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Memorial Services

Held in the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

States, together with tributes presented in eulogy of

Winston L. Prouty

Late a Senator from Vermont

Ninety-second Congress

First Session



Compiled under the direction

of the Joint Committee on Printing

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Biography ---------

Funeral service-------


Proceedings in the Senate---------

Announcement of death by the Honorable George D. Aiken,

of Vermont ------

Committee appointed to attend funeral -------

Prayer by Rev. Edward L. R. Elson, Chaplain of the Senate_-----

Resolution of respect_-----

Tributes by Senators:

Aiken, George D., of Vermont--------- ----------- 2, 10, 69

Excerpt from Paul Harvey News, September 11, 1971-- 20

Joint Resolution by General Assembly of Vermont ex-

pressing sympathy on the death of U.S. Senator

Winston L. Prouty------

Newspaper editorials from-

Burlington Free Press, September 11, 1971------

Benning Banner, September 13, 1971---------

Burlington Free Press, September 13, 1971-------

Times-Argus, September 13, 1971------

The Reformer, September 13, 1971--------

Newport Daily Express, September 14, 1971-------

Rutland Daily Herald--------

Remarks by Gov. Deane C. Davis of Vermont in eulogy

of Senator Winston L. Prouty-------------

Allen, James B., of Alabama----
Allott, Gordon, of Colorado-------
Baker, Howard H., Jr., of Tennessee----
Bayh, Birch, of Indiana-
Beall, J. Glenn, Jr., of Maryland --
Bellmon, Henry L., of Oklahoma_------
Bennett, Wallace F., of Utah..
Bible, Alan, of Nevada----------------
Boggs, J. Caleb, of Delaware_---
Brock, William E., III, of Tennessee--------
Brooke, Edward W., of Massachusetts---
Burdick, Quentin N., of North Dakota---
Byrd, Harry F., Jr., of Virginia -------
Byrd, Robert C., of West Virginia---------- --------
Cannon, Howard W., of Nevada_.

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