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tiate should recover, as he actually God's name ; for I have a long way did, without the little barber's as

to go.

Santa Maria forbid that sistance. Whether we may ascribe I should leave you, holy father,' rethis to the good constitution of turned the old woman. Heaven has Signoir Garcia, which once sent you to the relief of an old genstood his friend, or to the prayers tleman's soul to whom I am attenwhich poor Pedrosa offered up by dant, and who is, at this moment, at the way to St. Peter, we cannot the point of death-Well! if ever a pretend to determine. This agree deserves heaven by acts of able circamstance, however, was un- charity, it is he, he has been so geknown to little Pedrosa, who made nerous to me! to be sure, he has all the haste he could to the relief plenty of money-what a pity for of his patient; when he met with a. the poor gentleman's soul to be lost much more disagreeable and lasting for want of absolution.

I dare 'say, interruption than the last. Turning he has a whole closet full of gold; an angle of the monastery of St. Fran- and you know there are a great many cis, with that rapidity which he charities, which you, holy father, can thought the occasion required, he put him in mind of and to be sure, suddenly justled against an old wo it would go very hard with the good man, who was passing along by the old gentleman's soul, if he should for. side of the wall. Heaven have get his poor nurse, seeing that he can mercy upon me!' said the old wo take none of his money along with man, as she caught hold of the sleeve him, and has nobody, that I know of Pedrosa's monkish habit to pre. of, to give it to: it would make your vent herself from falling. Unluckily heart to ache, holy father, to see she guessed the character of the gar- how I have toiled for this month ment, and before Pedrosa could dis-, past in his service; how I have run up engage himself, she, by slipping her stairs and down stairs; and how cares withered arms across his shoulders, ful I have been to open the door, became confirmed in her conjecture. every time he came in.-How sorry • Santa Maria be praised ! holy fa. I shonld be if the good gentlether,' said she, that I have met you : man went out of this world, without it is a blessed sign of good fortune: knowing the affection of his poor who would have thought I should nurse.'

Good woman,' returned have been so lucky? one ought new Pedrosa, who began 10 tremble at ver to despair! indeed I thought it the turn the affair was likely to take, would be a miracle to meet one of and wh“ had only been prevented your holy fraternity at this unstac from interrupting the old woman's sonable hear; but the old gentleman harangue, by reflecting on the means told me that Heaven would help me, by which he miglit escape the danand so I kept praying to Santa Ma ger which threa:ened him. • Good ria all the way; foi as my first hus woman, you have taken me at the band used to say'-'Well, well, good worst time in the world; you do not woman!' interrupted Pedrosa, a know that I am just now performing little troubled at the adventure, a penance, which the Abbot of our

first husband, God rest his monastery. has enjoined me. Cold soul, I hope is in Paradise; and the and disagreeable as this night is, I second will not be long in arriving dare not returii, unul I have six there : but the best thing you can do times recited the hymn to the Holy in this cold raw night, is to go hone, Virgin; said thrice as many pater.' to your warın bed, and leave me, in nosiers, and double the number of

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credos: I can hope in no oth r'way scratched it, then the other; someto obtain absolution of the sin I hav: times walking with a very quick been guilty oi ; so that, you see, it pace, as if to tire out his disagreeis impossible' I can accompany able companion; then creepingalong, you.'

to exhaust her patience by delay; • Heaven forgive the sin, holy fa- but all this had no effect upon the ther, which lies so heavy upon your old woman, who with a steady eye eonscience,' returned the old wo to her own interest, which, she innaman ; ' but of all the things in the gined, would certainly be promoted world, nothing can give me more by Pedrosa's assistance, stood firm pleasure than to hear you recite six to her purpose. At last, the unfor. times the hymn to the Virgin ; nay, tunate litile barber, driven almost to I will even stay by you until you despair, tried one scheme more, have said all those paternosters and which he fattered himself would credos you speak of; and I believe be infallible; and gathering together it will be my wisest way, for I might all the stock of cunning, which nago through all the streets of Madrid, ture and art had given him, but at this late hour, without meeting which, unfortunately for Pedrosa, with another of your holy profession; was very little; · Heaven bless you, for as my first husband used to say good woman !' said he, seeming all -take what you can get.:-- Good of a sudden to recollect hintself, woman,' interrupted Pedrosa, com • Heaven bless you, and preserve your manding his tenper, and concealing memory, for with watching and prayhis uneasiness in the best manner he ing I have entirely lost mine. It is could, ' we are now but a step from not above a quarker of an hour ago the monastery of the Augustines, since I was called to perform the and you may easily prevail upon one holy duties of my function to a noble of the fathers to accompany you.' 'gentleman of Arragon, who now lies • That is all you know of ihe matter, at the point of death-I am assured holy father,' returned the old wo that he is, at this moment, in such man with great vivacity; the Abbot a condition as leaves not the smallest of the Augustines and his brethren roum for delay. He is at the last would not be disturbed, at this hour, gasp. Poor gentleman, I am afraid for the Infanta of Spain' herself: I shall be too late. Good night, my they are, at present, very busily eme good woman, and may the blessing ployed, I'll warrant you ; and beg- of Santa Maria and St. Francis rest gingthe holy fathers' pardons, I know upon you!' Saying this, he endeavery well what they are about.' voured to walk away as nimbly as

