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“ The following gentlemen were re “ Mr. Moore and Mr. Benson wer ported qualified for the public service, at admitted to the College on the 12th of the half-yearly examination in December November 1821, and being allowed a last: Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Ravenshaw, Mr. private examination, were reported qualiPrinsep, Mr. Udny, and Mr. Bacon; and fied for the public service, by a competent to the four first were adjudged pecuniary knowledge of the Persian and Hindoorewards and medals, for high proficiency in stanee languages, in September 1822. the Persian and Hindoostanee languages. “ Mr. Lindsay, who was admitted to

• Mr. Hawkins, who was admitted to the College in June 1820, was pronounced the College in July 1822, was ranked at qualified for the public service, on the the half-yearly examination, first in the 26th of March 1823.

He had been prefirst class of Persian, and first in the first viously examined, and declared qualified class of Hindoostanee ; and obtained prizes in Hindoostanee, on the 14th September of 800 rupees, and medals, for high pro. 1822. ficiency in those languages. The know “ Mr. Lowis was also admitted so far ledge acquired by Mr. Hawkins, both of back as September 1820, and, at a private the Persian and Hindoostanee languages, examination in April 1823, was found to at Hertford College, was very consider- have attained a competent knowledge of able, and, no doubt, enabled him to attain the Persian language; and in the month that high proficiency here, which he has of June following, having passed an exareached in the short period of four or five mination in Hindoostanee, was reported months.

qualified to enter on the duties of the “ Mr. Ravenshaw was admitted in Au- public service. gust 1822, (the month after Mr. Haw “ Mr. Paxton, who was admitted to the kins,) and stands next to hiin both in the College on the 4th of July 1821, was Persian and Hindoostanee languages. examined privately in Hindoostanee, and He has also obtained pecuniary rewards found qualified in that language, in June and medals, for high proficiency in those 1822, and afterwards in Persian, in Nolanguages. This gentleman, I am in vember of the same year, and reported formed, brought with him from Hertford, qualified for the public service. a degree of proficiency rarely acquired at “ Mr. Deedes entered the College on the institution; and his diligence did not the 29th of May 1821, but was compelled slacken after he was admitted here.

some time afterwards to make a voyage “ Mr. Prinsep was admitted in July to sea for the recovery of his health. Pre1822, and Mr. Udny in August of the viously, however, to that period, he had same year.

The former is ranked third been examined, and found qualified in in Persian, and third in Hindoostanee; the Persian language; and on the 3d of the latter is placed immediately below February 1829 was reported qualified for him; and to both have been adjudged the public service, having acquired a compecuniary rewards and medals, for high petent knowledge of Hindoostanee. proficiency in both those languages. Al. “ Mr. Jackson was admitted to the though these four gentlemen have some College on the 21st of January 1822, and time since entered upon the public ser. was reported qualified for the public service, I cannot, without injustice, withhold vice on the 1st of October of the same the declaration of my high approbation of year, having previously been examined, their signally meritorious conduct while and found a proficient in the Persian lanattached to the institution.

guage in April. “ Mr. Bacon, who was admitted to the “ Mr. Thompson, who was admitted on College in July 1821, stands fifth in Per the 2d of March 1821, was examined, and sian, and fifth in Hindoostanee, in the list found qualified in Persian, at the annual of students examined in December last, examination in June 1822, and afterwards at which time he was reported qualified on the 3d of May last, in the Hindoofor the public service, by a competent stanee language, when he was admitted knowledge of both languages.

to the public service. “ The following students were exami “ It is painful to me to be compelled ned privately at different times, and found to mention, that Mr. Dampier, who was qualified for the public service : Mr. Da admitted to the College in December vidson, Mr. Ricketts, Mr. Moore, Mr. 1818, and was removed on account of his Benson, Mr. Lindsay, Mr. Lowis, Mr. repeatedly absenting himself from the Paxton, Mr. Deedes, Mr. Jackson, and lectures of the Professors, without any Mr. Thompson.

cause assigned, and who was re-admitted “ Mr. Davidson was admitted in June on his return from Europe (9th of Sep1820; he was examined, and found a pro tember 1822), whither he had proceeded ficient in the Persian language, on the for the benefit of his health, has been 11th of January last, and on the 3d of removed a second time for his remissness February following was reported qualified in study, and disregard of the regulations in Hindoostanee, and admitted to the of the College. Mr. Dampier has recently public service.

applied for an exainination, and I trust

be will be found to have profited by his not to exceed two months) any student past experience.

