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Mr. Erskine, one of the vice-presidents invalid pension establishment, 177–
resolved upon, 275-meeting held 24th rule for fixing the limitation of staff ap-
Nov.-election of office bearers and pointments, 179-scale of qualifications
members of committees for the ensuing expected in the candidates for the office
year, 517.

of interpreler in native corps-order
es Bombay Recorder's Court — gentlemen respecting leave of absence to King's
sworn into the commission of the peace,

officers-remission of sentence of sus-
203— Recorder's address to the grand pension on a native officer- officers of
jury on opening the sessions on 14th the general staff composing the suite of
July 1823, 293-suspension of five bar-

the Commander-in-Chief in his tour to
risters from their situations for six the Upper Provinces, 180—Meerut and
months by order of the court, 472.

Hauper to be made a third station for
Auxiliary Scottish Missionary So-

invalids--native officers promoted for
ciety; its institution, 204..

good conduct-order for the guidance

of the annual station invaliding com-
- Bridge, rope, directed to be thrown over

mittees, 181-arrangement for the ad-
the Caramnassa river, 278.

justment of accounts between Govern-
2. Buckingham (Mr.), his statement of facts ment and the Military Orphan Society
relative to his removal from India re-

-rule respecting invalids from the
viewed, 35–presents a petition to the Goorka, or Hill Corps, 182-measures
House of Commons, 682.

adopted for instruction and general im-
Bungalows, and other places of entertain provement, 190-additional stationary

ment for travellers in India, account of, committees authorized for transaction of

the details of the Orphan Fund-aug-
Businnee (Mr.), sentenced to transporta-

mentation of the subordinate medical
tion, 298.

servants authorized for the Presidency

General Hospital, 276 – question res-

pecting estates of deceased officers of
Caffrees again committing depredations at

H.M. regiments decided-medical offi.
the Cape, 472.

cers directed to be consulted before lay-
Calcutta Journal, Mr. Arnott, assistant ing the foundation of barracks and hos-

editor of, ordered to leave India, 470 pitals, 277 — new office of Revenue
revocation of its license, 568-said to Surveyor-General of India constituted,
have obtained a renewal of its license, 519 – restrictions extending to loans

made to native princes,657-courts mar-
Calcutta Government (General Orders of) tial, 183, 184, 555, 657-civil and mili.

notification of transfer to the new tary appointments, promotions, and fure
loan-medical officer selected for the loughs, 89, 209, 453, 544, 656, 568.
situation of superintendant of the school Calcutta Miscellaneous, 185, 661-im-
for native doctors to be examined in the provements in the city, 279, 668-ship-
native languages-Jodah Sing promot ping intelligence, 96, 195, 210, 286,
ed for his bravery in the affair with the 461, 557, 671-births, marriages, and
troops of Kotah-no contingent or extra deaths, 97, 197, 210, 262, 558, 566, 671.
charge to be passed' for recruiting for

Supreme Court-case of libel ;
local, provincial, or irregular corps, 86 the Rev. Dr. Bryce, v. Mr. Sandys,
-reduction of gun lascars -addenda lo editor of the Calcutta Journal, 109–
the 26th section of the Mutiny Act of case of robbery in a Hindu temple, 282
1822, directed to be made-corps for

singular case of Hindu widows, 285
the civil duties of Western Malwa to be

-pertinacity of a native witness, 285–
formed under the name of the 15th or

case of Mr. Arnott, assistant editor of
Mundlaisir Local Battalion, 87-four the Calcutta Journal, 470-address of
regiments (31st, 320, 33d, and 34th) of the Hon. Sir F. Macnaghten to the pri.
native infantry to be added to the esta. soners convicted during the sessions,
blishment- Bareilly provincial battalion Nov. 17, 1823, 669.
to be raised to lo companies of 100

Asiatic Society, meetings of, held
privates each-new corps for the civil
duties of Orissa, Midnapore, Balasore,

in May, July, September, and Novem-

ber 1823, 14, 168, 377, 516.
and Cuttack, to be formed uader the
name of the 14th or Orissa Provincial

Agricultural and Horticultural
Battalion, 88—Right Hon. Lord Am-

Society, meetings of, held in July and
herst proclaimed Governor General, 89

November 1823, 169, 649.
-alterations in the transit duty chargea-

Medical and Physical Society-
ble on piece-goods, 172-rules for plac.

resolutions adopted at the first meeting,
ing the local or provincial troops on one

50_objects of the Society, 51-election
uniform scale, 173-rules under which of members, 378.
the native officers and men of all local, Diocesan Committee, meeting of,
provincial, or irregular corps are to be held at the house of the Lord Bishop,
considered entitled to the benefits of the 568.


