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The New Principle of Stenography, which IMPLIES THE VOWELS, by the relative size of the consonants in words, constitutes the mere ALPHABET OF CONSONANTS, on this basis, a very brief, perfectly legible, and, at the same time, a Universal System of Shorthand. With but few special variations, the same characters may be employed to reduce to universally legible phonetic writing the myriad dialects of the earth. To the natives of any country, who, of course, are familiar with the words of their language, the use of vowel points is, by this principle of notation, rendered quite unnecessary, and the simple consonant writing possesses all the advantages of highly abbreviated Tachygraphy; while by the insertion of vowel marks, the writing of any language, as pronounced, may be rendered legible all over the world. The alphabet with its associated principle of notation presents the ready vehicle of a Universal Language.

The aim of the present work, however, is not to furnish a system of Shorthand for all nations, but to adapt for the fleet exigencies of the


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