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dalen college ; Worsley, Pembroke hall; faithfully discharged all the various
Furlong, Sidney colleye; Williams, st. duties of his office for 42 years.
John's college.


Died.--At the parsonage, Litton, aged
December 20.

80, the roy. G. Frome, who was rector of By the LORD BISHOP OF SALISBUẢY, in that parish upwards of 40 years. his Episcopal Palace, .

ESSEX. DEACONS. - J. Langley, B.A. Magdalen

Married.The rev. Barr Dudding, of college; H Wood, St. Edmund Hall,

Kirby, to Eliza, third daughter of George and M. Genesto, Queen's college, Oxford.

Lye, Esq. of Bath. Priests.-H. Allen, B.A. Trinity col. Died: -At Barling, the rev. James lege : G. J. T. Spencer, B.A. University Salt, vicar of that parish, and also of college ; E. C. Ogle, M.A. Merton cole Horndon on the Hill, and one of the lege : P. French, B.A. and E. D. Slade, minor canons of St. Paul's. B.A. Queen's college, Oxford

By the LORD Bishop or EXETER.

Married.--Al Dowdeswell, the rev. H. DEACONS.-R. Hole, S.C.L. Trinity

nity Kett, Fellow of Trinity college, Oxford, college ; C. E. Palmer, B.A. St. Peter's

to Miss Maria White, of Charlton Kings, college; W. J. Pinwell, B.A. Trinity col.

near Cheltenham. lege, and H. Thompson, B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge.

HAMPSHIRE. PRIESTS.-W. H. Arundell, B.A. Caius . Died. At Odiham, in the 28th year of college; and P. Brown, B.A. Queen's col. his age, the rev. H. Washington, M.A. lege, Cambridge.

Fellow of New college, Oxford.

At the Crown Inn, Lyndhurst, on SunMISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. day morning, Dec. 28th, 1823, the Rev.

Mr. Charret, curate of the parish of MilBRISTOL

ford, near Lymington, aged about 30. Married. At Bristol, the rey. G. E. He had been seriously indisposed, and Oatley, M.A. second son of T. Oatley, wisbiog once more to visit his sister esq. of Biskuton Hal, Salop, to Helen residing at Winchester, he had proceeded Kinnaird, daughter of Major-General thus far on his journey, when the hand Dana, of Winterbourne House, Glouces. of death arrested his course. His body tershire.

was removed to Milford for interment. The rev. W. Johns, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Percivall, of

KENT. Bristol.

Died.--Aged 54, the rev. J. G. Sherer, CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

vicar of Godmersham and Challock, and

Westwell. Married.---(By the rev. C. Simeon,

At Canterbury, aged 74, the rev.James M.A.) the rev. S. Leo, M.A. of Queen's

Ford, the Senior Minor Canon of the college, Professor of Arabio, in this Uni.

Cathedral of Christ Church, and rector versity, to Mus. Palmer, of Regent-street,

of St. George the Martyr, and of St. Mary London.

Magdalene, in that city.
The rev. W. Richardson, M.A. of St.
John's college, to Mary, eldest daughter

LEICESTERSHIRE. of the rev. John Darwell, of Camp Hill, Died. The Rev. Cbarles Chew, vicar Warwickshire.

of Lockington cum Hemington. CHESTER.

MIDDLESEX. Died.-At his house, Millgate Hall,

Married. The rer. Alexander Stew. Stockport, aged 35, deeply rogretted and

art, of Barnet, to Ann Keziah, eldest deservedly respected by all ranks of

daughter of Mr. P.White, Brydges-street, society, the rev. Kelsall Prescot, M.A. of

London, Brasenose college, Oxford, Incumbent

Died. At the house of his son-in-law, of the Chapels of Marple and Chadkirk,

in Upper Bedford-place, Russel-square, and second son of the late rector of Stock

in the 75th year of his age, the rev. John

Lloyd, rector of Barnack, NorthamptonDERBYSHIRE. Died.--At Fenney Bentley, the rev. J.

NORFOLK. Bowness, late perpetual curate of Bras. Married.---The rev. James Barrow, sington, aged 52.

rector of Lopham, Norfolk, to Louisa, Äged 75 years, the rev. MatthewOloren- daughter of the late sir c. W. Malet, shaw, minister of Meller, where he had Bart. of Wilbury House, Wilts.



NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. the rev. F. Tutte, Prebendary of PeterDied. At Middleton Cheney, the Rov. borough, at the great age of 95 years. Francis Lloyd, M.A. late Student of

WARWICKSHIRE. Christ Church, Oxford, and an assistant

Married. The rev. W. Richardson, master of Charter-house school.

M.A. of St. John's college, Cambridge, to OXFORDSHIRE.

Mary, eldest daughter of the rey. J.

