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Berbice .........


Cuba .......

British Foreign

British Foreign Plantation. Plantation.

Plantation, Plantation British




cwt. Montserrat 24,466

St. Vincent

59 Nevis... 44,283


2,953 St. Kitts 76,181 Bahamas

120 St. Lucia 62,148

Bermudas......... 796 St Vincent...... 232,575

Demerara...... 5,417 Tobago 113,015


18,537 Tortola 21,583

Coast of Africa


89 Trinidad 186,891

Foreign, viz.


24,057 Bermudas 3,415 St. Thomas

7,250 Demerara 607,858 11 St. Domingo......

44,422 55,999 Brazils

12,467 B. N. America 71

Buenos Ayres.

64 Foreign, viz.

Carraccas .........

3,604 St. Thomas

United States

1,636 122,170 Foreign Europe

2,782 Brazils 71,438 Ireland..........

79 United States

3,065 Foreign Europe

10,683 Account of East-India Coffee imported Ireland 1,155

during the same period : viz. from the

East Indies and China.rwt. 36,734. Total......3,583,874 208,598

Account of Coffee imported into Ireland Account of the quantity of East-India from the British Colonies, the British Sugar imported into Great Britain, dur.

Possessions in the East-Indies and Foing the same period.

reign Countries, during the same period. cwts. 219,580 Barbadoes

lbs. 6,476 and China


.155,303 From Ireland..


16,919 Demerara..

14,205 219,672

Account of the Net Duties received on Account of the quantity of Sugar im Coffee during the saine period. ported into Ireland, from the British Co. In Great Britain

£405,054 lonies and Plantations, the British Pos In Ireland

12,298 sessions in the East-Indies, and from Foreign countries, during the same period.

EAST-INDIA HOUSE. Newfoundland ...cwts. 1,067 Epril 28. The despatches for China, by Antigua.

.17,448 the ship Thames, were closed and delivered Barbadoes

.37,166 to the Purser of that ship. Jamaica

.28,490 May 12. A Court of Directors was St. Lucia

1,212 held, when the following Commanders Trinidad...

.83,819 took leave of the Court previous to deDemerara

.21,605 parting for their respective destinations,

viz. : - Capt. T. F. Balderston, Asia; Capt. Amount of Duties received, and Draw C. E. Mangles, Marchioness of Ely; and backs and Bounties paid on Sugar in Capt. T. Marquis, Rose, for Madras and 1823.


Drew. 21. The despatches for Madras and Duties. hacks,&c.

Bengal, by the ship Asia, Capt. BalderIn Great Britain ...£4,949,119 926,337

ston, were closed and delivered to the In Ireland

385,691 1,062 Purser of that ship.

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Account of the Quantity of Coffee imported into Great Britain from the British Colonies and Plantations, and Foreign Countries, during the same period.

British Foreign

Plantation. Plantation British, viz.


cwt. Barbadoes.......

236 Dominica ... 17,136 Grenada

S67 Jamaica .169,728


3,352 Asiatic Journ.-No. 102.

APPOINTMENTS. Major Gen. Wm. Nicolay to be Gover. nor and Commander-in-Chief of the Island of Dominica, in room of Earl of Huntingdon, resigned.

E. M. Ward, Esq., to be Secretary to bis Majesty's extraordinary Embassy at the Court of His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias.

Lieut. Col. John Ready to be Lieut. Governor of Prince Edward's Island, in


St. Lucia .........

Gulph of St. Lawrence, in room of C. D. A supplement of the Minister of Fi-
Smith, Esq. resigned.

nance to the Tariff, respecting the tea
Army Brevel.

trade at Kiakta, which bas been in force

ever since February 1812, orders, that Capt. C. 0. Aveline, Hop. East-India

there shall be benceforward, four sorts of Company's Service, and Adjut. to Cadets at Royal Military Seminary út Adiscombe, green tea of the first quality, viz.: Vans to have local rank of Capt. while so em

kung, Holuntung, Tschrankow, and Pe

king, or pearl tea. On each of these, s employed, vice Lester, who resigns.

well as on tea in chests, a duty of one Lieut. T. Rithedon, of ditio, and Assist. Adjut. of that Institution, to have and for all inferior sorts, 31 roubles per

rouble 85 copees per lb. is to be paid local rank of Lieut, whilst so employed.

