expressed at some length the corconducted by a President, Vice Presidents, diality with which be accepted the office of members of the Established Church, Trea President of the Society. He observed surer, Secretary, and a Committee, con that he had noticed the proceedings of the sisting of all Clergymen of the Esta Church Missionary Society from its for. blished Church who are Members of this mation, and though he had no connexion Society, not being Missionaries, and Lay. with the excellent men who established it, men, members of the Established Church, except a common feeling for the objects not exceeding twelve.

aimed at, be had, in common with inany 7th. That the Committee shall hold others, always admired the prudence, pe. monthly meetings for the despatch of severance, and energy with which its opebusiness, and that five shall be competent rations had been conducted. He also conto act.

gratulated the meeting on the success which 8th. That all bills drawn on the Parent had attended the operations of the Society Society, after being voted in the Com in Africa, and, he would add, in this mittee, shall be signed by the President country also, where extensive good is arand the Secretary.

complishing by its means, in conjunction 9th. That this Society shall, once at with other Societies of a similar nature; least in every year, transmit to the Bishop and that he should be happy to render it of the diocese, and to the Committee of all the assistance in his power, the Parent Society, an abstract of their proceedings and regulations.

At a Meeting of the Committee held Dec. 8, 10th. That the Right Rev. the Lord

in the Bishop's House, Bishop of Calcutta be respectfully re Present, The Lord Bishop of Calcutta, quested to accept the office of Presi President, in the Chair : J. H. Haringdent.

ton, Esq., Vice-President ; E. A. New11th. That G. Udny, Esq. and J. Ha ton, Esq.; Rev. T. Thomason ; Rev. G. rington, Esq. be Vice-Presidents.

W. Craufurd; Rev. Dr. Parish ; Colonel 12th. That G. Ballard, Esq. be re M’Inoes ; Captain Hutchinson; and Rev. quested to act as Treasurer, and the Rev. D. Corrie (Secretary), Archdeacon Corrie as Secretary; and that Resolved, Ist, That all the Episcopal the following gentlemen be the Lay-mem- Missionaries of the Society at this Presibers of the Committee :

dency, who have not obtained the Bishop's E. A. Newton, Esq.; Col. McInnes, license, be directed to apply to him for the Capt. Hutchinson, Engineers; Capt.Ches, same; and that every Missionary of the ney, Artillery, and M. Gisborne, Esq., Society episcopally ordained, be directed with power to add to their number, and on his arrival from England, to present fill up vacancies, subject to confirmation at himself to the Bishop of the diocess for the annual meeting, to be held on the bis license. Wednesday after Whit Sunday, and with 2d. That the Secretary be authorized to the privilege of admitting to their consul. draw upon the Treasurer for the amount tations the presidents of associations and of the hills, for current expenses, and all honorary members, whom it may be desi- disbursements sanctioned by the Com

mittee, and that such bills, together with &c. The examination commenced on the all communications addressed to him on arrival of the Lady Amherst by the introthe business of the Society, be laid he duction of the first class, consisting of a fore the Committee at the next monthly number of girls, who read the New Testameeting.

ment with much facility, and answered the 3d. That the Secretary keep a fair copy questions put to them by Mrs. Wilson, of the proceedings of the Committee, in a

and the Rev. Messrs. Wilson and Jetter, book for that purpose.

with much perspicuity and discernment. 4th. That the correspondence of the

We cannot help remarking the quickness Committee with the Parent Society in

of one little girl, a child not exceeding London shall be carried on through the

four years of age, who read the New Secretary, who shall receive instructions

Testament without the slightest hesitation, from the Committee, and sign every letter and with a clearness quite astonishing. with his name and addition as Secretary of The girls composing the second class were the Calcutta Auxiliary Church Missionary examined in one of the elementary books Society.

made use of by the Society, and acquitted

themselves very much to the satisfaction of 5th. That the Secretary do keep an account-book exhibiting an abstract of the

the company present. Another class was

exainined in Dr. Watts's catechism, and Committee's receipts and disbursements,

evinced great retention of memory. After to be made up from time to time by the

these exercises had been gone through, Treasurer, and produced to the Coinmittee

soire of the girls seated themselves upon whenever the same may be called for.

