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Short, W. M.A. student of Christ church, BACHELORS OF ARTS.-J. Hopkins, St.

Oxford, to the vicarage of Chippenham, John's college, grand compounder ; T. Wilts ; Patrons, the DEAN AND CA

Martyn, Queen's college ; J. Hartley, St. NONS OF THAT SOCIETY.

Edmund hall; W. Marsh, Magdalen

hall ; R, Hall, Christ church; T. ComSteward, H. E. M.A. of Christ church,

meline, St. Alban hall; W. Luteyns, Oxford, to be domestic cbaplain to the

G. C. Jordan, and J. G. Lewis, PemEarl of Warwick.

broke college ; R. Hathway, Jesus college; Trenow, F. J. C. to the rectory of Lang

R.Clayton, University college ; H.H. Hol. ton Herring, near Weymouth; Patron, dicb, and W. Falconer, Oriel college ; F. · W. SPARKS, ESQ.

Dobson, and H. M. Boultbee, Merton Trucker, H. T. M. A. to the rectory of college ; and F. F. Edwardes, and J.Day. Uplyme.

man, Corpus Christi college. Turner, S. M.A. of University college,

December 10. . Oxford, to the rectory of Nettleton,

MASTERS OF ARTS.-R. S. Glyn, and Lincolnshire. "

S. Short, Christ church; L. B. Larking, Vansittart, W. M.A. late student of Christ and J. S. Tucker, Brasenose college. church, Oxford, and vicar of White

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-R. B. Cooke, Waltham, to be master of Wigston's

Christ church, and C. Porcher, Oriel colhospital, in Leicester; Patron, the

lege, grand compounders; J. Askew, W. Right Hon. LORD BEXLEY, AS CHAN

F. Audland, and E. Rowlandson, Queen's · CELLOR OF THE DUCHY OF LANCASTER.

I. college ; J. Spratt, and J. Cheese, St. Verelst, W. rector of Grayingham, to the Mary hall; S. L. Pope, Trinity college;

vicarage of Rauceby; Patron, SIR J.H. P. Ewart, Christ church, and R. LlewelTEOROLD, BART.

lin, University college. Wilkinson, T. to be a minor canon of

December 17.
Carlisle cathedral.
Williams, D. B.C.L. and late fellon of

BACHELORS INDIVINITY.-J. E. Tyler, New college, Oxford, to be head master of Winchester college.

MASTERS OF ARTS.-J. C. Lucena, Yrenow, to the rectory of Langton Her

Brasenose college ; G. W. J. Chard, Tric

nity college, and W. R. Williams, Queen's . Ting, Dorset.


BACHELORS or ARTS.-J. Langley,

Magdalen hall; H. J. Legge, St. Albax : Degrees conferred, Nov. 28. hall; F. Robinson, and T. Biddulph,

Corpus Christi college ; C. K. Williams, BACHELOR IN MEDICINE.-R. Vena.

Pembroke college ; H. H. Wynne, Jesus bles, St. Mary hall.

college ; V. Monro, University college, MASTERS OF ARTS.-E. Leslie, Christ and R. Shepherd, Queen's college. church, grand compounder ; E. Timson, The whole number of Degrees in MiTrinity college; G. H. W. Heneage, chaelmas Term was-D.D. four; B.D. Christ church; A. W. Gregory, and E. three; B. Med. one; M.A. thirty-five; Cobbold, St. Alban hall, and F. R. Ste- B.A. sixty-eight. Matriculations, one vens, Worcester college.

hundred and thirty-eight. BACHELORS OF ARTS.-W. Yates, Brase

November 27. nose college, grand compounder; J. Colquhon, Oriel college ; W. Whalley and

Mr. G. F. W. Mortimer, of Baliol col-
R. B. Berens, Christ church: A. Crowdy lege, was elected exhibitioner of Queen's
and J. Gladstone, Brasenose college : E. college, ou Mitchell's Foundation.
Falle, Pembroke college ; E. Hammond,

November 28. - .si
University college ; D. Maclean, and W.
D. Veitch, Baliol college; C. S. Greaves,

- Mr. J. Ekins, was admitted Fellow of Queen's college, and G. Dixon, St. John's New college, Founder's kin; Messrs. J. college.

