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Ereter, Hannaford.
Faversham, Thiselton.
Glasgow, Murray.
Gloucester, Jew.
Guernsey, Moss.
Guildford, Russells.
Hertford, Simson.
Hinckley, Short.
Horncastle, Babington.
Huddersfield, Lancashire.
Hull, Cussons; Goddard
& Brown.
Huntingdon, Edis.
Ipswich, Deck.
ersey, l’. Falle.
Kendal, Hudson & Co.
Kettering, Dash.
Kidderminster, Pennell.
Kimbolton, Ibbs.
Kirby Lonsdale, Foster.
Lancaster, Milner.
Launceston, Cater.
Leamington, Merridew.
Leeds, Baines & Newsome.

Leicester, Conibe aud
Lewes, Baxter.
Lincoln, Brooke & Sons.
Liverpool, P. Burns.
Llandorery, Rees.
London, Berger.
Long Sutton, Swain.
Lyme Regis, Dunster.
Lynn, Smith.
Manchester, Bancks and
Co.; Simms.
March, Sarjeant.
Maryport. Adair.
Merthyr Tydril, white.
Middlewich, Lindop.
Monmouth, Heath.
"eath, Hayward.
Newark, Ridge.
Newcastle-on-Tyne, Finlay
and Co.; Currie and
Northampton, Birdsall.

Norwich, Muskett; Smith.

Nottingham, Wright.
Orford, Slatter.
Penrith, Allison, Brown.
Peterborough, Bell.
Plymouth, Nettleton.
Portsmouth, Comerford.
Preston, Clarke.
Retford, Turvey.

Richmond, Bowman & Co.

Royston, Warren.
Rugby, Combe & Co.
Salisbury, Brodie & Co.
Sandbach, Lindop.
Scarborough, Theakston.
Sherborne, Penny.
Shrewsbury, Eddowes.
Sidmouth, Harvey.
Sittingbourn, Coulter.
Skipton, Tasker.
Southampton, Skelton.
Staffordshire Potteries,
Watts, Lane End.

Stamford, Mortlock; Rove.
Stockport, Claye.
Stratford-on-Aron, Bolton :
Straffham, Gowing.
Taristock, Helms.
Totness, Hannaford.
I'lrerstone, Tyson.
H’akefield, Stanfield.
Parwick, Merridew; So-
JP'eymouth, Commins.
JP'hitby, Rodgers.
JP'hiteharen, Gibson.
Higton, Ismay.
JPinchester, Jacob &
JWisbeach, Leach.
JP'orcester, Deighton.
JP'orkington, Kirkcouel.
IP'orthing, Carter.
Yarmouth, Alexander.
Yeovil, Porter.
York, Bellerby.

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Aberdeen, Brown & Co.
Alnwick, Smith.
4%. Jennings; Elliott.
Ashton-under-Line & Staley
Bridge, Cunningham.
Banbury, J. G. Rusher.
Bangor, Shone.
Barnet, Cowing.
Barnstaple, Brightwell.
Bath, Binns & Goodwin.
Birmingham, Langbridge.
Bolton, Heaton & Sons.
Boston, Noble.
Bourn, Daniells.
Bradford, Taylor.
Braintree, Joscelyne.
Bridport, Tucker.
Bristal, Vickery.
Burnley, Sutcliffe.
Bury, Lankester; Thomp-

Bury, (Lanc.) Crompton.
Cambridge, Stevenson.
Canterbury, Barnes.

sold Wholes ALE

Cardiff, Bird.
Carlisle. Thurnam.
Carmarthen, White.
Carnarvon, Potter & Co.
Chatham, Burrill.
Chelmsford, Guy.
Cheltenham, Lovesy.
Chertsey, Wetton.
Chester, Seacome: Pritch-
ard; Boult & Catherall.
Chichester, Glover.
Clitheroe, Whalley.
Cockermouth, Baily.
Colchester, Knibb.
Colne, Earnshaw.
Derby, Wilkins & Son.
Devonport, Byers.
Doncaster, Brooke & Co.
Dorer, Batchellor.
Dublin, Curry & Co.
Dundee, Shaw.
Durham, Andrews.
Edinburgh, Blackwood &

