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Head-Quarters, Calcutta, June 9, 1823. Head- Quarters, Calcutta, June 10, 1828.

Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) Dewaal to act as Lieut. J. Murray is removed from 2d to Adjut. to 2d bat. 30th regt. during absence 1st bat. of 3d N.I., and Lieut. E. F. of Adjut. (Brev. Capt.) Campbell. Spencer is posted to former bat.

Lieut. W. H. Sleeman is removed from June 10, 1823.

1st to 2d bat. 12th N. I. Lieut. Bracken to officiate as Interp.

Capt. A. Lomas and Lieut. H. H. Ar. and Quart. Mast. to 1st bat. 19th N. Í.

naud, 12th N.I., are posted to 1st bat. of during absence of Lieut. Hawkins.

regt. Surg. Child is posted to division

June 17, 1823. of Artillery at Agra,

Lieut. Chas. Penrose is appointed InJune 12, 1823.

terp. and Quart. Mast. to 2d bat. 27th N.I., Gough's Horse. Lieut. C. Hamilton, 2d

in the room of Lieut. and Brev. Capt. bat, 2d N.I., to be Adjutant.

Hoggan. 21st Regt. N.I. Brev. Capt. H. Sib

June 18, 1829. bald to be Adjutant to 1st bat. vice

Removals in Artillery Regt. Lieut. R. Wotherspoon, appointed to the Nagpore Jackson from 3d comp. 2d bat. to 3d comp. service. - Lieut. H. C. M.Kenly to be

3d bat., vice Lieut. R. C. Dickson, from Interp. and Quart, Mast. to 1st bat. vice

latter to former, M‘Kinnon, appointed to the Nagpore ser

Assist. Surg. Jeffreys is appointed to the vice.

medical charge of Artillery Drafts pro Corps of Pioneers. Lieut. W. H. Earle, ceeding to the Upper Provinces. 1st bat. 19th regt. N. 1., to be Adjutant.

June 19, 1823.
June 14, 1823.

Assist. Surgeons J. F. Steuart and A.M. Capt. Wymer, 2d bat. 3d N.I., to act

Clark, lately admitted, are appointed to do as Fort Adjutant at Agra, in consequence duty at the Presidency General Hospital. of the demise of Capt. D’Acre.

June 21, 1829.

Lieut. J. W. Hall is removed from 2d to Fort William, June 17, 1823.

1st bat, 10th N.I. Mr. C. W. Humphreys is admitted as Capt. W. Bertram is posted to 1st, and a Cadet of Artillery, and promoted to the Lieut. Claud Douglas to 2d bat, 10th N.I. rank of 2d Lieut.

Assist. Surg. J. Halkerston, lately adMessrs. J. F. Steuart, M.D., and Alex,

mitted, is appointed to do duty at PresiM. Clark, are admitted as Assist. Surgeons, dency General Hospital. June 20, 1829.

June 27, 1823. 10th Regt. N.I. Brev. Capt. Lieut. W. Bertram to be Capt. of a company, and

Barrack Department. Lieut. B. Bux.

ton, Corps of Engineers, and Barrack. Ensign Claud Douglas to be Lieui. from

mast. of 4th or Ghazeepore Division, to 6th June 1893, in succession to Duns

be Assistant Superintendent of Publie mure, cashiered. Quar!. Mast. Gen.'s Department. Lieut. charge of the Civil Buildings at the Pre

Buildings in the Lower Provinces, and in J. P. Neufville, Deputy Assist. Quart. sidency, vice Lieut. C. Paton, resigned the Master General of 2d class, to be Deputy H. c.'s Military Service.—Lieut. H. Assist. Quart. Mast. Gen. of 1st class, vice

Carter, Barrack-mast, of 8th or Rohila Hall, resigned.-- Brev. Capt. and Lieut.

cund Division, is transferred to the 4th or F. H. Sandys, Dep. Assist. Quart. Mast.

Ghazeepore Division, vice Buxton.- Lieut. Gen. of 3d class, to be Dep. Assist. Quart.