may not appear to be deriving adrantage “ The Government has also been under from the College. The strict execution the necessity, at the recommendation of of this duty is not more desirable for the the College Council, of removing three discipline and respectability of the instiother students, who have made little or no tution, than for the real interests of the progress in their prescribed studies since students. A student who, from whatever the half-yearly examination in December cause, except sickness, fails to make realast. I forbear from publicly mentioning sonable progress in the acquisition of the the names of these gentlemen, in the con- languages, proves that his continuance in fident hope that, by the assiduous and dili- College cannot be beneficial to himgent prosecution of their studies, at the while, on the contrary, habits of idleness stations to which they will be sent, they or extravagance may be generated which will speedily retrieve the time and credit can best be checked and corrected by an which they have lost.

early removal from the Presidency. “ Mr. Thompson, of the Madras esta “I take the opportunity of repeating blishment, who obtained the permission what has already been declared, that in of Government in February last

, to study the selection of individuals for office, the in the College for six months, baving period of leaving College qualified for made no progress whatever in any lan the public service, and the relative rank guage, has been desired to return without of the students as to proficiency, will be delay to his own Presidency.

taken as the criterion of their claims to “ Only two students were attached to preferment, rather than length of residence the Bengalee Professor's class in the past in the country, or their standing in the year. I am concerned to observe, that list of civil servants. neither of them is reported to have made « The recent re-establishment of pecuadequate progress in the language; but niary rewards during the past year, both there is sufficient ground for hope, that to students in College, and to those who they will make amends for past neglect, subsequently to leaving College may acto justify a further trial.

quire such a knowledge of the Sanscrit The small number of students at and Arabic languages, as shall enable tached to this class, has attracted my pare them to read and explain the books of ticular notice. A disinclination among Mahomedan and Hindoo law, was noticed the students of the College for the study in a former discourse from this chair. I of the Bengalee language, has been made trust I am not too sanguine in anticipa. the subject of animadversion by former ting the best effects from the incitements visitors, and dwelt upon with regret. I thus held out to emulation and exertion cannot refrain from adding the expression in more useful and honourable pursuits. of my own concern, at the prevailing in. An additional proof has recently been difference for the attainment of this useful afforded of the high importance which the language: a knowledge of the Bengalee Government attaches to an accurate knowis not useful merely, but almost indispen- ledge of certain Oriental languages, by sable for those who are called upon to those whose duties lead them to constant exercise public duties in the province of intercourse with the natives of the counBengal, which bring them in contact with try, by the resolution of the Governor the mass of the people. The lower classes General in Council, providing for the of the natives of this province, especially examination of military officers who may those in the interior, are generally igno- be nominated to the situation of interprerant of every other tongue ; there are but ters to native corps. In order to give full few who can converse intelligibly in Hin- effect to this regulation, measures are in doostanee. In the course of communi progress for facilitating to the members cation with them, therefore, those public of the Hon. Company's army, the acquiofficers who are not versed in the verna sition of the Hindoostanee and Persian, cular language of the country, are con by rendering useful class-books more acstrained to employ the aid of interpreta- cessible to those who may feel a desire tion : a practice attended with a degree of to cultivate those languages. abuse and evil, on which I need not “ A list of the literary works published dilate. I trust, therefore, that these im- during the year, will be appended to this portant considerations will, in future, have discourse. Although not immediately an influence on the students, and induce connected with the College, I cannot allow a larger proportion of them to apply this opportunity to pass, without congrathemselves to the study of this language. tulating the institution and the public at

“ I deem it proper to call to the recol- large, in the publication of a new and lection of the students of the College, revised edition of the first volume of the that the statute recently enacted, requires elementary analysis of the Laws and Rethe College Council to report to the Go. gulations of this Government, one of the vernment when, after a reasonable period fruits of the learned and respected author's of trial (which term is in ordinary cases leisure during his short residence in Eng.

' land. This volume comprizes the whole to be founded at the Presidency for San

of the Judicial Regulations down to the scrit and Hindoo learning, under the middle of the year 1821, comprehending liberal encouragement held forth for the the important enactments of the year 1814, revival and improvement of literature and and other material improvements in our the encouragement of learned natives, by judicial code.

the Hon. Company and the British Par“ The College Council have stated to liament. Other institutions, both Mahome their entire satisfaction at the attention medan and Hindoo, will gradually be and conduct of all the officers of the reformed or founded, in pursuance of the College, since the period of the last meet- wide and benevolent views to which I ing; a report which has caused me much have just alluded. gratification, and demands the expression “ The attention of the Governor Geneof my cordial acknowledgments to those ral in Council is sedulously directed to the gentlemen. They are also justly due to important subject of public instruction. the learned natives attached to the insti. In furtherance of that object, public aid tution.