pood (36 lbs.). This supplement repeats

the strict prohibition of all money trans MISCELLANEOUS.

actions in the Chinese trade, and in the A great variety of interesting matter is barter with China no credit is either to be before us which would claim attention in given or taken. this department of our number if we had

The Oriental Club expect to open their space to devote to it.

house, No. 16, Lower Grosvenor Street, The most important is the treaty be- early in June. The Members in the meas tween Great Britain and the Netherlands, time, are requested to send their names which has already appeared in the public and addresses to the Secretary as above, prints. This treaty makes certain com. and to pay their admission fee and first mercial arrangements for the trade in the year's subscription to the bankers, Mess

Martin, Call and Co., Bond Street. Eastern Seas, which we shall probably

The following gentlemen constitute the advert to on a future opportunity. The Committee.principal of the other provisions are as His Grace the Duke of Wellington, K.G., follow :- Both parties engage not to mo

&c. &c. &c. Honorary President. lest the native trade. Both parties engage

The Right Hon. Lord William C. to do their utmost to suppress piracy. Charles Williams Wynn; General Sur

Bentinck, G.C.B., &c.; the Right Hou. Both parties engage that their agents Alured Clarke, G. C. B.; General Sir abroad shall not so establish new factories G. Nugent, Bart., G.C.B.; Lieut. Ga on any of the Eastern Islands without neral Sir Thomas Hislop, Bart., G.C.B.; the previous permission of their respec

Lieut. General Sir Miles Mightingall, tive governments in Europe ; under this

K.C.B.; Vice Admiral Sir Richard King

Bart., K.C. B.; Vice Admiral Sir Palte , engagement, however, the Malacca Is

ney Malcolm, K.C.B. ; Major General lands are not included, excepting so far as Sir John Malcolm, G.C.B., K.L.S., &c.; to admit Great Britain to the same privi- Major General Sir Patrick Ross; Sir leges as may be granted, at any future time, George Staunton, Bart., M.P.; Sir Chas. by the Netherlands Government, to other Forbes, Bart., M.P.; Sir Robert Fa. foreign nations. All the Dutch settle quhar, Bart.; Sir. Christopher Cole,

K.C.B., M.P.; Major General Malcolm ments on the continent of India are ceded Grant; Major General Haldane, C.B.; to Great Britain, as well as the town and Rear Admiral Lamber; Major General fortress of Malacca. Fort Marlborough, Rumley ; Colonel Baron Tuyll; Colonel and all the British Possessions in Sumatra

Alston ; Colonel Baillie, M.P.; Aler. (of course including Natal), are ceded to

ander Boswell, Esq.; David Colvia, the King of the Netherlands. The latter

Esq.; Major Carnac; N. B. Edmon.

stone, Esq.; Jobn Elphiostone, Esq.; renounces all claims upon Singapore, and

Major Harding; James Hallett, Esq.; Great Britain upon the island of Billston D. Hemming, Esq.; Colonel Houstous, and its dependencies. The cessions are C.B. ; Colonel Hull; A. Macklew, Esq; to take place on the 1st March 1825.

Colonel Nugent; C. E. Pigou, Esq;

Colonel Ranken; Colonel Rabar, C.B.; The only Parliamentary intelligence J. G. Remington, Esq. ; Thomas Soodwhich falls within our province and de

grass, Esq.; Wm. Sotheby, Esq.; Vn.

H. Trant, Esq.; Henry Saint George mands notice, is the presentation of Mr.

Tucker, Esq.; J. Ruddel Todd, Esg.; Buckingham's petition to the House of Colonel Weguelin. Commons; and the notice given by Mr. Huskisson, that the Mauritius is hence

INDIA SHIPPING. forth to be placed on a footing with other

Arrivals. British colonies, as to the duties paid on

April 25. Osprey, M'Gill, from Bengal the importation of sugar into Great Britain. 24th Dec, ; at Greenock.