J. F. Paton, Corps of Engineers, to be a Masi. Gen. of 2d class, vice Neufville,

District Barrack-ma-ter, vice Buxton, and promoted. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. W. Turner, 27th posted to the 8th or Rohilound Division,

vice Carter. N.I., to be Fort Adjut. of Agra, vice

Assist. Surg. Jas. Ranken, M. D., to be D'Acre, deceased. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. D. D. Anderson,

Surgeon to the Residency in Malwa and

Rajpootanah. 14th N.I., to be Fort Adj. of Delhi, vice

Surg. Castell, late officiating Surgeon 10 Turner.

the Residency, is placed at the disposal of Assist. Surg. John Halkerston, M.D.,

the Commander-in-Chief. is admitted on the establishment.

Lieut: C, Paton, 2sd N. I., is permitted to resign the Military Service of the Hon. Head-Quarters, Calcutta, June 23, 1829. Company.

Lieut. Marshall to act as Adj. to lst bat. Lieut. T. M. Taylor, 5th. L.C., to be 17th N.I, during absence on leave of Assistant to the Superintendant of Canals Lieut, and Adj. Croft. in Bengal.

Lieut. Kennedy to act as Adj. to ChamAssist. Surg. J. Morton, attached to the parun Light Inf. from 14th inst., on reCivil Station of Rungpore, is permitted to moval of Lieut. and Adj. Thompson to be return to the military branch of the service. Dep. Paymaster at Dinapore.

June 25, 1823.

Cattle, during the absence of Lieut. Col. Lieut. J. T. Kennedy, 5th N.I., to be

R. Stevenson.
Adj. to the Champarun Light Inf., vice

Head-Quartets, June 30, 1823..
Lieut. Lawrenson to act as Adj. to 3d

Ens. F. Sysonby, W. Riddle, and C. bat. of Artillery until the arrival of Lieut Boulton, lately

admitted, are appointed to and Adj. Wood, in the room of Lieut. do duty with Lieut. Col. Boyd's detachand Adj. D'Oyly, under orders to proceed ment of Europ. Regt. at Dinapore. with drafts to the Upper Provinces.

Assist. Surg. W. Mitchelson is directed

to place himself under the orders of the June 26, 1823. 2d Lieut. C. W. Humphreys, regt. of Superintending Surgeon at Cawnpore.

Ens. A. Barclay is directed to join and Artillery, is posted to 7th comp. 2d bat. Assist. Surg. A. M. Clark, at present

do duty with 2d bat, 20th N.I. at Bar.

rackpore. attached to Presidency General Hospital,

Ens. T. H. Scott is removed from 3d to to do duty with Artillery at Dum-Dum.

19th regt. N.I., and posted to Ist bat. June 27, 1829.

Lieut. E. N. Townsend is removed Lieut. and Brev. Capt. Hayes to officiate

from Ist to 2d bat. 15th N.I. as Interp. and Quart, Mast. to 2d bat.

Capt. D. H. Heptinstall is posted to 2d, 27th N.I.

and Lieut. J. Frederick to Ist bat. 15th

Fort William, June 27, 1823.

Lieut. R. A. M‘Naghtan is removed 15th Regt. N.I. Capt. Arth. Shuldham from 1st to 2d bat. 19th N.I., and Lieut. and Lieut. E. N. Townsend to rank from W. MacIntosh to be posted to former bat. 29th March 1822, in succession to Stirling, Lieut. (Brev. Capt.) T. Wardlaw is reretired. - Brer. Capt. and Lieut. D. H. moved from 2d to 1st bat. 230 N.I., and Heptinstall to be Capt. of a company, and Lieut. W. Ellis is posted to former bat. Ensign J. Frederick to be Lieut., from 13 Jan. 1823, in succession to Cooper, Fort William, July 18, 1823. promoted.

Assist. Surg. John Forsayth to perform 19th Regt. N.I. Ensign Wm. Mackin the medical duties of the Political Agency tosh to be Lieut. from 17 May 1823, in at Mundlaisir, and to have medical charge succession to Dow, admitted to Lord Clive's of the local bat. commanded by Capt. Fund.

Delamain, stationed at that post. 29d Regt. N.I. Ens. Wm. Ellis to be Mr. Wm. Saurin is admitted as a Cadet Lieut, from 15 June 1823, in succession of Infantry. to Paton, resigned the service.

