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& son.

consequence. As one alleviation of this 21. John Byng Wilkinson, esq. of dreadiul visitation, we hear that no Red Lion-square, to the youngest daughi, lives were lost; and every exertion will ter of the rev. J. Thoroton, of Bottesdoubtless be immediately made by the ford, Lincolnshire. neighbouring gentlemen to procure ne At Bath, John Christian, esq. eldest assaries for the sufferers.

son of Christian Curwen, esq. M.P. of Workington Hall, in the county of Cumberland, to miss Allen, only daugh, ter of Lewis Robert Allen, esq. of Bath.

May 2. At St. George's church, Ha

nover-square, Mr. R. Y. Cummins, of BIRTHS.

Plymouth citadel, to miss Lawrence,

daughter of Mr. W. Lawrence, builder, April 18. At Exmouth, the lady of Richmond, Surrey, Colin Makenzie, esq. of Dortmore, of At Little Misser.don, the rev. Frede

rick Anson, rector of Sudbury, in the 20. The lady of John Finch Simp-. county of Derby, brother to viscount son, esq. of Launde Abbey, Leicester. Anson, to zniss Levert, only daughter shire, of a daughter.

of the late rev. Richard Lovett, of MilMrs. D. Walker, of Gloucester ford, in the


of Stafford. treet, Portman-square, of a daughter. Ar St. George's church, by the hon.

26. Ac Twickenham, the lady of and right rev. The lord bishop of Bristol, John Dean Paul, esq. of a daughter. George Warwick Bampfylde, esq.only

May 4. Af Gloucester-place, Mary son of sir Charles W. Bampfylde, bart. le-bone, the lady of H. J. Hardacre, to miss Sneyd, only daughter of the rev. esq. of the royal navy, of a daughter, Ralph Sneyd, domestic chaplain to his being the eighth in sucression.

royal highness the prince of Wales, prea · 5: Al Genaed's Cross, the lady of center of Sc. Asaph, &c. The married Edward Thomas Hussey, esq. of Gala couple immediately left town for the fahem, in the kingdom of Ireland, was mily seat at Pultemore, in Devonshire. safely delivered of a son and heir, 6. Capt. John Croft, of the royal navy,

In Grosvenor square, lady Annc Ash. to miss Buckworth, daughter of the late ley Cooper, of a son.

Thomas Buckworth, esq. of Finsburya 9. Ai his house in Queen Ann-street; square. west, the lady of Win. Drummond

At St. George's church, HanoverDelap, esq. of a daughter.

square, the hon. colond Crewe, only The lady of capt. Walker, of his son of lord Crewe, to miss Huogerford, majesty's navy, was safely delivered of a of Cavendish-square, and of Calne, in daughter, at Hill Lodge, near South Wiltshire. ampton.

9. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Mr. Walter Barratt, of Brighthelmstone,

surgeon, to miss Sayer, of ParliamentMARRIAGES.


James Benjamin Colcs, esq. of TrowApril 20. At Grerna Green, William bridge, Wilts, to miss Mary Weeks, of Green, esq. practor, Doctors Commobs,

Taunton, Somersetshire. to miss Mary Brewster, eldes-daughter Mims to Mary Ann, daughter of Henry

Edward Ell's, of Dancer's-hill, South of Jobo Brewster, esq. of Brandon, Suffolk.

Heyman, esq. Queen's-square. At Lang Benton, near Newcastle

A'S. Mary's church, Brecon, major

upon Tyne, on the 28th ur. Ralph Fenwick, David Price of the hon. East-India esq.of Streai ham, Sarrey, to miss Brown, company's service, to miss Meredith, daughter of William Brown, of the fore

on v daughter of Thomas Me.edith, esq.

of Brecun. ther place.

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strcit, remony

At Walcot church, Bath, 25. At Clifton, ncàr Bristol, lady Henry Bultos, esq. of Corringhain, Elizabeth Maginis, daughter of the lace Northamptonshire,

Durell, earl of Enniskillen. eldest daugnter of the late licut. colonel In er 46th year. Nīrs. Reddington, Drell, deputy commissary general on wife of Mr. Wm. Reddington, Windthe conrinent.

On Saturday last, at St. George's 27 Ar Iver, near Uxbridge, in sudchurch, Ilinover-square, cap'ain John deo and unsuccessful labour vish twins, Alexander Pul Mic Grenor, of the the wife of the rev. Georgt C L. Bengal i, fanirv, to miss Jane Ness, of Young. Bikir-streer, Propeman squire.

At Clay Hall, Herts, Wm. Gosling, A St. George's, Ploom bury, by the esq. mer hans, of London. rev. E. Rovenshaw, Wm Dickson, esq. 29. At North, Hertfordshire, of Prospect place, Sorthampton, to Mrs. Jane Gould, yourgest and only miss Dickson, niece of majir• general remaining sister of the late hon. Mr. Dickson, of the same place.

