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or remedy. There are eight sorts of goitre, as those arisingfrom wind, bile, &.c. Thus six chapters are on curing diseases in the upper part of the body. Now follows the curing of diseases afiecting the viscera, and the entrails or

vessels. 34. In curing the diseases of the heart, there is treated of: cause and incident,

division, symptom, and remedy. There are seven distinction of diseasesin the

heart; as the throbbing or palpitation of the heart §C'Qg/N1 &c. &c.

35. In curing the diseases of the lungs are considered : cause, division, symptom, remedy. There are eight distinctions of diseases.

36. In curing the diseases of the liver, are treated of: cause, division, symptom,

remedy. There are 18 distinctions of diseases. 37. In curing the diseases of the spleen or milt, four things come into con

sideration. There are five kinds of diseases, as inflammation, &c.

38. In curing the diseases of the reins or kidneys, there are four considerations, with seven kinds of diseases ; as wind in the reins,&c.

39. In curing the diseases of the stomach, or the pit of the stomach, there are likewise four things to be previously considered. And first, 16 kinds of diseases,

as heat, cold, &c. and again five kinds, as wind, &c. 40. In curing the diseases of the intestines or bowels are considered four

things, as cause, &c. with the distinction of five kinds of diseases. 41. In the curing of the gut of the entrails or bowels, are considered: symptom and remedy, with five distinctions of diseases ; as cold, pufiing up, 8w. Thus eight

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Diseases of the privy parts42, 43. In these two chapters for male and female cases are considered:

cause, Sec. four, with nine and five distinctions of disease respectively.

This class of disorders is called 5l<\IC'6fi (secret disease).

The curing of little diseases (g|’;_';,;)_

44. In the curing of hoarseness, or difliculty of using the voice, are considered: cause, incident, &c. four, with seven distinctions of diseases; as wind, &c.

45. In curing aversion from food, or restoring the loss of appetite (1i[\'5|v QQRPH) there are considered: cause, &c. four; with four distinctions of that

disease. 46. In curing the distemper of continual thirst, are considered: cause and

incident, &c. four, with five kinds of that distemper; as wind, bile, &c. 47. In the curing of the hiccup, the disease of yexing (convulsion of the

stomach §lqi\I'B3'5|§ ), are considered: cause and accident, the. four, with five distinctions of that distemper; as from meat or food, &c.

48. The curing of the difficulty of breathing: cause, &c. four; with five minor distinctions.

49. The curing of a sudden cholic, (§]C'E1Ui\I, a distemper of the bowels,) are considered: cause and accident, &c. four; with three principal, and eleven minor, kinds of that distemper; besides some others that are enumerated, as heat

and cold; worms and phlegm, &c. 50. The curing of diseases arising from worms (in the belly or bowels :) and insects, are considered: cause and accidents, &c. four, with two distinctions

inward and outward worms or insects ; as belly worms, lice, and nits.

51. In curing vomiting, are considered: cause and accidents, &c. four, with four distinctions of that distemper, as wind, &c.

52. In curing purging diseases (or dysentery), are considered: cause, &c. four, with four distinctions of that distemper, &c.

53. The curing of obstruction of stools, or of evacuation, four things to be considered, and five kinds of that distemper are enumerated.

54. In curing dysury (or difliculty of making urine), is treated of the cause and accidents, 8w. four, with several distinctions of the kinds of that distemper.

55. In curing the frequent discharge of urine ; cause, &c. four, with the three kinds of that distemper, arising from phlegm, bile, and wind; phlegm has again 10 distinctions.

56. In curing the disease called the “ Indian heat," (very dangerous to Tibetans, by causing excessive heat and frequent evacuations, of which many die who visit India,) are considered: cause, &c. four, with four distinct divisions of that distemper.

57. In curing the swelling or enlargement of the feet, are considered ; cause, .&c. four, with four distinctions of that disease.

58. In curing the gout QJWQ are considered: cause, 800. four, with six distinctions of that painful distemper.

59. In the curing of diseases arising from the serum or watery parts of the blood ('§'i§I1L yellow water, had or corrupt humonrs), are considered: the man. ner of its origin, its division, symptom, mode of curing, with several distinctions.

