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be partly practical, if necessary. A paper is set in Elementary Algebra and Geometry, which ceteris paribus is of weight in the election to Demyships, but no candidate is disqualified by failure in this paper. Candidates are also required to satisfy the electors of their ability to pass the ordinary Classical Examinations required by the University.

There are also several Exhibitions restricted to or tenable by Demies.

(2) In addition to these older foundations the annual sum of £500 is to be applied to the granting of Exhibitions of such amount and for such periods and to such persons, being in need of support at the University and otherwise deserving, whether members of the College or not, as the electors shall think fit. The limit of age for these Exhibitions is 21 years.

(3) Vacancies occur from time to time for an Academical Clerk, whose duties are to take part in the daily Choral Services in the Chapel, which extend over about nine months in the year, and such choir practices as may be appointed. Candidates are required to pass, 1. the ordinary matriculation examination of the College; 2. an examination in Music, in which their voice and power of reading at sight are tested by their being required to sing a sacred solo of their own selection, and also some passage selected by the organist. The inclusive annual emolument is about £95. The candidate elected is required to pass at the proper time the several Examinations required by the University for the degree of B.A.

At Brasenose there are—

(1) Open Scholarships, of which two or three are usually awarded every year. They are of the annual value of £80.

(2) Twenty-two Scholarships (Someiset Scholarships), which are confined in the first instance to Hereford, Manchester, and Marlborough Schools, but which in default of properly-qualified candidates from those Schools are thrown open to general competition, two Scholarships being in such cases occasionally held by the same person.

(3) One Scholarship (John Watson Scholarship) open to all persons under the age of twenty, tenable for five years, and of the annual value of £100. The examination is in Classical subjects.

(4) Twenty Hulme Exhibitions, viz. (1) Twelve Junior Exhibitions of the annual value of £80, tenable for four years, open to candidates of not more than twenty years of age: (2) Eight Senior Exhibitions of the annual value of £130, tenable for four years, open to members of the College who have resided not less than six nor more than twelve Terms, and who have obtained Honours in Moderations. These Exhibitions are open only to candidates whose pecuniary circumstances render them suitable objects of assistance from Mr. Hulme's endowment.

(5) Three Exhibitions (Colquitt Clerical Exhibitions), which are intended to assist in the education for Holy Orders the sons of poor or deceased clergymen, or of such laymen as cannot unaided support the expenses of a College education. They are tenable until the expiration of four years from matriculation, and are of the annual value of £40. Candidates must be Undergraduate members of the College who have resided at least one Term.'

At Corpus there are—

(1) From twenty-five to thirty Scholarships, of the annual value of £80. Four are usually awarded every year for Classics, one for Mathematics, and one for Natural Science. The time of the examinations is duly advertised.

(2) Some Exhibitions have also been instituted by the President and Fellows, tenable only by Commoners of the College, and awarded at the College examinations. <

At Christ Church there are—

(1) Five Open Scholarships each year: the subject of examination for one at least is Mathematics, and for another Natural Science. The annual value is £80.

(2) Three Scholarships each year, confined to boys who have been for three years at Westminster School. The annual value is £80. At the close of the first period of tenure these Scholarships may be continued for a further term of three years.

(3) Two Scholarships each year, confined to Undergraduate members of the House who have resided at least three Terms. These are tenable till the end of the sixteenth Term from matriculation, and may be continued on special grounds for one year longer. The annual value is £80.

(4) Six Scholarships, and not more at any one time, may be awarded to selected candidates for the India Civil Service; they are tenable during residence, and their annual value may not exceed £50.

(5) Ten College Exhibitions, worth about £85 a year (i.e. £45 in money, together with dinner in Hall and Tuition free of charge). Their tenure is the same as that of Open Scholarships, but there is no limit of age. Candidates must satisfy the Dean that they cannot come to the University without help.

(6) Four Fell Exhibitions, tenable for four years of continuous residence, and worth £40 a year. Candidates must be Commoners of the House, who will on the day of election have resided at least three Terms.

(7) One Slade Exhibition, worth £30 for one year, open to any not yet matriculated.

(8) Three Holford Exhibitions, worth not less than £60 a year and tenable for five years. Candidates must have been educated at Charterhouse School for the two years previous either to the day of election or to their matriculation: but they must not have completed the fourth Term from matriculation. In default of a properly qualified candidate an Exhibition may be thrown open for that turn.

