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younger members of it, is of incalculable country the flourishing state of the schools advantage to both parties, We may there in union was very much to be attributed fore look forward with full assurance to the to their exertions. . benefits to be derived to the Church from the This motion was seconded by Mr. Watestablishment of National Schools through son. out the kingdom. In presiding over such 'Two new auditors, Quarles Harris, Esq. an institution the Archbishop of Canterbury and C. F. Barnwell, Esq. were then coufers a signal service on the Church and elected, and the Archbishop left the Chair. on the Christian community at large. . His


Society for Promoting the Enlargethat anxious solicitude for its welfare, which he so often exhibits, and by which it is

ment and Building of Churches evident he is niformly actuated, than by . and Chapels. Supported entirely taking the active and efficient part, which by voluntary Contributions. he has taken from the very origin of the Ar a General Meecting of the Society, Society, in its deliberations, its proceed

holden at the Freeemasons' Tavern on ings, and above all, in its extrication from

Wednesday, June 2d, 1824–His Grace difficulty. “We must then,” concluded his

the Archbishop of CANTERBURY in the Lordship, « earnestly desire that bis Grace

Chair, the Report of the Proceedings of may be permitted by Divine Providence

the last year having been read :long to watch over and uphold this excellent Society which he has hitherto so much

It was unanimously resolved, upon a honoured with his support and sanction."

0" consideration of the state of the Society's The motion was seconded by the Arch

Funds, that a Subscription should be imbishop of York.

mediately entered into, and an Address on - The Archbishop of Canterbury express

the subject sent forth to the public. ed his sense of the cordial manner in which

ADDRESS. the motion of thanks to the President had The want of Church-room, so much felt been received.

and complained of in various parishes of Thanks were then voted to the General England and Wales, led to the establishCommittee, the Treasurer, the Secretary, ment of this Society in the year 1818. the Vicar and Vestry of St. Martiu's-in. Since that time it has given assistance the-Fields.

towards the building, enlargement, or im. Mr. Davis, in proposing the thanks of proved internal arrangement of Churches the Society to Dr. Bell, for his ines- and Chapels, in 316 cases. The result of timable plan of edacation, and unwea- this assistance is an addition of accommoried labours in upholding the objects of dation for 91,955 persons; and of this this institution, he begged to be per- number, the free and unappropriated sitmitted to make some few observations tings, that species of accommodation which on the expressions which had fallen from is most wanted, amount to 69,295. General Thornton respecting the condnet The fund from which these numerous of the Central Scliool. It was true that Dr. grants have been made has been supplied Bell's plan comprehended a system of in. by voluntary Donations and Subscriptions, dustry or manual employment, and where. amounting, in the whole, to about 64,0001. ever the local circumstances of a school and that fund is upon the point of being rendered such occupation practicable it exhausted. But much, very much yet remight be attended with the greatest bene- mains to be done by the Society., Appli. fit. But considering the great number of cations to it for assistance have been more children which were constantly passing numerous in the last than in any of the through the Central School, it would be three preceding years. A very large part impossible to adopt any such scheme of of the population, especially of the poorer work without incurring immense expenses. classes, is still in'want of Church-room.

The Bishop of London seconded the The Parliamentary grants do not in motion,

any degree supersede the necessity of this The Bishop of Gloncester desired to Society, which receives no share of them, move a vote of thanks to the treasurers but is supported entirely by voluntary and secretaries of diocesan and district contributions. Those grants apply only to congmittees. His Lordship could bear the building of additional new Churches in personal testimony to the many advan- parishes where the popnlation exceeds tages which the National Schools in Sus- 4000 persons. Parliamentary aid is nesex reaped from the unceasing care and cessary to supply the deficiency of Church judicious superintendence ever bestowed room in these cases: and the encourage on them by these gentlemen; and he was ment and assistance of this Institution are assured that in many other parts of the no less necessary in other cases.