60. The curing of the disease called “the white vein,” £"RR|Lwi1;h several divisions and distinctions.

61. The curing of cutaneous diseases. Of these there are several divisions and distinctions. '

62. The curing of miscellaneous diseases of the smaller kind; such as contraction or sinking of the sinews; dysentery; vomiting; any hurt caused by fire; hurt or wound made with a needle; or when a needle or the iron-point of an arrow happen to be swallowed ; choaking or sufiocation; on the stopping of any thing in the throat, as, a beard of corn, bone, fish-prickle; the entering or swallowing in of a spider or scorpion ; intoxication ; stifiness of the neck; ill smell of the body ; hurt of the hands and feet caused by cold and snow; the creeping of any insect into the ear; the swelling of the teat of a woman. The curing of all such diseases is called the cure of small diseases. Thus there are l9 chapters on minute diseases.

The healing of wounds, sores, or ulcers.

63. The curing of ulcers (QQN) here are considered : cause, &c four with several distinctions. ’

64. The curing of the hemorrhoids (piles or emerods in the fund _K|@CvQ§3.|'): cause, &c. four, with six distinctions. ament, \65. The curing of St. Anthony's fire, (any swelling full of heat and redness, 3\l"RIIQ]): cause, &c- four, with several distinctions, and the places (or parts) where generally they occur. 66. The curing of the Surya disease (glfilli-i'fiR) affecting the lungs, liver,

&c. its beginning, &c. four, with some distinctions.

67. The curing of cancerous or virulent bad sores or ulcers: cause, 840. four, with eight distinctions.

68. The curing of the swelling of the testicles (afifgilfll) : cause, &c. four, with six distinctions.

69. The curing of a disease in the foot and thigh, called Kzingbam, (R13? QQN or enlarging and corruption of the feet, &c. a painful disease in the bones, accompanied with inflammation, and blue colour of the skin : cause, &c. four, with several distinctions.

70. The curing of the ulceration in the perineum : cause, &c. four, with some distinctions.

71. The curing of diseases incident to infant children, with the description of several superstitious customs or practices which are performed at the birth of a. child, as examination of the time at which it was born, whether it is lucky or unlucky; imparting of the benediction ; the cutting of the umbilical cord ; the making it live long; the making it suck, the time, &c. &c.

72. The enumeration of several diseases common to infants and children: cause, &c. four, and the mode of curing them.

73. The curing of diseases caused by any (supposed) evil spirit, 12 kinds of such diseases: symptoms, and remedy.

Thus three chapters are devoted to the diseases of infant children.

Then follow, on curing the diseases of the female sex. These distempers are thus distinguished: general, peculiar, and vulgar, or common.

74. On curing the diseases of the female sex, in general, are considered: cause, &c. four, with two distinctions, originating in the blood and wind.

75. The curing of the particular diseases of women: cause, &c. four, with many distinctions ; as with respect to the several humours, of which they arise.

76. The curing of the common or vulgar diseases of women, with the circumstances of child-birth.

On curing diseases caused by evil spirits.

77. The curing of diseases caused by a ghost (or evil spirit), of which there an-e18 kinds enumerated, from among the Suras and Asuras. Here are considered : cause and incident, division, symptom, and remedy.

78. The curing of insanity or madness: cause, &c. four, with seven distinctions, as it is caused by wind, bile, &c.

79. The curing of a kind of insanity called “ forgetfulness” (lunacy?) enumeration of its several kinds, the symptoms, and the remedies.

80. The curing of palsical diseases, and the telling of the periodical time of their occurrence, the symptoms, and the remedies for preventing their recourse.

81 . On the curingof diseases, in which the body is infested with cancerous ulcers, is eaten away and dissolved: considered cause, &c. nine, with 18 distinctions respecting its dilferent kinds, and the places (or parts) which are generally alfected.

The above five chapters are on such diseases as are supposed to be caused by the influence of some malignant demon.

82. On the curing or healing, in general, of wounds, made by any kind of weapon or tool. Here into consideration come; 1, cause ; 2, accessory cause or incident; 3, nature (of wound); 4, definition or description (of the wound) ; 5, its name; 6, place; 7, division; 8, symptom, mode of curing or remedy, excision or cutting out, cicatrizing. _

83. The curing of wounds on the head, here are considered: the manner of its being, examination of the injured part, manner of curing, recovering, or being

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84. The curing of wounds on the neck or throat, where the bone, vein, or nerve, and the tendon or sinew come into consideration.

85. The curing of wounds on the upper and lower parts of the thumb of the body ; manner or that of being; symptom, remedy, healing.

86. The curing of wounds on the hanging members (arms and legs), the knowing the importance or consequence of, &c. symptoms in general, mode of curing, or restoration.

Thus four chapters were on curing wounds ; henceforth the curing of poison, or the remedies against poisoning.

87. The curing of injuries caused by artificial or prepared poison. Here are considered: the kind of poison, entrance or infection; quality, the manner of its spreading or prevalence; remedies employed, final cessation or remains.

