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Bill's Courtship..

. Frank L. Stanton 836

Committee from Kelly's, A.......

J. V. Z. Belden 929

Co-operative Housekeepers, The.

. Elliott Flower 927

Drayman, The..

... Daniel O'Connell 834

Dutiful Mariner, The.

Wallace Irwin 973

Especially Men...

George Randolph Chester 937


.Bert Leston Taylor 969

Funny Little Fellow, The.... . James Whitcomb Riley 822

Going Up and Coming Down.

....Mary F. Tucker 806

Have You Seen the Lady ?

.John Philip Sousa 821

Her “ Angel " Father..

... Elliott Flower 936

Itinerant Tinker, The.

Charles Raymond Macauley 861

Lectures on Astronomy.

John Phænix 847

Letter from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son, A

George Horace Lorimer 961

Marriage of Sir John Smith, The..... Phoebe Cary 803

Melinda's Humorous Story..

. May McHenry 975

Miss Legion...

Bert Leston Taylor 820

Mr. Dooley on Expert Testimony.. Finley Peter Dunne 844

Mr. Hare Tries to Get a Wife.... .Anne Virginia Culbertson 921

Musical Review Extraordinary..

. John Phoenix 824

My Ruthers....

James Whitcomb Riley 971

Night in a Rocking-Chair, A.

... Kate Field 905

Old Grimes..

.. Albert Gorton Greene 818

Piano in Arkansas, A.

.Thomas Bangs Thorpe 895

Quit Yo' Worrin'...

. Anne Virginia Culbertson 934

Rollo Learning to Play..

Robert J. Burdette 912
Runaway Boy, The

James Whitcomb Riley 832
Set of China, The..

... Eliza Leslie 808
Simon Starts in the World...

.J. J. Hooper 881
Spring Beauties, The..

Helen Avery Cone 805
Strike of One, The.

. Elliott Flower 870
Suppressed Chapters.

... Carolyn Wells 817
Whar Dem Sinful Apples Grow... Anne Virginia Culbertson 903
Woman Who Married an Owl, The.. Anne Virginia Culbertson 838

WOR 19 FEB'36


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