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The Governor General in Council teen Sepoys of each Local Corps having therefore directs, that in recruiting for guns, will be permanently allotted to each Local and Provincial Corps of Infantry, brigade, under the orders of the Serjeant the officers commanding them be held and Corporal of Artillery, for the service restricted generally to the district in of the guns, aided by the above detail of which they are serving, and not beyond Gun Lascars. the neighbouring zillahs;-that no re 5. All recruiting or promotions in the tired parties be ever detached from a several Store Lascar Companies, and deLocal or Provincial Battalion, which tails of Gun Lascars with Horse or Foot should be filled up on the spot; and Artillery, or Local Infantry, are suspendlastly, that no contingent or extra charge ed till a general equalization can take will ever be passed for recruiting.

place under the orders of His Excellency This order is also applicable to the Hill the Commander-in-Chief'; and all casualCorps especially, which are to be com ties in the Gun Lascar Details, whether in posed solely of mountaineers of the pro- the Horse or Foot Artillery, or in Local vinces in which they were raised or may be Corps, will be filled up with supernumeserving

raries from the Store Lascar Companies whilst any remain.

6. To complete the detail with the Fort William, April 24, 1829.

Rungpore Light Infantry, the officer 1. On the principle adopted in General commanding the Dinagepore Local BatOrders by Government of the 28th of talion will transfer one Tindal and two August last, reducing the number of

Gun Lascars from bis supernumeraries to Gun Lascars attached to each Company the former corps, sending the remainder or Battery of European Artillery to to the Dinapore magazine. one Havildar, one Naick, and twenty-four 7. The supernumeraries with the RamLascars, or three men per gun; and al- ghur Battalion to be sent to the Presidency together abolishing Gun Lascars, as un

for the Arsenal and Expense Magazine necessary with the Golundaz or Native Companies; those with the Chumparun Artillery, the drag-rope movements being Light Infantry to Dinapore; and, those discontinued: the future establishment of with the Goruckpore Light Infantry to Gun Lascars with each brigade of Light

Chunar, Artillery serving with Local Corps is fired at the same scale as that attached to

Fort William, May 9, 1823. the Body Guard of the Governor Gene

In advertence to General Orders of the ral, ris

11th of October 1822, giving effect to the

One Tindal or Havildar 7 8..2 0..40

26th section of the Mutiny Act of 1822, Eight Gun Lascars, at.. 4 12..1 0..2 0

the following addition is directed to be exclusive of Off-reckonings.

made after the words “ light articles of 2. All in excess to this number with the fraying any extra expense arising from

clothing,viz. “or if necessary towards de. several Local Battalions will be struck off local situation, or otherwise, in their victuon the 1st of June next, and sent, with their descriptive rolls, pay, and clothing the prison keeper,” under the authority,

alling beyond the sixpence payable to certificates, to the magazines hereafter

&c. &c. mentioned, when they will be enrolled in the Store Lascar Companies, under instructions from His Excellency the Commander.

Fort William, May 16, 1829. in-Chief.

To the 7th clause of General Orders of 3. The Tindals to be enrolled as Havil the 19th September 1818, viz. 7. “ One dars on transfer, and such men as object medical officer will always be permitted to the removal, will be discharged forth to proceed on duty with every detachment with by the officers commanding the

of Europeans, and such officer will be Local Corps, who will select the best and permitted to draw hoat allowance in admost efficient men to remain with their dition to tentage,” add “if previously in guns. The Gun Lascars remaining with

the receipt of the latter.”—The order Local Battalions will be entitled to half books to be corrected accordingly. or full batta, or the invalid pension, under the same rules as may exist in the corps Fort William, July 4, 1823. to which they are attached.