By the following AGENTs, AND RETAIL by All Booksellers;

Berlin, A. Asher.—Hamburg, Perthes & Besser—Leipsic, Black & Armstrong, (of London.)—St. Petersburgh, A. Asher.
United States of America, Adlard & Co., New York.-Upper Canada, Rowsell, Toronto,


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Historical Sketches :-
I. Case of the Calas o 107
II. English generosity, I
Hittin, battle of, 195
Home, love of, 159, 167
Hospital, Christ's, description of, 193,
201, 225, 241
Hospitallers, Knights, 196

Ibrahim Pacha, capture of Acre by, l

Idle complaints, 166
Idol, Persian, account of, 5
Ignorance, 165
Imitation, 48
Improvement of rural education, 32
Indian fire-fly, 136
Influences of Christianity, lll
flowers, 103
Inhumanity of ons children as
Integrity, 104
Intellect, vanity of 99
lonian Islands :-
I. History, government, and legisla-
II. Corfu, 23
III. Zante and Paxo, 44
IV. Cephalonia and Cerigo, 65
V. Ithaca and Santa Maura, 113 -
Ithaca, description of, 113

Jackdaw, the, 247
Jaffa, description of, 191
Jean d'Acre, St., 196
Jerusalem, kingdom of 208
Jews, the Polish, 13
John Carter, extraordinary case of, 43
Judging of God, 60
July, 7

Kerboga, prince of Mosul, 246 Kesrouan, district of, 231 printing in, 231 King Arthur, 163 Theodoric, 248 Knights of St. John, 196 Templars, 196 —— Teutonic, 196 Knowledge of the world, 136 —— different sorts of, 159

Ladikiyah, description of 245
Laodicea, description of 245
Letter by Andrew Marvell, 119
to a friend in affliction, 119
Life, shortness of, 30
Lines to the Forget-me-Not, 60
Louis, St.. king of France, 196
Louth Church, Lincolnshire, 105
Love of home, 159
Luminous insects, I., lll—II., 141
Lusignan, Guy de, 208
Lying, 166,248

Magician and his man, 150 Mainotes, the, 198 Malta, some account of:No. I., General remarks, 82–Early history of the Maltese islands, 82 —Early history of the knights of Malta, 83–Commencement of the modern military importance of Malta, 84—Commencement of the grand siege of Malta by the Turks, 85–Termination of the Turkish siege, 86–Foundation of Waletta and other public works, 86–Decline of the knights, 87 No. 1 I., Arrival of Napoleon Buonaparte at Malta, 170—Capitulation of Malta to Buonaparte, 1.70— What did the French do for Malta ? 171—Arrival of the, English at Malta, 172—Peace of Amiens, 172 —Froberg's regiment, 173—What have the English done for Malta ? 173–Description of Malta, Gozo, # Cumino, 174–Cities of Malta,

ABU’sz of faculties, 224
Acre, description of, 192
hi-tory of 195
Adonis, worship of 231
Address to a Godson, 247.
Advantages of the study of botany,

Alexandria, in Egypt, 161
Alum and Alum Works, I, 147—"",

Ambitious desires, 104
America, earthquake in, 14
Ansarians, the, 239
Antaradus, description of, 240
Antelopes, South African, I., 95—II,

Antidotes to poisons, 94
Antioch, history of 246
Aradus, isle of, 240
Arish, El, description of, 191
Arrow-headed characters, 6
Arthur, king, 163
Ascalon, ruins of, 191
Ash, the mountain, 16
August, 47
Aurora, 24
Autumn, 159