It has been pronounced therefore, by the terests both of individuals and of the conunanimous voice of a numerous meeting, munity; and all are earnestly invited to to be in the highest degrec expedient and support a Society, whose labours for six desirable, that this Society sliould continue years have been most successfully directed its exertions. In obedience to that voice, to the prosecution of this important object, it now solicits further aid; and it appeals Donations and Subscriptions received to the public with the greater confidence at Messrs. Hoare's, Fleet-street; Messrs. from the success which has attended its Drummond's, Charing-cross; and Messrs. past labours. Those who concurred in the Sikes and Co. Mansion-house-street; and first formation of the Society, because the at the Society's Office, No. 15, Dukedesign was good, will the more readily street, Westminster,-where lists of the continue their support, when they now see contributions in 1818 may be seen. ,, that the design has been carried into good Communications by the General Post, effect. The appeal is made to them, and to be addressed under cover)“ To Francis to every friend of the Establislied Church; Freeling, Esq. General Post-office, Lon. it is made, indeed, to all who think, that don;" with the words, (Churches and to encourage and facilitate attendance on Chapels) written in the corner, public worsbip, is to promote the best in

Society's Office, 15, Duke-street, Westminster, 2d June, 1824.


Annual Donations. Subscriptions.

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€. & d. His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury....... 2d Don. 210 0 0 His Grace the Archbishop of York.......

| 210 0 0 The Lord Bishop of London ......ii

do. 200 0 0 The Lord Bishop of Durbam .....


200 0 0 The Lord Bishop of Lincoln .....

• 50 00 The Lord Bishop of Oxford ..

100 0 0 The Lord Bishop of Worcester ..

10000 The Lord Bishop of St. Asaph

.50 0 0 The Lord Bishop of Exeter...

5000 The Lord Bishop of Gloucester..

25.00 The Right Hon, the Earl of Hardwicke..

do. 1000) 0 The Lord Bishop of Winchester..

do. 100'00 The Right Hon. Lord Kenyon ...

.. do..

100 0 0 Hon. Mr. Justice Park i...........i

.50 0 Very Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, in addition to Annual - Subscription ......

20 00 Very Rev, the Dean of Ely......

25 00 Very Rev. the Dean of Worcester.....

0 Rev. Archdeacon Cambridge .........

105 ( 0 The Dean and Chapter of Westminster

3000 The Dean and Chapter of Exeter ..

100 0 0 Rev, Arclideacon Watson ....

105 0 0 Rev, Archdeacon Froude...

10 10 0 Rev. Archdeacon Pott.....

10 0 Rev. Archdeacon Oldershaw ...

5 À Joshua Watson, Esq........

| 105 0 0 George Gipps, Esq. M.P. ... Francis Burton, Esq. ....

25 0 0 William Cotton, Esq. ...

105 00 William Davis, Esq....

50 0 0 Rev. Dr. Thackeray ...

10 10 0 James Cocks, Esq. M.P.

10 10 0 Rev. Dr. Shepherd.

25 0 0 Rev. H. H. Norris.

100 0 0 Rev. Dr. Gardner.

20 0 0 Rev. Dr. Yates........

do. | 10 10 0

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Carried forward, ......... £2723 (01 REMEMBRANCER, No. 67.

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Brought forward
Johu Round, Esq. .....
Rev. Dr. D'Oyly...........
Rev. Dr. Randolph..........
Hon, and Rev. Dr. Stewart...
Rev. W.J. D. Waddilove
Rev. J. L. Martyn, ......
Rev. H, Du Cane ......

William Sikes, Esq.....
Henry Sikes, Esq......
Oliver Hatch, Esq. ....
Rev. H. Holland Edwards
Rev. William Parker ..
Rev, G. G. Stonestreet.
H. J. Barchard, Esq.
Rev. Dr. Lipscomb ...
Rev. Lewis Way........ . in addition to Subscription
Rev. William Digby.......
Rev. W. H, Coleridge .......
Rev. T. L. Strong

......2d Don. Rev. George Coleridge .......

...... do.
Rev. Dr. Hawes ......
Rev. Dr. Wordsworth......
Robert Coates, Esq. and Mrs. Coates...
Rev. Fdward Rowden,....
Rev. H. Powell ...

................. do. David Powell, Esq...

...... do. Rev. Dr. Barrett ........ ..., in addition to Subscription Rev. William Vaux.......

