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Seminary, licensed by the Bishop of st. in which a room has been kindly allowed David's, to educate for the ministry of the for the books by the master of the school, Church of England young men whose cir- the Rev. John Richardson, who has also cumstances preclude them from the advan- undertaken to be the librarian. This the tages of an university education. Unfor. Archbishop of York has been pleased to tunately, the young men, so educating, approve, to whom it was thonght right and are unfurnished with a competent provi- dutiful to communicate the intention.' A sion of books; consequently, they labour printed catalogue of such works as formed under obvious disadvantages in the pursuit this Lending Library has also been forof their studies. Under these circumstan- warded to the Secretary by the Rev, H. ces, we earnestly petition the Associates J. Todd; to which is affixed the following of the late Rev. Dr. Bray for a donation of expression of the grateful feelings of the books, to form, together with the books Clergy in the neighbourhood of Old already at Cardigan, a Lending Library Malton, for the ase of the Clergy of Cardigan and ". In the name of the numerous Clergy, its vicinity, and of the young men educating whose studies may be assisted by the prefor Holy Orders at Cardigan.'

sent benefaction of Dr. Bray's Associates, « The receipt of the books sent for the the most grateful thanks, together with above purpose has been since gratefully their fervent prayers for the success of the acknowledged by the Rev. W. W. Thomas, Association, are here offered to benefacand a catalogue transmitter.

tors at once 80 serviceable to the general " A Parochial Library has been also advancement of Christian knowledge, and formed at Ashurst, in the county of Kent, so kindly attentive to the particular inteand diocese of Rochester, and the receipt rests of those whom they have thus sigoally of the books very gratefully acknowledged obliged. . by the Rev. Jolin Benn, the curate,

"A Lending Library has been formed * A. Lending Library has also been at Llangefni, in the island of Anglesea, and formed at Old Malton, in the county and diocese of Bangor. diocese of York, for the use of the Clergy “ A Parochial Library has been formed resident in the deaneries of Buckrose, Bul- at Cradley, Hales Owen, in the county of mer, Dickering, and Ridale, all in the said Warwick, and Diocese of Worcester. The diocese,

receipt of the houks has been very thank“ The Rev. H. J. Todd, in a letter, fully acknowledged by the present incumdated Settrington, November 3, 1823, bent, and a catalogue returned. writes :

“ A Parochial Library has, alco, been I do myself the great pleasure of formed at St. John's, Bury, in the county requesting you to present to the Associates of Lancaster, and diocese of Chester. The of the late Dr. Bray, at their meeting, the receipt of the books has been since grateDost grateful thanks of very many Clergy fully acknowledged by the Rev. Thomas men in this neighbourhood, and also remote Selkirk, the incumbent of St. Jolin's. "I from it, who will be benefitted by the am highly delighted,' he adds, with this Library which, by the great kindness of Library, and will conscientiously observa the Associates, is fixed to be at Old Mal- the Rules for its due preservation."" ton. The school-house there is the place



Dean of Chichester, and formerly fel. low of King's college, Cambridge, to

the BISHOPŘIC of GLOUCESTER. Brooke, J. M.A. chaplain to his Royal

Highness the Duke of York, to the
rectory of Kilmatron; Patron, the

Butt, E. to the rectory of Toller Fra:

trum; Patron, J. BROWNE, Esq.
Coz, J. M.A. Demy of Magdalen college,

Oz ford, to be Master of the Grammar
School at Gainsborough.

Deane, G. B.A. of St. Mary Hall, to be

one of the domestic chaplains to his
Grace the Duke of Buckingham and

Dodson, N. M.A. to the prebend or ca.

nonry of South Scarle, in the Cathedral

Church of Lincoln.
Escott, T. prebendary of Wells, Somerset,

to the rectory of Coombe Florey; Pa

tron, the KING. Fraser, P. M.A. senior fellow of Christ's

college, Cambridye, and chaplain to his Royal Higbness the Duke of Canbridge, to the Living of Bromley by Stevens, S. M.A. senior fellow of Wadhan Bow, Middlesex.

college, Oxford, to the vicarage of Garnsey, T. to the perpetual curacy of South Petherwyn and Trewen, Corn

Christ Church, in the Forest of Dean. wall; Patrons, the Master and FelGibson, R. M.A. to the vicarage of Bolo Lows of that Society. ton-by-the-Sands.