1. The Governor General in Council 4. One Havildar, two Naicks, and sir- having resolved in the Political Depart

ment, on the 23d May last, that a corps * Ramghur Local Bat. two Brigades.

of infantry should be formed for the civil Chumparun Li. Inf, one ditto

duties of Western Malwa, the same will Dinagepore Local Bat. one ditto Gorruckpore Lt. Inf, one dirto

be carried into effect in the following Rungpore

H.B. F.B.


one ditto

manner :

2. The corps to consist of six compa- Hope ; with an understandiug that whennies as per margin,* and formed at Mund ever they may be beyond sea, or the limits laisir, under the name of the 15th or of the Bengal Presidency, they will be Mundlaisir Local Battalion, from the 1st entitled to full batta, and such other inof June last. It is in every respect to be dulgencies as this Government has usually placed on the same footing, as to pay, als allowed under such circumstances. lowances, staff and establishment, with 4. The whole of the native commis. other local corps of the same strength, un

sioned and non-commissioned officers, der the regulations of the 2d of May last. with 10 privates per company, for the 33d

3. Two-thirds of the commissioned and and 34th regiments, will be furnished in non-commissioned officers to be supplied the usual manner, by drafts from all the by drafts from the Rampoorah Local Bat corps of the line, the commissioned and talion, viz. four Subadars, four Jemadars, non-commissioned officers being taken for twenty Havildars, and twenty Naicks, promotion, and the sepoys indiscriminately with four drummers-leaving the vacan of any standing, to be drafted as seniors cies for two Subadars, two Jemadars, ten into the new corps; but it will be optional Havildars, and ten Naicks, to be filled up with all the parties to be drafted, on a full by the promotion of such natives of the understanding of the conditions contained district as may in course of time appear in the third paragraph of this order, which from their character, influence, and atten are also to be fully explained to each tion to the duty and discipline of the corps, recruit by the officer enlisting him, and to be most eligible to these distinctions in again on being sworn in. the opinion of the Commandant and the 5. The promotions of all the officers Political Authorities.

for the new regiments will bear this day's 4. Capt. James Delamain, of the 7th date, from which the army list will be regiment of Native Infantry, who has been closed; and back rank will not be granted entrusted with the formation of the corps to officers removed to any of the new regiin the Political Department, to be com ments, in consequence of casualties in their mandant from the 1st of June last : the former corps, not known to Government charges of this corps to be carried to the on the date of promulgating the final Civil Department.

orders of promotion and posting, agree5. His Excellency the Commander-in- ably to the instructions from the Hon. the Chief is requested to give effect to these Court of Directors applicable to such orders through the officer commanding occasions. the western division, and to appoint an 6. His Excellency the Commander-inofficer as Adjutant to the battalion. Chief is requested to supply the details

necessary to give effect to these orders. Fort William, July 11, 1823. 1. The Hon, the Governor General in Fort William, July 31, 1823. Council having this day resolved that To enable the Barelly Provincial Batfour regiments of Native Infantry be add talion to perform the extensive civil duties ed to this establishment, to supply the assigned to it, the establishment of that pressing wants of the public service; the corps is to be raised to 10 companies of following arrangements are to have im. 100 privates each, on receipt of this order. mediate effect, under the orders of his Ex The abstract No. 3, appended to the cellency the Commander-in-Chief. regulations of 28 May last, to be corrected

2. The new regiments to be numbered accordingly. 31st, 32d, 33d, and 34th; the Benares and Cawnpore levies will form the 1st

Fort William, July 31, 1823. and 2d battalions of the 31st; and the Myn

The Hon. the Governor General in pooree and Muttra levies, the 1st and 2d Council having been pleased on the 24th battalions 32d regiment; vacancies in

instant, in the Judicial Department, to rethe commissioned and non-commissioned solve that a provincial battalion be formed ranks to be supplied in the usual manner,

for the civil duties of the province of by drafts from the old corps of the line. Orissa, including the districts of Midna

8. The 33d and 34th regiments will pore, Balasore and Cuttack, the same will be raised (at such stations as his Excellen..

be carried into effect as follows: cy the Commander-in-Chief may direct)