....... do.
Richard Gilbert, Esq. ...
Rev.John Lonsdale.'.;

. do
Rev. A. M. Benson .....
Rev. A. Montgomery Campbell ..
George Bramwell, Esq...

.2d Don.
Rev. G. Beresford ..
Rev. James Maxwell....

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Valedictory Address of the Clergy of have on all occasions defended the doc

the Deaneries of Richmond and trines and interests of the Church of EugCatterick, to their late Bishop, on land; the enlightened benevolence with his Translation to the See of Bath which you bave stood forward as the adand Wells.

vocate and patron of all public charities;

the unwearied labour with which you have To the Right Rev. George Henry Law,

visited every parish in your widely exD.D. Lord Bishop of Chester.

tended diocese, and conferred the greatest

advantages upon the Church by improve. MY LORD,-We, the Clergy of the ment of all parochial buildings, have comDeaneries of Richmond and Catterick, manded universal approbation and respect. respectfully offer to your Lordslip the sin. And the kindness and attention which you cere expression of our regret at your bave uniformly shewn to the Clergy of Lordship's removal from the See of Ches. every rank under your pastoral care, deter.

mands from us personally the assurance of The indefatigable activity and zeal with our dutiful affection for your Episcopal which you have discharged for many years character, the important duties of your high station; Although these sentiments occasion rethe energy and judgment with which you gret on your Lordship’s separation from

us, we are yet fully aware that after twelve years of most laborious exertion in this extensive and populous diocese, it is but due to your Lordship that you should be translated to a see of ampler revenue and less toilsome duty; and we most respectfully congratulate your Lordship on having received from your Sovereign this testimony of his Majesty's approbation of your meritorious services,

You leave the see of Chester with the affectionate good wishes of the Clergy of the diocese, and we pray to God that he will long preserve to your Lordship that valnable life, and those faculties of mind which have hitherto been employed, under the Divine blessing, with such good effect for the interest of virtne and religion, and the maintenance and support of our estabJished Church,

· Signed in the game, and by the unanimous request, of a numerous meeting of the Clergy of the deaneries of Richmond and Cauterick, assembled at Richmond by pablic advertisement.


Chairman of the Meeting. June 7th, 1824

(Answer.) My Rev. BRETUREN, I have read your « Valedictory Address" with the warmest feelings of affectionate regret. The assurance that I bear away with nje the esteem and good wishes of the Clergy of my late diocese, is the most gratifying return I could have received, for all iny anxiety and endeavours, to promote the interest of themselves and of those committed to their care.

I feel most sensibly at this moment of separation, that the tie which binds together a Bishop and bis Clergy, is of a peculiar and a hallowed nature. For 12 years we have been fellow-labourers in the vineyard of our Lord. After such an intercourse, it is with a most painful effort that I now say-Farewell.

Bat before we part, accept my gratitnde-my affection---my respect. And be assured, that whilst memory holds its seat within me, I shall never cease to pray for the liappiness, temporal and eternal, of the Clergy of the diocese of Chester.

Geo. H. Bath and Wells.
Langham Place,
June 12th, 1824.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Biggs, T. H. to the vicarage of Dor. Gossett, T.S. M.A. to the vicarge of Old mington and Chapelry of Bartestree, Windsor ; Patron, the LORD CHANannexed, Hertford.


bridge, to the rectory of Burnham Deepdale, Suffolk ; patron, H. Blyth,

gent. of Burnham Westgate. Buckland, J. R. B.D. fellow of Sidney

Susset college, Cambridge, to be head master of Uppingham school, Rutland. Campbell, A. M.Å. to the vicarage of

Childwall, Lancashire. Cocks, hon. and rev. J. M.A. of Brase

nose college, Oxford, to be prebendary of the cathedral church of Hereford;

Patron, the KING. Donne, J. M.A. curate of Kingston Deve

rill, Wilts, to the vicarage of St.Paul's, Bradford; Patron, Lord CARTERKT. fane, E. M.A. to he a prebendary of the

cathedral church of Salisbury; Patron,

the KING. French, Dr. master of Jesus college, Cam.

bridge, to the vicarage of Creetingham, Suffolk; Patron, the LORD CHANCEL

LOR. Gipps, H. B.C.L. to the vicarage of St.