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29. Elizabeth, Swan, from Bengal 28th Co's service; Capt. G. Jenkins, H. C.'s Nov. ; at Gravesend.

service ; Lieut. D. Jones, H. M.'s service; 30. Florentia, Wimble, from Bengal two Misses Roberts; three Misses Wood; 24th Dec., and Admiral Cockburn, Briggs, Miss Fraser ; two Masters Roberts ; Mas. from New South Wales, &c. ; at Graves ters Wood, Barlow, G. Ross, C. Nicholend.

son, C. J. Fox, A. Shaw ; four servants ; May l. Brailsford, Spring, from Bom and 4s invalids. bay 26th Sept.; at Gravesend.

Per Elizabeth, from Bengal; Miss Wil. 3. Thalia, Manro, from Batavia 7th kinson ; Capt. J. Smith; Miss M. H. Dec.; at Portsmouth.

Holbrow ; Master W. Holbrow ; Miss C. 5. Alfred, Dolge, from Singapore 17th Trueinan; Mr. 3. Denbain, from the Nov., and Batavia 13th Dec.; at Graves. Cape ; Mrs. Denham, ditto; W. Dorin, end.

Esq.; Robert Morrison, Esq. ; (Lieut. 6. Bridgewater, Mitchell, from China Colonel Cummins; Dr. Thomas Smith; 3d Jan., and Scaleby Castle, Newell, from Capt. W. H. Wilkinson ; Mrs. Wilkin. ditto 2d Jan.; at Gravesend.

son ; Capt. Edward Day ; and nine ser7. Repulse, Paterson, from China 18th vants, were landed at the Cape). Dec.; at Gravesend.

Per Admiral Cockburn, from N. S. 9. William Penn, Brown, from New Wales: Capt. O'Reilly, Madras Inf.; South Wales and Mauritius ; off Ply. Mr. Ware ; Miss Harris; Mr. and Mrs. mouth,

Salvah and child; Mr. and Mrs. Lafond; 13. Lowther Castle, Baker, from China Miss Munro; Mr. Jamelin ; Mr. Jeoffry; 6th Jan., at Gravesend.

Master Jacquelin ; Master Mestuer; and 20. Royal Charlolte, Graham, from two servants. Bombay 5th Nov., at Gravesend.

Per Brailsford, from Bombay : Mrs. 24. Allus, Mayne, from China 5th Frome; Capt. Collis ; and Lieut. Sanders, Jan., at Gravesend.

Native Infantry.
Windsor, Haviside, from China 19th

Per Scaleby Castle: Mr. Thos. B. Brooke ;
Jan. ; at Deal.

from St. Helena; Mr. Domingos Joze
26. Hythe, Wilson, from China ; off Gornez.
the Start.

Per Alfred, Dolge: two Masters Brown,

from Penang, April 30. Thames, Haviside, and Or

Per Repulse, from China and St. Hele. well, Farrer, for China ; from Deal.

na: Sir W.W. Doveton, from St. Helena ; May 9. David Scall, Thornhill, for

Thomas Greentree, Esq.; Mrs. Eliza Madras and Bengal ; from Portsmouth.

Greentree; four Misses Greentree; Master 10. Resource, Fenn, for Madras and

Thomas Greentree; Lieut. J. B. Spiller ; Bengal; from Portsmouth.

Master George Jenkins, Master Stephen 12. Lord Amherst, Lucas, for Madras

Cole; two invalids; and one native ser

vant. and Bengal; from Portsmouth. 15. Fairlie, Aldham, for Madras and

Per Royal Charlotte, from Bombay : Bengal; from Deal.

Mrs. Graham; Mrs. Bathfield; Mrs. Ken18. H.M. Ships Hecla, Parry, and Fury,

ny; Dr Kelly, H.M. 67th regt. ; Lieuts. Hoppner, on a Voyage of Discovery to

Peache and Lana, H. M. 47th regt. ; Capt. the North Pole; from the Nore.

Shea, H.M. 89th regt. ; and a detach20. Ermouth, Owen, for Madras and

ment of invalids from Cannanore. Bengal; from Portsmouth.

Per Port sea, from Tellicherry (recently 23. Lady Raffles, Coxwell, for Madras

arrived); Mrs. Col. Clifford and five chil. and Bengal; from Portsmouth.

dren ; Mrs. Hewson and son. Marchioness of Ely, Mangles, Rose,

Per Lowther Castle, from China: Mr. Marquis, and Pyramus, Brodie, for Ma- . J. D. Parkes of the Horticultural Society. dras and Bengal; and Cornwall, Bunyon,

Per Windsor, from China: Charles for Madeira, Madras, and Bengal; from

Magniac, Esq., from Canton. (Mr. E. Gravesend.