During this dialogue, poor Pe- he coulel, without waiting for a redrosa and his tormentor kept walk. ply; but the troublesome old woing together to the end of the street, man, still more tenacious of her pur. His anxiety to get rid of the fiend pose, followed him with an alacrity that harassed him was become 30 which could hardly be expected froni great, that, curious and conimunicae her age. Holy father,' said she, as tive as he naturally was, he hardly, she held by the long sleeve of his attended to her garrulity: The effect garment, Heaven bless your chathis uneasiness produced upon the rity; I shall be sure to remember vivacity of his temper was truly lu. the poor Arragonian gentleman in dicrous. Cursed old hag !' said my prayers. Heaven protect you Pedrosa to himself as he bit his lip, from evil accidents by the way.-first shrugged up one shoulder, and How far has your holy reverence te

go?'. Tu the Strada de San Marco,' when they should arrive at the next said Pedrosa, quickly; and as it is turning : but the tormenting old hag, a long way'— Santa Maria be as if she actually perceived his dea praised,' interrupted the old woman, sign, laid hold of his arm, and kept * the street where my master lives it so closely linked in her own, that is just close by it; and as the poor it would have been physically imgentleman you say is in so very bad possible for poor Pedrosa to have a way, he probably may be dead deviated a step, without dragging before you arrive there; in which her withered carcase along with case you shall be at full liberty to go him. along with me. Santa Maria be After a long walk, the unwilling praised! it is all in my way to ac. and agitated Pedrosa arrived with company you thither.' No resource bis tornientor at the entrance of the now remained for poor Pedrosa ; he Strada de San Marco ; when driven was confounded, agitated, and vexed to despair, and seeing no other rebeyond description. •Curse on this source, he determined to make his foolish old woman! curse on my own escape by force. The timid barher folly in dressing myself in this un- had just worked up his mind to this lucky garment!' muttered he to resolution, and was turning about to himself: the old woman imagined exercise his newly acquired heroism he uttered a prayer for the sick gen- on his withered antagonist, when he tleman, and closed every seritence of beheld a troop of alguazils who crosschagrin with a hearty and long ed the way, and seemed intending to sounding Amen.

take the same direction. The moon Fear, and the consciousness of im. had now risen, and poor

Pedrosa re. puted guilt, to a mind unaccustomed cognised with terror the voice and to disguise its feelings in the track form of one of his customers, who of vice, render it too often incapable cried out, “We crave your blessing, of acting with the appearance of in- holy father.' Pedrosa slightly nodnocence; so that Pedrosa, although ded, but made no answer. • This is had he been really the character he the Strada de San Marco,' said the assumed, might have easily got rid old woman, pushing him to the right; of his tormentor: yet, fearful of de- it is here where the poor Arrago. tection, and trembling at the appre- nion gentleman lives, if he he still hension of raising the slightest sus- alive. Unfortunately, the alguazils picion, his mind was too much hatass turned the same way; this was enough ed to act with the small degree of to determine Pedrosa to abandon it : firmness he naturally possessed. The Something from heaven tells me,' idea of the punishment, which would said he, in a voice rendered almost inevitably follow the discovery of bis inarticulate by fear, óthat he is now real character, after having, as it dead; let us hasten to your master.' would be thought, assumed a dis- ~The old woman seemed to leap for guise to perform one of the most joy; and, eager to take advantage of holy offices of religion ; and the al- Pedrosa's compliance, she hurried most certain impossibility he would him along. In a few minutes they fira in proving his innocence, ha- halted at the door of a small house, rassed and distracted his imagination. which she immediately opened; and The poor fellow imagined he had before poor Pedrosa had in any denow no other resource but to make gree recovered' from his terror, he his escape by the nimbleness of his found himself ascending a narrow heels; and this he determined to do, staircase.-- Good Heaven protect my


Kaster!' muttered the old woman ; the point of obtaining possession of

how unluckily will it be if we an important secret, a thing at all should find him already dead! The times pleasing to Pedrosa.

He retone and manner of this exclamation fected within himself that he should showed more of interested regret at least be fr-e from detection, while than compassio ; ; but her fcars were he remained in the apartment: he soon dissipated by the sound ci a vio- had escaped discovery by the allent coughing; and she sprung with grazils, and he determined, the mo. alacrity to the door of a small beila inent he should again breathe the chamber. • Here, my grad anii wurthy open air, speedily to divest himself master.' said she, with a voice of the of the unlucky garment, which had most profound grief, Santa Maria created to him so much uneasiness. has heard my prayers, for I have These reflections passed rapidly brought yol the mose worthy and most through the mind of Pedrosa,' and holy father in all Madrid. Pedrosa served to rouse the small degree of enteret, and stared around him at firmness he naturally possessed. Imievery thing in the apartment, which tating as well as he could the tone was coly lighted by a small lamp, of mild sanctified benevolence- Put which tood at the bedside of an aged thy frust in Heaven, 'my son,' said

seemingly struggling with he; "it will never abandon the deals. It was indeed a miracle,' righteous.' .True, holy father,' recupeol ne old woman, “to have said his sick penitent; ' but I fear I mnt 1.3 holy man at such a have been guilty : sometimes I fear la'en to it nothing is impossible I have carried what may be termed to seis viria, and she always the prejudices of my education too

to every thing I have a far; I sometimes fear I have sacri.