88. The curing of simple poison, and of poison in the flesh. With respect to the first: cause, symptom, remedy ; in the second case, two points m01'e come in consideration.

89. The curing of real or material poison. Two cases: 1, spreading; and 2,

not spreading. (§'1q‘I\C,"a3"§'fl)

These three chapters were on curing injuries caused by poison.

90. On curing the weakness of old age, or procuring strength to weak, old men. Emolurnents, place, recourse to, remedy.

91, 92. On the means of increasing the power or vigour in men.

Here ends the summary extract of the 92 chapters, on the instruction of curing diseases.


Founra PART. Mich crmtains the explanation of the practical part of Medicine.

Chapter 1. The examination of the pulse, wherein 13 cases are enumerated on the character of the distemper.

2. The inspection of urine, wherein, as it is said, the vicious state of the whole body may be seen, as in a mirror.

Thus two chapters are on examining the pulse and urine.

Afterwards, when the character and name of the disease has been found out, what sorts of medicaments are to be administered, is exposed.

' 3. First liquid medicines, of which there are 54 for curing inward heat, and 23 for assuaging cold fits or ague. Together there are 77 sorts of liquid medicine. When by these there is no remedy, further is an

4. Enumeration of powdered medicine, or medicaments in powder, of which the mixture is stated to amount to 96, for assuaging the heat of any distemper; and 69 against cold fits. Both together=165. When they afiord no relief, there is taught of another remedy, _

5. Physic or medicaments in pills, of which the difierent kinds of mixture amount to 22.

6. The several kinds of sirup, (a kind of mixture) are described or taught, of which 15 are for assuaging heat, and five against cold fits. Both together=20.

For procuring strength to the body, and for drawing out an inveterate disease.

7. Is taught of a mixture, called medicinal butter (3{q'3J' ,1) consisting of

several ingredients, of which there are 14 sorts for curing heat, and nine for tak. ing away cold fits. Both together = 23.

8. 13 kinds of mixture of calcined powder, for curing an ague caused by a too much abundance of phlegm.

9. 17 kinds of mixture or syrup, especially for the purpose of assuaging heat.

10. 19 species of mixture of medicinal wine (or spirituous beverage), are enumerated, for curing diseases, in which wind prevails.

11. A mixture, as a remedy against any inveterate malady whatever, prepared of precious stones, for curing the diseases of princes, and of opulent men. One against heat, and 11 against cold ; eight against both ; together: 20,

Since men, in general, cannot have precious stones required for such a mixture for curing diseases, in the

12. Is taught of such vegetables or plants that are procurable by all, of which the several mixtures amount to 28 for curing heat ; and 14 for assuaging cold fit,

Thus taking together all assuaging remedies from the liquid to the vegetable medicines, there are 418. So much of the assuaging remedies. When they are insuflicient, in the

13. is taught of purging or deparatory medicines in general.

14. Of purging medicines operating downwards, for carrying away corrupt blood, bile, and the relics of other diseases. There are three kinds of such purging (or depuratory,) medicines, operating : gently, moderately, and strongly; of which all there are 82 species.

15. For carrying upwards or ejecting the remains of such diseases, as belong to the phlegmatical kind: here vomits are prescribed, of which there are eight of the stronger, and eight of the gentle kind, both=l6.

16. A composition of medicine, for cleansing or purging the nose, five of the gentle, and two of the strong kind.

17. Elixirs or extracted juices, for drawing downwards the diseases in the entrails or intestines and guts.

18. The same continued and specied.

19. Elixirs or mixtures for cleansing the veins, (or deparatory elixirs for do.) Thus seven chapters are on deparatory medicines.

If by the above means there is no sufiicient relief, in another sutra is taught of other soft and hard remedies.

20. How to let blood in such distempers, when heat prevails. There are counted 77 veins, of which any may be opened for letting out blood.

21. The application of a caustic for curing diseases, when cold, or cold fits prevail.

22. The use of a venomous mixture.

23. On the use of medical bath, for diseased members.

24. On adhibiting medicinal unguents. '

25. On medicines operating downwards.

26. The conclusion. Though there be many ways (1,200) of examining the heat and cold prevailing in any disease, they all may be reduced to the following: to look on the tongue and urine, to feel the pulse, and to ask (after the circumstances of the beginning and progress of the disease in question.)

Thus the remedies adhibited against diseases, though they be counted many (1,200) yet they may be reduced to the -following four classes : medicament, manual operation, diet, and exercise. Medicament is either assuaging or deparatory;

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