Swan, F. B.D. domestic chaplain to bis Hamond, R. M.A. to the rectory of Bee Grace the Duke of Portland, and fellow

chamwell St. John, with St. Mary an of Magdalen college, Oxford, to the nexed : Patron, J. MOTTEUX, Esq. of rectory of Swerford, with the chapel of Beechamwell.

Shorell annexed; Patrons, the PREDIHarrison, T. M.A. to the rectory of DENT and FELLOws of that Society.

Thorpé Morieur, Suffolk ; Patron, J. Tookey, C B.A. to the rectory of OddingH. HARRISON, Esq. of Copford Hall, ley; Patron, the Right Hox. LORD Essex.

FOLEY. Hughes, W. M.A. rector of Bradenham Turner, J. M. of Christ church, Oxford,

and Pitchcot, Bucks., to be chaplain to the vicarage of Willemslon, Cheshire ; to F. W. MAKTIN, Esg. High Sheriff of Patron, the King. Kent.

Turner, s. M.A. late of University colIrish, E. LL.B. of Magdalen college, lege, Oxford, to be domestic chaplain

Cambridge, and curato of the parish to the Right Hon. Lord Yarborough. . of St. John at Hackney, Middleser, to - the afternoon lectureship of that pa

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, rish. Lear, F. B.D. of Magdalen college, Or.

Degrees conferred, Feb. 28. ford, to the rectory of Chilmark í Patron, the EARL OF PEMBROKE.

MASTERS OF ARTS.-G. 8. Robinson, Mackenzie, W. M.A. chaplain to the Rt, New college ; F. Aston, University col.

Hon. Lady Seaforth, to the rectory of lege ; J. Glanville, and C. R. Smith, BaHascomb, Surry, and re-instituted to liol college ; G. Grey, Oriel college, and the Sinecure rectory and vicarage of C. A. Huut, Merton college: Burgish, alias Burnash, Sussex, vacant BACHELORS OF ARTS.-J. C. J. H. by his own cession.

Abrahall, and T. B. H. Abrahall, Wad. Manley, M. to the vicarages of Westwell, han college ; M. C. Bolton, Queen's col. Godmersham, and Challock, Kent.

leye ; T. Furneux, Magdalen hall; w. M'Gillycuddy, D. M.A, late of Killaloe, R. Newbolt, and N. Malcolm, Christ

to the living of Killough, in the County Church ; H. Fuller, St, Alban hall; 0. of Downa

H. Williams, Baliol college ; T. Fogg, Nicholl, R. to the rectory of Lanmace, and E. Baldwin, St. John's college ; and Glamorganshire.

R I. Wilberforce, J. Bramston, and G. Pannel, J, to the rectory of Ludgershall,

Trevelyan, Oriel college.
Wilts ; Patron, SIR JAMES GRABAM,

March 5.
Pellen, hon. and rey. G. to the prebend

Osbaldwick, in the Cathedral Church BACHELOR IN DIVINITY.-A. Grayson,

of York; Patron, THE ARCHBISHOP. principal of St. Edmund hall. Phelan, Dr. late fellow of Trinity college, Dublin, to the living of IVea ford ; Pa.

, . MASTERS OF ARTS.-J. V. Hamilton, tron, the LORD BISHOP OF FERNS.

Magdalen hall, and F. H. Hutton, Wad. Pope, B. M.A. Jate of Christ Church, Ox

ham college. ford, and minor canon of St. George's BACHELORS OF ARTS.-T. Cox, Wor. Chapel, l'indsor, to the vicarage of cester college, grand compounder, and Nether Stowey, Somersetshire; Patrons, T. M. Foskett, Exeter college.

TRE DEAN AND CHAPTER OF WINDSOR, Purvis, R. F. to the vicarage of Whits

March 8. bury, IVilts.; Pairon, ADMIRAL J. C. PURVIS.

BACHELOR OF ARTS.-C. Minchin, New Richards, W to the living of St. Nicholas, college.