Mr. Jas. Adair Lawrie, M.D., is ad. Messrs. And, Barclay, Fred. Sysonby, mitted as an Assist. Surg. Wm. Riddall, Hamilton Vetch, and Chas. The Gov. Gen.-in-Council was pleased, Boulton, are admitted as Cadets of In in the General Department, under date the fantry, and promoted to the rank of Ensign. Sd inst., to appoint Brevet Capt. Jas.

Menson, 8th regt. N. I., Assistant to the Head-Quarters, Calcutta June 26, 1823. Superintendent of the Geological Survey Ens. Vetch, lately admitted, is appointed in the Himalaya Mountains until further

orders. wo do duty with 2d bat. 27th regt. N.I.

The undermentioned Cadets of Infantry

are promoted to the rank of Ensign, leaving Fort William, July 11, 1823. the dates of their commissions for future The undermentioned Cadets of Infan- adjustment:--Mr. Geo. Halhed, Rich. try and Assist. Surgeons are admitted to Woodward, Chas. Baseley, Wm. Lisle the service on this Establishment.

Hall, Geo. Salter, John Grore Sharpe, Infantry. Messrs. G. Halhed, R. Alex. Barclay, Chas. Jorden, John Smyes Woodward, C. Baseley, W. L. Hall, G. Gifford, Alex. Tweedale, John MaisierSalter, J. G. Sharpe, Alex. Barclay, C. son Farnworth, Geo. Urquhart, Ewen Jorden, J. S. Gifford, Alex. Tweedale, Cameron Macpherson, Chas. Graham, J. M. Farnworth, G. Urquhart, E. C. Geo. Bruce Mitchell. Macpherson, C. Graham, and G. B. Lieut. Chapman is appointed to act as Mitchell.

Adj. to the Dinagepore Local bat. during Medical Depari. Messrs. J. P. Rey the absence of Lieut, and Adj. Fleming. nolds, W. Bell, H. Maysmor, and D. Thompson.

Fort William, July 25, 1923. Assist. Surg. J. P. Reynolds to perform Mr. Wm. Saurin, Cadet of Inf., is prothe Medical Duties of the Civil Station of moted to the rank of Ensign. Dinagepore vice Assist. Surg. Cavell, re.' Lieut. Wm. J. Farley, 23d. regt. N.I., moved to Dacca Jellalpore.

having been declared incapable of perHenry Wood, Esq. is appointed to offi- forming the active duties of his profession, ciate as President of the Board of Super- is transferred to the Invalid Establishintendence for Improving the Preed of ment froin the 10th. inst.

Lieut. Chas. Seymour Marriott, 7th brought on the Establishment of the 23d regt. N.I., is transferred to the Pension regt. N.I. List from the 10th. inst.

7th Regt. N.I. Ensign Wm. Milner Ne

ville Sturt to be Lieut., from 10th July Head-Quarters, July 10, 1823. 1823, in succession to Marriott, transferred Lieuts. (Brev. Captains) Berguer and to the Pension List. Woolley, ist bat. 30th N. I., are permitted 23d Regt. N.I. Ensign John Jones to to exchange appointments · the former is be Lieut. from 10th July 1823, in sucaccordingly appointed Interpreter and cession to Farley, transferred to the InQuarter-master (subject to the provisions valid Establishment. of the G. O. of the 17th Feb. last), and the latter is appointed Adjutant to the bat. Head Quarters, July 19, 1823. July 11, 1823.

Lieut. J. Leeson is removed from the It having been found necessary to em

1st to the 2d bat. 21st regt. N.I. ploy Sub-Conductor Corbett with the Nag

July 23, 1823. pore Magazine ever since his promotion Ensign Twemlow is appointed to act as to that rank on the 25th Aug. last, he is Adjutant to the 1st bat. 24th regt. during to be considered as posted to that Magazine the absence of Brevet Captain and Adjufrom the above date.

tant Delap, or until further orders. Lieut. Fuller, 16th regt. N.I., is appointed to the Rungpore L.I., and di

Fort William, July 31, 1823. rected to join that bat. at Jemal poor. Assist. Surg. R. N. Burnard, attached to July 12, 1823.

Civil Station of Rajeshahye, is permitted Ensign J. H. Clarkson, 1st bat. 6th to return to the military branch of the regt., is appointed to do duty with the įst service, bat. 10th regt. at Barrackpore until 1st Assist. Surg. Morton, attached to Civil Oct., when he will proceed to join the Station of Rungpore, to return to the bat. to which he belongs.