Chandler, born in the county of Surrey, December 2

and C. A. Heurtley, of the county of

Durham, were admitted scholars of Cor· BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.. pus Christi college." -R. Ness, Merton college.

November 25. MASTERS OF ARTS.-T. W. Gordon, The names of the following gentlemen, Exeter college; B. Gosling, and J. H. who have been respectively nominated Hornby, Christ church; T. A. Boswell, to succeed to the office of Select Preacher, Brasenose college, and J. Carr, Baliol at Michaelmas next, were approved in college.


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Edward Copleston, D.D. provost of M. Talbot, Oriel college; Robert Isaac Oriel college, É. Cardwell, B.D. fellow of Wilberforce, Oriel college ; Charles KeBrasenose college, T. Loveday, B.D. sel vern, Pembroke college. low of Magdalen college, C. Lipscombe, In the Second Class of Lit. Humaniores. M.A. fellow of New college, and T. V. Short, M.A. student of Christ church.,

John Charles J. Hoskyns Abraball,

Wadham college ; Theophilus B. H. AbraNovember 29.

hall, Wadham college ; Edward L. BadeMr. J. Besley, of Baliol college, and loy, Brasenose college ; Thomas Verey Mr Langley, of University college, were Bayne, Jesus college ; John Bramston, elected fellows of Baliol college.

Oriel college ; Charles D. Bruce, Christ December 3.

church; Edmund Frederick J. Carring

ton, Queen's college ; Scrope Milner Col. In convocation, Richard Bethell, M.A.

quiit, Brasenose college; Hon. Henry T. fellow of Wadham college, was unani.

Lawry Corry, Christ church; John Hartmouly elected Vinerian fellow of common loy, št. Edmund hall; Thomas Hornby,

Christ church ; John Myers King, Baliol The following subjects are proposed college; Richard Llewellin, University for the ChanCELLOR'S PRIZES, for the college ; Ralph Maude, Brasenose col eosuing year, viz.

lege; Edward Rowlandson, Queen's colFor Latin verse-Babylon.

lege; Richard C. Hippisley Tuckfield, For an English Essay-Athens in the

Oriel college ; Robert Wickham, Christ

church; John Arthur Wynne, Christ time of Pericles, and Rome in the time of

church. Augustus. *For a Latin Essay-Coloniarum apud

In the Second Class of Discipline MatheGrecos et Romanos inter se Comparatio.

maticæ. et Physicæ. The first of the above subjects is in. Robert Hall, Christ church; William tended for those gentlemen of the Uni Irwin, Queen's college; Philip Pinkney versity who have not exceeded four years Rendall, Exeter college. from the time of their matriculation; · "Litere Humaniores. and the other two for such as have ex

Anthony Crowdy, Brasenose college ; ceeded four, but not completed seven

William Falconer, Oriel college; Edward years.

Falle, Pembroke colle je; Christopher Sir ROGER NEWDIGATE's PRIZE.—For Fawcett, University college; Alexander the best composition in English verse, Goode, Pembroke co leye; John Edward not containing either more, or fewer than Gray, Christ church; Charles Sprengel 50 lines, by any Under-graduate who Greaves, Queen's college ; John Cecil has not exceeded four years from the Hall, Christ church; Edmund Hammond, time of his matriculation.--The Arch of University college ; John West Henry, Titus.

