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194—given by Rouplal Mullick at the sentations of the Edinburgh Revies on
same place, 663.

the Company's China Trade, *969–
Nautical Notices-discovery of Onaseuse,

Description of the Mausoleuth and
or Hunter's Island, in the Southern

Altar-Tomb of the Fir Marques
Ocean, 505--geographical position of

Corne allis, 481 -- Slave Trade in the
tbe Bassas da India and the Europa

Indian Archipelago, 484, 63 jour.
Rocks, two dangers in the Mosambique nes from Orenburg to Bolharı in 1en,
channel, 518-discovery of the Actæon

491 – Retired Half-pay to Compani's
Islands-true situation of the Speck

Officers, 504 Pefutation of certain
shoal, 653.

Calumnies agaiust the East. Iodis Con.
Navigation, internal, in India, plan lately

pany's Chira Trade, 583_- Sone As.
submitted to Government for remedy.

count of the Tungousians in general,
ing the increased delay in, 933—plan

and the Transbaikal Tungousians in
for conveying passengers by steam be-

particular, 599- The Piece of Gold,
tween India and England proposed by

609-On the Frontiers between Russa
Lieut. Johnston at Calcutta, 568.

and China, 614-Oriental Coins, 633.
Nepaul, mission despatched from the Ra- Ou seley (Sir Wm.), his observations on the
jah of, to the Court of Pekin, 631.

river Euphrates, 273.
New Holland -- vesel despatched from

England to the northern coast of, for the
purpose of forming a new settiemeni,

Parlores defeat the Dutch near Pading,

572-narrative of their war with the

Dutch, 611.
New South Wales--new settleinent about

to be formed in Wellitigton Valley, Palembang, descriptive account of, 28.
successful introduction of the bee-

Parliamentary Pazurs-official value of
quarterly meeting of the Agricultural

trade carried on between Great Britais
Society held at Paramatta, 170-des.

and the Coast of Africa from Jan. 1815,
cription of Wellington Valley, 652.

to Jan. 1821–tea exported from Great
Now Zaland-superiority of its flax over

Britain, from Jan. 1819, to Jen. 1894
the Baltic hemp, 21-extracts from Mr.

-sugar imported into Great Britain
Cruise's Journal of a Ten Months' Re-

and Ireland, from Jan. 1823, to Jas.
sidence in, 157-association formed in

1824, 680-- duties received, and dran.

backs and bounties paid on sugar in
Great Britain for promoting emigration

1823—coffee imported into Great Brie
to, 300.

tain and Ireland during the same period

-net duties received on coffee during
Oals, report on the cultivation of, in Pur the same period, 681.

Passengers of ships to and from India,
01*- Reckoning Fund, and promotion in 111, 213, 301, 475, 575, 683.

the Indian Army, -observations on, 23. Pelly (Mr.), his statements of his grant
Orenburg, journey from, to Boklara, in from the East-India Company answered
1820, 491.

by Mr. Hume, 165.
Oriental Coins described 494, 633.

Penang, George Town theatre opened
Oriental Club established in London, 473,

for the first time-importation of Fire
573-gentlemen constituting the Com from Bengal-carthquake felt on the
mittee, 682.

island, 207-amount of sum contri-

buted to assist the distressed Irish, 297
Original Papers and Communications.-
Sketch of the History and Administra-

-Dutch schocner reported to have ben
tion of Marquess Hastings (continued

seen of Sirigapore, with 10,000 stand
from Vol. xvi. p. 538), 1, 117–Off-

of arms for the use of the Siamese, 571
Reckoning Fund, 235 -- Account of the

-modifications of the port duties and
Calmucs, drawn froin Russian autho-

charges, 678-suicide-case of insanity
rities, 138--Transmission of India Lei.