Military branch of the service.
July 14, 1823.

Aug. 8, 1823.
Col. Adams's Division Order, dated

Mr. C. G. Ross is admitted as a Cadet of Nagpore, June 22, 1823, appointing Lieut. Inf., and promoted to the rank of Ensign. Wardlow, Field Engineer to the Nagpore Subsidiary Force, to the charge of the

FURLOUGHS. detachment of two companies of the Sap

To Europe. per Corps at that station, is confirmed.

Lieut. J. W. H. Turner, soth N.I., on July 16, 1823.

account of his health. Ensign Jenkins is appointed to act as Assist. Surg. W. W. Hewett, M.D., Ist Interpreter and Quarter-master to the 1st Garrison Assist. Surg., Fort William, ditto. bat. 21st regt. N.I., as a temporary ar Capt. John M. Dowell, Coinmissary of rangement.

Ordnance, for the recovery of his health. The Commander-in-Chief is pleased to Brevet Capt. and Lieut. Robert Boyes, re-appoint Lieut. Roebuck, 2d bat. 23d 5th regt. N.I., for the recovery of his N.I., to the Adjutancy of the Mħajrwar health. rah Local bat. from the 7th ult.

Capt. Chas. Ryan, 12th regt. N.I., on

his private affairs. Fort William, July 31, 1823.

Capt. P. Waugh, Ist, regt. Lt. Cav., Lieut. Gen. Peregrine Powell is trans for his health, from Bombay by the earliest ferred to the Senior List from the 5th opportunity, instead of making a voyage March 1829, vice Deare, deceased. to the Cape of Good Hope, as originally

Infantry. Lieut. Col. Jas. Dewar to be intended. Lieut. Col. Commandant of a regt., from

2d-Lieut. T. P. Ackers, of the regt. of 5th March 1823, in succession to Powell. Artillery, for the recovery of his health. - Major Alfred Richards to be Lieut. Col. Lieut. G. II. Cox, 13th regt. N. I., for from the 13th Feb. 1823, in succession to the recovery of his health. Agnew, deceased.-Major Stephen Nation

Lieut. Albert Fenton, 12th regt. N.I., to be Lieut. Col. from the 5th March for the recovery of his health. 1823, in succession to Dewar, promoted.

To China. 8th Regl. N.I. Capt. E. H. Simpson July 18. Capt. W. G. Walcott, Comto be Major, Brevet Capt. and Lieut. Jolin missary of Ordnance, for twelve months, Lucas Earle to be Captain of a company,

for his health. and Ensign Andrew Thomas Alex. Wil.

To Prince of Wales' Island. son to be Lieutenant, froin 5th March June 27. 2d-Lieut. John Edwards, of 1823, in succession to Nation, promoted. the Art., for six months, for his health. 230 Regt. N.I. Capt. Jas. Ferguson to

To Bombay. be Major, from Feb. 13, 1823, in succes June 13. Brev.Capt. Jo!ın Taylor, Sube zion to Richards, promoted.

Assist. Commissary General, for eight NB. The Supernumerary Captain is months, on his private affairs.

To Cape of Good Hope.

12th Foot. Lieut. John Kemple, 22 Jan. June 13. Lieut. W. P. Grant, 17th 1823. N.I., for twelve months, for his health.

June 13, 1823. July 4. Capt. C. E. O. Jenkins, of Ar

Until his Majesty's pleasure shall be tillery, attached to the Rajah of Nagpore's known : service, for twelve months, for his health.

20:h Foot. Rich. T. Furlong, Gent., to Cancelled.

be Ens. without purchase, vice Darrock, June 6. Capt. Methven, 20th regt., to promoted, 10 June 1823. Europe.

44th Foot. Brevet Major J. C. L. Car27. Cond. G. Orton, of Ordnance, to

ter to be Major, vice Guthrie, dec., 5 Europe.