Rose, R. M.A. to the rcclory of Frenze,

March 11.
Norfolk; Patron, J. SMITH, Esq.

DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-A. Grayson, Slade, s. D.D, to the Deanery of Chichester ; Patron, The King.

?• principal of St. Ednund hall. Sparke, J. H. M.A. from the sixth to the

MASTER OF ARTS.-J. D. Wingfield, fifth prbendal stall in Ely Cathedral Exeter college. Slephens, R. B.D. to the vicarage of Bel BACHELORS OF ARTS.-J. M. Collard,

grave, Leieestershire ; Patron, the Lord and R. M. C. Hunt, Exeter college; C. CHANCELLOR, by lapse from the late R. M. Talbot, Oriel college, and C. Tur. B18Hop or LICHFIELD AND COVENTRY. per, Wadham college.

- March 19. MASTERS OF ARTS.-J. B. Bourne, Trinity college, and J. Hunt, St. Alban hall.

March 23, BACHELOR IN DIVINITY.-P. Winter, St. John college.

MASTER OF ARTS.-J. E. East, Christ Church, grand compounder.

February 26. The rev. C. S. S. Dupais, was elected å fellow of Pembroke college.

February 28. E. Hammond, B.A. University college, A. Grenfell, exhibitioner of Corpus Christi college, and P. Hansell, commoper of Wadham college, were elected scholars of University college, on the foundation of Sir Simon Bennet, Bart.

March 7. C. Awdry was admitted fellow of New college.

March 11. The rev. Messrs. Wilson, Harrison, and Vane, M.A.'s were elected fellows on the old foundation of Queen's college ; the rev. T. Procter, B.A. of Jesus college, was elected fellow of Queen's college, on the Michell foundation ; Messrs. Fox, Priestman, Braithwaite, and Jackson, were admitted probationary scholars on the old Foundation of the same Society;

i and the nomination of the rev. Charles T. Longley, M.A. student of Christ Church, and the rev. J. Dornford, M.A. fellow of Oriel college, as public examiners, was approved iu convocation.

March 24. DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-Lord F. Beauclerck, Trinity college..

DOCTOR IN CIVIL LAW.-H. V. Salis. bury, Trinity Hall.

MASTER OP ARTS.-R. Booth, St. John's college.

BACA ELORS IN CIVIL LAW.-C Day, St. John's college, and R. A. Templeman, Trinity college.

CLASSICAL TRIPOS.--In pursuance of a regulation of the Senate, a voluntary classical examination of those commencing Bachelors of Arts who obtained Mathematical Honors took place; and the Examiners have determined the classes in the following order of merit.

First Class. Ds.-Malkin, Barbam, Tennant, Remington, and Gurney, Trinity; Baines, Christ's, and Gedge, Catherine.

Second Class. Ds. — Foster, Trinity; Dunderdale, St. John's; Greaves, Corpus Christi, and Furlong, Sidney.

Third Class. Ds.-Smith, Trinity; Fearon, Emanuel; Crawley, Magdalen, avd Edwards, Trinity, æq; Lutwidge, St. John's, and Wedgwood, Christ's.

February 26. Mr. J. Packe, of King's college, was yesterday admitted fellow of that so yesterday admitted fellow of that society.

February 27. T. Hall, W. Crawley, and J. Crosland, Bachelors of Arts, of Magdalene college, were admitted fellows of that society.

Mr. P. Still, of King's colleye, was admitted fellow of that society.

March 4. Mr. Alfred Power, of Clare hall, was elected University Scholar ou Dr. Battie's foundation.

G. Whiteford, B.A. of St. John's college, is appointed to the Bishop of Ely's fellowship in Jesus college.

March 20. The Chancellor's gold medals for the two best proficients in classical learning among the commencing Bachelors of Arts, were adjudged to Messrs. F. Malkin and W. Barham, of Trinity college.


February 29. By the hon. and right rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester.


Degrees conferred, Feb. 25. . DOCTOR IN Civil Law.-C. R. Prinsep, St. John's college.

March 5. BACHELOR OF ARTS.-J. Gore, Caius college.

March 12. BACHELOR IN DIVINITY.-W. Jones, St. John's college.

