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This Book contains the substance of ten small volumes published between the years 1839 and 1870. Many of these have gone through four and five editions, and are now out of print. The volume also includes several pieces published anonymously in periodicals and magazines during the last ten years, and which have not before been collected, as well as others now for the first time printed. The poems in the series entitled " Drum Beats and Alarm Bells " were not originally published in this form, or as a connected whole, but were scattered over various periodicals between the years 1847 and 1873. They are now brought into one focus, to show their unity of thought and purpose, and to make them reflect light upon each other, and upon some of the most memorable events of the successive revolutions that have afflicted France for upwards of eighty years, and that arc not yet concluded.

The volume, rearranged and carefully revised, contains as complete a collection of his poetical works as the author desires to make. If it include compositions which merit no higher designation than that of verse—a fact of which the author is painfully aware—he can only urge in extenuation of his fault in reproducing them, that these particular compositions—such as 'There's a good time coming,' 'Cheer, boys, cheer,' and others of a like class—were and still are highly popular, and that the collection might by many, in whose opinion he desires to stand well, be held incomplete without them. In whatever he has written he never courted popularity, but simply wrote because he could not help uttering the thought that was in him, and because the thought spontaneously took the lyrical form. Aud if some of his worst compositions have been the greatest favourites of the public, and some of his very best have" remained unknown, he attributes the fact, not to the public love of inferiority, but to the constant iteration that is the result of a melody which plejses the ear, and floats upon the memory of the people,

London, September, 1876.


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Real and Ideal. A Fragment . 270

Little Fools and Great Ones . 275

Lost and Won . . .275

Love Aweary of the World . 277

The Lover's Second Thoughts on

World-weariness . . 278

Tho Drop of Water . . 278

Young Genius . . .280

Lovo in Hate . . .281

Tho Praise of Women . . 282

Ninette . . . .282

The Quarrel . . .283

Waterloo Bridge . . .284

The two Nightingales. An Apo-
logue for Poets . . . 284
The Wanderers by the Sea. An-
other Apologue for Poets . 286

Angel 'Visits . . .280

Jubal and his Children . . 291

Youth and Sorrow . . .292

Endurance.... 293

The Man and tho Atom . . 293

Remembrances of Nature . . 294

A Defiance. . . .296

Alternation. Advice to a nard

Student . . . .296

The Spirit of the Blue-bell. (Sug-
gested by a beautiful Basso-
relievo by R. Westmacott.)

A Fnncy under the Trees . •

The Seven Angels of the Lyre

A Plea for our Physical Life

The Ivy in tho Dungeon .

Summer Shades . . .

The Garden Spider

The Old Year's Remonstrance

The New Year's Promises

The Tick of the Clock

Winifred ....

The Blind Man's Fireside

Tho Festival of St Marc. During

the Austrian occupation of Ye-

netia ....

Tho Old Magdalen at StStephan's

Tho Pageant in the Beoch-treo

Avenue ....

The Invisible Crown
Man to Man

At the Grave of Robert Burns
My Neighbour

Professor Schlafhaube, of the Uni-
versity of Heidelberg. A Por-
trait from the Lifo . .
A Bard's Request .
The Man and the Mountain
To One who was afraid to speak
his mind on a Great Question .
The Stag Hound .

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Imogen's Journey. The Meaner

ist and the Clairvoyanto

Melodies and Mysteries

The Man in the Dead Sea. An


The Follower

We are Wiser than we know
The Child and the Mourners
The Water Tarantella
The Earth and the Stars .
Tho Young Earth
The Golden Madness; an Apo


The Vision of Mockery
The King and the Nightingales.

A Legend of Havering .

The Nine Bathers .

A Doom and a Confession .

A Reverie in the Grass

Follow your Leader

Tho Wayside Spring in Alabama

Under Gkeen Leaves :—

One Half-Hour .


The Two Houses .

The Briony Wreath

The Interview

Tho Stepping-Stones

Tho Musician:—

Part I.—Earth-Sorrows

Part II.—Hell-Pains .

Part III.—Heaven-Joys


Obverse and Reverse :—

Part I.—The Sempstress

Part II.—The Empress


Tho Cobbler

Tell me no more

Gideon Gray

The Mountain Torrent

Tho Voluntary


Beauty and Love .

Faith, Hope, and Charity

In God's Acre

An Acorn .

Tho Rewards of Song

Mist . •

Tho Dance of tho Trees. A Mid-
summer Fancy .


Angling .

Joan of Arc

Storm Approaching

The Silent Hills .

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