Darwell, of Camp Hill. Married.--At Wroxton, the rev.

At Birmingham, the rev. Joseph HarThomas Rowley, M.A. of Christ Church, Jing, M.A. of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, to and head master of the Free Grammar Ann Mary, daughter of Mr Townsend, School, Bridgnorth, to Mary Anne, only of Winson Green House, near that town. daughter of James Farmer, esq. of Drayton, Salop.

WILTSHIRE. Died. - In the 74th year of his age, the Married.--At the Cathedral Church, rev. John Shaw, D.D. the Senior Fellow Salisbury, the rev. William Fisher, M.A. of Magdalen college, and vicar of South and student of Christ Church, Oxford, to Tetherryn, cum Trewen, in Cornwall, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late universally esteemed and beloved for the William Cookson, D.D. canon of Windmanliness and vigour of his understand. sor. ing, the sincerity and kindness of his At Chippenhamn, the rev. G. Crook. heart, and the undeviating uprightness shank, M.A. of West Charlton, Somerset, of his conduct. He supported his last to Rosa, only daughter of the late Captain long illness, during which be experienced Robert Kelly, of Madras. the never ceasing attentions of his friends,

YORKSHIRE. with admirable constancy and patience.

Married.-At Otley, by the rev. H. SHROPSHIRE,

Robinson, vicar, the rev. E. Hodgkinson, Married.--At Oldbury, the Rev. John

incumbent of Stainburn, and curate of Fendall, to Martha Theodosia, eldest Otley, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of daughter of Latham Blacker, esq.

Jonas Whitaker, esg. of Greenholme, near


Died.-Aged 44, the rev. Thomas Died.-Aged 74, the rev. Wadham

Cotterill, M.A. perpetual curate of St. Pigott, of Brockley Court.

Paul's, Sheffield, and late Fellow of St.

John's College, Cambridge.

ISLE OF ELY. Married. At Brockdish, the rev. C. Married. The rev. B. Isaac, of March, Valentine, of Palgrave, to Ann, second to Mary Elizabeth Frances, youngest daugbter of Mr. T. Doughty, of the daughter of Ephraim Lee, esg. of the Terformer place.

race, Edmonton, Middleser. Died. --At Little Stonham, the rev. James Richard Vernon, morning preacher,

SCOTLAND. at St. Paul's Covent-garden, and evening Married.-At Edinburgh, the rey. leeturer at Bon Church, Cheapside. George Blyth, to Ellen Scott, eldest SURREY.

daughter of the late Henry Todd, esq. Married.-At Clapham, the rev. J.

IRELAND. Simpson, M.A. to Ann, widow of J. Long, Married.-By the rev. C. W. Rea, of esq. late of that place.

Bucknaw, the rev. Robert Magill, M.A. of Died.-At Richmond, John, Earl Corn- Antrim, to Anne Jane, eldest daughter of wallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, Mr. Samuel Skelton, of the same place. and Dean of Durham, in bis 81st year, he is succeeded in the Earldom by his

FRANCE. only son, James Mann, Visct. Brooie. Died.--At Boulogne, on the 4th ult. the

At Barnes, the rev. Theopbilus Moul. rev. W. Tilt, in the 52nd year of his age. brooke, LL.B. F.R.S.E.


Died.- At Nice, aged 41, the hon. and Died. The rev. G. B. Oliver, rector rev. T. A. Harris, Prebendary of York of Glynde, Sussex, and vicar of Belgrave and Salisbury, son of the late, and cum Birstall, Leicestershire.

brother of the present Earl of MalmuesAt bis seat, Glyndbourne, near Lewes, bury.


Twenty Sermons, on the Apostolical By J. Sheppard, Author of a Tour in Preaching and Vindication of the Gospel 1816, &c. 12mo. 58. to the Jews, Samaritans, and devout Gen- The Christian Ministry ; a Sermon tiles; as exhibited in the Acts of the

preached at the Cathedral Church of ChesAposties, the Epistles of St. Peter, and

ter, at a Public Ordination, by the Right the Epistle to the Hebrews. Preached

Rev. George Henry, Lord Bishop of that before the University of Cambridge in the

Diocese, on Sunday, Oct. 5, 1823, By year 1823, at the Lecture founded by the

G. Gaskin, D.D. Prebendary of Ely. 8vo. Rev. J. Hol-e. By J. C. Franks, M.A.

1s. 6d. Chaplain of Trinity College, and Vicar of Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 8vo. 128.

A Few Words respecting the Probabi

lity of a Revelation of the Nature and will The Protestant's Companion; or, a

of the Deity; and the Truth of the Mosaic Seasonable Preservative against the Er.

and Christian Revelations. ls. rors, Corruptions, and Unfounded Claims of a Superstitions and Idolatrous Church.