(9) Eighteen Careswell Exhibitions, awarded at an examination held each year at either Shrewsbury School or one of five other Schools in Salop, and tenable under certain conditions for ten years.

At Trinity there are—

(1) Twelve Scholarships on the old foundation, open to all candidates above the age of sixteen and under the age of nineteen on the day of election; and four Millard and Combe Scholarships. Their annual value is £80. The examination is usually held in Michaelmas Term: its subjects are the usual branches of Latin and Greek scholarship: but for one Scholarship weight is generally attached to distinction in Mathematics. The Millard Scholarships are awarded for proficiency in Mathematics or in Natural Science.

(2) One Scholarship (Henniker Scholarship), of the annual value of £2 5, and tenable in case of re-election for five years. The subjects of examination are Divinity, Mathematics, and Classics.

(3) One Tylney Exhibition, of the annual value of £20.

(4) Several small Exhibitions, open without limit of age.

(5) Four small Exhibitions, tenable for one year, open to Commoners of the College without limitation of age. These are usually filled up in October.

(6) One Ford Studentship of £50 a year, tenable for three years by a student from King's School, Canterbury: two Ford Studentships of £25 a year, tenable for three years, one by a student from the Grammar School, Ipswich, and the other by a student from the Grammar School, Brentwood.

At St. John's there are—

(1) Twenty-two Scholarships, of which fifteen are appropriated to Merchant Taylors' School, two to Coventry School, two to Bristol School, two to Reading School, and one to Tunbridge School. Candidates must be under the age of nineteen, and must produce certificates of having been educated for the two years preceding the day of election at one or other of the above-mentioned Schools. All of these Scholarships are of the annual value of £100. At the close of the first period of tenure the Merchant Taylors' and Bristol Scholarships may be continued till the end of the fifth year from the day of election; the Tunbridge Scholarship only till the end of the fourth year from the same date. In default of properly qualified candidates from the favoured Schools, all the above Scholarships may be thrown open to general competition.

(2) Eight Open Scholarships, of the annual value of £80.

(3) Four Scholarships (Casberd Scholarships), confined to members of the College who have been one year at least in residence, and who are on no foundation. They are tenable till the twenty-first Term after Matriculation, and are of the annual value of £80.

(4) Four Senior Scholarships, open to members of the University educated at Merchant Taylors' School under twentyeight Terms' standing. They are of the annual value of £150, are tenable for four years, and in default of properly qualified candidates may be thrown open.

There are also certain Exhibitions connected with the College, of which some are subject to the conditions of the Casberd Scholarships, and others are open.

At Jesus there are—

Twenty-four Foundation Scholarships, of which twelve are entirely open: there are also four Meyricke Scholarships, and one King Charles the First's Scholarship, and about sixteen Meyricke Exhibitions and two King Charles the First's Exhibitions.

The King Charles the First's Scholarship and Exhibitions are restricted to candidates born in Jersey or Guernsey or one of the islands adjacent to them, or educated for two out of the three years last preceding the election either at Victoria College, Jersey, or Elizabeth College, Guernsey.

The twelve close Foundation Scholarships and the Meyricke Scholarships and Exhibitions are restricted, in the first instance, to candidates who are either (i) natives of Wales or Monmouthshire, (2) sons of parents who have been resident in Wales or Monmouthshire for a period of not less than seven years immediately preceding the day of election, (3) persons who have a knowledge of and are able to speak the Welsh language, or (4) persons who have been educated for the three years preceding the election (or preceding their matriculation if members of the University) at a school or schools in Wales or Monmouthshire.

The value of a Scholarship is £80 a year; of an Exhibition not more than £50 a year.

There are no restrictions of age or University standing in the case of candidates for the Meyricke Scholarships and Exhibitions.

At Wadham there are—

(1) Eighteen Scholarships, including five on the foundation of Dr. Hody. Their annual value, inclusive of rooms, is £80. One Scholarship in each year is usually given mainly for Mathematics or Natural Science. In the election to three of Dr. Hody's Scholarships special regard is to be had to proficiency in Greek, and the other two are awarded after an examination in Hebrew. The limit of age in the case of candidates for the Hebrew Scholarships is twenty years on the day of election.

The election of Scholars takes place on December 6.

(2) There is a general Exhibition Fund in the College, from which assistance may be given to such Undergraduate members of the College as shall show by their conduct and industry that they deserve, and by their economical mode of life that they need assistance.

Exhibitions are also given to candidates who do well in the examinations for Scholarships, of such value and duration and

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