Calcuta Parental Academic Institution; nation of the students at, Dec. 4, 1829,
rules for its management, 568.

51-motion relating to, made by Jr.
School-Book Society; its useful-

Kinnaird at a Court of Proprietors at

the East-India House, 301-debates at
ness, 471.

the East-India House on Mr. Kin.
Auxiliary Church Missionary So.

naird's motion, 314, 381, 521, 541-re-
ciety; its formation, 665—resolutions

marks by Mr. Macdonald on the useful.
adopted at a meeting of the committee,

ness of the institution, 367.

Bethel Society; enlargement of College of Fort William ; discourse deliver-
its plan, 472.

ed before, by the Hon. John Adam,

on the 18th July 1823, 80—works in
Calmucs, account of, drawn from Russian
authorities, 138.

the press patronized by the College

Council, 84-examination of the stu-
Campbell (Mr. H.), about to proceed to

dents of, holden in June 1823, 85.
explore Africa, 653.

of Fort St. George; Hon. Sir T.
Cape of Good Hope-transportation of P.

Munro's address to the students of, on
S. Businnee, Esq., 293-eruption of

the completion of the first half-yearly
the Caffrees, 472.

examination, 3011 June 1823, 200—
('argnes of East-India Company's ships extract from the report of the examina.
lately arrived, 219, 479, 583, 687.

tion, 201.
Ceylon-new Wesleyan chapel at Trin-

at Singapore; objects of the insti.
comalee opened
prospectus of the

tution, 572.
Wesleyan Mission Academy at Co-

Conway (Capt.), and his lady drowned
lomba-ecclesiastical appointments, 206

near Patna, 668.
-regulation of government for en-
closing the wells in the district of Bat.

Coptic, its affinity to the languages of the

north of Asia and the north-east of
ticaloa-thunder storms and inunda-
tions, 295-casualties, 296.

Europe, 655.
Cherterghur, tour of, undertaken by Mr.

Cornvallis (Marquess), mausoleum erected

over the remains of, at Ghazeepore, 481
Jenkins, 285.

-description of the altar-tomb to be
China-renewal of the demand for the

placed in the mausoleum, 482.
seamen of H.M. ship Topaze, 208–
trade at Canton allowed to proceed on

Corrie (Rev. D.), installed Archdeacon of

Calcutta, 569.
payment of certain douceurs, 472-re-
marks on the frontiers between China

Court Martial on Capt. A. C. Dunsmure,
and Russia, 614-account of Cheen, or

10th regt. Bengal N.I., 183-on Lieut.
China, by a Persian Moonshee, 631.

J. D. Carroll, H.M. 86th regt., 184-
Chinese, their visits to Europe, 242-lite-

on Lieut. Col. J. S. Harriot, 32d regt.
rati in Russia, 378.

Bengal N. I., 555-on Lieut. c. H.

Heriot, 4th regt. Bengal L.C., 657.
Cholera appears on board H. M. ships

Liffey and Alligator at Madras, 201. Crimea, great success of a missionary
Choultries in India, account of, 627.

there, 574.
Church, St. James's, at Calcutta, conse-

Crops, state of, in Bengal, in July and
crated - St. Stephen's, at Dum-Dum, August 1823, 199.
also consecrated, 664-new, erecting at Cruise (Capt.), his journal of a ten months'
Vepery, 679.

residence in New Zealand reviewed, 157.
Civil Appointments.-See Calcutta, Ma.

dras, fc.
Clove cultivated in Hayti, 380.

Dawk, projected improvement in, 651.
Club, Oriental, established in London Deaths-See Calcutta, Madras, fc.

its prospectus, 473-meeting of, held Debates at the East-India House, Dec. 17,
on 5th April, 573-gentlemen consti 1823-Dividend - Haileybury College,
tuting the committee, 682.

56-Monument to the late Charles
Coni discovered in Syria, 379.

Grant, Esq., 57-Feb. 11, 1824-Mar-
Cochin-China-regulations of commerce

quess of Hastings, 302–India Bonds,
for all nations trading to the kingdom

$19-Feb. 25–Haileybury College, 314
of, 154.

- Feb. 27- Haileybury College, 381–

March 3-Services of the Marquess of
Cochrane (Capt.), said to have ascertained

Hastings, 420_March 5-India Bonds
that there is no junction between the
continents of Asia and America, 379—

--Haileybury College (final debate),
work published by, 656.