Pembroke college; William Hopton, Tri• The pames of those Candidates, who, nity college ; Francis Hulme, St. Alban at the close of the public examination

hall; John Edward Jeffreys, Christ this term, were admitted by the public ex church; Robert Irvine, Magdalen hall; aminers into the first and second classes

Edward Millard, Exeter college ; Joseph of Litere Humaniores and Discipline

T. Parker, Queen's college ; Simeon Pope, Mathematicæ et Physicæ respectively, ac

Trinity college ; Pinkney P. Rendall, cording to the alphabetical arrangement

Exeter college ; George Riggs, Queen's in each class prescribed by the statute,

college ; Francis Robinson, Corpus Christi stand as follow:

college ; Richard Salwey, Christ church;

Jamos Thomas, Pembroke college ; John In the First Class of Literæ Humaniores. Wakefield, St. Edmund hall; Richard John Campbell Colquhoun, Oriel col.

Wildman, Christ church ; Charles Kevern lege; Hon. Francis Curzon, Brasenose

Williams, Pembroke college. college ; John Dayman, Corpus Christi * T. GRANTHAM, X college ; Robert Hall, Christ church;

J. A. CRAMER, ( Publica James William Mylne, Baliol college; C. A. OGILVIE, (Examiners. Augustas Short, Christ church; Robert C. G. STOCKER, Isaac Wilberforce, Oriel college.

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. In the First Class of Discipline Mathematice et Phgsica.

Degrees conferred, Nov. 26. Charles Dashwood Bruce, Christ church; DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-G. Wilkins, Hon. Francis Curzon, Brasenose college; Caius college. William Falconer, Oriel college ; George MASTER OF ARTS.-J. Pope, Queen's Riggs, Queen's college, Christopher Rice college.

· BACHELOR OF ARTS.-B. Bray, Ema- Liff, Trinity college; R.Ambler, Christ's nuel college.

college ; and W. Vaughan, St. John's coke December 10.

lege, Cambridge. .. - MASTER OF ARTS.-S. E. Batten, Pem

PRIEST8.-G. Deane, B.A. St. Mary's broke hall.

hall; B. C. Goodison, Worcester college ;

and H. J. Urquhart, New'college, Oxford, .. BACAELOR IN CIVIL LAW.-J.K. Greet.

and G. L. Foxton, B.A. "Christ's college, bam, Jesus college. '

Cambridge BACHELOR OF ARTS.-R. Thompson,

December 14. Trinity college.

By the Lord Bishop of Bristol, in the December 15.

chapel of Christ's college, Cambridge. · BACHELOR IN Civil Law.-E. Irish

By Let. Dim. from the Bishop of Norwich. Magdalen college.

* Deacons.-Y. J. Dickenson, Trinity BACHELOR IN PEYSIC.-G.F.H. Green.

college, Oxford ; J. Cubitt, Christ's col. halgh, Caius college.

lege; w.p Mack, Corpus Christi college ; J. Alderson, B.A. of Pembroke hall, is

R. Songe, Caius college; E. P. Henslow, elected Fellow of that Society. The rev. H. Law, M.A. of St. John's

Jesus college'; and A. Langton, Downing college, and J. King, M.A. of Queen's col.

college, Cambridge. lege, aro appointed examiners for the By Let. Din. from the Bp. of Chichester. Pitt scholarship.

PRIEST.-F. P. Hoole, Trinity college, The rev. J. Hlind, M.A. Of Sidney col, Cambridge. lege; J. King, M.A. of King's college ; T. Chevallier, M.A, of Catharine hall;

i By Let. Dim. from Bishop of Norwich.. and R. Twopeny, M.A. of St. John's cul. J. H. Steward, Trinity college, Can. lege, are appointed Examiners of the bridge. Questionists; and J. Lodge, M.A. of By Let. Dim. from the Bishop of Ely, : Magdalen college ; and R. Ďaw es, M.A,

H. Deacle, Emanuel college, Camon of Downing, are appointed Additional Examiners of the Seventh and Eighth


:: Classés.

December 21.