Edwards, surgeon of the Windsor, was 24. Asia, Balderston, for Madras and

drowned soon after the ship left the Straits Bengal; and Simpson, Simpson, for

of Sunda.) Bombay ; from Deal.

Passengers to India. 25. Triumph, Green, for Bombay; from Portsmouth.

Per Marquis Huntly (recently sailed):

Messrs Drury, Fulcher, and Brown, for
Passengers from India, &c. Anjeer; Mr. and Mrs. Magniac, and
Per Florentia, from Bengal: Mrs. Ma Thos. C. Smith, Esq., for China.
jor Wood; Mrs. B. Roberts ; Mrs. Capt. Per David Scott, for Madras and Ben-
Oliver ; Mrs. Capt. Fraser; Major W. gal : Capt. Guise; Capt. and Mrs. Hus-
Wood, H. C.'s service ; B. Roberts, Esq. band; Lieut. and Mrs. Bond; Lieut.
firm of Macintosh and Co. ; Capt. A. Wilkinson ; Mrs. Cook.
Oliver, H. C.'s service; Capt. J. Fenton, Per Resource, for Madras and Bengal :
H, M.'s service; Capt. D. G. Scott, H. Dr. and Mrs. Smith; Ens. Lambert.

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a son.

Per Lord Amherst, for Madras and Ben. not released when the Windsor passed the gal: Mrs. Sully; Miss Elliott; Rev. Straits of Sunda. They stripped and Mr. Ady; Dr. Sully ; Capt. Harris; dressed him in their own fashion, and Messrs. Haig, Philip, Kennaway, Proc- placed him, as they term it, in mild tor, Cooper, Stevenson, and one servant. slavery, although the high ransom they

Per Fairlie, for Madras and Bengal : demanded was beyond all reasonable pro Misses Edwards, Cooke, Marchman, For- priety. It was expected he would be rerest, and Sattuthwaite; Lieut. Gen. Dick; stored to his friends by the intercession of Captains Ward, Savage, Pinson, Tomlin the Dutch Government at Batavia, the son, and Bissett ; Lieuts. Cave and Ker; English at Singapore, and the Malay Doctor Dick; Messrs. Marshman, Blan Government. shard, Burt, Nicholson, Cooke, Lyford, Fisher, Smith, Tursby, and Albright.

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND Per Ermouth, for Madras and Bengal :

DEATHS, Mrs. Fulcher; Mrs. Skardon; Mrs. Sivewright; Mrs Dormer; two Misses Ful

April 27. The lady of the Right Hon. cher; Misses Young, Wilkie, Stewart,

C. W. Williams Wyon, of a still-born and Lewis; and two Misses Richard child. son; Major Hopkinson, Madras N. l.; May 7. At Woolwich, the lady of Lieot. Capt. Skardon, Bengal N.I.; Capt. Ful Col. Payne, Royal Artillery, of a on. cher; Lieut. Col. Burrows, and Lieut. 10. In Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Dormer, Bengal N.I.; Dr. Sivewright; Square, the lady of Capt. I. H. Morrison, Messrs. Mackintosh, Garcia, and I. M.

Royal Nary, of a son. Lewis; two Messrs. Tyther ; Messrs. I.

In Portland Place, the lady of J. B. A. Robertson, Manton, Mackenzie, Hud

Rickets, Esq., of a daughter.

12. At Cheltenbam, the lady of Capt. son, and W. Lewis.

Berkeley, half-pay Royal Fusileers, of a Per Triumph, for Bombay : Col. Fitzgerald ; Mrs. and two Misses Fitzgerald ; 13. In Park Street, Grosvenor Square, Capt. Tykes; Mrs. Tykes; Miss Furlong; the lady of Sir E. F. Stanhope, Bart, of Dr. Craw; Lieut. Kennett; Messrs. George, Meek, and Ethersay.

211. Tne lady of Major Gen. Sir Hussey

Virian, of a daughter.
Ships Spoken With.