has been afforded to those useful and “ To the members of the College laudable institutions, the School-book SoCouncil themselves, who so ably and im- ciety and the Calcutta School Society, as partially preside over the affairs of the well as to the Hindoo College founded establishment, to the infinite advantage of in 1817, and superintended by some of its concerns, I desire to tender my warmest the principal Hindoo, gentlemen of this thanks. Can I offer to the students a city. No wise or just government can stronger incitement to study and generous be indifferent to the literary and moral emulation, than the honourable example improvement of its subjects; and other of those gentlemen who, one and all, in and more extensive measures may heretheir progress to the high and responsible after be framed for the education of the offices which they fill, signalized their early various classes of the inhabitants of the career in India by the acquisition of proud British possessions. The subject is one and distinguished honours in that institu- of the highest importance both to the tion, over which they now exercise a Government and the people. The diffuparental care?

sion of liberal education among the na“ It cannot be irrelative to the present tives of India, may be rendered a blessing occasion, to advert to the condition and or perverted into a curse to the country, prospect of other collegiate institutions according to the manner in which it is established under the protection and pa- carried into effect. If by any improbable tronage of the Government of this country. combination of circumstances, a misThe Madrussa, or College for Mahomedan guided zeal or overheated enthusiasm Law, founded by the illustrious Warren should mingle in this important pursuit, Hastings, has lately attracted the particu- the most disastrous consequences may be lar attention of Government. Through predicted, both to the people and their the liberal and disinterested exertions of ruler: but directed to its proper and legithe superintending committee, aided by timate ends, and conducted with the their learned and zealous secretary, Dr. judgment, discretion, and sobriety, which Lumsden, the most important reforms I trust will never be lost sight of, and have been introduced into the discipline above all, with the full concurrence and and studies of that institution. These cordial co-operation of the natives them. ineasures have been crowned with the selves, it cannot fail to produce the most most signal success, even during the short extensive and decided benefits, both to the period in which they have been in opera Government of the country, and to the tion, and they promise the happiest results. millions under its sway.” The annual examinations of the students which are now publicly held, may be Works now in the Press, and patronized by confidently referred to, in proof both of Government, at the recommendation of the actual improvement that has taken the Council of the College of Fort place, and the spirit of zeal and emula. William. tion that has been created.

1. A Dictionary and Grammar of the « Similar good effects have attended Bhete or Thibetian language, prepared the reform so judiciously introduced into partly in Latin, and partly in the German the Hindoo College at Benares, which and Italian languages, by the Roman had gradually fallen into neglect and Catholic missionaries and the late Rev. decay, until the deteriorated condition of Mr. Schræter, during their residence in the institution, as well as the means of that country, under the countenance and restoring it to vigour and efficiency, were authority of the late Major Barre Latter, brought to the notice of Government by agent to the Governor General at Titalya, a distinguished Oriental scholar, whose and now translated and prepared for the public duties called him to that city. To press by the Rev. Dr. Wm. Carey, proMr. Wilson also is the Government in- fessor of the Sanscrit, Bengalee, and debted for the plan of a college about Mahratta languages, in the College of

Fort William. These works may be con 2. The Arabic poems termed Mooallasidered bighly valuable on two accounts : quat, with a commentary on each poem, First, they are the labours of men of in the Arabic language, by Moolavee learning, who resided for a long period Abdoor Ruheem of the College of Fort in the country, and wbo were in every William. respect qualified for the task; and second 3. The Law of Inheritance and Division ly, the country where the Bhote language of Property contained in the Daya Bhaga, is spoken is the only one which lies be in Sanscrit and Bengalee verse, by Pundit tween the British dominions and those of Lukshmee Narayuna Nyaylwerkura of Russia, to which may be added the great the College of Fort William. probability, or rather certainty, that this 4. A Translation from the original is the current language of the whole of Sanscrit into the Bengalee Language of Chinese Tartary. It has been hitherto the Mutakshura of Lagyuvulkha, a celeunknown to Europeans.-- The Dictionary brated work on Hindoo Law, by Pundit is very copious, and will contain between Lucknaraen Naya, of the College of 900 and 1000 quarto pages. The words Fort William. are arranged in alphabetical order.


[blocks in formation]


M. W. Ist Class. 1. Thomason, Medal of Merit.... Nov. 1822 33

5 0 2. Palmer,

Nov. 1821

18 15 1 3. Brown....

Nov. 1821


12 1 2d Class. - 4. Gough..

June 1822 17

10 0 5. Tierney....


5 0 6. Goldsbury

Jan. 1823 22

5 0 7. Fraser .....

Jan, 1823


3 8. Taylor..

May 1822 32

10 0 Sd Class.- 9. Cathcart.

Oct. 1822 28

6 2 10. Golding..

Aug. 1822


8 1 11. Clarke...

Aug. 1822 28

8 1

May 1818 12. Parks.....

re-admitted 11

4 3

Nov. 1822 13. Deeds.....

May 1823 3

0 2 14. Harding...

Aug. 1822 28

8 1 ARABIC. 1. Thomason..

Dec. 1822 21

9° 0 HINDOOSTANEE. 1st Class.- 1. Patton ...