. i December 9,

By the Lord Bishop of Peterborough, Richard Torin Kindersley, esq. M.A. in the cathedral church of Peterborough. fellow of Trinity college, has been ap- Deacons.-J. T. Flesber, Lincoln cok pointed to succeed Sir Charles Hale. lege, Oxford; F. Folliott, St. John's cole court Chambers in the Law Fellowship of lege, Cambridge ; T. W. Harding, Pen-, that Society,

broke college; and T. Watson, Edmund The Norisian prize, (the subject of the hall, Oxford. essay being the Office and Mission of

PRIESTS.-H. Gibbs, Lincoln college ; John the Baptist,) is decided in favour of James Amiraux Jeremie, scholar of

A. W. Gregory, St. Alban-hall; T. Pear. Trinity college.

son, Queen's college; A. W. Schomborg, F. Le Grice, M.A. and S. Power, B..4.

Magdalen-hall; and J. Wetherall, Brase of Clare hall, were elected fellors of that

nose college, Oxford; J. W. Hawksley.

St. John's college ; and W. Mousley, Society.

Queen' college, Cambridge,
December 18.
The rev. N. J. Temple, M. A. and the

By the Lord Bishop of Chester, in the rev. J. Hinde, M.A. of Sidney college,

cathedral church of Chester. were clected foundation fellows of that Deacons.-E. Hinchcliffe, Worcester society; and the rev. E. D. Rhodes, college ; J. Folliott, Pembroke college; M.A. was elected fellow on the Tiverton R. Litler, Brasenose colleye; P. Ewart, foundation; and the rev. J. Hiod, M.A. Christ church; F. Bryans, St. Edmund was appointed one of the tutors of that hall; E. Robinson, Baliol college, Oirsociety..

ford; T. Addison, and D. Green, Catha-' ORDINATIONS.

rine hall : R. Procter, St. John's College,

and J. C. Grylls, Jesus college, Cam, November 30.

bridge. T. Airey. By the Lord. Bishop of Hereford, in PRIESTS. – R. Parkinson, B.A. St. the chapel of St. Mary's college, Win John's colleye; E. Hutchins, Corpus chester.

Christi college; T. G. Parr, and R. P. DEACONS.W.R. Crotch, New college ; Pidcock, St. John's college and Peter R. L. Benson, Christ church; and S. H. Legh, Trinity college, Cambridge; F. W. Harrison, St. John's college, Oxford. Hope, Christ church ; apd the hon. J. B. Póulden, St. John's college ; F. E. R. B. Fielding, Oriel college, Oxford;

J. Rushton, S. Birkett, T. Colbeck, and rish, and of Sheviock, Cornwall, før many D. Turner.

years an acting magistrate in the former . By the Lord Bishop of Oxford, in du county. Souls' college chapel.

DORSETSHIRE. DEACONS. - J. Edwards, Maydalen Married. The rev. G. C. Frome, of college ; J. West, New college, T. H. Folke, to Mary, third daughter of E. M. Tragett, Corpus Christi college ; C.

Pleydell, esq. of Whatcomb house. Dodgson, and J. Lupton, Christ church;

ESSEX. G. Inge, Au Souls' college ; W. Allen,

, Married. The rev. John Philip Ite. Jesus college ; C. J. Plumer, Oriel col. « lege ; H. II. Wyone, Jesus college ; R.

na ringham, rector of Chadwell St. Mary, w. Jelf, Oriel college; W. T. Phillips,

and Borley, to Susanna Jackson, only and c. Meredith, Magdalent college ;

daughter of the rev. Godfrey Bird, rector J. L. Richards, Exeter college ; and J.

of Little Waltham.

Died. The rev. D. F. Pryce, D.D. of Besly, Baliol college. J.T. J. Hewlett, and G. Dandridge...