2. The battalion will be formed at for General Service, that is, to serve on any

Balasore as its head-quarters, to consist of occasion, when ordered, in any part of

nine companies of the established strength, Asia or Africa east of the Cape of Good

under the name of the 14th or Orissa

Provincial Battalion. * Each Company :


3. The officer commanding the Burdwan Provincial Battalion will transfer to

the new corps one complete company of the 5 Naicke

present strength, officers and men (that e Drummers.. AO depoys

employed under the superintendance of the new road), together with all privates

I Subadar
1 Jemadar
5 Havildars

6 6 90

**... 30
.... 19




in excess to 100 per company. Their Court of Directors to be Governor Genearms, accoutrements, and equipments com ral of Fort William in Bengal; and plete, to accompany them.

whereas General the Hon. Sir Edward 4. The commissioned and non-commis. Paget, Knight, Grand Cross of the Bath, sioned officers will be completed by the hath been appointed Commander-in-Chief following transfers from each of the first of all the forces of the Hon. East-India eight provincial battalions (per margin);* Company in the East-Indies, and one of the preference being given to individuals the Counsellors of Fort William aforesaid; natives of Bengal, united with other and Joha Adam and John Fendall, Esqrs. claims.

have been appointed Counsellors of the One jemadar for promotion to subadar. said Presidency; the said appointments One havildar for do. to jemadar. are hereby notified. And it is further Five naicks for do. to bavildar. proclaimed, that the Rt. Hon. Lord AmFive sepoys for do. to naick. herst has, on the day of the date hereof,

5. The privates will be completed on received charge of the said office of Goverthe spot, by recruiting natives of the pro. nor General, and taken the usual oaths vince, if possible, or in the most extended and his seat accordingly; and that Joha sense of Bengal.

Adam and John Fendall, Esqrs. (His 6. The new Orissa Battalion will be Excellency the Commander-in-Chief bewithin the inspection of the officer com- ing absent on a visit to the upper stations manding in Cuttack; and the corps, when of the army) have respectively taken their completed, will take all the civil duties of seats at the Board, as Counsellors of the Cuttack, Midnapore, and Balasore, in. said Presidency. cluding the salt agencies in those districts. By order of the Rt. Hon. the Governor

7. The transfers from other corps to be General in Council, forwarded without delay to Balasore, with W. B. BAYLEY, C. Sec. to the Govt. their pay and clothing certificates, and Fort William, Aug. 1. 1823." correct descriptive rolls. 8. Capt. Spellissy, of the 7th regt. N.I.,

Fort William, Aug. 1, 1823. The Gois appointed to the temporary charge and vernor General has been pleased to make formation of the Orissa Battalion, and will

the following appointments : proceed to Balasore forthwith.

Mr. Chas. Lushington to be Private 9. The future establishment of the

Secretary to the Governor General. Burdwan Battalion to be 10 companies Major Streatfield, H. M, 87th regt., to of 100 privates each.

be Military Secretary to the Governor 10. The abstract No. 3, appended to

General. General Orders 20 May last, to be correct Lieut, the Hon. Jeffrey Amherst, H. M. ed accordingly.

59th regt.; Lieut. J.Cooke, Roy. Marines; Wa. CASEMENT, Lieut.-Col.

Lieut. Alex. St. Leger McMahon, H. M. Sec. to Gov. Mil. Dep.

16th Lancers; and Capt. Jas. Dalgairns,

7th Madras N. I.; to be Aides-de-Camp (COVERYMENT GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY.] to the Governor General. Fort William, August 1, 1829.