The Journey to Eternity; or, the Path By the Rev. C. Daubeney, LL.D. Arch

throngh Death, the Grave, the Resurrecdeacon of Sarum. 8vo. 98.

tion, and the Final Judgment. By G,

Batthie, D.D. 8vo. 38. 6d. A Concise View of the Scriptures, shewing their Consistencies, and their Ne

Civil Disabilities, on account of Relicessity, from an Examination of the Ex

gion, as they exist in England, Scotland, tent of Natural Knowledge. 8vo. 65.

and Ireland, considered. 28. 6d. A Defence of the Apostle St. Paul,

A Charge delivered in August, 1823, at against the Accusation of Gamaliel Smith,

Stokesley, Thirsk, and Malton, to the Esq. in a recent publication, entitled,

Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Cleveland. " Not Paul, but Jesus.” By the Rev.

By the Ven, and Rev. F. Wrangham, T. S. Hughes, B.D. Christian Advocate in

M.A. F.R.S. 8vo. Ss. 6d. the University of Cambridge, and Exa- The Psalms of David, with Hebrew and miping Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Greek Titles, and Annotations on diffiPeterboroughi. Part I. 8vo. 38. cult Passages. By S. Weston, B.D.

An Attempt to shew that the Establishe Small 8vo. 68. ment of National Schools demands Sup The Doctrinal Harmony of the New port from every serious and enlightened Testament exemplified by a Comparison Christian, on the Grounds of Duty and of the Epistles of St. Paul with the GosExperience; in a Sermon, by the Rev. C. pels, Acts, and Epistles of the other AposEyre, A.B. of Dedham, Essex. 8vo. 18. tles. By E. W. Grinfield, A.M, Minister

An Endeavour, by comparing Scrip. of Laura Chapel, Bath. 45. 6d. ture with Scripture, to reconcile the ap- The Danger and irresistible Progress of pearances of Contradiction between St. Habitual Sin, as exemplified in the Mur. Paul and St. James, in their Statement of der of Mr. Weare; a Sermon preached in the Doctrine of Justification, Ip Three the Chapel of Rugby School, Nov, 2, Essays. By the Rev. T. H. Yorke, A.M. 1823, by the Rev. J. Wool, S.T.P. its Rector of St. Cuthbert's, York, and Vicar Head Master, late Fellow of New Col. of Bishop Middlebam, Durham, and Do- lege, Oxford, and Rector of Blackford, mestic Chaplain to the Countess de Grey. Sonerset. 8vo. 18. 6d. 8vo. 18. 6d.

Christianity Incontrovertible; or, aWord - A Discourse delivered in the Chapel of to the Deists. By a Clergyman, 9d. the Hospital of God, in Grantham, before . E

• Essays on Constitutional Law, and the the Brethren, Nov. 14, 1823, 'on the Death

Form of Process : containing Suggesof the Right Hon. Earl of Bridgewater,

tions for shortening the Duration, and Master. By J. Brewster, M.A. Vice

lessening the Expence of Judicial Proce. Master and Chaplain ; and Rector of Eg

dure in the different Courts of Scotland. glescliffe. 8vo. 6d.

By W. Ritchie, Solicitor of Supreme Thoughts, chiefly designed as Prepara Conrts in Scotland, &c. 6s. tive or Persuasive to Private Devotion, The Barrister; or, Strictures on the


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Education proper for the Bar. By T. A Letter to the Marquis of Lansdowne, Ruggles, Esq. Barrister at Law. 8vo. on the Policy of his proposed Bill, rela11. 43.

tive to the Marriage of Dissenters; with Memoire of Amos Green. Eso late of Notes. By a Member of the Church of York. Written by his late Widow. England. 8vo. Ss. 8vo. 108, 6d.

Observations, occasioned by the Letter An Historical Catalogue of the Scottish

of J. K. L. to bis Excellency the Lord Bishops down to the Year 1688 : by Lieutenant, professing to be a Vindication the Right Rev. R. Keith. Also, an Ac of the Religious and Civil Principles of count of all the Religious Houses in Scot

the Roman Catholics of Ireland. Syo. land, at the time of the Reformation : by J. Spottiswoode, Esq. With a Life of the The Case of the Church of Ireland Author; by the Rev. M. Russel, LL.D. Stated, in a Letter respectfully addressed 8vo. Il. 15. Royal 8vo. 11. 108.

to his Excellency the Marquis Wellesley, Rivington's Annual Register ; or, View and in Reply to the Charges of J. K. L. of the History, Politics, and Literature By Declan. 8vo. 28. 6d. of the Year 1822. 8vo. 188.

