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The Bombay Asiatic Society.

Editor, Bombay Literary Gaz.

Burn, A. Esq. Assist. Surgeon, Akulcote. Burnes, Lieut. A. Kntch.

R. C. Chambers, Esq. Surat.

Capt. Thos. Jervis, Engineers, Bombay. J. S. Law, Esq. Surat.

Dr. J. McNeil, with the Persian Em

bassy, via Bombay. J. J. Malvery, Esq. Bombay. C. Moorhead, Esq. Mahabaleshur Hills.


Subscribers at Madras.

Dr. Baikie, Neelgherries. Lieut. J. Braddock, Madras. Lieut. Balfour.

R. Cole, Esq.

Col. W. Cullen.

Lieut. T. Ditmas.

H. S. Fleming, Esq.

J. M. Heath, Esq.

Madras Club.


Subscribers in England.

Lieut. J. S. Burt, Engineers.
Sir Charles Grey.
J. F. Royle, Esq.


Subscribers in Ceylon.

The Hon’ble G. Turnour. The Hon’ble Granville.

Udny, C. G. Esq. Calcutta.

Walters, H. Esq. Cape.

Warner, Capt. J. H. Bauleah.

Waugh, Lieut. A. H. Engrs. Dehra Doon.
Wells, F. O. Esq. Allahabad.

Western, Lieut. J. R. Engrs. Delhi.
White, Rev. E. Cawnpore.

Wilkinson, W. Esq. Pooree.

, L. Esq. Assistant Resident,


Wise, Dr. T. A. care of T. Ostell, Esq. , J. P. Esq. Dacca.

Wooburn, Dr D. Sherghatty.
Woollaston, M. W. Esq. Calcutta.
Wilkinson, Capt. T. Hazaribagh.

Dr. J. McLennan, Bombay.
Capt. R. Mignan, Ditto.
Rugghonauth Hurry Chundjee.
Dr. Geo. Smytton, Ditto.
Lt. R. Shortreede, Poona.
Rev. J. Stevenson, Ditto.
Shrecreestra Wassoodewjee, Chief Se-

cretary’s Oflice, Bombay.
Hon’ble J. Sutherland, Ditto.
Captain G. Twemlow, Arungabad.
W. Wathen, Esq. Bombay.

Col. J. S. Fraser.

W. Gilchrist, Esq.

Lieut. S. Macpherson.

Dr. J. G. Malcclmson.

J. C. Morris, Esq.

Hon’ble W. Oliver.

J. B. Pharoah, Esq.

T. G. Taylor, Esq. H. C. Astronomer.
Dr. J. Mouat, Bangalore.

W. Saunders, Esq.
G. Swinton, Esq.
Stephenson, J. Esq.

The Kandy Library.

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Periodical works with which the Journal is interchanged. Prof. J ameson’s Edinburgh Journal of Science.

Chinese Repository.
Asiatic Journal of London.

Monthly Journal, edited by S. Smith and Co. Calcutta.
United Service Journal, ditto by J. H. Stocqueler, Esq.

Literary Journal of the Madras As. Soc.

Calcutta Christian Observer.

The Journal is circulated to all learned Societies entitled to receive a copy of the

Asiatic Society’s Researches.

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No. 39.-—MARCH.

I.—Account of a Visit to the Ruins of Simroun, once the capital of the Mi-

thila province. By B. H. Hodgson, Esq. Resident in Nipal,. . . . .. . . . . . . . .
lI.—Further particulars of the Sarun and Tirhut Léths, and account of two

Buddha Inscriptions found, the one at Bakhra, in Tirhnt, the other at
Sérnath, near Benares. By James Prinsep, Sec. As. Soc. &c. . . . . . . . . . ..

IlI.-Excursions to the Ruins and Site of an Ancient City near Bakhra, 13

cos north of Patna, and six north from Singhea. (Extracted from the

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