-Mr. Anderson, of the civil service,
ters, 154-The late Restrictions on the

tried for defamation of character, 679-
Calcutta Press, consistent with "the

cominercial arrangements — ferocious
Laws of this Realm," 291--Military

boldness of a tiger-population of Point
Adventurers, in reply to Veritas, 235 -

Wellesley-state of the markets, 680–
Chinese Visits to Europe, 242-Run-

birtis and deaths, 107, 207, 566.
jeet Sing and the North-Western Fron. Penitentiary to be erected at Bombay, 292.
tier of the British Possessions, 257- Persia-tombs of Mr. Rich and Dr. Tar.'
General View of the Native Powers of lor destroyed at Shiraz by the Persians
India, and of their Political Relations -tomb of Dr. Jukes also destroyed at
with the British Government, 357 Ispahan, 209--communications of the
Hertford College, 367— The Ports of Court of Tehran with Russia carried
Taganrog and Kertch, in the Sea of on with the greatest secresy, 574-deaths
Azov, *365-Reply to the Misrepre at Bushire and Bussorah, 170.

nea, 192.

Philippine Islands:-See Manilla.

Revolution; another unsuccessful attempt Philosophical Intelligence, 49, 168, 272,

made at Manilla, 211-counter revolu377, 516, 649.

tion attempted at Macao, 212. Phipps (John), his Guide to the Commerce Robbery in a Hindu temple, 285–of two of Bengal reviewed, 45.

men whilst carrying a quantity of money Phormium tenar, or fax of New Zealand,

and jewels from Bombay to Poonah,

292. successfully cultivated in France, 21. Pirates of Tontól defeated by the Dutch,

Rocket of Hindoostan, as improved by 208- brig General de Kock taken by

Capt. Parlby, said to excel even the Malays in the Java sea, 476-numerous,

Congreve rocket, 519 – practical exoff the Islands of Bassulan and Min

periment made of the rocket at Dum danao, 572.

Dum, 650. Poetry-- hymn for the Epiphany, by Dr. Rope-bridge directed to be thrown over the Heber - Missionary Hymn, by the same,

Caramnassa River near Benares, 278, 511-the Passage of the Red Sea, by

Route from Mhow towards Calcutta, via the same, 642- Hymn, by the same,

Saugor and Mirzapore, 16–from Cal. 644.

cutta to Gaya, extracted from the jour

nal of a native traveller, 148 from ' Population of Palembang, 34-of Manilla, 592-of the Tungousians, 600—of Point

Jypoor to Agra, 507. Wellesley, 680,

Royal Society, communications presented Port duties, modification of, at Penang,

to, 380. 678.

Rozah of Eatimad-ul- Dowlah at Agra desPorts of Taganrog and Kertch, in the Sea

cribed, 638. of Azov, account of, *365.

Humbold (Sir Wm.), rule granted to, by Press, late restrictions on, at Calcutta, the Court of King's Bench, to show

consistent with the laws of this realm, cause against the Indian Observer news221-Act of Parliament and ordinance paper, for a libel, 299. of the Indian Government respecting, Runjeet Singh, and the north-western fron223,

tier of the British Possessions, account Price Current of East-India produce for of, 257.

Dec. 1823, 115 - Jan. 1824, 219 Russia-arrival of the khans of several

March, 479-April, 583— May, 687. nomade tribes at St. Petersburgh, to Publications, new, and works in the press,

take their oaths of fealty and to pay 171, 276, 380, 519, 656.

their tribute, 213-estimation of all the Purnea, agricultural pursuits in, for May

goods at the fair of Nischney Novogo. and June 1828, 192.

rod, ib.-Chinese literarati in, 378—

rewards dealt out by the Emperor to the R.

officers engaged in a contest with the Rain, statement of the fall of, at Bombay,

Nomade tribes beyond the Cuban ana in the last seven years, 651.

Daghistan communications between

Russia and Persia said to be carried Ramayana, new edition of, about to be

on with the greatest secresy, 574-on published by Professor Schlegel, 52.

the frontiers between, and China, 614 Rangoon.-See Birman Empire.

-supplenzent made to the tariff respectReformer, Arabian, arrives at Bombay, ing the tea-trade at Kiakta, 682.