21. In Winipole Street, the lady of Bombay Merchant, Kemp, London to Edward Majoribanks, Esq., of a daughter. Bombay, 13th Feb., lat. 3° 16' N., long. 20° 21' W.--Golconda, Edwards, Lon.

MARRIAGES. don to Madras and Bengal, 19th April, lat. 48° 7' N., long. 70 Ó W.-Cam.

May 3. At St.George's Church, Hanorer

Square, E. Ireland Clayfeild, Esq., of the bridge, Barber, London to Bombay, 18th

40th regt., to Miss Charlotte Louisa Cos, Feb., lat. 18° S., long. 30° W.- Bro

grand-daughter of the late Major Gen. thers, Mottley, London to New South Cox, of the Ist Foot Guards. Wales, 1st Feb., lat. 26° S., long. 25o. 4. At St. Margaret's Church, WestminLotus, Field, London to Bengal, off ster, Major Genera! Smith, to Amelia, Saugur 30th Dec.—Sir Edward Paget,

widow of the late Jobo Leopard, Esq. Geary, London to Bengal, 22d Jan. by

11. The Rev. H. H. Milman, Professor the Odessa. arrived at the Cape.-Can. of Poetry in the University of Oxford, tu ning, Head, London to Bengal and Chi

Mary Anne, youngest daughter of Lieut.

Gen. Cockell, of Sandleford Lodge, Berkna, 24th March, lat. 1° 44' N., long. shire. 20° 39' W.-Orwell, Farrer, and Thames,

Lately, Al Abbots Langley, Capt. F. Haviside, London to China, 4th May, de Visme, late of the 21st L. Drags., to lat. 49° 50' N., long. 4° 20' W.-Hythe, Harrict, youngest and only surviving Wilson, 25th Jan., in Straits of Sunda, daughter of the late Sir Benj. Suliran. all well.-Mellish, Cole, London to Bengal, 3d May, off Cape Finisterre.

Jan. 31. Col. Dewar, 93d Bengal N.I. Miscellaneous Occurrences.

He died on board the Providence, and was The Mariner, Douglas, from New South buried at Cape Town on the eth of Feb. Wales the 24th Feb., was totally lost on April 17. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Col. the 1st July last on the Island of Chiloe, Gerard, of Rochsoles, formerly Adjutant South America. A letter has been re General of the Army in Bengal. ceived from the Captain, dated the 28th 19. At Missolongbi, after an illness of September: they had been in the greatest

ten days, the Right Hon. Lord Byron. distress, and lived 57 days upon sea weed;

He is succeeded in his title by his cousin, three of the crew were drowned, but the

Capt. George Anson Byron, of the moyal Spaniards had treated them very kindly,


23. At Florence, William Crosbie, Esq., and they hoped soon to reach Rio Janeiro.

his Majesty's Secretary of Legation at the Mr. Thornton, the English merchant Court of Tuscany. who had been taken in October last by 27. In Lower Brook Street, the Hon. Ri the pirates who infest the Java seas, was F. Grerille.


LIST of SHIPS trading to INDIA and Eastward of the CAPE of GOOD HOPE.

Reference for Freight or
Ships' Names. Owners or Consignees. Captuins.



Carn Brea Castle 650 Huddart and Co. . Thomas Davey WI. Ducks

Smalls & Lane, Old Jewry

Joun Pirie & Co.

500 William Tindell William Meade City Canal John Lyney, jnn., Birchin-la.
505 Hunter & Co.

William Swan

E.1. Docks Jobs. Brinley.
George Home 500 James Hunter, jun. Tobias Young W.I. Docks Wm. Abercrombie.

500 Thomas Ward Geo. Halliday City Canal Anstice & Thornhill Lime-st.
452 Henry J. Moon

Josh. Lacklan, Gt. Alief-st.

John Wimble E.I. Ducks i J. S. Brinley, Kirchin-lane.
Madeira, Madras
anul Bengal".* } Circassian

400 Edward Rule G, R. Douthwaite City Canal Edw. Rule, Lime-sl.

250 P. J. Richardson. Win. Fulcher. W. 1. Docks J. Lyney, jun., Birchin lane.
N.S. Wales, Van Prince Regeut 46 Paliner, Wilson & Co. King.