Extra Aide-do-Camp, Brevet Capt. The Hon. Company's yacht Nereide Hugh Caldwell, 25th N.I. arrived this morning at six o'clock, having Supernumerary Aide-de-Camp, Major on board the Rt. Hon. Lord Amberst, Hen. Huthwaite, 5th N.I. appointed by the Hon. the Court of Di. Dr. Abel Clarke to be Surgeon to the rectors to the office of Governor General Governor General. of Fort William in Bengal. His Lordship landed at half-past eight o'clock this

Civil Appointment. morning, and was received with the usual

Jolin Herbert Harington Esq. to be bonours. At nine o'clock Lord Amherst

Senior Member of the Board of Revenue took the prescribed oaths, and his seat as for the Western Provinces, and Agent to Governor General.

the Governor General at Delhi. The following proclamation is publishcd by order of the Ri. Hon. the Governor

Fort William, Aug. 8, 1823. General in Council:

Major F. F. Staunton, of the Bombay Proclamation

establishment, to be an Honorary Aide-de* Whereas the Rt. Hon. William Pitt

Camp to Lord Amherst. Lord Amberst, Baron Amherst of Montreal, in the County of Kent, and one of

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. His Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Council, hath been appointed by the Hon. the

Commercial Department.

June 5. Sir Harry V. Darell, Barty bat.

Sub-Export Warehouse keeper. Chittagong do.

Mr. C. Mackenzie, Import Warehouse Moorshedabad do.

Cawnpore do. keeper. Asiatic Journ.-No. 97.



+ Burdwan


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bat. do. do.

Political Deparlment.

Mr. Hervey Morris, Assists to the Ma-
June 6. Mr. Wm. Loch, Agent to the gistrate and to the Collector of Rungpore.
Governor-General at Moorshedabad.

General Department.
Territorial Department.

July 17. Dr. N. Wallich, SuperintendantJune 12. Mr. S. Swinton, Opium Agent General of Government Plantations. in Malwa.

Mr. J. P. Larkins, Senior Member of the Board of Customs, Salt and Opium.

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, 'The Hon. C. R. Lindsay, Second ditto

PROMOTIONS, &c. ditto.

Fort William, May 23, 1823.
Mr H. Sargent, Third ditto ditto.
Mr. R. Saunders, Secretary to ditto ditto.

Corps of Engineers. Lieut. E. Garstin, Mr. W. H. Bellie, Collector of Land

to be Capt., and Ens. W. R. Fitzgerald to Revenue and Customs at Hooghly.

be Lieut., from 10th May 1823, in succesMr. A. Ogilvie, ditto of Nuddea.

sion to Stephen, deceased. Mr. R. H. Boddam, ditto of Backer

Lieut. Arch. Irvine, Corps of Engineers,

to be Garrison Engineer and Executive gunge.

Officer at Allahabad, vice Stephen. Sir J. Stonehouse, Bart., ditto of Bhau

Assist. Surg. T. Luxmore, to perform gulpore. Mr. C. Patterson, Superintendent of

the medical duties of the Residency of Western Salt Chokies.

Lucknow, vice M‘Leod, restored to the Mr. J. Dewar, Collector of Govern

military branch of the service. ment Customs at Patna.

Mr. J. H. D'Oyly, Salt Agent for the Head-Quarters, Calcutta, May 17, 1823. Northern Division of Cuttack.

Lieut. D. Wood, Ist bat. 11th N.I., to Mr. W. A. Pringle, Collector of Ra

act as Adj. to left wing, at Mhow, jeshahy.

May 21, 1823.
Mr. R. D. Mangles, Assistant to the
Secretary to the Board of Revenue in the

Ensigns E. Darvall, W. Little, T. Box, Lower Provinces.

W. Anderson, and J. Villiers Forbes, lately Judicial Department.

admitted, are appointed to do duty with de

tachment of European Regt. at Dinapore. June 12. Mr. Henry Ricketts, Register of the Zillah Court ai Rajeshahy.

May 22, 1823. Mr. J. C. Brown, Second Register at

Cornet J. Christie is directed to do duty the Sudder Station of Juanpore.

with 5th L.C. at Mutta. 19. Mr. T. J. Dashwood, Judge of Ensigns posted. Ens. Chas. B. Kennett the Dewanny Adawlut at Tirhoot.

to H.C. Europ. Regt.; J. Tierney, to Mr. D. C. Smith, Magistrate of the

24th N.I., and 'Ist bat.; T. H, Scott, to district of Hooghly.