Peter's, and rectory of St. Oren's, He

reford. Goodenough, J. B.C.L. of Balliol college,

Oxford, to the rectory of Godmanstone,

and the perpetual curacy of Nether · Cerne, in the county of Dorset.

lagh, in the county of Devon. Hett, w. K. B.A. to be master of Heigh

ington School, near Lincoln. Hewett, J. S. D.D. chaplain of Downing

college, and late fellow of Clare hali, Cambridge, to hold the rectory of Ewhurst, with the rectory of Rotherhithe,

Surry, by dispensation. Liddell, H. G. M.A. to the rectory of

Kenaldkirk, Yorkshire ; Patrons, the TRUSTEES of the late Earl of Strathmore. Macfarlan, G. M.A. of Trinity college,

and vicar of Shudy Camps, Cambridge, to the vicarage of Gainford Durham ; Patrons, the Master and Fellows of

that SOCIETY. Millner, J. to the vicarage of Culham,

Kent; Patron, the LORD CHANCELLOR. Perceval, Hon. and Rev. Mr. to the rec

tory of East Horsley, Surry; Patron,

ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY. Piggott, S. to the rectory of Dunstable,

Bedfordshire; Patron, the Lord CUANCELLOR. Pitt, C. to the rectory of Hasleton, with 'Enworth chapel, in the county of G loucester ; Patron, the LORD CHANCELLOR.

Sprigge, J. D. to the rectory of Brockley, MASTERS of Arts.-G. Tyndall, esq. Suffolk,

Merton ; II. B. Bulteel, and rev. H. Rich. Tredcroft, R, to the rectory of West Itchards, Exeter ; J. W. R. Landon, and W.

nor, in the county of Sussex ; Patron, Buller, Worcester ; rev. G. Clulow, and the Lord CHANCELLOR.

rev. F. Holo, Queen's; J. Wilson, St. Wagner, M. H. M. A. late fellow of King's Mary h. ; rev. F. Spring, St. Edmund h.;

college, Cambridge, to the vicarage of rev. C. Dodgson, Christ Ch. ; rev. C. W.

Brighton ; Patron, the KING. . W. Eyton, rev. L. Lewellin, rev, R. Howe White, T. H. to the stall belonging to the ell, and rev. T. Stacey, Jesus ; R. Har.

Priest Vicar of the very rev. the Dean ington, rer. J. Wetherall, rev. J. Bird,

of Lichfield, wbo presented it to him. rev. C. Moffat, and J. L. Philipps, BraWilkinson, J. M. A. of St. John's college, senose ; rev, T. H. Walker, Oriel; rev.

Cambridge, sub-master of St. Saviour's J. F. Howard, rev. J. M. Ecbalaz, and
Grammar School, Southwark, to be J. R. Chaplyn, Trin.; E. Gardiner, and
head-master of the Grammar School, rev. T. Bissland, Balliol.
Aldenham, Herts; Patrons, the WOR- BACHELORS OF Arts. — T. Prickard,
SHIPFUL COMPANY OF BREWERS. esq. St. Mary h. grand compounder;

J. Walker, esq. Trin. grand compound

er ; W. T. Blenkinsop, and cw. Cleere, Degrecs conferred, May 26.

St. Alban h.; E. Dix, Exeter; II. E. Doctor IN DIVINITY.- Rev. M. De Show, Worcester; W. Houldsworth, B. R. Courcy, B.A. Exeter.,

Perkins, and T. W. Teasdale, Lincoln; MASTERS OF ARts.- Rev.T.S. Codring. M. G. Sargant, and J. T. Parker, Queen's; ton, Brasenose, grand compounder ; E. Blagdon, and J. R. Hamilton, St.Mary rev. R. H. Millington, St. John's, grand h.; D. Davies, and J. Beaven, St. Ed compounder; s. Jay, esq. Oriel, grand mund h. ; hun. A. W. A. Cooper, hon. compounder; rev. W. Gray, grand com. T. A. Powys, J. A. Wynne, and L. Purpounder, rev. W. Jones, and rev. T. Mey- brick, Christ Ch.; T. Morgan, and J. jer, Pemb.; rev. C. Sheffield, Christ Ch.; Price, Jesus; F. W. Slade, Brasenose ; E. F. Arney, Brasenose ; rev. N. Smart, D. J. Eyre, Oriel ; C. Langton and F.