the ground, and began to sew, after which 6th. That the Secretary be empowered they displayed their

performances to some to entertain a writer, at a monthly salary ladies, who highly commended them also. of thirty rupees, and also a burkaru of Specimens of their writing were then exfive rupees.

hibited, which reflect the higbest credit 7th. That the Committee do meet every upon their teachers. When we consider third Wednesday in the month at half-past the short poriod that this society has been nine, of which three days' notice will be in active operation-a period not exceeding given by the Secretary.

eighteen months—we feel that every thing 8th. That the Right Rev. the President, which could be said by us would be inades or, in his absence, the senior Vice-Presi- quate to the idea we entertain of the value dent then in Calcutta, shall be empowered of its services. Nearly 400 children are to call special meetings of the Committee educated in twenty-two schools, belonging when the affairs of the Society may render to the Society. We know not whether we it necessary.

should say children, for amongst those pre· 9th. That every meeting of the Com

sent yesterday were several adult females. mittee shall commence and terminate with

The difficulties the Society have bad to a foron of prayer to be approved by the contend with, it must be obvious, are of no President.

common kind. These have been of a na10th. That the above resolutions be con

ture probably stronger than caste and the sidered as standing rules for the conduct principal of them appears to us to be the

habit of female seclusion among the naof the Committee.

tives. It is true that the greater number It was further resolved, that 700 copies of these children are Hindus, and that the of the resolutions of the General Meeting custom of seclusion is of Mahomedan and the standing regulations adopted by origin : yet so well does it suit the Hindu the Committee be printed, and that the character, that it now forms a strong feaPresident and the Secretary be requested ture of it. We were very much pleased to transmit them to the friends of the with the presence of several respectable naSociety in different parts of India and tives, who even assisted in the examination of Europe, with such recommendations as

the classes themselves, a plain proof of the they may judge likely to obtain further decrease of prejudice among them. We support to the objects of the Society.-- believe there was not a person who attended (Cal. John Bull, Dec. 16.

this meeting, who did not feel rejoiced at the communication of instruction to the

numerous interesting little objects around A meeting was held at the Old Church him, and we most fervently express our Room on Friday morning, the 12th Dec., hope that these feelings will not be allowed for the purpose of the first public examina- to expire without some assistance of a more tion of the female children educated by the substantial nature being afforded to the Church Missionary Society: The room funds of so valuable an institution. We by ten o'clock was killed with the fashion mention for the information of those who and beauty of Calcutta, amongst whom we may feel interested in these matters, and noticed the Right Honourable Lady, and who had not an opportunity of being prethe Honourable Captain and Miss Am sent on this occasion, that a similar ex. herst, the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop, amination of the female children educated



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in the schools under the care of Mr. Says, it was his orders to go on during the Pearce, will take place on Friday next, at bad weather, which caused the boat to nine o'clock in the morning, at the school upset ; but this I do not believe. He might house, near Manik Tallao. - [Bengal Hurk. have saved himself, but was too much enDec. 13.

gaged with the unfortunate ladies.”—Cal.

John Bull.
The whole of the new mint apparatus,
which lately arrived in this country on the

The improvements which have taken H. C. chartered ships Abberton, Florentia,

place in this city within the last twelve and Potten, has been safely landed at the years, as well as those in progress, reflect import warehouse wharf, under the vigi gaged in promoting them. They have

the highest credit on all the parties enlant superintendence of Capt. Milner, the harbour-master, by whose judicious ar

been occasionally alluded to individually,

but never have been noticed collectively. rangements the whole has been safely conveyed, without the most trifling injury We should be very much obliged by a being sustained by any single part, to the communication on this subject from those new inland custom-house, at the borth end

who have an opportunity of observing of the Strand, immediately contiguous to

them : we wish we could ourselves take which the new mint is to be built. Some

a survey of the town for the purpose. The of the parts weighed nearly five tons. first, certainly, that would engage our There are altogether four engines-two of attention would be the New Strand; both forty horse power, two of twenty, and two

on account of its being the grandest effort of fourteen. We understand the founda

that has been made, and also from its tions of the new mint are to be commenced

locality, its southern end forming the very upon forthwith.—[Calcutta John Bull, De

commencement of the town. Those who cember 11.