3d N.I., and 1st bat.; Arch. Boyle, to Mr. H. Moore, ditto of Tirhoot.

21st N.I. and 1st bat. Mr. G. J. Morris, ditto of Jessore. Removals in Regt. of Artillery. Capt. Mr. D. MacFarlan, ditto of Nuddeah.

Timbrell, from 8th comp. Ist bat. to 8th Mr. T. A. Shaw, ditto of Purneah. comp. 3d bat., vice Fulton, from latter to

Mr. R. P. Nisbet, ditto and Collector former ; 1st Lieut. L. Burroughs, removed of Rungpore.

to 2d comp. 4th bat. ; 2d Lieut. Greene, to Mr. Nath. Smith, ditto and Collector of 7th comp. 3d bat. ; 2d Lieut. Revell, to Ramghur.

1st comp. Ist bat. ; 2d Lieut, Backhouse, 26. Mr. E. P. Smith, Register of to 5th comp. Ist bat. ; 2d Lieut. Madden, the Zillah Court at Ghazeepore.

to 3d comp. 3d bat. ; 2d Lieut. Ludlow, July 3. Mr. T. G. Vibart, Magistrate to 1st comp. 1st bat. : 2d Lieut. Pepper, and Collector of the Jungle Mehauls. to 8th comp. Ist bat. Mr. J. W. Templar, Register of Bhau

May 23, 1823. gulpore, and Joint Magistrate, stationed at Assist. Surg. G. Smith, to join General Monghyr.

Hospital at the Presidency. Assist. Surg: Mr. R. J. Taylor, Register of the City G. Paxton, lately admitted, also attached Court at Patna.

to the General Hospital. Mr. H. Ricketts, ditto of the Zillah Court at Shahabad.

Fort William, May 30, 1829. Mr. R. Creighton, ditto of Dinagepore, 5th Regt. N.I. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. and Joint Magistrate, stationed at Maldah. Alex. Bannerman to be Capt. of a comp.,

Mr. J. G. Deedes, ditto of the Jungle and Ens. J. R. Barrell to be Lieut., from Mehauls.

17th May 1823, in succession to Wood24. Mr. C. F. Thompson, Assistant cock, deceased. to the Magistrate and to the Collector of 20th Regt. N.I. Capt. W. Nott to be Burdwan.

Major, Brev. Capt. and Lieut. W. H. Mr. J. H. Patton, ditto to ditto ditio of Hewitt to be Capt. of a company, and Fooghly.

Ens. W. H. Symes to be Lieut., from 23d


May 1823, in succession to Manley, de Lieut. R. H. Phillips, 25th N.I. ceased.

Lieut. Louis Bruce, 12th ditto.

Lieut. B. Maltby, 9th ditto. Head-Quarters, Calcutta, May 26, 1823.

Lieut. F. Mackenzie, 28th ditto. Lieut. Chalmers to act as Interp. and

Lieut. W. Bacon, 10th ditto. Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 2d regt., during ab

Lieut. R. S. Phillips, 26th ditto. sence of Lieut. Charter, on leave.

Lieut. W. Turner, 27th ditto.

3d Regt. N.I. Ens. E. F. Spencer to be May 27, 1823.

Lieut. from 19 May 1823, in succession Brig. Maj. Smalpage is attached to

to Levade, deceased. troops in Oude, and Capt. John Duncan,

Assist. Surg. John Burnett to perforin of 2d N.I., is directed to officiate until

the Medical duties, and to be a Subordinate his arrival.

Superintendent of Vaccine Inoculation, Corps of Engineers. Ens. J. A. Crom

at the Civil Station of Agra, vice Luxmelin, to be Adj., vice Garstin, dec.

more, appointed to the Medical charge of Sd Regt N.I. Lieut. H. A. Newton to

the Residency of Lucknow. act as Interp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 28th Regt. N.I. Lieut. (Brev. Capt.)

