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cesses in venery, which knew no controul, led him to commit aćtions derogatory from his station, as well as pernicious to his health; and even when his disorder had produced an irrecoverable stage of disease, he continued to indulge in a promiscuous use of women. His haram was filled with wives and concubines, to the number, it is said, of eight hundred, from whom were born to him fifty children.—Mirzah Arnany, afterwards entitled Asoff. udDowlah, was the eldest legitimate son, and succeeded to the entire

dominion of Oude without tumult or opposition.

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BEFo R E I leave our Indian world, let me, through you, make an acknowledgment for the many cordial marks of friendship, and the kind assistance, I have received, throughout every station in the provinces. The gentlemen of Bengal have been long noted for their hospitable condućt to strangers; and in mine own instance, I can testify that they amply merit the commendation. The reward due to a disposition so happily framed, they enjoy to a large extent; they experience those heartfelt pleasures which arise from the exercise of humane and liberal offices, and which ever convey an abundant recompence for the inconveniencies sustained in their gratification,-Having discharged, A a 2 to to the best of my ability, this indispensable duty, I proceed to give you an account of my journey hither. On the 8th of February, I left Rampour, and arrived at Moradabad–ten cosses. This town, standing on the banks of the river Ramgunga, is situated in the Vizier's country, which is separated from the distrićts of Fyze-ullah, a few miles to the northwest of it, by the river Ramgunga. Moradabad was once a place of distinčtion; but like many other places which once came under that description in Hindostan, is at this day greatly decayed. Having frequently seen rupees of the coinage of Moradabad, and those of a very general currency, I apprehend that an extensive mint has been established at this place. A hot bath is now amongst the few remains of its grandeur, in which, with great ceremony, I performed the Mahometan ablutions ; being received amongst my new brethren, as a Moghul officer, employed in the Vizier's service. EARLY on the next morning, I left Moradabad, and arrived, under an intensely hot sun, at the village of Aumruah—twelve cosses. On the day of my departure from Rampour, I had a complete view of the lofty range of northern mountains, whose summits are covered with perpetual snows: they extend nearly in a parallel from east to west, and form, I should imagine, the northern barrier between Hindostan and Thibet. To know the opinion of the people concerning this extraordinary appearance, I enquired of a fellow-traveller, the cause of so conspicuous a whiteness. He fid, that it proceeded from a particular sort of clay, with which the hills in that quarter were covered. I soon perceived that the task of explaining the real cause would have been equally arduous with an attempt of making him acquainted with the properties of the magnetic needle; so, expressing my surprize at the singular quality of the earth, I left him, flattered, no doubt, with the importance of his communication. The most striking objećt to be seen at Aumruah, is the body of a notorious robber, which, suspended by the heels from a tree, affords an useful spectacle of terror. Travelling is by no means attended with danger in this part of India, as may be proved by my example: for in no part of the roads from Benares to this place, though chiefly alone, did I meet with impediment or ill usage; and I should hold myself guilty of an injustice, did I not unreservedly declare, that the inhabitants treated me with civility, and, usually, with kindness. On the 11th, at Chandpour—12 cosses. Finding the want of a servant subjected me to various inconveniences, especially from the dislike of the Serauce keepers to rub down my horse, which is I believe, the only scruple they entertain, I took into my service an old soldier, who by his own story had been engaged in many a fell encounter : nor did his figure belye it, for amongst the numerous desperate marks of his profession, he bore one on his face which had wholly excavated the right eye. ON the 11th, at the village of Burroo-twelve cosses. This place affords no public accommodation for passengers : but the - pompous

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