Baldwin, king of Jerusalem, gallant
exploit of 231
Balm, 70
Banian tree, 25
Beauties of nature, 141
Bee-hunt in the far West, 182
Bells, the coral and, 247
Beteddin, description of 224
Beyrout, description of 224
Bodily suffering, triumphs over, 78
Bohemond of Antioch, 246

- III., 246 o
Borneo, Dyaks of 222
Botany, advantages of the study of, 27
Bride of Syria, the, 191
Brighton, farewell to, 30
British manufactures, spread of, 24
Brompton stock, 54
Buonaparte, his cruelty at Jaffa, 191
repulsed before Acre, 197
Byblos, description of 231

Camel cricket, description of 156

Carmel, Mount, 191

Carter, John, extraordinary case of,

Castles in the air, 15
Cephalonia, description of, 65
Cerigo, description of 67
Characters, arrow-headed, 6
cuneiform, 6
Chatilon, Raymond of, 246
Childhood and childishness, 116
Children, Christian, 141
Chimney-sweepers, 6
China. white wax-insect of, 55
Christian children, 141
. Christianity, influences of, lll
not gloomy, 99
Christchurch, Hants, 145
Christ's Hospital, description of, 193,
201, 225, 241
Chrysostom, St., saying of 24
Church establishment, uses of 67
Churchyard, reflections in a, 143
Cloth of Gold, Field of, 42
Cochrane, extract from, 198
Colchester, 199
Competence, 109
Complaint of the Forget-me-Not, 54
Confidence and distrust, 71
Conrad of Montserrat, 196, 208
Conscience, 64
Considerations on Rome, 31
Constantia of Antioch, 246
Contemplation of nature, 31
Contradictions, 69
Conversation, uses of, 24
Coral and bells, the, 247
Corfu, description of, 28
Cork, Glanworth castle in, 137
Costume of the Druses, 224
Maronites, 239
Count **ond of Tripoli, 232
Courtly philosophy, 67
Crow, the, 68

Crusades, 181
Cumino, description of 175
Cuneiform characters, 6

Danger, 24
Dead, memory of the, 54
mourning for, 24
December, 220
Decoys, fish, 199
Devonport, 21, 51,99
Devotion, 198
Different names of sheep, 32
Diogenes about to sling away his cup,
Distrust and confidence, 71
Disposal of time, 111
Djebail, description of 231
Djournie, bay of 231
Doing one thing at a time, 165
loomesday book, 26
Dormouse, the, 197
Dragon sly, the, 119
Druses, the, 223
Duelling, 32
Dyaks of Borneo, 222

Earle, extracts from, 199, 222
Early days of Gassendi, 133
rising, 56
Earthquake in America, 14
Edict of Nantes, 19
Education, 198

rural, 32
Edward, Prince, in Palestine, 196
Edward VI., anecdote of, 142
Effects of fear on health, 94
Egypt, Alexandria in, 161
Encampment, plague, 198
Engraving, seal, 243
Equality of temper, 69
#. thoughts on, 30
Example, force of, 3
Extraordinary case of John Carter, 43


Scythian presents, 80

The Traveller, the Adder, and the

Fox, 93

Faculties, abuse of, 224
Fakr-ed-Din, history of, 223
Farewell to Brighton, 30
Farthings, Queen Anne's, 76
Far West, bee-hunt in the, 182
Faults of others, 179
Fear, effects of, on health, 94
Field of Cloth of Gold, 42
Fire-fly, the Indian, 136
First steam trip on the Missisippi, 14
Fish decoys, so
Flowers, influence of, 103
Folly of querulousness, 166
Force of example, 3
Forget-me-Not, complaint of 54
lines to the, 60
France, St. Louis, king of, 196
Frederic I., Emperor, 196
— II., Emperor, 247
Frog, the, 49
progressive changes of, 50

Garden Herbs:

VI. Parsley, 23

VII. Balm, Marigold, 70

VIII. Marjoram, 155
Gassendi, early days of, 133
Gems and Precious Stoues, I., 4–II.,

11–III., 187—l W., 203—W., 221–
VI., 229–VII., 243

George, the St., 139
Glanworth Castle, 137
Godfrey de Bouillon's castle, 247
Godson, address to a, 247
Gold, Field of the Cloth of 42
Good arising from pain, 24
Good name, value of, 165
Goodness of Providence, 135
Gossamer spider, 149
Gozo, description of, 174
Gresley, extract from, 567
Guy de Lusignan, 208

Happiness, 24,76, 179
Harbour of St. Simeon, 246
Headingham Castle, 61
Health, effects of fear on, 94

No. III., Antiquities, 250–Natural
History, 251–Health, 952–Qua-
rantine, 253—Resources, 254-
Conclusion, 255–Postscript, 255

Manna, 59
Mansions, Old English:-
I. Bramshill, 2
II. Haddon Hall, 90
Mantis oratorio, description of 156
Manufactures, British, spread of 24
Marigold, 70
Marjoram, 155
Marmot, the, 205
Maronites, the, 239
Marvell, Andrew, letter by, 119
Mehemet Ali, 181
Memory of the dead, 54
Meteora, rocks of, 129
Missisippi, first steam trip on the, 14
Modesty, 69 -
Monothelites, the, 239
Months, Natural History of the,
VII. July, 7
VIII, August, 47
IX. September, 91
X. October, 131
XI. November, 183
XII. December, 220
Montserrat, Conrad of 196, 208
More. Sir Thomas, remark by 67
Mosul, Kerboga, prince of, 246
Mountain ash, the, 16
Mountains, comparative size of 181
Mourning for the dead, 24

Name, value of a good, 165
Nautes, edict of 19
Natural History of the Months:–
VII. July, 2
VIII. August, 47
IX. September, 91
X. October, 131
XI. November, 183
XII. December, 220
Nature, beauties of 141
contemplation of, 31
Necessary things, 188
Notes on sheep, 32
Not:of some remarkable zoophytes,

November, 183
Nuthatch, the, 117
Nuts and Nutting, I., 102—II., 115

Observance of the Sabbath, 31
Obstacles to repose of mind, 104
October, 131
Old English Mansions:-
I. Bramshill, 2
II. Haddon Hall, 90
Opie, Mrs., anecdote by, 248
Others, faults of, 179

Palestine, Prince Edward in, 169

Palin, selection from, 18

Paris, some account of, Part IV., 33–
formation of the Catholic league,
33–day of the Barricades, 34–.
siege of Paris by Henry of Na.
varre, 34—reign of Henry Quatre,
edict of Nantes, Louis the Thir.
teenth, 35—civil wars of the Fron-
dists, 35—siege of Paris by Condé,
36–splendour and pomp of Louis's
court. 37-revocation of the edict
of Nantes, 37-manners of the
Parisians in the seventeenth cen-
tury, 38—contests during the mino-
rity of Louis the Fifteenth, 39–
reigns of Louis the Fifteenth and
Sixteenth, and gradual approach
of the revolution. 39

Part V. Causes of the French revo-
lution, 121—National Assembly;
destruction of the Bastile, 121 :
the royal prerogative suspended,
122–trial, condemnation, and ex-
ecution of the king, 123—com-
mencement of the reign of terror,
124-execution of the queen, 125
—fall of Robespierre, 126—esta-
blishment of the Executive Direc-
tory, 127—forcible appointment of
the consulate under Buonaparte,
127—Buonaparte's assumption of
imperial dignity, 128
Part VI. Topographical description,

209—north west Paris, 210–north-
ern faubourgs, 21 l–central Paris,
2ll-north-eastern Paris, 212–

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Religion, 159
Remarkable zoophytes, motice of some,

Remorse, 104

Resignation, 14, 104
Rising, early, 56
Bocks of Meteora, 129
Rome, considerations on, 31
Rural education, improvement of 32