July 1822 26

10 2. Gough..

June 1822 14 10 3. Morris..

Aug. 1822 34

8 1 4. Thomason, Medal of Merit. Dec. 1822 36

5 2d Class, 5. Brown....

Nov, 1821

6 12 1 6. Goldsbury.

Jan. 1823 29

5 0 7. Tierney.

Jan. 1823


5 8. Palmer....

Nov. 1821 25 15 2 3d Class.- 9. Cathcart...

Oct. 1822 32

6 2 10. Deedes.....

May 1823 1 11. Taylor ...

May 1822 35 10 0 12. Golding..

Aug. 1822 37

8 13. Fraser ....

Jan. 1823 37

S May 1818 14. Parks......

re-admitted 11

5 0

Nov. 1822 15. Harding....

Aug. 1822 27

8 0 16. Thompson, Madras Estab.. Feb. 1823 22

S 1 BENGALEE. 1. Clarke.....

Aug. 1822 28

8 0 2. Fraser

Jan. 1823


5 0 By order of the Council of the College, A. LOCKETT, Sec. C. C.

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Asiatic Intelligence.



4. The examinations above prescribed GOVERNMENT GENERAL

will take place on the application of the

Medical Board to the Secretary of the ORDERS.

College Council. FINANCIAL Nctice. --The Commissioners for the Reduction of the Honourable Company's Fort William, April 18, 1829. Debt in India hereby notify, that Pro The proceedings of two Courts of missory Notes to the amount of Sicca Enquiry, held at Neemuch and Kurnal, Rupees 12,92,88,800 have been tendered having clearly established that Jodah Sing, in transfer to the Loan opened on the 14th Havildar 4th troop 4th regiment Light February last, and that the acknowledg- Cavalry, conducted himself in a brave and ments issued to the parties from whom the soldier-like manner in support of his said tenders have been received will be officers, in the affair with the troops of discharged in the manner following, sub- Kotah, on the 1st October, 1821 : The ject to the provision contained in the 11th Governor General in Council is pleased, clause of the advertisement of the above in compliance with the recommendation of date: that

to say, for 7-10ths of the His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief, amount tendered, 5 per cent. Promissory to promote Jodah Singh, Havildar, to the Notes will be issued under the rule contain rank of Subadar in that regiment, in reed in the 10th clause of the said adver ward of his gallant conduct. This protisement, and the remaining 3-10ths will motion to have effect from the same period be paid under the 12th clause.

as that assigned to Subadars Meer Mus. J. A. DORIN, nad Ally, and Shaikh Nadur Ally, who Sec. to Comm. for Transfer.

were promoted by Government to that rank Acc.-Gen.'s Office, 3d May 1823.

for their bravery on the same occasion.


Fort William, April 18, 1823.
Fort William, March 29, 1823.

A claim having been preferred to 1. The Government having, with refe Government by the Officer in charge of rence to General Orders, June 21, 1822, the Dacca Provincial Battalion, to be sanctioned and adopted the recommenda reimbursed the expenses of providing tion of the Medical Board, as to the pro Recruits for that corps from Buxar, priety of a previous examination in the the Governor General in Council is Native Languages of the Medical Officer pleased to notify to all officers in comselected for the situation of Superintend mand of local, provincial, or other irreent of the School for Native Doctors, it gular corps, that the practice of recruiting is hereby directed, that previous to confir at a distance from the zillahs in which mation in that office, the person so select they are employed, is wholly inconsistent ed shall undergo a regular examination in with the views with which such corps the Persian and Hindostanee languages, by were formed, and is most positively prothe Officers of the College of Fort Wil bibited in future. liam.

The objects which Government have 2. No candidate shall be considered had in view in the formation of all Local, entitled to confirmation, unless he shall Provincial, or other irregular Corps of produce a certificate, signed by the exa Infantry, were, to provide for the local mining Officers of the College, of his duties of each district or city from the mass “ possessing a competent knowledge of the of its own population, or of the zillahs colloquial and written languages of the immediately adjoining—the advantages country, especially the Hindostanee and held out being an inadequate provision for Persian, and that he is capable of reading the men if removed to any distance from the native treatises on medicine, and dis their homes and families; and in the case coursing with the pupils on ordinary sub of provincial troops affording no prosjects of native science, in intelligible, if pect of a support on retirement in old age, not in accurate terms.

unless when disabled, or wounded in the 3. Should the candidate require exami performance of duty; while in many nation in the Sunscrit, Arabic, or other cases, the insalubrity of the provinces or useful Oriental languages, it is to be grant districts to which local or provincial corps ed by the Public Officers of that College, are assigned is such, as to render it unand noted accordingly in their report, advisable, on the score of humanity, that and in their certificate of qualification or any but the Natives thereof should be enotherwise.

listed for them.

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