MASTERS OF ARTS.-F. E. J. Valpy, Trinity college ; and D. Tremlett, st. John's college.

BACHELORS IN Civil LAW.-C. Rookes, Jesus college ; G. H. Storie, and H. G. Hulton, Trinity Hall, compounder.

BACHELOR OF ARTS.-C, S. Matthews, Pembroke Hall.

DEACON.-A. Harford, B.A. Christ col

HAMPSHIRE. lege, Cambridge.

Died. - The rev. Hugh Hill, D.D. PRIESTS. – T. Jones, B.A. Wadham vicar of St. Cross, Southampton, and reccollege, and J. Hartley, B.A. St. Edmund tor of Oakley. These preferments are in Hall, Oaford; and J. Bray, B.A. St. the gift of Queen's College, Oxford, John's college, Cambridge.


Died.-At Home Lacy, near Hereford, MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE.

- aged 56, the rev. James Scudamore, BERKSHIRE.

curate of Ballingham and Little Birch, in

that county, Married. The rev. J. Stanier Clarke, D.C.L. Canon of Windsor, to Mrs. A.

HERTFORDSHIRE. Aitkins, daughter of the late T. Nott,

Married. At Layston, the rev. Samuel Esq. of Ledbury.

Dewe, M.A. of Devonport, Devon, to BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Miss Frances Mary Cork, of BuntingDied. At his rectory-house, in Haver

in Harers ford, and late of Halesworth, Suffolk. sham, the rev. Edward Cooke, M.A. and

MIDDLESEX. LL.B. rector of Haversham.

Married. - At St. Dunstan's, Fleet. CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

street, the rev. Alexander Paterson, to Married. The rev. W. Pepper, of

Miss Louisa Maria Sweet.

Iu Portman-square, the rev. William Melbourn, near Royston, to Elizabeth,

John Brodrick, son of the late Archeldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Scrubb,

bishop of Cashel, to Lady Elizabeth of Meldreth.

Anne Perceval, daughter of the Earl of Died.--At Feltwell, at the advanced Cardigan. age of 81, the rev. Richard Stephenson, vicar of Wichford.


Married.-At Bildestone, the rev. M. CORNWALL

Oxenden, M.A. son of sir Henry OxenDied.--At Treleaven, near Megavissy, den, Bart. to Elizabeth, daughter of aged 85, the rev. Philip Lyne, V.D. 52 Richard Wilson, Esq. years vicar of that parish.

Dicd.-At Blakeney, in his 730 year,

the rev. R. T. Gough, rector of BlakeDORSETSHIRE.

ney and Aele. Died. At his father's house, in Poole, the rev. Samuel Clark, perpetual curate

OXFORDSHIRE. of Bentley, Hants.

Married. At Clifton, the rev. W. H.

Guy, to Miss Anne Jane Watts.

Died. — Aged 89, the rev. Talbot Died.-At Durham, the rev. J. Black- Keene, M.A. rector of Tadmerton, Or. burne, M.A. vicar of Gainford, and rec- fordshire, and vicar of Brigstock cum tor of Romaldkirk.—The vicarage of Stanion, Northamptonshire. He was the Gainford is in the gift of Trinity College, oldest incumbcnt in the Deanery. The Cambridge.

rectory of T'admerton is in the gift of ESSEX.

the Provost and Fellows of Worcester

College, Oxford. Died. The rev. William Wilkinson, curate of Black Chapel, and under mas

SHROPSHIRE. ter of Felsted Grammar School.

Married.- At Hales Owen, the rev. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

J. Garbett, M.A. minister of St. George's

Church, Birmingham, to Miss S. Powell, Married. At Longhope, the rev. C. M. of that place. Dighton, assistant Minister of St. Mary's Warwick, to Maria, daughter of the rev.

SOMERSETSHIRE. Archdeacon Probyn, of Manor House. Died. In his 71st year, at Evercreech,

At Stratton, the rev. M. G. Fenwick, in which place be was more than forty chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Raphoe, years vicar, the rev. John Jenkyns, to Miss J. H. Bissett, eldest daughter of B.C.L. prebendary of Wells, and rector the late M.G. Bissett, Esq. of Knighton, of Horsmonden, in the county of Kent. Isle of Wight, and Lessendrem, Aberdeen.