S. Review of Books--Statement of Facts relative to the removal from India of Mr.

Savings Bank established at Serampore, Buckingham, 35 - A Guide to the Com

192. merce of Bengal, &c., by John Phipps, Say (Lieut. T.), 5th regt. Bombay N.I., 44-Journal of a Ten Months' Resi dismissed the Hon. Company's service, dence in New Zealand, by Capt. Cruise,

472. 157 Slavery of the British West

Schlegel (Prof.), his prospectus for pubIndia Colonies delineated, by Jaines

lishing a Sanscrit edition of the RamaStephens, Esq.; vol. 1, being a delineation of the State in Point of Law, 261 - Abdallah, an Oriental poem, with

Scindca, failure of an attempt to assassiother pieces, hy Horace Gwynne, 373

nate him, 472. Sketches in India, by Wm. Huggins,

Scott (Rev. H.) appointed Archdeacon of 376 - Nouveaux Elemens de Grain

Australasia, 473. maire Turke; par A. Jaubert, 502 Securities, government ; prices of, at Cal-Critical Researches in Philology and cutta, 113, 216, 474, 581-at Madràs, Geography, 512 – The Modern Tra 474, 581, 687--at Bombay, 474, 581, veller ; vol. 1. containing “ Palestine,"

687. 516– The Wonders of Elora described, Seely (Capt. J. B.), his Wonders of Elora by Capt. Seely, 645.

reviewed, 645. Asiatic Journ.



yana, 52.

Serampore-savings bank established at, of the trade in the Indian Archipelago, · 192-Native Female Society lately es 484, 603.

tablished at, meets with the greatest Smacks established at Van Dieman's Land encouragement, 471.

to sail regularly between Hobart Town Shapuree, island of, attacked by the Bir.

and Sydney, 298. mese, 566, 661.

Societies - Asiatic, of Calcutta, 49, 168, Sherwahray Hills, account of, 370—regis 377, 516– Medical and Physical, of

ter of the thermometer on, in May, Calcutta, 50, 378- Agricultural and June, and July 1823, 379.

Horticultural, of Calcutta, 169, 649– Shipping, notices of-ship Swallow, Ross, Agricultural, of New South Wales, 170

bound for Calcutta, wrecked on Moogra -Literary, of Bombay, 274, 517– Putty Point, 96—Danish ship Nym Linnæan, of London, 275, 380–Geophin lost near the mouth of the Hoogh logical, of London, 276, 310- Asiatic, ly, 96—ship Travancore lost at Muscat, of Great Britain and Ireland, 379 97-fire discovered on board the ship Astronomical, of London, 379, 588Argyle, Harding, bound for China, Royal, of London, 380 — Auxiliary 196— Brig Dooria Dowla, bound from Scottish Missionary, of Bombay, 204— Bombay to the Malay coast, burnt at School-book, of Calcutta, 471—Native sea, off Ceylon, 204--ship Matilda, of Female, at Serampore, 471-Bethel, at Calcutta, lost at Mosambique, 286— Calcutta, 472—Asiatic, of Paris, 649 historical account of the ship Swallow, - Auxiliary Church Missionary, of 291-ship Neptune, Cormeer, wrecked Calcutta, 665–Madras, for promoting on Cochin-China, 301- dangerous situa Christian Knowledge, 679. tion of the Atlas at the mouth of the

Soerakarta, death of his Highness the Hog River, 461, 671—brig Ann Laura, Soesochoenan of, 297. Tarket, lost in the Bay of Bengal, 462 --- brig General de Kock taken by Ma- Staff Appointments, limitation of, under

the Bengal Presidency, 179. lay pirates on her passage from Batavia to Samarang, 476, 576 — Mary Ann,

Staunton (Sir G. T.), elegant silver salver Cowes, taken up by Government to try

presented to, by the members of the the experiment of riding out the Mon

British factory in China, 213. soon at Blackwood's Harbour, 476– Steam-packet launched at Calcutta, 195 loss of the Mary, Crisp, and Rangoon -meeting held at Calcutta for the purPacket, Thompson, on the John-and pose of establishing packets between Margaret Shoal, 557— Arab ship Futty India and England, 568. Romaun lost upon Hog River Sand, 558 Slephen (Jas. Esq.), his delineation of the

- temporary appropriation of the H.C. Slavery of the British West-India Coship Hastings to the purpose of per lonies reviewed, 261. forming divine service every Sunday at Stocks, daily prices of, for Nov. and Dec. Bombay, 678–ship Mariner, Douglas,

1823; and Jan., Feb., March, and lost on the Island of Chiloe, South

April, 1824, 116, 220, 348, 480, 584, America, 684.