Bradfield rectory, aged 49. PRIESTS.-A. P. Perceval, All Souls'

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. college ; R. Bird, Magdalen college ; J. * Died. At the vicarage house, Drif. Ball, St. John's college ; W. Jacobs, New field, in his 74th year, the rev, Thomas college ; 0. Owen, Jesus college ; J. T. Ward, perpetual curate of Heaye, and Round, Baliol college ; W. S. Carey, and for nearly halla century officialing minis. J. Shuldham, Christ church ; and 11. II. ter of Driffield. Koight, Quecn's college ; W. Williams, At Newent, after a few days illness, tho and R. A. Musgrare.

rev. Thomas Davies, vicar of Orenhail By the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, in

and Pauntley, and perpetual curate of

Upleadon. the cathedral church of Gloucester, .

At Filton, the rev. J.P. Manley, D.C.L. DEACONS.-E. Hawkins, Pembroke col

formerly of St. John's college, Oxford." lege; J. Hartley, St. Edmund hall; J.

HANTS. olive, Wadham college ; R. W. Lambert, Pembroke college ; and G. 8. Luke, Died. — Aged 46, the rev. Henry Queen's college, Oxford ; W. B. Bere, Wheatley, M.A. fellow of Queen's college, Emmanuel collége; W. F. Holt, Ring's Oxford, and vicar of Bramley, college ; and c: Rooke, Jesus college,

PRIESTS.-S. Lloyd, Magdalen college;

Married. The rev. Myles Dixon,

curate of St. Anne's chapel, Lancaster, to J. Herbert, Wadham college; M. Vava.

Miss Alice Bland, of the same place. sour, Brasenose college ; G. N. Gale,

• At Warrington, the rev. E.K. Dimock, Worcester college ; and j. Allen, Christ

to Margaret, widow of the late W. Gaschurch, Oxford; E. W. Kirk, St. John's

kell, esq. of the same place. college ; T. Pruen, St. John's college ; W. Marshall, Queen's college ; and w,

LINCOLNSHIRE. Marriott, Trinity hall, Cambridge.

Married.-At St. Peter's, m Eastgate, MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE.

Lincoln, the rev. S. Mnrtin, vicar of

Coleby, to Miss F. E. Williams, second CAMBRIDGE.

darghter of the late Theophilus WilMarried. The rev. W. Acton, B.C.L. liams, esq. of Demerara. of St. John's college, Cambridge, and rec

MIDDLESEX tor of Ayott, St. Lawrence, Herts, to Married.-In London, the rev. J. S. Henrietta, third daughter of Sir Charles Rawlinson, LL.B. to Anne Eliza, only Watsoa, bart. of Wratling Park, Can- daughter of T. Hawkins, esq. Jate of bridge.', is

Penang, in the East Indies. .1. CORNWALL.) 1*

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Died.-At St. Edoner vicarage, in the

Married. The rev. R. Pickering, of 84th year of his age, and thic 57th of his incumbency, the rev. W. Hocker, B.A.

Brigstock, to Catherine, youngest daughformerly of Exeler college. Business from

ter of Mr. H. Coles, of Aldwinckle. home, and exeursions of pleasure, during

At Castle Ashby, the rev. Dr. Mavor, this long period, kept him from his

rector of Woodstock, to Harriet, youngest church but five Sundays.

daughter of the rev. Edward Seagrave,

formerly rector of Castle Ashby. CUMBERLAND.

Died.—The rev. Mr. Chume, rector of Died.--At Carlisle, the rev. John Wil. Hemington, near Castle Donnington. kin.


Married.--The rev. Alfred Padley, of Died.-Aged 73, at Cornwood, Devon. Bulwell house, to Selina, daughter of the rev. Duke Yonge, vicar of that pa. Samuel Bolton, esq. of Nottingham,


Died. The rev. E. Harvey, rector of

YORKSHIRE. Finningley for 59 years.

Married.-At Leeds, the rev. Samuel OXFORDSHIRE.

Crawford, to Louisa Ann, daughter of

the late rev. W. Wood. Married.-The Rev. S. Booth, to Miss Eliza Williamson, both of Salford.