521-March 24 - Marquess of Has

tings, '541—Haileybury College, 544–
Coins, Mohammedan, observations on, 494, May 26-Carnatic Commissions-Mar.

quess of Hastings-Prosecution of Tag-
College, East-India, at Haileybury; exami gart and Bascombe, 648.


Directors of the East - Iudia Company for Grain, great scarcity of, in the line of
the year 1824, 580.

country between Nellore and Ganjam-

stores of, belonging to native merchants

plundered by a mob at Madras, 570.
Earthquake felt at Penang in April 1823,
207-felt at Calcutta in Nov. 1823, 518

General Orders.-See Calcutta, Madras,
-felt at sea, to the westward of Tristan

d'Acunha, in July 1823, 518.

Geological Society, papers relating to Asia

read before, 276, 380.
East-India House, debates at, 56, 301,
381, 520, 648-Courts of Directors beld

Greeks, subscription in behalf of, opened
at, 212, 299, 473, 572, 681-goods de.

at Calcutta, 661-circular of the Greek
clared for sale at, 115, 479, 637.

government to the members of the

Eastern church, 662.
Entimad-ul-Dowlah, his Rozah at Agra
described, 693.

Goods declared for sale at the East-India

House, 115, 219, 479, 589, 687.
Edinburgh Review, its misrepresentations
on the Company's China Trade, *369,

Grant (Chas. Esq.), debate at the East-

India House respecting a monument

to, 57.
Emigration, society formed for the pro-
motion of, to New Zealand, 300-si-

Guynne (Horace), his Abdallah, an Orien-
inilar society formed in Edinburgh for

tal Poem, reviewed, 373.
the promotion of, to New South Wales

and Van Dieman's Land, 574.

Haileybury College, examination at, 54-
Erskine (W. Esq.), address to, by the debates at the East-India House re-

Bombay Literary Society, on his re specting, 56, 314, 381, 521, 544-re-
turn to Europe, 275.

marks on, by Mr, Macdonald, 367.
Estates of deceased persons in India, ad- Hail-storm at Kumptee near Nagpore, 199.
ministrations to, 286, 670.

Half-pay to Company's retired officers in-
Euphrates River, observations on, by Sir creased, 504.

Wm. Ousely, from a paper read before Hastings (Marquess), sketch of the history

the Royal Society of Literature, 273. and administration of (continued from
Exchanges, Calcutta, 113, 216, 474, 581 Vol. xvi. p. 538), 1, 117-appointed

-Madras, 474, 581-- Bombay, 474, Governor of Malta, 299—debates at
581-London, 581, 687.

the East India House respecting his

services, 302, 420, 541.
Farrell (Miss), drowned near Patna, 668.

Heber (Dr.), his arrival at Fort William,

471-sacred poetry by, 511, 642.
Females educated by the Calcutta Church
Missionary Society, first public exami-

Hindoos, account of the Jainas, a sect of,
nation of, 667.

22-extracts from the journal of a tra-

veller, 148-researches into the Astro.
Flar of New Zealand successfully culti.

nomy of, 656.
vated in France, 21.

Home Intelligence- new organization of
Forces of His Majesty serving in India, the Indian army, 109-cup presented to

Maj. Gen. Macquarie by the colonists of
Forgery, extensive scheme of, detected at New South Wales, 110-several No-
Calcutta, 191.

made tribes of Khisgis and Kalmucks,
Fullarton (R., Esq.), appointed Governor hitherto under the protection of China,
of Prince of Wales' Island, 473.

said to have placed themselves under
Fund, off-reckoning, observations on, 23

that of Russia-value of goods at the
- Bengal Mariners' and General Wi fair of Nischney Novogorod-elegant
dows', subscription to, by Government,

silver salver presented to Sir Thomas

Staunton by the members of the British
Furloughs. - See Calcutta, Madras, fc.

factory in China, 213-Court of King's

Bench : Sir W. Rumbold v. the Indian
Futihpoor, trip from Agra to, 637.

Observer, for a libel, 299-formation

of an association for promoting emigra.
Ganjam, several villages in the district of,

tion to New Zealand - declaration of
burnt by predatory chieftians that infest

war against the Algerines -alteration in
the hills close to Berhampore, 673,

the revenue laws in regard to silks, 300,

474– establishment of an Oriental Club,
Gounds, short description of, 631.