SUFFOLK. Died. At the Parsonage-house, Wil. lersly, the rev. George Williams, curate

Married. - Thc rey. Robert Leman, of the above place, and of Buckland.


B.A. of Trinity college, Oxford, second

son of the rev. N. T. 0. Leman, Bramptox Hall, Suffolk, to Isabella Camilla, youngest daugbter of sir Williain Twys. den, hart. Roydon Hall, Kent.

Died.--At Westerfield, near Ipswich, the rev. James Hitch. The living is in the gift of the Lord Bishop of Ely.

Married.—The rev. James Yates, of

S. of Birmingham, to Dorothea, second daugh. ter of Mr. Crompton, of Edgbaston.

YORKSHIRE. Died. The rev. J. Howarth, the cu. rate of Penistone and incumbent of Midthorpe chapel.

WALES. Died. -- At Llanrhydlad, aged 75, tbe rev. Lewis Hughes, rector of that parish, and also of Llangadwaladd, in the county of Anglesea.

The rev. William Williams, of Devyn. nock, curate of Llanilid, Breconshire.


Sermons on the Principal Events and A Dissertation on the Nature and Ade Truths of Redemption. To which are vantages of the Holy Spirit. By W. C. ajinexed, an Address and Dissertation on Walters, B.A. Fellow of Jesus College. the State of the Departed, and the De Cambridge. 8vo. 38. 6d. scent of Christ into Hell, By John Henry A Sermon on the Duty of Family Prayer, Hobart, D.I). Bishop of the Episcopal preached in the Church of St. Botolph, Church in the State of New York, Profes. Bishopsgate, on Sunday, Feb. 22, 1824. sor of Pastoral Theology and Pulpit Elo- By C. J. Blomfield, D.D. Rector. ls. quence in the General Theological Semi- A Letter to a Clergyman on the Pecunary, and Rector of Trinity Church, and liar Tenets of the Present Day. By R. St. Paul's and St. John's Chapels, in the Branshy Cooper, Esq. M.P. 28. City of New York. In 2 vols. 8vo. A Comment on the Collects appointed 11. Is.

to be used in the Church of England. By The Parables of Our Blessed Saviour, the Rev. J. James, M.A. 12mo. 78.6d. Practically Explained; selected from the An Account of a Case of Recovery, after larger Commentary of the pious and emi- the Shaft of a Chaise had been forced nent George Stanhope, D.D. late Dean of through the Thorax; with a Statement of Canterbury. By the Rev. C. M. Mount, the Health of the Sufferer from his RecoA.M. late Fellow of Corpus Christi College, very until bis Decease. By W. Maiden, Oxford; Rector of Helmdon; Minister of Member of the Royal College of Surgeons Christ Church, Bath; and Chaplain to the in London. With four Engravings. 4to. Most Noble 'the Marquis of Ormond. 10s. 6d. 12mo. 48, 6d.

A Letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. Parochial Sermons. By the Rev. J. M.P. on the Subject of Slave Emancipa. Still, LL.B. Rector of Fonthill Gifford and tion. By an Eye-Witness. 8vo. 18. 6d. Chicklade, Wilts, and Prebendary of the A Speech, which ought to have been Cathedral Church of Sarum. Post 8vo. spoken in the Debate on the Marquis of 8s,

Lansdowne's Motion ; that the Two Bills Horæ Privatæ ; or, Meditations, Pray- for giving the Elective Franchise, and other ers, and Reflections. By the Rev. J. Still, Immunities to the English Roman CathoLL.B. Rector of Fonthill Gifford, &c. lics, be read a second Time.; July 9, 1823. Post 8vo. 88.

18. 6d. A Sermon preached for the Benefit of Miscellaneous Observations on J. K. L.'s the London Orphan Asylum, at St. Dun Letter to the Marquis Wellesley; on stan's in the East, on Sunday, Feb. 15, Tracts and Topics, by E. Barton; and on 1824. By the Rev. R. Lyuam, A.M. the Letter to Mr. Abercrombie. By S. N. Assistant Chaplain to the Magdalen Hose 25. 6d, pital, 1s

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