688. arrivals and departures. - See Suicide committed by a Chinaman under Calcutta, Madras, &c.

the sentence of death at Penang, 679. Ships, East-India Company's, of the sea

Sumatra-descriptive account of Palemson 1823-24 timed for India, 114, 218,

bang, 28-settlement of Bencoolen 582, 684—free-traders loading for In about to be ceded to the Dutch, 474, dia, 113, 217, 478, 581, 685-cargoes 572_Dutch defeated by the Padrees of, lately arrived, 219, 479, 583, 687

near Padang, 572—narrative of the -launched, 195, 297 spoken with,

war between the Padrees and the Dutch, on their voyage outward, 111, 301, 476, 61]— British possessions on the island 576, 684-new plan for preserving the ceded to the Dutch, 682-births and bottoms of, 379.

deaths, 108, 566. Siberia, north-eastern coast of, ascertained

Suttee near Santipore, 192-at Meerut, to have no conjunction with the conti 281-affecting incident arising from, nent of America, 379.

282-at Pograh, 570-at SeramporeSierra Leone, great improvement in the of four females at Koonaghur Ghaut, colony of, 275.

665. Silks, alteration ordered to take place in Swallow East-Indiaman, historical account

the revenue laws regarding, 300, 474. of, 291. Singapore-establishment of a native insti- Sylhet, account of the district of, 369. 'tution, 208, 572-extraordinary extent

Syria, coal discovered in, 379. of the trade of the island during the year 1822, 208.

T. Slavery as it existed in the Mauritius in Taganrog., a port in the sea of Azov, a€.

1789, 255-report concerning the state count of, *365.

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Tea Trade of the East-India Company,

U. reply to the misrepresentations of the

Uooncan Mandata, journal of a visit to, Edinburgh Review concerning, *369— refutation of certain calumnies against,

in May 1820, 135. 585.

V. of the Russians, at Kiakta,

Vaccination in the United Kingdom in new regulation respecting, 682.

1822—in Ceylon, Presidency of Fort Temple, Hindu, robbery in, 285.

William, and Bombay, in 1821, 380. Theatre opened at Penang, 207.

Van Dieman's Land-establishment of

passage vessels to sail regularly between Thermometer, state of, in the Sylhet dis

Hobart Town and Sidney-meeting of trict, 369—on the Sherwahray Hills,

inhabitants for the purpose of establish379.

ing a bank at Hobart Town, 298. Thornton (Mr.), Supracargo of the General de Kock, seized by Malay pirates

Vepery, new church erecting at, for the in the Java seas, 476, 576, 684.

use of the Vepery branch of the mis

sion of the Society for promoting ChrisThunder-storm, alarming effects occasion

tian Knowledge, 673-ceremony of layed by, at Matura in Ceylon, 295.

ing the first stone, 674-examination of Tibet, state of the Catholic mission in, the school belonging to the mission, 675. 569.

Voyage on the Ganges, memoranda of, 26. Tiger, its ferocity, 680.

W. Tongataboo, one of the Friendly Islands, some account of, 244.

Weather, state of, at Purneah, in May Tonquin, great progress of the Catholic

and June 1823, 192—at Kumptee near missionaries there, 298.

Nagpore, in June 1823, 193—in the

Indigo districts, in July and Aug. 1823, Trade of Cochin-China, regulations of,

193-at Madras, in July 1823, 292—at 154.

Saffragan and Matura in Ceylon, in Traveller, Hindoo, 148-Swedish, 379.

June 1823, 295—at Bombay, in Nuv. Tristan de Acunha, new settlers on the is

1823, 678. land of, 298.

Wellington Valley, in New South Wales, Troops ordered to embark for India, 111, settlement about to be formed at, 170—

213—local of Bengal, established on its description, 652. one uniform scale, 173.

Widows, Hindu, burnt on the funeral piles Tungousians in general, and Transbaikal of their husbands, 192, 282—singular

Tungousians in particular, some ac case of, tried before the Supreme Court count of, 593.

at Calcutta, 285-four burnt at KooTurkish Grammar, by Professor Jaubert, naghur Ghaut, 665. notice of, 502.

Wrangel (Baron), notice of his expedition Twining (R. Esq.), biographical notice towards the north pole, 653.

of, 590.







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