473, 573, 682-settlement of Bencoolen
Goli, the Piece of; from the Arabic of to be ceded to the Dutch, 474-motions
Hariri, translated by M Garcin de

made by Mr. Hume respecting, in the
Tassy, 609-large mass of, in its na House of Commons, 572– treaty be-

tive state, found in South America, 655. tween Great Britain and the Nether.
Ganges, memoranda of a voyage on, 26– lands - presentation of Mr. Bucking-
accidents on, 668.

ham's petition to the House of Com-

mons-regulation of the tea trade at Government, 211-failure of an as
Kiakta, 682-transactions at the East tempt to assassinate Scindea, 472.
India House, 212, 299, 473, 572, 681 Indian securities and exchanges, 115, 216,
-civil and military appointments, 110, 474, 581, 687.
212, 299, 473, 572, 681-Indian se-

Indigo--state of the plant in the Bengal
curities and exchanges, 113, 216, 474,

districts, in Aug. 1823, 196-mode of
581, 687-India shipping arrivals and

its manufacture, 650.
departures, 111, 213, 300, 474, 574,
682—passengers to and from India, 111, Insanity, curious case of, at Penang, 679.
213, 301, 475, 575, 683 - births, mar-

Instruction, measures adopted by the Bes-
riages, and deaths, 111, 214, 345, 476,

gal Goverument for, 190.
576, 684–London markets, 115, 217, Inundations most disastrous in Bengal,
478, 579_times appointed for the sail 108, 472-cantonments of Berhampore
ing of the East-India Company's ships endangered by, 211-most disastrous in
of the season, 114, 218, 582, 686–free Ceylon, 295.
traders loading for India, 113, 217, Island, new, in the Southern ocean, dis-
347, 478, 581, 685–prices current of covered by Capt. Hunter, 505—several
East-India produce, 115, 219, 479, described as lying off the S. E. entrance
583, 687-goods declared for sale at of d'Entrecasteaux's Channel, 653.
the East-India House, 115, 219, 479,

583, 687-cargoes of East-India Com-
pany's ships lately arrived, 219, 479, Jainas, a sect of Hindoos, account of, 29.
583, 687—daily prices of stocks, 116, Jaubert (Professor), notice of his Elements
220, 848, 480, 584, 688.

of Turkish Grammar, 502.
Huggins (Wm.), lis sketches in India re. Java-mutiny said to have taken place
viewed, 376.

among the Dutch troops at Minto-

Dutch expedition against the pirates of
Hume (Mr.), his answer to some remarks Tontol stated to have been entirely

made by Mr. Pelly on the subject of the successful-death of Aroeng Polekla,
latter's claim from the East-India

king of Boni, 208 — regulation for
Company, 165.

the granting of leases in the island,
Hurricanes in Bengal, at the mouth of 509-state of the markets at Bataria in
the Hooghly, 108.

Sept. 1823—death of his Highness the

Soesochoenan of Soeracarta, 297-Dar-

rative of the war between the Batarian
Improvements, local and general, about to

Government and the Padrees in San
take place in Bengal, 190-in the city

tra, 611-deaths, 108.
of Calcutta, 279, 668-at Madras, 287

Juggernauth, account of the temple and
in the Fort and Town of Bombay, 291. idol of, 250 – festivals celebrated at,
India, internal navigation in, 235—gene 251, 252.
ral view of the native powers of, and of Jypore, account of, in a series of letters,
their political relations with the British

226_journal of a route from, to Agra,
Government, 357–bungalows, choul 507.
tries, and other places of entertainment

in, 627.
(British)— list of his Majesty's forces Kerich; a port in the sea of Azov, account

of *365.
serving in, 153–plan of the new or-

Kiakta, new regulation respecting the
ganization about to take place in the

tea-trade at, 682.
native army of, 109-island of Sha.
puree, situated in one of the mouths of

the Burrampooter, attacked by the Langlès (Professor), notice of his death,
Birmese, 566 — expedition despatched

272_his literary labours, 273.
against them, 567, 661-force ordered
from Nusseerabad and Nemuch to re-

Launch of a steam-packet at Calcutta,
duce the fortified town of Humeergur,

195—of the Penang Merchant at Ran-
568 - intention of Government to
strengthen the eastern frontier, 661 Leases, regulation for the granting of, in
promotions in His Majesty's forces, 95,

Java, 509.
210, 461, 554, 661 — furloughs from Letters, delay in their transmisson from
ditto, 96, 461, 555, 661.

India, 154.
(not British) — Runjeet Sing defeats Linnean Society, communications relating
the Afghans two Englishmen and

to Asia read before, 275, 380.
two Frenchmen said to have high com. Literary Intelligence, 49, 168, 279, 377,
mand in his army-wanton incursions of 516, 649.
a party of the Bhurtpore troops into the Loans made to native princes and govern-
'Jageer of the Nabob Ahmed Bhux ments in the East-Indies, restrictions
Khan, a feudal tributary of the British

goon, 297.

