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esq. member for that county, was de. 21. For several days past rumours of stroyed by fire on Friday. last. We a general cnange of the ministry, but have not yet been able to learn the cause nothing can be stated with ceriainıy. of this melancholy accident, or whether The duke if Portland, it is said, has any part of the valuable library, pico accepted the office of first lord of the tures, &c. which this elegant and clas- treasury; and lo-d Melville, it is exa sical mansion contained, was preserved pected, will come in. from the Aames. We have the satisfaction of stating that no lives were lost. Mr. Johnes himself, we under

BIRTHS. stand, was in town attending his parliamentary duty. Mrs. and miss Johnés were at home; and very happily Mr.

Feh. 20. Achis house in Devonshire. Hanbury Williams, Mr. Johnes's bro- place, the lady of John Scott, esý. of a ther-in-law, was on a visit in the house. The family, under his protection, re

At Yew-cottage, Denham, the lady moved to the Hafod-arms, at the Devil's

of lieutenant Rowland Money, of the Bridge, whicher every thing that could royal navy, of a daughter. be saved was conveyed. :

At Hareford, in Worcestershire, the Londm, March 19. Yesterday morn

lady of Thomas Boddington, esq. of a ing, about half-past 4 o'clock, a dreadful fire broke out at the manufactory of

23. At Winchester-house, Chelsea, Messrs. Clementi and Co. Tottenham. the lady of the hon. and rev. Thomas court-road: a smeke was observed, by De Grey, of a daughter. a person who lives opposite, to proceed

25. Mrs. Horton, of Queen-square, from the premises, who immediately Bloomsbury, of a son. gave the alarm. In a few minutes the

27. The lady of Tho. Bainbridge, flames issued from every part of the eq. of Bedford-row, of a son. premises, and in a short space of time

The lady of Thomas Maltby, esq. had assumed so formidable an appear

of Chatham-place, of a son. anee, that the whole neighbourhood was

Marco 2.

At Thorp, the lady of considered in the most imminent dan. Matthew Richard Onslow, esq. of a ger. About half-past six, a number of daughter, engines had arrived; but no water could

Ac Bath, the lady of the rev. be procured till nearly half-past seven, George Burrard, of a daughter. by which time the whole of the interior

14. Ai Mrs. Thompson's, in Groswas a heap of ruins, and the fames were

Penor-square, the lady of brig.-general issuing from the front of the building: Dyott, of a daughner. the houses on each side, compusing a part of the manufactory, and occupied

MARRIAGES. by several families employed in the concern, were entirely consumed, with the whole of the furniture; the backs

Feb. 25. At Mary-le-bone church, of the houses in Francis-strect, and the

miss Ford, eldest daughter of the lite livery-stables on the other side, are

sir Francis Ford, bart, to P. Touchel, very much damaged, and some of the esz. of Mortimer-street, Cavendish furniture entirely destroyed. The da. squire, mage is at present estimated at 40,000).

25. Ac Sandy, Bedfordshire, Richari about 15,0001, of which only is insured. Franklin, çst. of Gray's-ion, to miss A small quantity of wood, and a fey Judith Monox, third daughter of the musical instruments, have been saved.

late sir Philip Momox, ba . The acci icat is supposed to bave been

Ac Edinbirgh, George Gordon, esq. occasioned by the fue of a stove, which of Hailnea!, tu miss apier, eldest ran through the fivors of the building, d..ighter of the hon. Charics Nuppier, and communicated with the wood

oi Vercheston-hall, work,

2. Ar St. James's church, Ir. L.


Marcb 3

Willmott, surgeon, Sevenoaks, Kent, 18, At Mary-le-bone church, by the to miss Weightman, niece of Hugh right rev. the lord bishop of Exeter, Stacey Osborne, esg. major on the Philip Gibbes, esq. eldest son of sir Bombay establishment.

Philip Gibbes, bart. of New Burling, At Mary-le- bone church, R. Small, ton-street, to miss Maria Knipe, third esq. late of the Inner.Temple, to miss daughter of Robert Knige, esq. late Savage, of Weymouth-street, Portland. of New Lodge, near Berkhampstead, place, youngest daughter of the late in the county of Herts, deceased. George Savage, of Madras, esq. de 19. At Mary-le-bone church, the hon. ceased.

Thomas Parker, brother to the earl of 28. Edward M'Grath, esq. of Li- Macclesfield, to Eliza, third daughter merick, to miss Moore, of Mortimer- of William Wolstenholme, Holly-hill, street, Cavendish-square.

near East Grimstead,
At St. Peter's church,
Cornhill, by the rev. Mr. Wrench,
Tector of St. Michael's, John Costeker,

DEATHS. esq. to Mrs. Jane Wildash.

At Frant, in Sussex, the rev. Edw. Feb. 19. At his house in DowryWarneford, to Miss Caroline Eyles. square, Bristol Wells, Francis Adams,

At St. John's church, Hackney, Mr. esq. of Norton-Malreward, one of his William Bulley, of London, to miss majesty's justices of the peace, and Allinson, only daughter of William deputy lieu ant for Somersetshire. Allinson, esq. Camberwell, Surry. 20. Aged 45, sir John Alston, bart,

4. At Grantham, by the rev. A.C. He having left only a daughter, the Varelot Leonard, Walbanke Childers, title devolves on his brother, now sir esq. of Cantley, near Doncaster, to Charles Alston, bart, miss Sarah Anne Kent, second daughter 25. At her house in St. Andrew's. of sir C. Kent, Grantham-house, in square, Edinburgh, the right hon.countthe county of Lincoln.

ess dowager of Dalhousie. 6. At Edinburgh, Mr. J. Murray, At Edinburgh, in child-bed, lady Na. bookseller, London, to miss Elliot, smyth, wife of sir James Nasmyth, bart. daughter of the late Mr. Charles of Posso, Peebleshire. Elliot, of Edinburgh.