Regent'sC. Barber and Neale.
Dieman's Land, Stedcombe

130 Palmer, Wilson & Co. Wm. Barnes Regent's C. Barber and Neale.
and Olaheite

105 Palmer, Wilson & Co. Richard Charlton Regent'sc. Barber and Neare. N. S. Wales and Minerva 551 Stuart Donaldson&Co. John Bell.

Wilkinsons, St. Mich.'s-alley
V.D. Land (with Mangles
543 Buckles & Co. . John Cogili .

Buckles & Co.
Male Convicts) L Princess Charlotte 406 Buckies & Co. Joseph Blyth.

Buckles & Co.

. 600 Alexander Greig. Alexander Greig E.I. Docks Isbister and Horsley.

Kath. Stut. Forbes 500 Laglis, Forbes & Co. Ingrain Chapman City Canal John Chapinan and Co.
Lord Castlereagh 785 Buzett & Co.

John K. Durant . ET. Docks Bazeti & Co., Broad-st.
Marq, of Hastings 500 George Lyall Alex. Weynton City Canal J. and T. Dawson,

400 William Grey Alex. Henning City Canal Edmund Read.
Mediterranean 260 James Steuart

James Sleuart City Canal John Lyney, jun,
Ceylon Madras George

500 Johnson and Meaburn Thomas Cuz.ns City Canal Edmund Read.
450 John Barry

Edward Theaker City Canal J. Lyney. jun.
Mauritius g Ceylon Timaneira

370 H. Barrick & Co. George Wray City Canal Buckles & Co.
Batavia, Penang, l

260 Staniforth & Gosling William Rixon E). Docks William Abercrombie. St. Helena (Coals) Resolution

450 Nathaniel Domét Richard Gibbs Shields . L. Swainann, Nag's Head-ot. Cape 5 St. Helena Thomas

180 George Barrick Richard Winspear London D C Swainson.
300 Robert Carns

Rubert Carns London Ds. Edward Rule, Lime-street.
Var Dienian's

Land, \ Nero

559 Jolin Blackett. Francis Dison London Ds. John Lyrey, Jun.
Soitth Wales

Whiston and Hewitt,
400 D. Peache
Daniel Peache London Ds.

{ Crutched-friars.

90 years.
in ber 19th year.
Thomas Cartwright. Esq.
brated Dr. Cullen.

8. At Upton, Essex, in ber 80th year, countess Powerscourt and De Vesci.

6. In Edward Street, Portman Square, of the Countess of Darnley and the Visthe Right Hon.W. Brownlow, and mother Counsel, and youngest son of the celeCharlotte Evans, of St. Albans, widow, ble the Bishop of Chichester, aged nearly tion of slavery at Sierra Leone.

30. At Chichester Palace, the Venerathe Middle Temple, one of bis Majesty's the Right Hon. Lord Eardley. bis Majesty's Commission for the aboliCapt. John Gorilon, Royal Artillery. Lord Clive, aged two months.

- At Stamford Hill, Jane, wife of
7. At Ealing, Major Aldridge, aged 85. dysentery, Mr. Belzoni, the celebrated
4. Dublin, Mrs. Brownlow, widow of Earl of Mountcashell. His constitution
2. In Russel Place, A. Cullen, Esq., of year, the Hon. S.E. 'Eardley, only son of
May . After a few hours' illness, Mrs. Thomas Owen, Esq., Superintending Sur-
29. James B. Woods, Esq., Register of Jas. Hallet, Esq., formerly of Bombay:
23. At Meriden, the infant daughter of Sally Hitchen, widow of the late Henry

of Hastings.
hy, aged 44 years.
Hinde Pelly, Esq.

- At Benin, on the African Coast, of
Government of his uncle, the Marquess
Índia, wbere bę resided during the entire
yielded to the effects of the climate of
Moore, last surviving brother of the late
geon Madras Establishment.
Lately. At Lyons, the Hon. William

21. At Belvidere, Kent, in bis 54th age, Richard Thomas Owen, third son of

17. At Stafford, in the 18th year of his 14. H. Peirse, Esq., Bedale, Yorkshire.

13. At Limehouse, Capt. Robert Applemonths, Rose Ellen, youngest daughter of 11. At Dulwich, aged two years and two

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