June 1823 ; Brev. Capt. F. Hemming to

be Captain vice Carter, promoted, 5 June PROMOTIONS, &c. IN HIS MA 1823. – To be Lieutenants without purJESTY'S FORCES.

chase : Ens. H. D. Carr, vice Hemming, Head Quarters, Calcutta, May 27, 1823.

promoted, 5 June 1823; Ens. H. T. Until his Majesty's pleasure shall be

Shaw, vice Sargent, dec., 6 June 1823. known :

June 16, 1823. 87th Foot. Major H. R. Browne, to be

16th Ll. Drags. Lieut. John Vincent, Lieut.Col., without purchase, vice Mil from 59th regt., to be Lieut. vice Macler, dec., 18 May 1823;—Bt. Major and dougall, who exchanges, receiving the Captain H. C. Streatfield, to be Major difference, 12 May 1823. without purchase, vice Browne, promoted,

59th Foot. Lieut. Alex. Macdougall, ditto ;-Lieut. J. Day, to be Captain of a from 16th Light Dragoons, to be Lieut. Company, without purchase, vice Streat vice Vincent, who exchanges, paying the field, ditto.

difference, ditto. 14th Foot. Lieut. John Liston, from the 44th Foot. Rich. Loveday, gent., to be 38th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Ware, who Ensign without purchase vice Shaw, exchanges, 29 May 1829.

promoted, 6 June 1829. 38th Foot. Lieut. Robt. Ware, from the 87th Foot. Ens. Jas. Cates to be Lieut., 141h Foot, to be Lieut. vice Liston, who date to be adjusted hereafter ; Eugenius exchanges, ditto.

de L'Etang, gent., to be Ens. vice Cates, May 31, 1823.

promoted, 18 May 1823. Brevet Rank. Lieut. St. L. Webb, 69th

June 17, 1829. Foot, to be Captain, from 8 April 1823. 41st Regt. Ens. F. Browne to be Lieut.,

Until his Majesty's pleasure shall be vice G. Johnson, dec., 1 June 1823. known :

June 25, 1823. 44th Foot. Lieut. Dan, Caulfield to be His Exc. the Commander-in-Chief in Captain of a company, without purchase, India having been pleased to accept of the vice O'Reilly, dec., 26 May 1823.-En- resignation of Cornet Partridge, of the sign B. Browne to be Lieut., without Ilth Light Dragoons, he is to be struck purchase, vice Caulfield, promoted, ditto. off the strength of that regiment from this June 2, 1823.

date. 69th Foot. Lieut. John Smith to be

June 26, 1823. Capt. of a company without purchase, Until his Majesty's pleasure shall be vice Lane, dec., 11 May 1823. – Ensign known : Hen. Moore to be Lieut. without pur 13th Lt. Infy. Capt. J. Debnam, from chase, vice Sinith promoted, 11th May 65th regt., to be Capt., vice Brevet Major 1823.- Abraham Collis Anderson, Gent., Ellard, who exchanges. to be Ens. without purchase, vice Moore, promoted, ditto.

July 11, 1823.

47th Regt. Ens. A. J. Millar to be June 5, 1823.

Lieut., vice Keays, dec. ; Ens. and Adj. 20th Foot. Ens. Duncan Darrock to

M'Carthy to have the rank of Lieutenant. Lieut. without purchase vice Robinson, dec., 25 Jan. 1823.

July 16, 1823.

Lieut. Naylor, 89th regt., is appointed June 12, 1823. Brevet Rank. The undermentioned Su.

Aide-de-Camp to Major-Gen Sewell. balterns of fifteen years’ standing and up

July 18, 1823. wards, are promoted to the rank of Cap

His Exc. the Commander-in-Chief is tain by Brevet

, in the East-Indies only, pleased to appoint Capt. Kitson, 44th regt., from the date specified against their re

Brigade-Major to the King's troops serving spective names, viz.

on the Madras Estab. 13th Foot. Lieut.' Michael Fenton, 21

July 28, 1823. May 1822; Lieut. Thosmas Triphook, 14 69th Regt. Lieút. Edw. Kenny to be April 1823; Lieut. Knox Barrett, 10 Adj. vice C. S. Naylor, who resigns the March 1823; Liout. Robert Pattison, 31 Adjutancy only. Lieut Vaughan will March 1823.

act as Adjutant to the 67th regt, during


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the absence of Lieut. and Adj. M.Pher- anxiety and exposure connected with their son, or until further orders.

situation. The loss of Mr. W. M. Sheridan

is estimated at £2,000, this gentleman FURLOUGHS.