March 2. At Newington, Mrs. Poole, $. At the collegiate church, Man. mother of Mrs. Dickons, the eminent chester, James Parker, esq. of Queen- vocal performer. street, 'Cheapside, to miss Ellen Raila 4. At his house in Mountjoy-squarc, ton, of Manchester.

Dublin, after a severe illness, the right At Llandaff cathedral, by the rev. honourable lord Carbery. Powel Edwards, sir Robert Lynch Mrs. A. Charriere, of TottenhamBlosse, bart, of Gabalva, to miss C. court New Road. Richards, sister of John Richards, esq.

6. At Darsham-house, in the county of Llandaff-court, Glamorganshire. of Suffolk, miss Charlotte Peyton, third

D. O'Brien, esq. son of Henry daughter of the late sir Henry Peyton, O'Brien, esq. of Blatherwicke, North- bart, of Hagbeach Hall, in Norfolk. amptonshire, to miss Matilda Beding 7. At the Polygon, Southampton, sir field, daughter of the late rev. Bacon William Dunkin, lace one of the judges Bedingfield, of Ditchingham-hall, Nore of the supreme court of judicature at folk.

Calcutta. Mr. Joseph Devey, jun. of West 13. At Helmington-hall, in the county hill, Wandsworth, to miss Hollins- of Durham, the seat of the rev. Robert head, of Newington-place, Kennington. Spencer, lady Maxwell, relict of the late 16. At St. Mary-le-bone church, w. sir Robert Maxwell

, bart. of Orchardton, Smythe, esq. Brambridge, Hants, to in Scotland, and aunt to Mrs. Spencer. miss Lovisa Boycott, daughter of the At his seat at Longdon-hall, Devon. late Thomas Boycott, esq. of Rudge, shire, Charles Holmes Calmady, esg. Salop.

admiral of the white.


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1 Madame Catalani, ?! 175, 18-Ladies' Dresses 22 she Qucen's 2 Account of a Virginizo Dancing.

Drawin, Rom,

205 Schvol, and Manners of the Ame- 13 The Breakläst,

206 ricans,

,177 ! 14 Ou Solitude, S'Anecdore's of Poilugu, kie:Frneh 45 Pho Stroller,

214 Poet, 179 16 Anecdote,

215 4 Harriet Vernon; or, Characters from 17 POETICAL ERSAYS-To the Primreal Life,

181 rose_The lyse of Wat Ballue5 Account of the new Melo-drama, My Father Lady's. Wish

called "The Wood Daemon,'. 189 Delia--To Cupid ---Sonnets---A 6 A Night Walk in April, 19.1 Buntlesque : Puétical Epistle to a 7 Alphonso and Almira,

194 Fornuilincs addressed to
8 Account of the new Comedy, ' A Young Lady,

Day in London,
199 18 Foreign News,

9 A Morning Walk in Spring, 200 19 Home News,

10 On Time,

20 Births--Alarriages,

11 London Fashions,

21 Deaths,



This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates :

3 New and elegant DRAWING for the ORNAMENT of a CHIMNEY-PIECE.
4 Elegant new PATTERNS fur BORDERS or TrIMMINCS.


Printed for G. ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster-Tor;

Where Favours from Correspondents continue to be received, ********************************


THE continuation of the Elville Family Secrets, certainly, in our next.

W. M. T. will see that we have made the alterations he requested. We shall be obliged to this ingenious writer for further communications.

Matilda D. T. must have overlooked her enigma; it was inserted in the Supplement.

Eugenio is not forgotten,

The communications of F. G. shall be inserted occasionally,

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(With her Portrait, elegantly engraved.) A CONCISE biographical sketch astonishing both in the low and the of this wonderful and inimitable high tones, and is no less remarkable musical actress has already been for sweetness and flexibility than for given in the Supplement to our strength and compass. last volume, p. 682, and to that we

From Lisbon she went to Madrid, refer our readers.

carrying with her the regret of the This extraordinary performer was Portuguese. At the Spanish court born in the Papal territory. At the she received tbe most flattering disage of fifteen, she made her debut in tinctions. She was honoured with the first parts of the serious opera; innumerable marks of the most graand notwithstanding her youth, and cious condescension from the queen, her little familiarity with the stage, to whom she was particularly reshe maintained her reputation by the commended by the princess of Brazil. singular merit of her voice, though From Spain she went to Paris, where she had to undergo a comparison the same admiration and applause with singers of the most consummate attended her. talents. Her fame soon spread all

Madame Catalani is about twenty: over Europe, and she was not suf. five years



possesses a fered to remain long in Italy. She very agreeable person; her figure was induced to visit Portugal, and indeed, might serve as a passport to remained for a considerable time at a much inferior voice, and of course Lisbon. In that city the wonderful it will not diminish the effect of one talents which nature had bestowed that is excellent. She is of the midon her were cultivated, and carried dle stature; her figure is very inter: to the highest perfection. In fact, esting, active, easy, and graceful, she unites in herself all the great Her face is oval, and full of female qualities which excite our admira- delicacy and expression. In a con. tion when separately distributed to cert, Madame Catalani is the only other artists. 'Her voice is equally singer; no other voice either of

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