Miscellanies: Prose and Verse, Volume 3

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J. B. Lippincott & Company, 1866

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Page 397 - and curled his lean shanks together and began:— LOVE AT TWO SCORE. Ho ! pretty page, with dimpled chin, That never has known the barber's shear, All your aim is woman to win. This is the way that boys begin. Wait till you've come to forty year!
Page 398 - yet ever a month was gone. Gillian's dead, Heaven rest her bier, How I loved her twenty years syne 1 Marian's married, but I sit here, Alive and merry at forty year, Dipping my nose in the Gascon wine.
Page 385 - From the sacred shore I stand on, I command thee to retreat; Venture not, thou stormy rebel, to approach thy master's seat; Ocean, be thou still 1 I bid thee come not nearer to my feet I" But the sullen ocean answered with a
Page 384 - Keeper, 'tis not that I feeL "'Tis the heart and not the dinner, fool, that doth my rest impair; Can a King be great as I am, prithee, and yet know no care ? 0,1 'm sick, and tired, and
Page 384 - Cities burning, convents blazing, red with sacrilegious fires; "•" Such a tender conscience," cries the Bishop, '' every one admires "But for such unpleasant bygones, cease, my gacious Lord, to search. They're forgotten and forgiven by our holy Mother Church ; Never, never does she leave her benefactors in the lurch. " Look! the land is crowned with Minsters, which your Grace's bounty raised;
Page 384 - m sick, and tired, and weary."—Some one cried, " The King's arm-chair !" Then towards the lackeys turning, quick my lord the Keeper nodded, Straight the King's great chair was brought him, by two footmen able.bodied, Languidly he sank into it; it
Page 398 - Cnrly gold locks cover foolish brains, Billing and cooing is all your cheer, Sighing and singing of midnight strains Under Bonnybells' window.panes. Wait till you've come to forty year I Forty times over let Michaelmas
Page 504 - me William once more, and do with me what you will." Juliana cast down her eyes and said, in the very smallest type, " William 1" • • • • • when the door opened, and in walked Mr. Crampton, leading Mrs. Biggs, who could hardly contain herself for laughing, and Mr. John Perkins, who was squeezing the arm of Miss
Page 503 - clear—a thousand delicious hopes rushed madly through his brain, and almost took away his reason. And there she sat—she, the loved one, pressing his hand and looking softly into his eyes. Down, down, he plumped on his knees. "Juliana!" shrieked he, "don't take away your hand! My love—my only love!—speak but those blessed words again!
Page 361 - tis probable that he stole it from some other, and that the other had filched it from a former tale-teller. For nothing is new under the sun. Things die and are reproduced only. And so it is that the forgotten tale of the great Dumas reappears under the signature of

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