have left Calcutta only twelve months, would be surprised at the change which has taken place at that spot. The house

lately occupied by Mr. Tyler is now Patna, 17th Sept. 1823.-" We arrived down, and the whole space from Chandhere (a little below the old fort) the even- paul Ghaut to Colvin's Ghaut is laid open. ing before last, and cannot move further, An iron railing extends along the whole the wind being right in our teeth, a dread- of the wall, which here forms the bounful current running, and the river like a dary of the river; close to the railing sea. Thank God, we are near Dinapore; there is a regular elevated and paved footour losses have been severe. I have, out of path of about seven feet. The road-way my small party, lost six men, and a boat is is of very considerable breadth along the now missing with eight Europeans and one whole line of the Strand, wlich is every woman. The left wing of the 44th is a day improving in appearance, from the few miles in our rear. All the cadets, I elegant houses and warehouses which are am happy to say, are well and safe, only a erecting in various places. The new mint few cooking-boats of theirs lost, but some is to be built at the northern extremity, of the budgerows had very narrow escapes. and no doubt can be entertained but that The rudder of my boat was carried away, it will be worthy of the city, and an orand the pinnace, in consequence, nearly nament to the place. upset. I lost my cooking-boat with all its We have heard that the building for valuables, and next day my orderly boat, the present mint is to be near the palace but no lives.

which is to be built for the Bishop of “ What a melancholy sight I saw near Calcutta. We are not aware whether the this ! Poor Captain Conway's budgerow palace will be open to the river, but hope, a wreck, with the bottom upwards. It if it is possible, that it will be so, and upset three days before we came up to it, thus add another grand ornament to the and the night previous to that they found Strand. From Colvin's Ghaut towards Conway's body, by cutting some of the the north, the bank of the river is sloped planks out of the boat; also Miss Farrell's, and plotted with grass ; this has a very but Mrs. Conway's body was not discover- pretty effect, and would look well if ed, though we caused search to be made carried along the whole length. It is for it, but it is dangerous going down into not improbable that when the Strand is the boat, it being quite under water. completely occupied by houses, new

« The Mangie thinks Mrs. C.'s body streets will be opened to the eastward, to has been washed out of the boat, but I am connect it with the other parts of the of a different opinion. A great part of the town and with Chitpore road. The menproperty bas been saved. Miss F. is tion of this place at once points out an buried close to the place where the boat object well worthy the consideration of lies ; Captain C.'s body has been sent up to the Committee for Improving the City. Dinapore. He was found with his arms At the Loll Bazar end a small widening clasped round the mast, and the Mangie has taken place, but of not half the


necessary breadth,

We would recom tence, transportation to Bencoolen for ten mend the breadth of this part of the road years. to be increased as much as possible at Muddun.-- You have been convicted once. The guide should be to leave a of the most brutal violation of a female sufficient space from the police gaol for a infant. There was every thing in the wall of the necessary height for security, perpetration of your crime which could and that width should be carried through- aggravate its guilt. We may, indeed, be out the road. We may possibly recur to well blamed for our lenity in not awarding this subject at some future period.—[ Cal. the extremest punishment of the law: it John Bull, Dec. 18.