Justice Gould. At St. George's-church, At Bith, sir H. Dillon Massey. Hanover-square. by the rev. Mr. Orme, At Manchester, Hinry Parton, one of his majesty's chaplains, lord juin. esq. of the highly respectable com. Chartles, eldest son of the earl of Lei. mercial house of Messrs. Henry and cester, to miss Gardner, daughier of W. John Barton and Co. of that place. D. Gardner, esq. of Lower Grosvenor May 3. At his house 'in Berner. There were present at the ce streer, John Buller, esq. member

of parliament for East Looe, in Corn. The duke and duchess of Leeds, the wall. · marchioness of Townshend, the ladies

Ac his house in Norfolk-street, Towrshend, and the misses Elliker, Strand, Mauhew Chessall esq. in the general and I dy Elizabeth Loftus, the 74th year of his age. hon. Charles Veros Townshend, and On Saturday Jast, at Kenelworth, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner.

near Coventry, John Hallfax, esq. at The bride' was elegantly dressed in the advanced age of go ye-rs. white satin, richly trimmed with point At Cheltenham, co the 30th ult. lace.

Mrs. Ricketts, mother of captain Ricketts, of the royal n vy.

At Brisel Hot Wells, miss Spry,

eldest daughter of the late lieutenant. DEATHS.

general William Spry, of the royal engincers.

On Saturday last, at his house in Lately of a rapid decline, in the Beracr's-street, Langford Millington, 23d year of her age, Sarah, wife of eq. George Yeeles, esq. of Bathford, Somer 5.

At his house at Ferham, near Setshire. Uniting a blameless conduct Rotherham, sincerely regretted, Jonathan in all the duties of social life, she was Walker, esq. one of his majis:y's justi. distinguished for pleasantness, and an ces of the peace for the west riding of innecent candour of manners, which the erunty of York. captivated the good willeven ofstrangers, At his house, in Montague.street, ard quickened to a high degree of ten. Russel-square, William Day, esq. derness the affection of her friends. She At Ramsgate, suddenly, in the 67th exhibited an example of piety during year of his age, Charles Diliy, esq.

. for life, and of resignation at the awful merly an eminent bockseller. crisis of death, which must be a consol At Brooke's place, Kennington, Mrs. ing balm to the affliction of her rela Robert Buckanan, tives and friends.

In child bed, Mrs. Ebers, aged April 19. Robert Bushby, esq. of 31, wife of Mr. John Ebers, librarian Arundel, Sussex, banker.

and stationer, Old Bond street.

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THIS NUMBER CONTAINS, I Eugenio and Zelma, 287, 19 Apécdote of Michael Angelog : 994 2 On Flowers, 289 | 15 A Chinese Anecdote,

324 3 On the Potatoe, 290 16 London Fashions,

325 4 The Fashionablo Aunt, 29117 Parisian Fashions,. 5 Anecdote of Baron, the Frenchr 18-A Morning Walk in Summety 326 Actor,

292 19 On Dramatic Soliloquy, 329 6 Harriet Verdon; or, Characters from 20 POETICAL ESSAYS-Ode for his ral Life,

293 + , Majesty/s. BiuthagayStanza 7 On the Scotch Music,

299 8 Singular Insanity,

Sonnel Young. Egbert and Gay.

900 il Rosabell-code bicioni 9 The Spaniard; or, The Pride of Night-.Verses addressed by a Birth,

301 Lady to her Husband-A Sum10 Ladies Dresses on his Majesty's mer's Day, Birth-day, 311 | 21 Foreign News,

333 11 A Night Walk in June, 315 | 22 Hone News,

336 12 Alphonso and Almira, 318 23 Births,

339 13 Solitary Walks in a Country Church- 24 Marriages,

339 yard, 522 25 Deaths,


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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates :
V 1 Evgenio and ZELMA.

3 New and elegant PATTERN of a SHIRT.
4 New and elegant Drawing of a CARD Box.


Printed for G, ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster-how;

Where Favours from Correspondents continue to be rece red, *:*:**-******-***************


WE have received W. M. T.'s Poetical Essay, in the manner of Spen. Ber : it shall appear in our next..

The continuation of the Elville Family Secrets is intended for our next.

We are much obliged to SOPHIA TROUGHTON for her communication : her poétical contribprion, though it came too late for this month, shall not be neglected

L. To's communications have been received, and the contributor has our thashga



POR JUNE, 1807.



By S. Y.

(With an elegant Engrating)

• Full many a gem of purest ray serene garb was none of his; no spangled The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean Bear;

vest or embroidered coat had marked Pull many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desart air.'

laim of the anomalous breed of

Grar. ycleped beau gurçons. The litnet's MEN situated in private stations decked his form, while manly grace

russet brown was all the colour that attract no observation by their man- and natural elegance appeared in rters, nor do they acquire celebrity every motion of his limus; his sunby their goodness. They live con- burnt cheek gave lustre to his darktented at å distance from the splen- blue eyes, while they spoke all the did theatre of the world, and devote honest language of his heart, and their attention to the accumulation heamed forth sensibility, of a competency, or contribute to the happiness of others; while they

Of men live unknown but to a slender circle of The happiest he; who, far from public ragas acquaintances and die unregretted, Drinks the pure pleasures of the futel life.' except by the pattners or offspring of their beds, and all rertiembrance of In a cottage nearly adjoining that them is shortly consigned to oblic of the virtuous Eugenip dwelt Zelvion.

ma, a maid of still humbler birth, Eugenio was the son of an honest She was poor and unprotected; the peasant, who lived upon the tillage of daughter of a villager, whom she had a little land; whick, with industry, the misfortune to lose in her infancy. afforded a sufficiency for himself and She was the chief support of an aged his aged father and mother. Pride and afflicted muther; she was una was unknown to him; the gaudy taught and unpretending, the child

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