Lieut. Alex. Mackinnon, 21st N. I., has J. Davies to act as Interp. and Quart.

been appointed to the situation of Second

Officer in a Ressalah of the Nagpore AuxiMast. to 1st bat.

liary Horse, from 9 May 1823. May 28, 1823.

Brev. Capt. J. C. Wotherspoon, 21st Brev. Capt. Frith to officiate as Interp. regt. N. I. has been appointed to succeed and Quart. Mast, to lst bat. 24th N.I.,

Capt. Pew, in the service of the Rajah of during the absence of Capt. Mac Mahon,

of Nagpore, from 30 May 1823. on leave.

Lieut. J. Thompson, 15th regt. N. I., is Assist. Surg. T. Drever is posted to

appointed Deputy Paymaster at DinaIst bat. 15th N.I. at Allyghur.

pore, vice Currie, removed, May 29, 1829. Corps of Sappers and Miners. Ens. G.

Head-Quarters, Calcutta, June 5, 1829. Thompson to be Adj., vice Irvine; ap

Capt. A. C. Dunsmure is ordered to be pointed Garrison Engineer and Executive Officer at Allahabad.

struck off the strength of 10th N.I., and

placed under the charge of Fort Major of May 31, 1829.

Fort William. 5th Regt. N.I. Capt. Alex. Bannerman

Assist. Surg. B. W. M‘Leod is posted is posted to 2d., and Lieut. R. Birrell is

to 2d bat. 20th N. I. at Barrackpore, vice posted to 1st bat.

Assist. Surg. Rind. 20th Regt. N.I. Major W. Nott, Capt. W. H. Hewitt, and Lieut W. H. Symes

June 7, 1823. are posted to 1st bat.

Lieut. Roebuck is permitted to resign Removals. Ens. W. Souter, from 5th

the appointment of Adjut. to the Mhairto 23th N.I., and posted to 1st bat. ; Ens.

warrah Local Corps, and directed to join F. Knyvett, from 6th to 5th N.I., and

the 2d bat. 23d N.I., his proper corps. posted to 1st bat.

Fort William, June 6, 1823.
Fort William, May So, 1823.

Lieut.-Col. G. Hickman, of Invalids, to Capt. A. Roberts, Asssist. Superinten- be Regulating Officer of the Invalid Jagdant, to officiate, until further orders, as

hirdar establisliment at Chittagong, vice Superintendent of Public Buildings in the Maxwell, deceased. Western Provinces, vice Lieut. Col. Pen Brev. Capt. J. Hoggan, 27th N. I., to son, resigned.

be Adjutant of Native Invalids and PayCapt. W. Dunlop, Barrack-inaster of master of Native Pensioners at Meerut Meerut division, to officiate as Assist.

and Hauper. Superintendent of Public Buildings in the

Lieut. T. R. Fell, 20th N.I., is apWestern Provinces ; and Capt. R. M.Mul pointed to the situation of Secretary and lin, Assist. to the Barrack-master of the Persian Interpreter to the officers comBenares division, to officiate as Barrack- manding the Nagpore Subsidiary Force, master of the Meerut division, during from 1st May, in the room of Capt. J. O. Capt. Roberts' employment in the Princi. Beckett, who has resigned the service. pal Ofice.

June 13, 1829.
June 6, 1823.

Brev. Capt, and Lieut. Anth. Lomas to Brevet Rank. The undermentioned offi, be Capt. of a company from 28 May 1823, cers, subalterns of fifteen years' standing in succession to D'Acre, deceased. -Enare promoted to the rank of Captain by sign H. H. Arnaud to be Lieut., ditto Brevet :

ditto, Lieut. J. G. Drummond, 3d N.I,

Capt. Hugh Davidson, 15th N. I., is Lieut. T. Williams, 29th ditto,

appointed to command the Fort Marlbro' Lieut. D. Thomas, 7th ditto.

Local Corps, vice Manley, deceased,


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