might be most justly inflicted upon such an offender as you. We hope, however,

that transportation for life will be an Supreme Court, Nov. 17, 1823. example, or rather, indeed, that example The following prisoners, convicted this may be unnecessary, for we believe there sessions, were put to the bar, and

respec. are few, if any, so depraved as to think tively addressed by the Hon. Sir F. Mac. of forcibly violating female infancy. Carnaghten in the following words :

nal knowledge of such a child, even with Thacoor Doss.—Your situation is sin consent, is a capital felony by the law of gular. The offence of which you have England. Ordered to be transported for been convicted, and for which in England life to Bencoolen. you would surely have suffered death, is Andri. - You bave been convicted of not a capital crime in this country. The burglary, an offence which is a capital most savage and ferocious brutes regard felony by our law. There is nothing parthe sharers of their enjoyment with ten ticular in your case, and if any body could derness and affection—this pervades all have spoken favourably of your character, animated nature: yet you, worse than we might have lamented the necessity we the savage, go to indulge your passions are under of banishing you from this with a defenceless female: having satis- country, or been induced to shorten the fied your lust, you watch until sleep has period of your transportation. The Court made her an easy and unresisting victim, must now sentence you to be transported then for the sake of her ornaments you to Bencoolen for seven years. resolve upon her murder, and inflict James Fraser. - You have been conwounds upon her from which she miracu- victed of forgery. It is needless to enlously recovered. Every person of huma- large upon the dangers to which society nity, every man must lament that you must be laid open by the commission of are not to expiate your crime upon the this offence. Your character, I am sorry gallows; but fine and imprisonment are to say, is such as to be very far from rethe only penalties we can award ; a fine commending you to favour.

I do not which you are unable to pay, and impri- wish your offence to be made capital here, sonment which to you would be no punish- but I am very desirous that it should be ment. You have, however, been con made a felony for the convenience of provicted of two larcenies, one in having secuting it, and that a punishment more -stolen an ornament from the person of the likely than transportation is to prevent its woman whom you must have thought you commission should be sanctioned. Orbad murdered; the other for having stolen dered to be transported to Bencoolen for property from the house of Muddoosudden

seven years. Moira; for each of these offences the sen Jeetoo Thannadar. You have been contence of the Court is, that you be trans victed of an offence, which if not punishported to Bencoolen, in the island of ed whenever it is detected, would render Sumatra, for seven years, making in all the situation of the lower orders of this the term of fourteen years.

society intolerable; it would expose them Hurischunder.-Burglary.—You have to the most cruel oppression. You are been clearly convicted of burglary. It clearly proved to have gained by extortion, must be admitted that your offence was committed under the pretence of perform. not accompanied by any aggravating cir. ing your duty, property to the value of cumstances; but your offence subjects 200 rupees. We have no doubt of your you to the penalty of death, and it is not guilt, but we consider that you must in the power of this Court to do more necessarily be punished in some degree than to commute that sentence into one of by the loss of that office which you have transportation. Indeed, we are not dis- so grossly abused, we shall, therefore, posed to mitigate it further, for your con. only sentence you to imprisonment in the duct upon your trial was such as to make common gaol of Calcutta for the term of us think that you had used your influence eighteen calendar months; to pay a fine of as a Bramin to procure the perjury of 300 rupees to the King; and to be further three unhappy men who were examined imprisoned until that fine be paid. for you as witnesses, and who are now in Rajkisno Mitter. You have been congaol to be tried for the offence which they victed of perjury, and to my knowledge have committed at your instigation. Sen- there never was a perjury more deliberately

committed than yours. You were repeated- and one of Attornies of Supreme Courtst ly admonished, not only as to the impro- Fort William-Capt. T. Maddock, Bein bability of the account you gave of your- gal Establishment. self, but of the consequences which would Lieut. Col. W. Agnew, late io Service follow from your perseverance. You did of United Company-Capt. J. W. Jones. persevere, and swore yourself, when you Lieut. A. C. Trevor, late of luvalide came to justify as bail, to be worth – B. Wolff, Esq., Merchant. 100,000 rupees, although persons were Mr. R. Patullo, late of Mook seepere, present who declared they would prove District of Bbaugulpore, Province of Be. that you had a short time before been bar, Indigo Planter – John Smith, Eazy confined in the Court of Requests gaol Merchant. for a sum not exceeding fifty rupees. Eliza Breton, late of Suburbs of Cal We have considered the mode of punish- cutta-P. Breton, Esq., a Surgeon in zerment most likely to deter others from the vice of Hon. Company. commission of such an offence, and we Capt. J. Green, late Master of ship think it better in your case not to adopt Liverpool - W. Prinsep, Esq., a member transportation, although we are at liberty of firm of Messrs. Palmer and Co. to order it in addition to other punish Lieut. Gen. Dyson Marshall, late in Sere ment. The sentence of the Court is, vice of Company-Capt. C. D'0. Aplin. that you be imprisoned for twelve calendar Mr. W. Browne, late of Seebpore, Dismonths in the House of Correction, and trict of 24 Pergunnahs, Mariner, Mrs. there be kept to hard labour; and that Mary Browne, widow, and W. Huggies twice within that period you be publicly Esq., of same place. whipped in the streets of Calcutta, at the Lieut. Gen. James Morris, late of Benusual place and in the usual manner. The gal Establishment - John Palmer, Esq. sheriff will take care to have a label af Miss C. Eliz. Top, late of Madras fixed to your breast denoting your offence. ditto.

