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a son.

of a son.

was to take place, but few persons were tinued to kick and plunge until the assembled about the palace. The great stable-door was opened.--A counce's doors of the palace were thrown open ioquest has sat on the body. upon the arrival of the carriage, and che marchioness of Barh, the mistress of the robes to her majesty and the principal lady of the bedchamber, was in arrend. ance to receive th: ir royal highaesses. The noble marchioness handed them from their carriage, and walked on

BIRTHS. the left side of the duchess, and the princess of Wales on her right, across the grand hall to his majesty's dining

June 22.

At his house in Bentinckroom, where tveir majesties pages were in attendance, to usher them into their

street, the lady of sir Robert Wilson, of majesties presence.

a daughter. July 20.

At her aunt's, in Downing-street, the The Prince of Wales, of 93 guns, came into the Downs yester.

lady of major Weston, of a daughter 26. Ai Hirst-grove, in the county

of day at noon, and immediately a signal was made for the Alcct for the Billic Berks, the lady of D. Ximenes, esq. of to uomoor.--At four the signal was made to weigh, and in a quarter of an

30. The lady of B. Hobhouse, esq. hour the whole Alcet sailed to the north.

The lady of Joseph Labulmondiere, ward with a fine breeze at S. W.Guns.


esq. of a son. Prince of Wales..98 Maida.. 74

July 2. Ac Macclough, Radnorshire, Alfred...... 74 Ganges..

the seat of Waler Wiikins, esq. M. P.

74 Centaur.. 74 Defence...... 74

the hon. Mrs. Wilkins, of a son and heir. Brunswick....... 74 Captain.... 74

6. Her grace the duchess of Rurland, Spencer... 74

of a son and heir; on which occasion rea Besides frigates, sloops, and brigs, joicings took place at Belvoir and The Mars, 74, and three frigates, re Grantham. main in the Downs.

12. At his lördship's house, in Hert. July 23. A most shocking accident ford-street, May-fair, lady Milton, of occurred on Wednesday afternoon, at a a daughter. gentleman's house, on the left of the top 13. In Great Cumberland-street, the of May’s-hilly Blackheath:--A Newe lady of Edward Hussey, jun. esq. of a foundland doy, which was tied up near son and daughter: the latter survived the stable door belonging to the man. but a short time. sion, had broke his chain by which he 16. The lady of Thomas Richard was tied up, and for some time kept Walker, esq. of a son. howling at the house.door. On its The lady of R. G. Eddison, of being opened, the sagacious animal Kingerstone, in Essex, of a daugbrer; gently seized the garments of the lady being the first child after having been belonging to the house, and conducted

married 19 years. her towards the stable. On one of the 18. In Portland-place, the countess servants opening the door, the corpse of of Mansfield, of a daughter. the man servant, who inok care of the horses, presented itself in a mangled

MARRIAGES. state, too shocking to describe. One of the horses, to-all appearance, had kicked June 11, At Kilham, in che county the poor man in the stomach, and he of York, by the rev. Thomas Milnes, fell between the horse's legs and the vicar of Burton Agnes, the 'rev. boarding of the stable. The animal, Thomas Ibbotson, to miss Ann Crans. from the state of the body, bad con- wick, of the same place,

25. At Hull, county of York, captain 16. Ac St. George's, Bloomsbury, by Andirson, of Kibam, same county, to the rev. Dr. Kelly, Richard Bogue, esq. Mrs. Anderson, widow of the late captain in the royal horse artillery, to Edward Anderson, esq. ship-owner, of miss Hanson, daughter of John Hanson, the same place.

esq. of Russel.square. July 1. Ai Harwich, by special At Merribanc-chapel, John Bainlicence, the rer. Herben Marsh Mar- bridge Story, esq. of Lockingron, Leigaret, professor of divinity, and fellow cestershire, to miss Sophia Knightley, of St. John's College, in the University of Preston, Northampruashire. of Cambridge, to miss Marianne Emilie Charlotte Lecarriere, daughter of the Jure John Lecarricre, esq. merchant, at

DEATHS. Leipsig.