ISLE OF WIGHT. Died. On the 22d ult. the rev. Ni. Married. --At Freshwater, the rev. cholas Earle, M.4. rector of Swerford Robert Oakman. B.A. of St. Alban hall, with Showell, and formerly fellow of Mag- Orford, late curate of Holy rood church, dalent college. The living is in tho gilt Southampton, to Miss Cotton, of Fresh, of the president and fellows of that su

water. ciety. Mr. Earle was appointcd to the

At Yarmouth, the rev. James Coyte, rectory in 1782.

M.A. of Farnham, Suffolk, to Mary Ann, SOMERSETSHIRE.

youngest daughter of F. R. Reynolds,

esq. of Yarmouth. Died. At Bath, the rev. W.H. Whito, vicar of St. Mary, Beedin, Canterbury.

WALES. Aged 73, the rev. Jeremiah Dixon, Married. The rev. Mr. Edwards. M.A. upwards of 44 years incumbent of

curate of Towyn, Merionetkshire, to Miss the parochial chapelry of Woolley, near Edwards, of that place. Wakefield.

The rev. J. Deake, rector of St. Athan, Agod 70, the rev. James Bernard, rec.

Glamorganshire, and of St. Bride's, Ne tor of Combeflory, in the county of So.

So therwent, Monmouthshire, to Mrs. Tay. merset, and of Stoodleigh, in the county

lor, widow of Captain Taylor, of the 5th of Devon,

Royal Veteran Battalion.

Died.-At Narberth, tho rov. Stephen Married.--At Barton-under-Needwood. Morse, rector of Kilrhedyn and Maenochthe rev, John Charles Lucona, B.A. of Log-ddw, and one of his Majesty's justices Brasenose college, Oxford, and of North of the peace for the county of Pembroke. Cray, Kent, to Mary Catherine, eldest

Aged 43, the rev. D.H. Saunders, B.d. daughter of James Harrison, esq. of Bar.

rectot of Ambleston, Pembrokeshire, and ton hall, Staffordshire.

curate of Stainton church, near Milford.

The rev. Watkin Williams, vicar of SURREY.

Nantglyn, Denbighshire.
Married.--At Streatham, the, rey. G.

D. Whitehead, domestic chaplain to Lord
Monson, vicar of Saxilby, &c. to Inger

Married.-- At Edinburgh, the rov, S. Maria, danghter of G. Wolff, esq. of

A. Elton, bart. of Clevendon court, West, Balham.

moreland, to Mary, daughter of the late The rev. Robert Burls, of Maldon, te

William Stewart, esq. of Castle Stewart. Mary, second danghter of — Death,

The rev. Robert Allen, of Stewartsesq. of Hunsdon, Herts.

town, to Sarah Jane, third daughter of Married.-At Mortlake, the rev. J.T.

Samuel Little, esq. of the same place. James, to Maria Anne Jane, daughter of

At Balcairn, the rev. J. S. Ballater, to Frederick Recyes, esq. of East Sheen.

Charlotte, daughter of F. Farqubarson, At Clapham, the rov. W. F. Cobb, esq. M.A. of Nettlestead, Kent, second son of

IRELAND. Francis Cobb, esq. of Margate, to Mary, second daughter of P. Blackburn, esq. of

Married. The rev. R. Stevelly, to Clapham.

· Sophia, second daughter of the late revi

E.' Herbert, archdeacon of Aghadoe, and SUSSEX.

chancellor of Christ church, Dublin. Married.--At Brighton, the rev. T. The rev. W. Wauchope, of Ballymena, Roy, vicar of Woburn, Bedfordshire, to to Jane, eldest daughter of William Miss Hanson, of Regency-square.

Adams, esq. of Randalstown...

The rev. W. Macouchy, to Anne Lotitia

King, third daughter of the late S. King, Married. The rev. William Bowyer esq. of Granby-row.. Adderley, of Fillongley hall, to Caroline, At Wellbrook, in his 80th year, the ror. youngest daughter of the late John Tay. James Mcara, rector of Freshford, &c. lor, esq. of Moseley hall, Worcestershire.

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