Sabbath, observance of the, 31
St. Chrysostom, remark by, 24
St. George, the, 139
St. Simeon, harbour of 246
Saladin before Acre, 196
Salvator Rosa, and his Works, I., 178
—II., 218—l II., 234
Sandford, Mrs., extract from, 3
Santa Maura, description of, 114
Scanderoum, description of, 247
Scepticism, 136
Scythian presents, the, 80
Seal-engraving, 243
Seleucis, description of, 247
Self-considence, 147
Self-love and passion, 72
September, 91
Sève, Colonel (Soliman Pacha) 181
Sheep, different names of, 32
notes on, 32
utility of, 32
shearing, 32
— dogs, Spanish, 5
Shepherd, the Spanish, 109
Shortness of life, 30
Sidon, description of 208
Skirlaw chapel, 167
Soliman Pacha, (Colonel Sève,) 181

Sonnet by Wordsworth, 156

to Wordsworth, 8

Sorrow, to a friend in, 20

Sour, (Tyre,) description of 207

South Atican antelopes, I., 95-1s.,

South African Sketches,—
I. The Boors, or Dutch farmers, 57
II. The Bushman Hottentots, 73
III. The Korahs, 97
IV. The Kassers, 153
W. The Bichuanas, 185
Southey, Dr., extract from, 6
on sheep, 32
Spunish sheep-dog-, 5
shepherd, the, 109
Spider, gossamer, 149
Spite, 129
Spread of British manufactures, 24
Squirrel, the, 133
Stock, the Brompton, 54
so, of botany, advantages of the,
27 -
Suicide, 27 -
Sullivan, Mrs., remark by, 198
Swediyah, description of, 247
Sympathy, 109
Syrian coast, the, I., 180–II, 191–
III., 195—IV., 206—V., 223–VI.,
231—VII., 238—WIII., 245

Tammuz, weeping for, 231
Tarabolous, description of, 232
Technicalities, 27
Temper, equality of, 69
The earth is the Lord's, 18
Theodoric, king, anecdote of, 248
The only two beautiful things, 64

Diogenes in search of an honest man,

Distant view of the isle of Corfu, 9
I}ockyard, Devonport, 53
Dormouse, the, 197
Dragon-fly, the 120
Drawbridge at Corfu, 28
Druse females head-dress of, 224

Earthenware, Bichuana woman ma-
nufacturing, 185

Edward VI. presenting the charter of
Christ's Hospital, 193

Egypt, Alexandria in, 161

Elater ignitus, 142

noctilucus, 141

Exterior of the new hall, Christ's
Hospital, 241 - - -

Farthings, Queen Anne's, 76
Fire-fly of South America, 141
Frog, the, 49
progressive changes of the, 49

Gallery in Haddon Hall, 89
Garden front of the Tuillerics, 121
Glanworth Castle, Cork, 137
Grammar and mathematical schools,
Christ's Hospital, 225
Grand Piazza at Zante, 45

Haddon Hall, long gallery in, 89
Hall, new, Christ's Hospital, 241
— old, Christ's Hospital, 201
Halt of a Boor's family, 5
Harbour of Malta, 169
Head-dress of Druse females, 224
Hedingham Castle, Essex, 61
Honest man, Diogenes in search of, 177
Hôtel de Cluni, Paris, 40
de Ville, Paris, 209
Hottentots, Bushmen, 73
Korah, 97
Hydrostatic acelapha, 237

Idol, Persian, 5
Insect, walking-leaf, 157
white wax, 56
Insects, luminous, 112, 141
Ithaca, Port Vathi, 113

Jackdaw. the, 248
Jacob wrestling with the angel, 233

Kaffer village, 153
King Arthur's tombstone, 164

Knight of Malta, 88
Korah Hottentots, preparing to re-
move, 97

Lantern-fly, Chinese, 112
Library, Whittington's, Christ's Hos-
pital, 201
Louth Church, Lincolnshire, 105
Luminous insects, l 12, 141