The sick man regarded ficed too much to the opinion of the Proinsia fo. a moment, then kissing world; But Heaven knows my ina small vory cross, which he held tentions were to preserve unsullied in bis hand, he raised his eyes to that dignity which God and nature heaven : Othou almighty Power !' had conferred upon me, by the virsaid he, 'who hast scourged me in tues of a long line of ancestors; thy wrath, great and manitold are virtues equally pleasing to heaven thy mercies ; at the hour of death and beneficial to their fellow grea. thou hast dawned peace and com tures, and which, till obscured by fort upon my departing soul!-Holy my misfortunes, shone forth in the father,' added he, turning his eyes persons of their illustrious descendtowards Pedrosa, thy presence, ants, bright examples of the dignity and the comfort of thy heavenly of human nature, amidst the darke council, in my dying moments, were ness of a degenerate age.' all I dared to pray for: Heaven The old man could proceed no has heard my request, and I shall farther. The vehemence with which end a life of misery and regret, with he had uttered these last words was comparative calmness and tranquil. too great for bis debilitated form to lity.- Into thy bosom will I pour the bear, and he appeared nearly faintsecrets of an agonised mind.' The ing; when Pedrosa pulled from his old woman by this time had left the pocket a small phial, which he al. room, and Pedrosa had seated him ways carried about him, to reanimate self by the bedside of the dying gen- the courage and spirits of his suffertleman: his courage was at first the ing patients: this he applied to the effect of despair; but he was now on nostrils of the sick gentleman; and VOL. XXXVIII.


having made him swallow a few O holy father! I need thy assistance: drops, saw with pleasure that he listen then to the story of my woes.' began to revive, and a few moments of rest seemed to re-animate his whole frame. Pedrosa begged if he had any thing on his mind, to reveal it ; assuring him that he would find Account of the new COMERY

called · Town and COUNTRY; his account in the other world, by a candid confession in this : adding

or, Which is the Best?' per

formed for the first Time at the that his prayers should be always directed either for the restoration of

Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden, his penitent's health, or the repose

on Tuesday, March 10. of his soul. The arguments which

THE characters were thus reprePedrosa used upon this occasion, though not couched in the most sented : elegant form, passed unobserved by


Mr. C. Kemble. the sick gentleman, who seemed Trot,

Mr. Blanchard. wholly absorbed in the retrospection Cosev,

Mr. Fawcett. of past events. After a few minutes The Rev_Owen Glenroy, Mr. Murray.

Mr. Kemble. passed in silence, he desired Pedrosa Capt. Glenroy, Mr. Brunton. to seat himself upon the bed. The Hawbuck,

Mr. Emery. cautious and inquisitive barber bolt

Hon. Mrs. Glenroy,

Mrs. Glover, ed the door of the apartment, and

Rosalie Somers,

Miss Brunton. Mrs. Trot,

Mrs. Mattocks. immediately took his station : he

Mrs. Moreton,

Mrs. Davenport. bent his head with eager curiosity over the emaciated object

, which lay before him; the pale glimmering of the lamp exhibited a set of features at once noble and impressive; his Plastic, a dissipated young man eyes, though seemingly about to be of fashion, and Cosey, a stockbroker, closed for ever, were faintly illu- accidentally meet at the house of mined with that animation which Mr. Trot, a wealthy cotton-manuhabitual dignity of soul seldom fails facturer, father-in-law to the former, to inspire. Pedrosa very devoutly During their stay at that gentleman's formed the sign of the cross upon country-house, Plastic learns that his large and manly forehead, and Cosey is on his road to Wales, to again urged him to unbosom him- visit his ward, Miss Rosalie Somers, self without reserve. The sick man whom he has placed at the house of grasped the sleeve of Pedrosa's habit. the rev. Owen Glenroy.

The two * Hear then,' said he, 'the ignominy families of Somers and Plastic are at of a man whom the world once ac- enmity, on account of a former eleccounted noble; the misfortunes of tion contest. Plastic, from motives him whom mankind bad agreed to of revenge, forms a base design of çill happy: if through thy veins, attempting to seduce Miss Somers holy father, runs the least particle (whom he had fornicrly seen), but of hereditary greatness, thou wilt net knowing ber place of residence, learn how little the conservation of in limpe- to discover it, tells Coscy he that dignity is in our own power, is going the same ruad, and requests when Heaven wills the humiliation to join him company. Failing in of the pride of man.-But I forget this, he follows. him. Coscy, after myself: my time, I feel, is short, and, mach personal danger, from which


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