The other prisoners were then put to Capt. Alex. Fortune, late of Lucknow the bar, and upon the name of Robert - Assist. Surg. George Baillie, of Dua Hosier being called, Sir F. Macnaghten Dum, and Mr. James Hastie, of Rata inquired whether the magistrates had sent Bazar, Calcutta. the informations, and was answered in Surg. John Jack Gibson, late of Lack. the negative.

now-Hon. J. R. Elphinstone, of AlliSir F. Macnaghten.—« Then let him be pore. discharged. For every term during the C. Child, Esq., late of Calcutta-H. last five years we have directed this to be M. Child, of Calcutta, Merchant. done ; and if it is not done on another Mrs. E. C. Pinto, late of Calcutta-A. occasion I will put a fine upon the magis- Lackersteen, of Calcutta, Merchant. Lrates. It is quite intolerable. Let the James Fowler, late a Master Pilot inan be discharged."

Emelia Fowler, widow. James Johnson, William Kelly, Cossi Ens. G. D. Cullen, late of 11th regt. nath Bannerjee, Doye Sing, and several N.I.-J. W. Hogg, Esq. others, were then put to the bar, and seve Mr. B. L. Jenkins, late Assist. in Mirally discharged. – [Beng. Hurk., Nov. 17. litary Account. Gen.'s Office-ditto.

Mr. H. Orde, late of Cawnpore, NerADMINISTRATIONS TO

chant-ditto. ESTATES,

Capt. C. Dacre, late of Military Ser

vice-ditto. In August, September, October, and Mr. J. Broders, late of Calcutta --Mrs November, 1823.

Sarah Broders, widow. Lieut. Col. Lewis Grant, late of Invalid Lieut. S. Delap, late of ist bat. 940 Estab. at Chunar- James Weir Hogg, regt. N.I.-J. W. Hogg, Esq. Esq.

Mr. T. Vaughan, late of CaleuttaMr. W. Harmsworth, late of Calcutta, ditto. Merchanı-Eliza Henrietta Harmsworth, Mr. T. N. Gibson, late of Pilot Sørwidow.

vice-ditto. Rev. F. T. Kirchhoffer, late of Nag Ens. D. Campbell, late of 2d bat. 19th pore, Chaplain-F. Kirchhoffer.

regt. N.I.- ditto. L. Hook, Esq., heretofore a Captain on Lieut. Chas. J. Levade, late of ist bat. Bengal Establishment-Mr. Alex. Colvin, 3d regt. N.I.-ditto. of Calcutta, a Member of the firm of Mr. George Collins, late of MoorshedaMessrs. Colvin and Co.

bad-ditto. Major R. Macpherson, late of Bengal Major Chas. Arden, late of Ist bat. 97th Establishments--Capt. J. Macpherson, H. regt. N. I.-ditto. M. Service.

Mrs. Marg. Keys, widow of late Dr. Mr. W. Higgs, late of Chandernagore R. Keys—ditto. Mr. A. Cameron, of same place.

C. McNicoll, late Commander of brig B. Comberbach, Esq., late of Calcutta, Pallas-ditto.

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