Malta, Alof de Vignacourt, grand mas-
ter of the knights os,
harbour of, 169
knights of, 88
port of, in the time of the
knights, 81
Mantis oratorio, 156
Marine, of Valetta, 176
Marmot, the, 205
Mathematical and grammar schools,
Christ's Hospital, 225
Modern Sidon, 208
Monastery of Barlaam, 129
Mountain ash, 16
Mus avellanarius, 197

New hall, Christ's Hospital, 241
Nuthatch, the, 117
Nut weevil, 116

Old English Mansions, 1, 89
Old hall and Whittington's library,
Christ's Hospital, 201

Palace of St. Cloud, 128
— the Tuilleries, 121
Pallah, the, 109
Paris, Bastille and Rue St. Antoine, 33
Hôtel de Cluni, 40
the Tuilleries, 121
— Palace of St Cloud, 128
— II 6tel de Ville, 209
—Toula: of the Place Vendôme,

Pausus sphaerocerus, 141
Persian idol, 5
Physalia, 237
Place Vendôme, Paris, 216
Piazza, Grand, at Zante, 45 -
Pillar of the Place Vendôme, Paris, 216
Plymouth, New Victualling Office, 148
— St. Audrew's Church, 21
Port of Malta, in the time of the
knights, 81
Port Vathi, Ithaca, 113
Portuguese man-of-war, 237


In Vol. XIII, p. 234, it is incorrectly stated, that the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich is used for the preparation of Cadets for the East India
Company's service; the institution in question is solely for the education, of officers for the Royal'Artillery and Engineers.

Thoughts on eternity, 30
Tiberias, battle of, 195
Time wasted, 182
Toglakabad, ruins of, 17
Tokens, tradesmen's, 63
Tranquillity, 48
Travel, proper object of, 5
Traveller, the adder, and the fox, 93
Tripoli, description of 232
Triumphs over bodily suffering, 78
True liberality, 188
True philosophy, 219
religion, 182

Truth, 219
Tyre, description of, 207

Uses of a Church establishment, 67
conversation, 24
Utility of sheep, 33

Value of a good name, 165
Vanity of intellect 90
Venus, to the planet, 156
Violets, 54
Virtue, true happiness, 24
Vivid pleasures, 136

Weeping for Tammuz, 231
White-wax insect, 55
World, knowledge of, 136
Wordsworth, sonnet to, 8
sonnet by, 156

Zante, description of, 44
Zoophytes, notice of some remarkable,
235 -

Procession from the Field of the Cloth
of Gold, 41

Quagga, the, 144
Queen Anne's farthings, 76

Raven, the, 165

Rook, the, 68

Rose diamond, 12
Rue St. Antoine and the Bastille, 33
Ruins of Tuglakabad, 17

St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, 91
St. Cloud, palace of, 198
Salvator Rosa, pictures by-
Diogenes about to throw away his
cup, 218
Diogenes in search of an honest
man, 177
Jacob wrestling with the angel, 233
Scythian presents, the, 80
Seal-engraver's tools, 244,
Sidon, modern, 208
Skirlaw Chapel, 168
South American fire-fly, 141, 142
Spring bok, the, 96
Squirrel, the, 133

Toglakabad, ruins of, 17
Tokens, tradesmen's, 64
Tombstone, King Arthur's, 164
Tools, seal-engraver's, 244 -
Town hall and library, Devonport, 101
Tradesmen's tokens, 64
Traveller, the adder, and the fox, 93
Tuilleries, palace of the, 121

Uncut diamond, 12

Waletta, marine of, 176
Vendôme, Place, Paris, 216
Victualling Office, Plymouth, 152
Vignacourt, Alof de, grand master of
the knights of St. John, 88
Village, Kasser, 153
Wille, hotel de, Paris, 209

Walking-leaf insect, 157.

Weevil. nut, 116

White-wax insect, 56

Whittington's library, Christ's Hoss
pital, 201

Zante, Grand Piazza at, 45
Zoophytes, 236, 237 .

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