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on, 657.


Mausoleum erected over the remains of
Macao, counter-revolution attempted at,

Marquess Cornwallis near Ghazee-

pore; its description, 481-of Eatimad-
Macassar, report concerning the slave-

ul-Dowlah at Agra, also described, 638.
trade at, 484, 603.

Medals of the ancient Musulman kings of
Macdonald (John), his reinarks on the

Bengal ; explanation of five of them,
College at Hertford, 367.

494, 633.
Macquarie (Maj. Gen.), gold cup presented Medical and Physical Society of Calcutta
to, by the colonists of New South Wales,

resolutions adopted at the first meeting,

50—objects of the society, 51-election

of honorary members-communication
Madras Government (General Orders by)

read detailing the effects of the new
-allowance to medical officers when

remedy iodine, in goitre (ghiga of the
placed in charge of European Invalids

natives), 378.
-no officer holding a Government
command to be ordered away from it Meerut, suttee at, 281.
on court martial or any other duty-one Metcalfe (Sir C. G.) obliged to leave Hy-
petty maistry of bamboo coolies to be

drabad for Calcutta through indisposi-
attached to each regiment of light

tion, 569.
cavalry or battalion of native infantry- Merican Antiquities, 518.
allowances for writers and stationery to Mhairs, account of, 365.
commanding or staff officers, 103—

Mhow, route from towards Calcutta, via
rules regarding the leave of absence to

Saugor and Mirzapore, 16.
commissariat officers, 196—pension cer-
tificates declared not transferrable-ad. Military Adventurers in India, 233.
ministration appointed during the Hon.

Military Appointments.--See Calcutta, Ma.
the Governor's absence officers exa-

dras, fic.
mined in the Hindoostanee language, Mint, new, landed at Calcutta, 688.
197-civil and military appointments, Missionaries-great progress of the Catho-
promotions, and furloughs, 104, 197, lics in the eastern kingdom of Tonquin,
464, 561, 672.

298-arrival of a Catholic bishop at
Madras Post-Office (Regulations of) -

Calcutta on his way to Tibet, 569– Pro-
Dawk department, 100- Banghy de testants proceeding with great success in
partment, 101-parties authorized to the Crimea, 574.

frank official correspondence, 102. Monument to be erected by subscription to
Madras miscellaneous, 200, 286, 673, the memory of the late Lord Bishop of

- improvements in the city, 287 Calcutta, in St. Paul's Cathedral, 277,
scarcity of grain, 570—shipping intelli-

286-to be erected to the memory of
gence, 106, 201, 466, 562 births, the late Stephen Babington, Esq., at
marriages and deaths, 106, 201, 466, Bombay, 292.
562, 675.

Morgan (Mrs.) and child drowned off
Sessions - conviction of Patrick Colombo, island of Ceylon, 296.
Gorman, Conductor of Ordnance, for Morrison (Rev. Dr.) arrives in England
an unprovoked attack on a native with a from Macao, 472—is presented at Court
drawn sword, 570.

extensive Chinese library brought
Orphan Asylum, male and female; over with him, 578.
its establishment, 569.

Munro (Sir Thos.), Governor of Madras,
District Committee of the Society requests permission to return to Eng-
for Promoting Christian Knowledge, land, 472.
meeting of, held in June 1823, 286.

Murder of a parsee at Bombay-of two
Malacca-Hon. A. Koek, Esq., appoint men near Salsette, 292.
ed Acting Governor, 208-town and

Muriatic Acid detected in a river in South
fort ceded to the English, 682— Deaths,

America, 655.
Manillaanother attempt made at revolu- Muspratt (J. P. Esq.) elected an East-

India Director, 473.
tion, 211-proclamation by the Gover-
nor, 571-description of the city, 591.

Markets, London, 115, 217, 478, 578.

Natal, a British settlement in Sumatra,
Marriages. --- See Calcutta, Madras, fc.

account of, 592.
Mauritius, state of slavery in, in the year
1769, 255—the island henceforth to be

Native traveller, 148-powers of India
placed on a footing with other British

viewed generally, 357-female school
colonies as to the duties paid on the im-

societies, 471-auto-biography of a man
portation of sugar into Great Britain,

of learning, 629.
682 - death of the Hon. G. Smith, Naulch given by Hurrymohun Tagore
Chief Justice, 566.

and Ladleymohun Tagore at Calcutta,

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