having laid in a full stock of every thing it

was probable he might require for years to To Europe. May 31. Lieut. R. Williams, 44th regt.,

“ The second officer, who unfortunately for two years, for his health ; Lieut.

lost his life when the ship went down, had J. M. Wood, ditto for two years on

left a wife and six children in England. private affairs; Capt. W. A. Steele, 89th

This is a case of distress which appeals regt., ditto ditto. July 16. Lieut. Lang, 15th Drags., for loudly to the benevolence of the Indian

community, to whom the cause of the two years, on private affairs; Lieut. Rae,

widow and the orphan cannot plead in 20th Foot, for two years, ditto. July 28. Lieut. and Adj. M.Pherson, abundance, spare a small pittance to solace

vain; and who I trust will, from their 67th regt., for two years, on medical

the misery of a wretched family, whose certificate ; Lieut. C. M‘Pherson, 67th

hope has perished on our unhappy shores, regt., ditto, ditto; Lieut. Mulkurn, uth

I request you will suggest this in your Drags., for two years, on private affairs ;

paper, and open a book for subscriptions at Capt. Lowrie, 69th regt., for two years, your office; as the deceased, to whom I ditto.

am an entire stranger, inay have no friends To Ceylon.

in the country to set it a-foot.”–{Cal. Jour. Lieut. Button, 46th regt., on private

June 23.- We learn that all hopes of affairs.

recovering any thing from the wreck of

the Swallow are at an end. The captain, SHIPPING.

carpenter, and few of the hands of that

unfortunate ship, passed Fultah for CalJune 17, 1823.-The Swallow, Ross, cutta on Saturday; the rest of the ship's from London, 31st January, unfortunately company are at Mr. Higginson's house at grounded coining up the river on Mloogra

Fultah Farm. The poor fellows, we unPutty Point (James and Mary's) on the derstand, have scarcely sufficient clothes to 16th, and the pilot finding that she was

cover themselves with, baving lost not only sinking fast, run her ashore on the western these, but every other article of property side of the river. He reports that she is they possessed. . Surely this is a case well entirely under water; it is probable, worthy public sympathy and relief. Even however, that a portion of her cargo will

a few articles of old clothing will be useful be saved, as application for assistance is to these poor fellows. We shall make made, which is no doubt ere this dispatch- further enquiries respecting them in course ed to her.-Cal. Jour.

of the week, with a view of pointing out We add the following particulars from

where relief may reach them.- Ind. Gaz. an Hurkaru extra :

“ The ship Swallow, Captain Ross, was lost at four P. M. this day, in crossing the “ We are sorry to report the loss of the James and Mary's: the second mate, Danish ship Nymphn. The passengers and boatswain and one seaman lost, and in all crew were saved by the pilot schooner probability more lives. The lady pas. Hattrass, Mr. Branch Pilot Kymer. The sengers (three)-children (six)--and seve Nymphn hailed the Hattrass on the ral gentlemen are now iy my house, in the morning of the 20th June, while at anchor, greatest possible distress, having lost every and stated that the ship was sinking. Mr. thing but what they stand in. The ship Kymer instantly cut his cable, and went struck and sunk instantly."-Fullah Farm, on board_found the ship in great distress. June 16, 1829.

Assisted by Mr. Volunteer Waghorn, he June 20.- A letter from Fultah, dated used every endeavour to gain on the leak, Wednesday, communicates the following but without effect. At five 30, P.m. the particulars regarding the wreck of this un whole of the crew, &c. were so fatigued, fortunate vessel. « This morning's re and the water gaining on their exertions, port gives some hope of the recovery of he was obliged to abandon her. part of her cargo.

The chief otficer and Kymer wished to run her on shore to the ship’s company have never left the spot westward, but a north-wester coming on from the time the ship sunk till the pre- prevented his endeavours.

When he left sent moment, and Captain Ross speaks in her she bad nine feet water in the hold. the highest terms of their indefatigable ex She was salt laden. ertions. They have rigged out a tent with Passengers and crew all saved, and most one of the sails and yards to shelter them of their clothes : among the former are from the weather, and it is earnestly hoped several ladies and young children. The that the health of the captain and ship's Hattrass will bring them up to Fultała"company may not suffer seriously from the (Cal. John Bull, June 23.



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