Substance of the Spech of J. Holford, Researches in the South of Ireland, il- Esq. in the House of Commons, upon an lustrative of the Scenery, Architectural Ameudment to withhold from the VisitRemains. Mavners, and Superstitions of ing Justices of Prisons, the Power of authe Peasantry; from Personal Observa- thorizing the Employment of Prisoners, tions, Ancient Authorities, and Original without their own Consent ; on the 21st Manuscripts. By T. C. Croker. 4to. of June, 1822. 8vo. 18. 21, 2s.

Miscellaneous Pieces on Sacred SubThe Character of the Russians ; with a jects, ip Prose and Verse, By J. Lettice, Detailed History of Moscow. By R. D.D. 8vo. 6s. Lyall, M.D. 4to. 41. 45.

Five Family Lectures, delivered to Do. The Naval History of Great Britain mestic Slaves in the Island of Barbadoes, from the Declaration of War by France, in the Year 1822. By the Rev. J. H. from 1793 to 1820. By W. James. Vols. Pinder, A.B. Chaplain to the Codrington 4 and 5. 8vo. 1. 10s.

Plantations. 12mo. 1s. Historical View of the Literature of the Statement by the Directors of the EdinSouth of Europe ; by J. C. L. Sismondi de burgh Academy, Explanatory of the Sismondi. Translated from the Original, Scheme of that Institution. 8vo. 1s. with Notes. By T. Roscoe, Esq. Vols. 3 and 4. Il. 8s.


by Permission, to the Right Rev. the Lord WORKS IN THE PRESS.

Bishop of Winchester. The Passover; a Serinon on the Pas

Thonghts on Prison Labour; to whick chal Types, and on the Analogy of the

is added, in an Appendix, the entire CouPaschal Feast to the Lord's Supper. With

troversy collected from the Pablic Prints an Appendix, advancing a new Hypothesis

and other Publications, on the Question on the Time of Day at which the Israel

of the Tread-Wheel Discipline. By Jacob ites quitted Egypt; and shewing the Jones, Jun. of the Inner Temple, and late Bearing of this Hypothesis upon the In

of Brase-nose College, Oxford. terpretation of the Types, and upon the Controversy respecting our Lord's Antici

A Prose Translation of Tasso's Jerusapation of the Last Passover. By the Rev.

lem Delivered. By Miss Louisa PrinJohn Edward Nassan Molesworth, A.M. ceps. Two volumes, sina 8V0. Curate of Milbrook, Hants. Dedicated, Observations on the Religious Peculi

arities of the Society of Friends. By Jo. seph John Gurney. The Three first Lays of a Series of Patriotic Poems, tending to illustrate the Customs and Institutions of our Ancestors and their Invaders, during the Reign of the (Roman) Emperor Clau

Sacred Tactics. An attempt to dere. lope, and to exhibit to the Eye, by Tabular Arrangement, a general rule of Composition prevailing in the Sacred Scriptures. By the Rev. T. Boys, A.M. of Trinity College, Cambridge. Iu Two Parts. Royal Quarto.



WE regret exceedingly the intelli- that all temptation to insincerity was gence which we receive both from out of the question. Upou the whole the public papers, and private ac- the prospects were very bright, and counts, of the recent political dis. they shone brighter by comparison turbances in the Brazils. Many cir- with the miserable condition of the cumstances had induced us to hope rest of the Peninsula. that that country was likely to settle Our hopes, however, are misedown under an orderly, and mode- rably damped; the Emperor has rate government; and that it would violently dissolved the Cortes by make regular advances to civiliza- the intervention of an armed force, tion and moral improvement. It and thereby put an end to the conhad separated from the inother. fidence of his subjects in his incountry, yet it bad retained at its tentions as to their liberties. It head the heir-apparent of the old may be true that there was much royal family, its ancient monar political effervescence at the mochical line-in the several mutations ment, and that the assembly had of the ruling men there seemed no committed a very heinous fault in tendency to Jacobinism, and all admitting the commonalty into the administrations had been honest to body of the house; it may be true their pecuniary engagements—the even that certain members enterCortes bad been assembled, and tained improper designs on the conthough there was, of course, much stitutional power of the Emperor ; freshness to business, much igno- it is undoubted that part of the rance of the routine and order of periodical press was in strong oppublic debating bodies, yet there was position to the government, and that also much loyalty, much indepen. narrow prejudices, excusable only dence of party, much talent, and by the peculiar situation of the much aptitude for debate. We never Brazilian Empire, prevailed gene. liked the title of Constitutional rally in the public miod, and was Emperor, the plain old-fashioned fostered by the journals alluded to, appellation of King would have against all Portugueze remaining in been more to our taste; but in the the country. . All these circumindividual there seemed a sufficiency stances certainly created difficulties, of talent, unusual activity, a fond, but they were difficulties not to be ness for business, and a most lauda overcome by the clumsy expedient ble frugality in his personal ex- of assembling a few regiments, and pences; and he seemed to us to planting cannon at the doors of the have so noble a field before him, Senáte-house. History might have

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