University; rev. H. G. Cholmondeley, Goddard, Trin.; J. Sandford, Balliol; · and J. Fawcett, Baliol; and rev. T. C. B. Cooper, University; S. R. Capel, Price, fellow of Jesus.

R. Michell, J. Scott, and Peter Cotes, BACHELORS OF ARTS.-J. A. G. Col. IVadham ; and W. Rickets, Merton. poys, R. C. Kitson, J. Gunn, P. P. Ren. dail, J. H. Laurence, and W. B. L. Haw.

June 15. kins, Exeter ;C. A. Handley, and H. B. S. MASTER OF ARTS, B. H. Bridges, Harris, Worcester; G. H. Dashwood, Merton. Lincola; hon. J. Boyle, Christ Ch; T. B. BACHELORS OF ARTS.--R. Sankey, and Gwyn, and D.L. Jones, Jesus ; J. Eddy,

J. Menzies, Corpus Christi. Trin.; J. Beauchamp St. John, Univer

June 17. sity ; E. Hawkins, Balliol; T. Clarke, BACHELORS IN DIVINITY.-Rer. W. II. Oriel; and G. D. Kent, Corpus Christi. Coleridge, Christ Ch. ; and rev. J. SledJune 5, (last day of Easter Term.) man, Pembroke.

MASTERS OF ARTS.- Rev. R. T. Pas. DocToR IN DIVINITY.-Rev. T. Mor- singham, grand compounder, rev. R. C. gan, M.A. Jesus,

Coxe, and rev. II. P. Jeston, Worcester; MASTERS OF ARTS.-Rev. P.G. Harper, rev. C. S. Leathes, and J. M. Chapman, and rev. R. R. Mendbam, Wadham.

Exeter ; rev. W.F. Hook, rey. G. M. BACTELORS OF ARTE.-R. L. Adams, Coleridge, and G. Salt, Christ Ch. ; F. esa. student of Christ Ch. grand com- Neale, Trin.; Rev. A. J. Langley, Bal. pounder; J. Hornden, H. E. Chamber- liol ; rev. R.C. Willis, and rev. G. Gould, Jaip, and J. P. Lightfoot, Exeter ; J. University : hon. and rev. E. Pellew, C. Bond.Wadham; J. Eveleigh, Worcester ; Wood, and rev. E. Trelawny, Oriel; rer. A. Templeman, Queen's; J. Still, St.

A. Chester, Merton; rev. J. W. Hayes, Mary h.; H. Richards, Madg. h.; R.

and W. Bond, Wadham. Salwey, and J. Perkins, Christ Ch; L.


Christ Ch. grand compounder; A. BlosG. T. Palmer, Brasenose ; F. G. Mid am, Worcester ; C. P. Price, Pembroke : dleton, Magdalen; J. M. King, Balliol. A. E. Davies, St. Mary h. ; C. Rolfe, and The whole number of Degrees in Eas.

S. L. Woodcock, Lincoln; C. Erck, st. ter Term was-D.D. four; D.C.L. one; Edmund h.; R. P. G. Tiddeman, rev. B. D. seven ; B.C.L. one; M.A. forty- W. B. Cosens, and J. Spry, Magdalen h.; one; B.A. sixty-two. Matriculations, J. T. Wareing, and G. Willcock, Exeter; eighty-nine.

F. Urquhart, and M. Wilson, Brasenose; June 9, (the first day of Act Term.) E. Wix, Trin.; W. K. Horlock, and E. BACHELOR IN Civil Law.-L. Meyrick, Palling, Queen's ; C. R. Roper, si, John's; Queen's.

C. A. Thurlow, Balliol; J. G. Copleston,

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