2. By special licence, by the rev. Dr. Barion, Richard Neave, esq. of June 10. At Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lincoln's Inn, third son of sir Richard deeply lamevred by his family and Ncave, t 1. to miss Irvine, only daugh- friends, in the 39th year of his age, ter of Airxander Irvine, esq. deceased. Mr. Edward Manners, keeper of the

3. Ai St. Martin's in the Fields J.T. house of correction, and son of the late Briggs, esq. of Craven-street, to miss Mr. Munners, town-marshal of that Lewis, eldest daughter of Mr. T. Lewis, corporation. of Ely place,

17. At Fowlers, in Kent, Mrs. 4. At Pungeo, Herifordshire, by the Frances Bridger, sister to sir John Rev. Dr. Henly, the rev. Joseph Hal. Bridger, and only surviving daughter ler Barren, M. A. fellow of Trinity of the late John Bridger, esq. CombeCollege. Cambridge, to miss Catharine place in the coun:y of Sussex, Maxwell, third daughter of Hamilton July 1. Ar his house in LansdownMaxwell, esc. of Edinburgh.

grove, Bath, Edward Wilmot esq. for7. At Marylebone church, Charles irerly of Duffield, in the county of Shard, esq. of Lovell-hill, Berks, to Derby. Sarah, only child of ihe rev. Edward Al' his house in Gower-street, BedStone, rector of Horsenden, in Bucks. ford-square, sir Robert Jefferson, kat.

At St. George's, Hanover-square, the one of the judges of the island of rev. Anthony Hamilton, son of Arch. Antigua. deacon Hamilton, to miss Farquhar 10. At Wake's-hotel, London, lieu. daughter of sir Walter Farquhar, bart. tenant colonel Wheai, at Barton-house,

9. A. Studham, in Bedfordshire, by Somersetshire, the rev. James Horseman, Robert Arthe Lodge Hillingdon, Middlesex, Pentley, csq. of Bedford.street, Covent.. Robert Freeman, esq. M. D. aged 73 garden, to miss Goodwin. daughter of years. George Goodwin, esq. of Scudham. 11. Ac his house in Millman-street,

At St. Clements, Richard Dayrell, John Short, esq. of Edlington, Lincoloeq.of Lillingstone Dayrell, Bucks, to shire. muiss Dax, daughter of John Dax, esq. 16. At his house, Ludgate-hill, Mr. of Carty-stretto

Quintin Kay, in the soch year of his 13. At Whireball, by special licence, age. che hon. Lindsay Meyrick Burrell, se Mrs. Knyveit, wife of Charles cond sun of the right hon. lord Gwydir, Knyvett, esq. of Park-lane, and of to Frances, youngest daugnter of the Suoning, in the county of Berks. lare James Daniell, esq.

21. Ac Clifton, Bristol, sir Samuel is. At the church of Battersea, Hayes, of Drumboc: castle, Donnegal, Surry, Thomas Smith, esq. of Notting- bari. ham, to miss Lenwell, of Gartersca.










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THIS NUMBER CONTAINS, 1 Botany for Ladies,

399 ( 16. Account of the new Comedy, : Er2 Happiness, a Fragitont, bis 400 tors Excepted,! :

703 438 3 A pensive Ramble on the Banks of 17 Curious dvertisements from AmeQuse,

slican Papers,

440s 4 Narbai and Selina,

18 POETICAL Essays, Prologue to the 5 The Soldier's Funeral,

403 new Comedy, - Error's Excepted' 6 Harriet Vernon; or, Characters fruin Epilogue to the Same-The Suireal Life,

405 Nie-Ode on the Surrender of." 7 On the Lion,


Dantzic-Lines written by Moon8 Solitary Walks in a Country Church lighi.The poor Man's Complaint yard,

-Lines to a Young Lady-Ballad, 9 The amiable? Wife and artfut in the new Comedy Esrors' Ex. Mistress,

418 cepted'-Lines ou seeing a Gentle10 Ar Nigte Walk in August, 424 man approach a distressed Female 11 The Stroller,

427 to relieve her from Wordsworth's 12 London Fashions,

428 * Poems, 13 Comparison of the Cities of London 19 Foreign News,

445 and Paris, 428 20 Hone News

448 14 The Elville Family Secrets, 432 21 Births—Marriages,

451 15 Letter to S. Y.

22 Deaths,



This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, I BOTANY, Plate XV. 2 NARBAL and SELINA. 3 LONDON Fashionable FULL DRESSES.

4 An elegant new Pattern for a HALF HANDKERCHILT, or VEIL. V



Printed for G. ROBINSON, No. 25, Paternoster. Row;

Where Favours from Correspondents continue to be received. ********** ****************


THE continuation of Sketches from Nature in our next.

M. S. will observe, that we have several constant contributors of Walks: with some slight alterations her communication might be received.

The Address to Twilight, and Songs by Cotagena, are received, and inc tended for insertion

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The Sword, a Fragment, is received, and shall appear.

Our fair correspendent who wishes a solution to the Enigma in the last Supplement we hope will exert her ingenuity, and send us one: if she will, we shall inzert it with thanks

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